Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Sephora VIB 20% off Sale for November 10-14, 2011

Yesterday, I received a postcard in the mail from Sephora for VIBs, which included a physical shopping pass for 20% off entire purchases November 10th through 14th in-store OR online at Sephora.comย with code VIBDREAM. If you’re a VIB, you should be eligible for this discount. It will work in-stores (with the physical pass) for Sephora and Sephora inside jcpenney stores but not with online orders shipping to Canada.

Alos, there is a VIB Holiday Shopping Party on Thursday, November 10th, 6-9PM where you can get 20% off for both you (the VIB) and a friend, a free Sephora Collector’s Tote, holiday sweets, holiday beauty previews, and makeup lessons at the Beauty Studio.

Urban Decay is also holding their Friends & Family sale this week. From November 1st through November 5th, get 20% off your entire order with code FFHOLIDAY11.

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61 thoughts on “Sephora VIB 20% off Sale for November 10-14, 2011

  1. Aryana

    The Friends & Family sale put me over the top to qualify for VIB for the first time :) Actually I think my JCP Sephora purchases were never credited to my Beauty Insider account, or I would have qualified sooner! Hope I get some kind of confirmation soon. Tried to check my status online and I just keep getting a message that I’m already logged in :/ Nice that you can use this 20% coupon in-store, not just online! :)

    • Something is weird with the JcPenney’s Sephora’s. Mine never credit to my account either.

      • Jenn

        In order to get any JCPenney Sephora purchases credited to your account you have to call Sephora CS and have them add them. Sephora has said that JcP. stores cannot automatically get counted like freestanding Sephora’s.

        • BethM

          My Sephora inside JCP scans my card, they’ve told me that it credits my BI account just like scanning the card at the stand-alone Sephora. I’ve never really checked my account, though.

        • curlysue

          I worked at a freestanding sephora for many yrs and now currently at a SIJCP store. Your points are credited to your beauty insider the same day. SIJCP stores are not able to give you information on your current amount of points or register clients. However, this will change soon for easier returns and registration.

    • Quinctia

      I’ve never had a problem with my JcP stuff getting credited, but I don’t have a physical Sephora card as I signed up online, so they look mine up every time.

      So, I suppose it’s worth a shot if they’ve been using your actual card to have them try looking you up the next time you purchase something at JcP.

  2. liz

    so pumped! didn’t make my F&F order with sephora because i have been busy with school but now i have more time to mull over purchases AND can use it in store for instant gratification. love my VIB status lol.

  3. Can a JUST say that I HATE YOU Sephora!!!!!!
    There’s no point in becoming a VIB when NONE OF YOUR sales promotions apply to Canadians!!!!!!!

    WHY, WHY DO YOU HATE US!!!!!!!

    • I’m mad because most of the items I want to get I can only find online only as my local store (1 hour away) is small and it cost about $40 around trip to got to one in the GTA. >_<

      So BOO to loyalty if this is how they show it every single time. To get VIB status I have to buy $350US, now ADD 30% markup (for Canadian customers) then TIMES that 13% sales tax.

    • Sarah

      I was just lamenting that very same fact! I am a VIB but never get to take advantage of these sales. I never get any special offers (except for little things once in a while — never anything as sweet as 20% off) and it makes me so mad. Quit discriminating against your neighbours to the north, we love makeup too!

    • Seriously. Can’t take advantage of the UD sale either, since they don’t ship to Canada. Sigh.

    • Vivian

      Are we sure we’re not getting an email/postcard in the coming days for the VIB? I’m quite sure we got an email last year for the in-store sale, just not online. Still doesn’t fix things for those who live too far from a store, but better than nothing I guess. Sighhh

      • We shall see. But consider the timing on mail, if they do intend to offer it by mail the chances are it would arrive to late to be of use. :(

        Also there still a chance they will send an $15 certificate or 10% off to Beauty Insider for December. But nothing special for VIB members.
        Last year was $15 but again I could not make use of it since A) not local store at the time and B getting to the GTA is impossible time wise with the holidays. >__<

        I'm just frustrated because online only items and Limited edition set sell out fast in stores due to lack of locations.

        • Roo

          I’m Canadian and last year I got an email for this 20% off VIB sale and the in-store party. I can’t remember if it was good for online or not though. VIBs got $20 for the certificate later when BIs just got $15. I’ve never had any paper mail from Sephora.

      • Mariella

        I got one last year and I’m fully anticipating one this year. In fact, I might call my local Sephora to confirm that at least “in store” we’ll get the F&F bonus.

    • Tabitha

      Im a VIB… what is the point in canada? If I can I buy things at Murale, shoppers and the bay where you at least receive points that = cash in the end, not just little samples.

      • Much love for Murale and Shoppers. If you time your beauty purchases to coincide with their 20x the points events, and you spend 250$ (less than the 350$ minimum Sephora demands) you get to cash in on Beauty Splurge days – and get 100$ of product for free (as opposed to a piddly discount or sample packs).

