Monday, September 20th, 2010

Skincare Tips: How to Reduce Blemishes by Renee Rouleau

I’m so pleased to be able to feature another video from Renée Rouleau. She is so knowledgeable and approachable as an esthetician with her own skincare line (which I’ve used over the years and been impressed–her new Luxe Mint Cleanser is the boy’s current favorite, too!).  This time, she gives us tips on reducing blemishes.  There’s something I need to take notes on!

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28 thoughts on “Skincare Tips: How to Reduce Blemishes by Renee Rouleau

  1. wow sis, you’ve made me interested in this skin care line. been battling with mild breakouts that started about 2-3 years ago, it’s frustrating. do you think this line can really clear up skin? if yes, i’d like to give it a try as they do accept international shipping.

  2. Awesome! That is so helpful for me as I suffer from cystic acne. Thanks for featuring Renee’s video!


  3. Kalex

    Change pillowcases nightly?! My face is clean when I go to bed so I think nightly is a bit excessive. Granted our skin has natural oils and we shed skin cells and that can clog pores, but I would think every few days or weekly would be sufficient(as long as you properly care for your skin at night).

    • Lea

      actually i heard everyones pores sweat alot at night and that is the time/way the skin naturally gets rid of cloged pores/bacteria.

  4. CeeBee

    Eh, I tried just about everything. Funnily enough, I never had acne as a teenager but when I hit my early 20’s it became a bit of a nightmare.
    Oral antibiotics and a particular contraceptive pill all helped for several years but it didn’t seem to matter what products I used on my face (though some definitely aggravated the acne!) to try and control my zits – I never did change my pillowcase or towel everyday because hormonal or cystic acne starts in the dermis and isn’t really affected by the outer surface of your skin – and at the ripe old age of 31 (and three quarters!) I finally got a referral to a dermatologist and prescribed Oratane (isotretinoin) and the changes in my skin in three weeks have been drastic.
    Yes, less pimples (thank god) but also increased sensitivity and a marked increase in dryness (and I’m sure I’ll start seeing more fine lines now my skin isn’t so oily) so not even this is a silver bullet, there are trade offs no matter what course of action you choose to take.

    I’m NOT saying everyone with acne should take medication, the occasional breakout or mild acne can probably be controlled reasonably well with topical products. I wish it had for me!!!
    I think about the amount of money I spent on creams and lotions and coversticks and treatments over the last decade and I cringe. CRINGE!
    (Ironically, the thing that did work best for me was a facial brush that cost about $12 and Seba-Med pH balanced face wash, $45 for 1 litre)
    A free dermatologist referral and the grand total of $12 for a years prescription and I finally, *finally* feel like my acne is under control.

    And I hope one day my skin looks as amazing as Renee’s!

    • Whatever works, man! Whether it’s cheap, expensive…

      But I feel ya. Lotions, potions, oh my the money I’ve spent. I really think my acne is hormone/stress related because I will use the same products for 2-4 weeks, and everything is fine, then 5-6 breakout, then 6-8, fine. Good products, cheap products, pricey products… I cut out dairy for a bit, no change (but I don’t get a lot of cystic acne). Even cut out caffeine for a little while!

      • CeeBee

        I know, it’s so hard to know what causes it – my derm said most adult acne (after 25) is hormone related (which is easily exacerbated by stress!) and since it’s not so easy to change my hormones, I’m zapping those stupid sensitive and easily inflamed sebum glands where the problem starts.

        I only heard about the dairy thing recently and I thought it was weird, but apparently it’s either something to do with the hormones in milk (naturally occurring, not necessarily added) or certain intolerances, whether it’s to lactose or a particular enzyme (beta casein) depends on the individual. Or both. Or you know, neither… 😛
        And the lemon thing, also strange to me, particularly literature that claims it helps “alkanise” your body pH. Err, how exactly? Since it’s pH is about 2… and in chemistry, if you add low pH (acid) to anything it just becomes MORE acidic. (Unless it’s buffered, but that’s another story… sorry, inner geek showing)

        Oh well, all the money I no longer need to spend on acne treatments I can now spend on makeup, yay! :-)

        • I might have to revisit a dermatologist. The one I went to said it was makeup (as soon as I mentioned I wore makeup) and the solution was to never wear makeup again. When I said… that’s impossible, she said “try oil-free,” and when I said that there’s no real regulation of the term “oil-free” she gave me a blank stare and told me that oil-free, non-comedogenic were the kind of products I could use. I left and never went back.

          I’m not a doctor, and I’m not an expert on skin, but really, the solution is to never wear makeup again? THAT’S THE FIRST (and only!) SOLUTION? I ended up talking to my general doctor about the experience, and she didn’t know why I bothered and said that the first step for patients like me is to prescribe Differin as it works well on many patients.

          I just can’t explain how frustrated I was — I wanted to find the real cause of my acne. And trust me, I wore next to no face makeup except for very, very few times (e.g. special occasion out, but only while I was at the event, so maybe 2-4 hours max) over a period of 3-4 months, and nothing changed. In fact, when I was wearing makeup 24/7, I had 3-4 months of PERFECT CLEAR BEAUTIFUL SKIN! Then something happened and it all went away.

          • CeeBee

            Oh my goodness, that sounds awful, I can understand how frustrated you must have been! That dermatologist sounds like an idiot. Was she even qualified?!

