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Sephora Friends & Family Sale 2009

Just a heads up my dearest beauty friends, Sephora’s Friends & Family Sale will begin October 19th and end November 2nd, 2009. During the sale, you’ll get 20% off nearly everything with code FF2009. It’s still a few weeks away, so you can expect a reminder post closer to the sale start date!

I definitely recommend shopping sooner rather than later, because this is a sale people wait for. They’re stocking up on their essentials, but they’re also picking up products they’ve waited all year to purchase. Not to mention the holidays are right around the bend… :) Time to start making a list!

Have you already made yours? What’s on your list?

Thanks to @deckchair_cm for the heads up!

Some more fine print/details

I don’t have all of the official details, but based on last year’s F&F sale, here are quick answers to some common questions I’ve been seeing!

  • U.S. only? Probably. It’s never been extended outside of the U.S. I don’t know for sure either way, but based on the past, it’s been U.S. only.
  • In-store, too? Probably not. Again, past sales have been pretty much just online. Sephora employees have a limited amount of F&F sale cards they can give out–to their friends and family–so getting an invite that works in-store is hard to come by.

Hopefully we’ll have more confirmed details about the fine print closer to the sale start date!

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121 thoughts on “Sephora Friends & Family Sale 2009 – 20% Off Coupon Code

  1. amy

    I definitely have a few things from Dior and some perfumes I want to get at this sale! Is this for American customers only? Because I would be very disappointed if this sale does not apply to Canadian customers too.

  2. Annett

    No to be weird- but I love you! So excited! thank you so much for posting this!

  3. NaNa

    OMGYESSSSS! Thank you so much for the heads-up! Now I can finally have all the Illamasqua stuff I’ve been lemming! <3


  4. tofupoo

    oooh i like amy’s idea! there are def some perfumes ive been wanting hopefylly those go on sale! yay holidays

  5. Lily Nguyen

    Is there one you can use in the store?

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’ve been waiting for this! 😀

  7. I hope its not only American, although all of the past F&F sales were for only Americans.. =(

  8. Alannah

    Wow, is it usually good for 2 weeks? That seems like a longer time than in the past, but maybe I’ve just forgotten.

  9. scarlettholly

    urban decay book of shadows and 24/7 eye pencil set. stila mini lipgloss set. maybe some stuff from ren or korres. nars orgasm blush. nars copacabana. okay, my list is kinda long…

  10. WOW! That’s awesome! I’m hoping to get some products that I have my eye on for awhile.

  11. Thanks for sharing! I was going to put in an order today. But I am going to wait. Thanks again!

  12. Is this only online or for in-store as well?

  13. Dani

    The sale is getting earlier and earlier every year. WTH?

  14. aramis

    mufe hd foundation
    a face primer(still debating on which one)
    a set of the ud 24/7 pencils

    and im set more escited abt the mac minis (lipgloss,pigments)and eyeshadow palettes

    • winegirl27

      I have both, I bought the primer set from Sephora, and I prefer the pore perfecting! It’s silky smooth and makes my foundation last all day. Plus it gives me that even skin tone that I was not blessed to have naturally! Hope this helps!

  15. Sarrah T

    Awww crap. I am gonna spend so much money. It looks like Ramen noodles until Thanksgiving !

  16. Cherie


    Will this be available to online customers only??? Or can you go in store??

    And is it available to Canadian residents??

  17. toni

    I want the Urban Decay Book of Shadow vol II and some Nars items….can’t wait!!

  18. Kristin

    Whoohoo – I can’t wait either. I’m going to send my hubby in with a list and specific instructions to use my BI card but to NOT cash in any of my points. If I can get him to do this, I will finally get a decent Christmas present. Of course, my list is long enough to buy a few things on the side for a pre-Christmas present to myself. (Hee-hee, I sound like a brat – but make-up is my only indulgence!!)