    • I just tried asking them on their FB page, but I’m getting the run-around.

  4. Lucy

    Christine, do you know anything about a holiday gift card for vibs? In my welcome kit, it mentioned that you get a giftcard but i havent heard anything.

  5. Melissa

    The flyer says “no online shipping to Canada”, but is this sale available in Canadian stores?

  6. Jenny

    I hope I get the coupon in the mail as I usually don’t get any mail from sephora. I wonder if u can get a discount just by looking your card up bc they should be able to tell if your a vib from the computr right?

  7. Lucy

    Still haven’t gotten my postcard. Heard something about a holiday giftcard for vibs? Anyone know if thats happening this year?

  8. I emailed Sephora to see if us Canucks would be receiving an invite or not. I will let you all know when I hear back from them.

  9. Allie

    Finalizing my F&F order right now! Pretty sad, since I’ve been working on this since the minute the sale started on the 20th LOL. If I get everything in my cart I’ll be around 18 points away from VIB status… so I’m wondering, is it really worth it? ^_^

  10. Sammie

    I received my card yesterday.

  11. Ashley Tatton

    Oh come on! Why does Sephora hate Canada?? Haha but really, I hope we finally get our F&F or VIB sale soon. That’d be nice.

  12. Stephanie

    I’m sure it’s been said and Sephora probably has their reasons for it but why are these offers not available on online orders shipped to Canada !?! First friends and family and now VIB. Sad face.
    I’m really glad my local SDM is starting to carry some of the same brands so I can eventually boycott Sephora…

  13. Mar

    I just qualified for VIB with the F&F sale, maybe I will get my postcard in the mail? I really hope so, a few items I wanted weren’t in stock when I did my purchase but are available in store.

  14. GAH! It figures, I *just* placed an order with UD. At least I had a 15% off coupon!

    I just made the VIP level, HOPING I get invited *crossing fingers* Too fun!

  15. Evelyn

    Will all VIB’s be getting this card in the mail?

    • I really don’t know – sorry, I don’t work for Sephora so I’m not privileged to know the details other than what was written on the card I received :(

  16. Maggie

    Kind of lame that UD keeps doing a smaller and smaller discount with ever F&F they do… ๐Ÿ˜›

  17. Waiting for an awesome sale is like christmas eve!

  18. NCB

    Hi – are the postcards coming separate from the holiday gift guide/magazine? I received my sephora holiday mailer but no postcard, however it says stuff on the cover about information on an insert. My mailman sucks…

  19. Has anyone else received this postcard yet?

  20. BethM

    Well, I was counting on the UD sale being 25%, but since it’s the same 20% as Sephora’s sale this year, I’ll just get everything at the Sephora sale and get the points.

    Which is good for Sephora, since most of the things on my wish list right now are UD, I was just waiting for the sale.


  21. Jen

    Still waiting on this postcard… I never get mail/catalogues from sephora even though I’m signed up for it online. I know my online account is connected to my card even though I never bought anything online because I can view an accurate/up to date list of my purchases… I hope we can still get the VIB discount with our BI card once they look up our status if we don’t get the card in the mail… or they could save us the headache by emailing it to us too…

  22. Audrey H.

    Im $20 short of being a VIB waaah took advantage of the FF sale and thought it was enough to get me to VIB but no. *sigh*

  23. Elena

    Awesome, so excited. I’m taking my bestie with me. Does anyone thats been to previous events know if she will receive the tote as well?

  24. Hey all! I finally heard back from Sephora regarding Canada’s inclusion in this sale event. Their email is as follows.

    Dear Janice,

    Thank you for contacting Sephora.com regarding our VIB Private Holiday Shopping Event.

    We apologize for any confusion surrounding this event. Your VIB savings pass will be emailed to your registered email address some time next week. Simply print the email to gain access to this exclusive event. If you are a V.I.B. and have not received the email by next week please log into the V.I.B. only section on Beauty Talk.

    Enjoy 20% savings for you and a friend on November 10, 2011 from 6-9PM. If you can’t make it to the event, your VIB savings pass is valid through November 14, 2011 in any Sephora store only. Use the 20% savings as often as you’d like while the promotion lasts.

    If we can assist your further please reply to this email. Thank You.


    Sephora.com Client Service

    Happy shopping everyone!!!

    • Shelley

      Thanks for posting the information SatelliteDreamer. I’m Canadian and a VIB. I was beginning to wonder if we would be included with these sales. I’m hoping they send me an email next week. I need items and the 20% off definitely helps! :)

    • Thank you for the information! :)

    • Lilastar

      Thank you for the information! It really helps to clear things out. Looking forward to the sale. Yay!

  25. Melanie

    I just got mine this afternoon ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Lilastar

    I live in Canada and I got the e-mail this morning!