Friday, November 26th, 2010

Skincare Tips from Renée Rouleau: Undereye Bags

Savvy, smart, and always knowledgeable, Renée Rouleau is my go-to for all that is skincare. She’s a celebrity esthetician with her own line (I love her AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel!), and she also regularly updates her blog with skin care tips and tricks.

The skin under the eyes is extremely thin and fragile and can have under eye bags, puffiness, lines and wrinkles. Of all the areas of the face the eye area can be the most problematic.

What are under eye bags?

The term “bags” refers to loose, sagging skin under the eyes that has lost its firmness.

Why do bags appear?

Bags start out in the early years as under eye puffiness and over time, the connective tissues that attach the skin to the orbital bone deteriorates resulting in loose, sagging skin. Bags start to show around the age of 50, when the skin naturally starts to lose its tone. For many individuals, bags are hereditary and for others it can be from years of allergies that caused them chronic puffiness around the eyes.

What can I do to help reduce bags?

Since bags are loose skin, it’s impossible to restore that loss of elasticity once the bag is formed. Cosmetic surgery will give you the most noticeable improvement.

What can I do to prevent bags?

  • To prevent bags, you must prevent puffiness and keep the skin from losing tone:
  • Get your thyroid checked. Under eye bags may be related to a thyroid function. Hypothyroidism (an under active thyroid) causes myxedema which makes changes to the connective tissues, which causes a loss of tone in the under eye area. Consult with your doctor.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Being tired at night results in yawning and yawning makes the eyes tear. The excess fluids around the eyes will cause puffiness which weakens elasticity under the eyes accelerating under eye bags.
  • Control your allergies. One of the biggest contributors to under eye puffiness (and eventually bags) is from allergies.
  • Avoid smoking. Smoking inhibits circulation and is the major cause of oxidative stress in the body resulting in a weakening of collagen and elastin fibers.
  • Use eye care products containing skin-firming peptides. Peptides renew skin’s firming mechanisms to return skin to a more youthful-looking appearance. Use Renée Rouleau Firming Eye Therapy—a new and improved formula!

How do I reduce puffiness?

Place a bag of frozen peas over the eyes. Cold temperatures constrict blood vessels, preventing the flow of fluid into tissues and diminishing puffiness in the process.

So if you are someone who has many, many skin care products that leave you without any real results, it’s simply it’s very difficult to entirely reverse bags using topical products. So prevention is key.

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6 thoughts on “Skincare Tips: Undereye Bags – by Renee Rouleau

  1. Frances

    I am fairly confident I will never EVER have to worry about puffiness. My family’s eyes don’t puff up, they just recede ever further into bony sockets. Charming, I know.

    Christine, these posts are great! Do you know if it’s totally essential to wash your face upon waking up in the morning? Any thoughts much appreciated.

    • Since I’m acne-prone, I find it essential – just because my hair is all over my pillow case, so my face may be absorbing oil from that, or from my moisturizer that may get pressed into it… so I do, but I don’t know if it’s 100% necessary for everyone!

  2. wait, a bag of peas over the eyes? so even over the bridge of your nose?

  3. JasmineSantaMaria

    I’ve tried nearly all of the major anti-aging creams out there. I’ve tried all the big drugstore brands (olay, Roc, etc), I’ve tried department store brands (clinique, origins, etc), and I keep coming back to the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer from the Made From Earth line. I love that it does not have a fragrance (the overpowering scent of perfume is what turned me off from Roc). I love that it’s not greasy, but yet it gives me just the right amount of moisture before bed. Most of all, I love that this 30-something girl still gets carded regularly when I buy a bottle of wine at the grocery store. Really, what more can a girl ask for from a wrinkle cream? Try the Made From Earth skin products – im telling you – they are fab!