            I mean sure, the stuff you put on your skin can have an effect, for instance, I’d never use a sunscreen not specifically designed for use on facial areas on my face. Yes, by keeping your face clean and not blocking pores, you will help reduce surface pimples but when (my) acne starts in the bottom layers of skin, causing big red painful bumps that take days to come to the surface a week or more to heal and leave scarring that last for more then a month, putting a bit of concealer on it is about the only thing that keeps you from hiding in your room, weeping!
            Makeup does not cause acne.
            Acne is caused by bacterial infection in inflamed sebum glands or blocked pores. Exactly what causes the inflammation, sensitivity or congestion in any one person is where the question lies!

          • niche

            Actually, both dermatologists I’ve been to says no to makeup. And it is usually one of the first things they recommend (along with eliminate excessive alcohol consumption like having martini nights)…lol…and I usually laugh and say that eliminating either will never ever happen. And then they did acid peels and put me on tazorac and blue light treatments and my skin is good. One dermatologist actually said, if you do all that stuff (makeup and etc) then you will need to keep coming back and I said ‘well thats good for your business’ but he was a nice guy so he knew I was joking.

            And keep in mind that makeup may not have been the cause but it may not have helped your skin behave well. And to be honest, when my skin is great, I don’t wear very much makeup. It’s like the glow is enough. But right now I am sleep deprived and there is no glow, thank god for highlighters/bronzers. :)

            • I’ve had the completely opposite experience — when I wore full makeup every single day, I had AMAZING skin. For months and months. Then everything changed — I stopped wearing face makeup for 3-4 months except when necessary (e.g. I went to a party, wedding, etc. – did not wear foundation to run errands or anything), and it just got worse or stayed the same. :(

    • Amanda

      I used Accutane, another form of Isotretinoin last year. My skin is still awesome! A year later some of the dryness has gone away, so my skin doesn’t feel tight. My lips are also back to normal, no more chapping! All I have is glowing skin with no oil slick, and of course no antibiotics anymore! Most days I don’t even wear foundation, just a little under eye concealer and powder. That was unheard of before last year. I feel normal now! Good luck with your treatment!

  5. Traci

    I bought about $140 worth of her products 2 weeks ago…and I blame it all on you Christine! :)

  6. meghan

    When it comes to the drinking hot water with lemon tip, do you think that drinking hot tea with fresh lemon in it would work the same? I think I would be much more likely to do it if I could have it as tea, much easier to down!

  7. Roxanne

    DAIRY?! *jaw drops*
    I had no idea. Would tea & lemon juice work as well as water & lemon?

    • Hi Roxanne!
      Yes, dairy can be a HUGE problem for people.
      It’s best to have just hot water with lemon. It becomes much more acidic which is what helps to clean out the small intestine. :)

      • CeeBee

        Does apple cider vinegar work in the same way? (just curious, I like the taste better then lemon)… and I don’t even wanna think about how “dirty” my small intestine is, LOL!

  8. Vijaya

    Good tips, but I’m a little disappointed that she didn’t mention that you shouldn’t have more than one lemon a day. Lemons are super acidic, and having too much can cause some serious issues in the long term!

  9. Mar

    I’ve been suffering from acne from the age of 14 and at 31, I still break out regularly. My first try to get rid of my pimples were oral antibiotics and benzoylperoxide. They cleared my skin up but the benzoylperoxide made my skin thinner, dry and sensitive. At a certain point a had to stop using benzoylperoxide and I was prescribed a birth control pill to battle my acne. It took a while but within three months my skin looked better than ever.

    But now, at the age of 31, I stopped taking it because of antidepressants I’m using. I felt I was putting too much crap in my body and as a need my antidepressants I stopped taking my birth control pill. My mood swings are almost gone and I feel a lot better but my acne returned and pretty badly too. When I was younger I used all the tricks in the book and spend an amazing amount of money on treatments that didn’t work so I decided not to go there this time. I take care of my skin as good as possible, I treat pimples with benzoylperoxide 10% and it seems to work. Going back on birth control would be the best way but as my boyfriend and me would like to have a baby, that’s not an option right now.

    Don’t use anything overly agressive… It will only aggravate the acne and it doesn’t change anything about the real problem: overly active hormones and glands. See a dermatologist if it really bothers you but just don’t do like I did and see someone who knows what he’s doing.

    • Hey Mar,

      I will chime in and say that if you go back on birth control, try a different one. When I went on it for the first time, it made me crazy! Moody and all that. I switched to another type, and it’s all good. Doesn’t do anything for my acne, though.

  10. She forgot the most important: Do not smoke.

    And: Hot water and lemon juice do NOTHING but bring you to the toilet; you could just drink hot water You destroy vitamine C with the heat, Ginger tea and ginger water with organic ginger might work better.

    But else I agree, also some sports and maybe checking allergic reactions to milk products.

  11. nunuiviet

    read a bit about it before, but are there really some research out there that explains why drinking milk causes cyst??? i just don’t get it at all, can someone tell me about it

  12. julia

    so im interested in the clairisonic thing for my acne, which gets worse during the time of the month and what not, but i found something like it thats more in my price range that im gonna buy tomorrow, i hope it works because acne is a real confidence killer – especially under the florescent lights at my high school -.-

    • laura

      I did not have acne in high school, though i didnt wear much make up then either. Im 29 now and my skin is worse than ever. I believe the pillow case thing since i definatly break out more on the side of my face that i sleep on, and i wash my pillow cases every couple of days. I also know that i break out with stress. Im so good to my dry skin with washing and not irriatating it, and moisterizer but its still really fustrating. Ive been seriously thinking about a dermatologist referral but dont know if im at the point to taking a pill for it, especially if its likely to hormonal. I guess the only solution is a good concealer…..