Monday, March 29th, 2010

shu uemura Says Goodbye to U.S.!

It’s sad to see such a major brand say goodbye to us beauty addicts in the U.S., but shu uemura will be discontinuing its operations in the U.S., though there has been no set exit date in place yet.   According to the information released in Tuesday’s issue of WWD, you should still be able to purchase your favorite shu products through their website.

L’Oreal announced on Monday that they would be closing shu uemura’s operations in the U.S.  The brand is currently available in eighteen countries, and operations are only closing in the U.S.  According to WWD, shu does about 80% of its business in Asia, so it’s not a total surprise to see them exit the U.S.  WWD also states that, “For the future, American consumers will be able to purchase the products online at” WWD

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63 thoughts on “shu uemura to Close in U.S.

  1. Megan

    does this mean I cant buy my all-time favorite shu eyelash curler at sephora?!

  2. I just heard about this and I am seriously devastated. ;_;

    Shu Uemura is probably my favorite cosmetics brand and I was so excited about moving to a city where I could access a counter easily next fall…

    • debbie_dundan

      I can stock up on Shu when I go back to Indonesia (which I do every year), but it is so expensive there! Cant beat US price!

  3. Saki

    WHAT??!! Though I don’t live in the US…this is crazy!

  4. KT

    Ugh. I love Shu, and have been wanting to explore more of their products. There’s a local store nearby at South Coast Plaza, too. This sucks :(

  5. LuvJ

    This is so sad! I love so many things from Shu! From the basic lash curler, to the gorgeous lashes (the only ones I wear), their blushes.. not to mention I just got the Face Architect foundation.. this is one unique makeup line and I would be very disappointed to see it go!

  6. Nooo! NO NO NO.. I was waiting for Sephora to restock some shu uemura items online. They probably won’t now.. =( This really is a huge bummer.

  7. It’s not bad for me (I live in Canada) but Hmm….Will it still remain here in Canada? – I hope we don’t follow suit. You guys can come up here and buy it if you live near the border!

    I like Shu Uemura cosmetics but its out of my affordablity at the moment. I still would love a chance to try it!

  8. shannon

    This is very sad news. I am relieved I’ll be able to purchase from their website. Idk what I’d do without my cleansing oil. Hopefully the shipping won’t be too crazy.

  9. JK

    No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shu is one of my favorite cosmetic line!!
    I love their foundation, concealer, blush,… well almost everything!!
    Not to mention their Cleansing Oil!! ARG!!! I can’t believe this!!
    (But then I guess it’s not so popular here in US….)

  10. Traci

    ooooooohhhh nooooo! I almost had a heart attack until I read that you can still purchase online. I use their cleansing oils and eyelash curler EVERYDAY! I have 3 cleansing oil backups (from the hautelook sale). That’s so sad

  11. Jenni

    Does this mean that shu umura will be on sale at sephora (and soon?? 😀

  12. Proximity

    Oh no, how sad! Shu is one of my favorite brands, and though I don’t live there now, I’m from the US, and I go back to visit frequently (and do much of my makeup shopping there). It’s good to hear that Shu products will still be available from their website … but what a shame! I love their cleansing oils, eyeshadows, and brushes best of all.

  13. Coco

    :( that really sucks! For some reason I thought that the US would have gotten more of a % of the sales 😮

  14. lauraaaaaaaa

    gaaaaaaah right when i want to buy an e/s of theirs

  15. Rachel

    I am also in shock and can’t believe my eyes. Shu Uemura is hands down my favorite skin care line and I use many of their blushes, eyelashes, lipsticks etc…….I will seriously miss seeing their line at the stores, but at least will be able to still purchase online. Looks I will be heading to my local counter to stock up on essentials before they are gone!

  16. Shu Uemura curler is the best curler o this earth!! i need a back up. I never got a chane to use their make-up though!

  17. Arielle

    Awww, me sad now…there were so few places that you could actually see the products in person so its messed up they won’t be there any more. Oh well, they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do…

  18. Anna

    Im sorry this is sooooooooo random, but i didnt know where else to write it, but do you know if mac are ever going to bring out tendertones again?

  19. whoa. that’s a hard hit to the beauty industry. i only have a couple of shu things, but still. BUMMER!

  20. Lirra

    I’m gonna need to stock up on eyelash curlers. =(

  21. Jenn

    nooo I love shu, guess I’m going to have to stock up on false lashes & shadows asap :( thanks for the heads up Christine

  22. Janora

    NOOOOOO, the face architect liquid foundation is my HG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD DAY INDEED

  23. Kathy

    How lame. I JUST started using the eyelash curler about a week ago, and I’m in love. I guess I need to head over to Sephora to stock up!

