Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Slice Slanted Tweezers

Slice Slanted Soft-Touch Tweezers

Slice Slanted Soft-Touch Tweezers ($19.99) is a new product to the market and one I saw during my trip to Cosmoprof. I was drawn to their booth by their logo and overall aesthetic, and they just launched several tweezers as well as a pencil sharpener (for cosmetics). I generally prefer a slanted tip myself, but they also have pointed and combination available, along with each style in both Soft Touch (which is red) and stailess steel.

I have been a huge fan of Tweezerman tweezers for years–I have over five pairs scattered around my home, but since I’ve been testing these, I haven’t wanted to reach back for them. I recently used my Tweezerman tweezers (I brought them along on my NYC trip), and it just didn’t feel as good in my hands as these. I missed my Slice ones after having used them for the past few weeks.

The ergonomics of the Slice tweezers are great; it’s comfortable to hold in your hand, and as someone with longer fingers, I find the broader design fits better in my hand as well. They were designed by architect Michael Graves, but the design translates well into usability. The rubberized finish (over stainless steel) makes it easier to hold and grip. These tweezers are crisp, too, they clamp together like a vice grip around the tiniest stray brow hair.

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Slice Slanted Tweezers

Slice Slanted Tweezers

Slice Slanted Tweezers

Slice Slanted Tweezers

Slice Slanted Tweezers

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23 thoughts on “Slice Slanted Soft-Touch Tweezers Review & Photos

  1. Karyn

    These look like they’ll have better finger grip then tweezermans! Thanks for the review, I might have to go check it out.

  2. I’ve seen Sliceā„¢ products before at the oddity store (designer house hold items) in Toronto. I wouldn’t mind picking this up because I like how low profile it is.

  3. Ahh, Christine! /flails Thank you SO MUCH for reviewing these – I’m definitely going to have to track down a pair.

    I’ve used and loved my Tweezermans for years, but it’s been really hard to use them recently (hello, Rheumatoid Arthritis destroying my metacarpophalangeal joints.) These sound like the perfect solution! :o)

    • I wasn’t sure if I’d love the wideness of them, but I do, and LOVE the rubberized grip!

    • BooBooNinja

      Oh no! You have RA? :(
      I hope you’ve got it under control and are managing your symptoms well. I’m doing my Masters in Occupational Therapy so I know a lot about what you’re going through.

      Take care of yourself, Rae!

  4. They do seem nice to use, but I can’t get past the brand name. I don’t want anything “slice” near my face! Ow…

  5. Lucia

    Thanks for the review! Does Slice offer lifetime sharpening as well, like Tweezerman? I’ve been meeting to get a Tweezerman for years but maybe now I should consider getting this instead =P

  6. Carolito

    Would love to try them! Where can I get them?

  7. Jane

    Any ideas what kind of stores to buy these in? Sephora, Ulta, etc. Their website didn’t list any (that I found) stores, and I don’t want to buy online without seeing them in person first.

  8. OK, I also love my Tweezerman, however, they do need to be sharpened! I’ve never even heard of this, so after seeing the pictures and reading your review, I’m going to order it. However, it is a scary name for a tweezer! :)

  9. Joyce

    Hey Christine, thanks for the review! I’ve been looking around at different tweezers for a while, and was wondering if you knew whether these come with any sharpening policy like Tweezerman?

  10. malia

    wow, you had me at I havent wanted to reach back for … Tweezermans… def. gotta check these out!

  11. Stacey

    I usually want to buy whatever you give a good review on but the shipping direct from the manufacturer is almost $9 for a $19 tweezer!

  12. Dini

    Oooh, I’m so happy to see a tool review! Will be checking this out for sure, as I love my Tweezermans and anything that compares must be awesome. Does anyone know if they might be around the length of the full size Tweezermans or more like the minis?

  13. sara

    Is there a chance you can get a coupon code for your subscribers?

  14. These tweesers look like they would fit comfortably in your hand, and since I have good nails, that is an important feature to have when you are holding something and working in a delicate area for any length of time.

    I think the price is a bit on the high side, but I shop for quality and not quantity and have purchased a pair of tweesers more expensive than these, and have not been sorry because they worked for me and I know working in tight and sensitive areas is a place where I want the
    “quality” of a good product. I think I am going to try these and find out. Fran