  24. Awww, one of my favorite high end brands! LOVE Shu’s lipsticks. I didn’t get to go to a store often (it’s 2.5 hours away), but when I did it was always fun. Very sad.

  25. Irene

    does anyone know another company that provides refills for their lash curlers? It’s not environmentally friendly to keep throwing the whole thing out when the pad is worn out – that’s why I love my Shu curler. I just hope they will continue to provide online ordering since their oil cleansers are great.

  26. Lis

    This really sucks. I was starting to get into their products just for them to discontinue the stuff.

  27. JC

    wow..another brand that’s going away although I can see why since the only raved product they have is the curler. There’s definitely too much competition here in the US.

  28. evo

    hope they’re still going to be available in canada. otherwise, time to stock up!!

  29. Gah! No!!! :-( This is a huge bummer!!! My closest store is South Coast. Thank you Christine!


  30. And I’m about to move from Asia to the US for college… Looks like I’m going to have to stock up on Shu here. That’s so sad. Man. And I would buy Shu Uemura products over L’Oreal products any day. :(

  31. ak

    Seriously? How strange. So many people in the US talk about the Shu Uemura lash curlers and when I worked at Sephora lot of people also like their loose face powders as well. And their shadows and fake lashes were good too.

    I see different Shu shops and counters in different parts of London including their lash bars so how come the ones in the UK aren’t closing up then?

  32. I can’t believe this. I must stock up on my eyelash curlers :) I love shu uemura

  33. Nooo!!! I’ll need to buy a million eyelash curlers now…

  34. I just bought a new eyelash curler. Maybe I should grab another one.

  35. This is a shame.
    I really,really hope they won’t close in Europe,especially in France.

  36. Tiffany

    I always bought their stuff via online so this doesn’t bother me. I’m glad they aren’t closing off the US completely. :)

  37. Oh no this is bad news for all the shu fans. I only got to try the eyelash curler and wanted to try the mini eyelash curler so I guess I gotta make another run to Sephora.

  38. But the Shu Uemura curlers are the most popular curlers and their cleansing oils are awesome! … :[

  39. I totally did not see this coming at all (I would expect this more from a brand like Stila). It’s like getting the news of someone being abruptly deceased :( Not expected at all.

  40. Alison

    I just literally gasped at this news. I can’t believe it! I LOVE SHU. As long as I can still buy from their website, I guess I’ll survive…

  41. diana

    WHAT?! why… ugh. I would never want to buy a product off the internet if I had no way of trying it first. I’d need to go to the counter first.

  42. Millie

    Aww, I feel like I lost a good friend. :(

  43. That is awful! I am not in the US but I adore and respect Shu and have many products. I wonder why they are leaving the US? So sad.

  44. Jae

    i am fortunate enough to live in a city with 2 free standing shu locations and a few counters in the various nearby malls so its been REALLY easy for me to drop in and pick up what i need. the biggest items i’ll miss having the convenience of getting are their cleansing oil, loose powder and MOSTLY their LASHES!!!! i can still remember the first time i tried their lashes…HOOKED! and sorry but no other brand can compare (IMHO). as for their curlers, i have had 2 since forever and they’ve never let me down. you will be missed shu!!

  45. not a big deal to me

    now…if they discontinue shiseido in the US i will cry because they carry my HG foundation

    i only own one shu uemura item and that’s the lash curler, and i’ve been trying to sell mine for over a month :/

  46. civa

    Oh no!!! I love their cleansing oil and and lash curler and lashes!!!

  47. Luisafer

    we’ll have on line sale, not bad…

  48. tropicalia7

    Oh mannn….I’m shocked!!! This is sux, cos I can’t test them in person anymr. I jus got their Face Architect foundation, it’s AMAZING!!! Long time Shu blush fans as well. But, the pricing in US is expensive. I heard the foundation is S’pore$42 and in here US$42. That’s a little over. No wonder. But, Shu is not the same as MAC in terms of quality and overall. I love Shu!!!

  49. Julianne

    May I still l purchase these items now or are they already gone?

  50. elizabeth cassidy

    How can I get a discontinued color lipstick? I can’t find anything close to the color in some of the brands I looked into.

  51. Daphne

    I live in Canada and their website don’t ship here.. :(