  19. Vern

    Yessss….I honestly just made a list for stuff to buy at Sephora in the next couple of weeks … this is even better … and the list continues…lol

  20. Yay! I have been waiting for this for several months so I can indulge in some products I normally wouldn’t buy.

  21. Roberta

    My list is quite long but includes staples (frederic fakai shampoop and conitioner, diorshow masacara, some MUFE aqua eyes, clarsonic replacement brushes, etc.) and new stuff to try like benefit one hot minute, kate somersville oil free moisturizer and some other good stuff. I don’t really want to know how much i’ll be spending, but it can be my birthday gift because my birthday is 11/01.

  22. Amanda

    I’ll need more MUFE foundation, that’s for sure! Hopefully a new blow dryer and straightener, too.

  23. Meagan

    I’m excited, yay! I always have a “To Buy List” ready for Sephora haha.

  24. Jennifer

    Urban decay and Clinique and more. So many pretty things. Oh, if only they carried MAC.

  25. Illamasqua, Urban Decay Book of Shadows II and Lauren Luke’s makeup palettes are all on my XMAS list so this will be a good time to pick them all up!

  26. Joan

    Awesome! Iv’e been saving my money up for the clairsonic. :) I’m also planning on getting a couple of NARS blushes, and re-buying my Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System.

  27. SarahT

    *crosses fingers that it will be in Canada* I have such a HUGE list… please please please…

  28. Sass

    My list is very long. Ha! I have to go over it tomorrow again and prioritize. Thanks Christine!

  29. Lizzie

    i wonder if the Clarisonic will be able to use this discount, because I am totally going to buy that!!

  30. KaylaK

    Yay I’m gonna make a list now lol I was wondering when they were going to do this!

  31. Venessa

    Just in case this does apply to Canadians, I have a question. I like to get free shipping so I would have to spend $120. Does that mean I have to spend $120 after the 20% discount, or can I just put $120 worth of items in my cart and then get the 20% discount?

  32. Ooh it’s coming early this year I think. I’m not excited for it as I used to be ever since Ulta introduced their college Tuesday 20% discount every month. Ulta carries the same brands I’m interested in as Sephora, except for MUFE :(

  33. I hope its for Canada too! But I doubt it… I want my XL Urban Decay Primer Potion! 😉

  34. Alice

    do you think the mascara favorites sampler will still be around then?? I was going to buy both versions this week but now I’m thinking maybe I’ll wait..

  35. A

    Yay!!! I am definitely one of those people who simply cant wait for OCT 19th to come around!!!! :)

  36. Nicci

    oh cool! Thanks Christine for the early notice :) I was just there tonight after work checking out Bliss products, never tried that brand before. I need to start making my list!

  37. dina

    cannot *CANNOT!!!!* wait!! :) and slightly scared for the outcome 😉

  38. fiaspice

    oh, I hope its for Canada too, but if not its ok because there some things I need to buy online anyway (I dont think they sell the essential kit in store)

  39. Ashley

    Does anyone know if that includes tools like the silkn sensepil machine that is $500? I am dying to try that at home!!

  40. WOW everyone has GREAT stuff on their lists.
    Yu-be moisturizer
    Shu brush set **heard their brushes were the BUISINESS!!**
    UD Box of shaddows I
    NARS cream blush in Cactus flower
    Laura Mercier tinted moisturser
    and maybe a perfume Marc Jacobs

  41. Dee

    As much as I hate buying makeup without playing with it first, I guess this is the time for me to buy some illamasqua products.

  42. UD Book of Shadows VOL2
    True love palette from Kat Von D

    Maybe the Too Faced Lash Injection.

    And thats it surprisingly lol I think Im in a rut.

  43. HC

    OMG I GOT SO EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS. I’m definitely getting the Clarisonic Mia!! YES!!

  44. Oh nice!! 😀 Thanks for the heads up. Now I can start making my list! Yaaaay~

  45. Alexandra

    I just made a huge order on sephora online with my vib discount :( anyways…. i guess i will be getting some backups that i have might need on the next few months.

  46. faiza

    i m so exited does 20% off applies to ghd straighteners too?

  47. Dory L

    You have no idea how happy I am I saw this. I spend half of today sitting with my laptop filling up my Sephoras favorites, for shopping this coming friday. I can now wait a few days longer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  48. Joanne

    Can this coupon code only be used online???

  49. nicole

    i hope this is for instore too ):
    i want a perfume or something.

  50. Elle

    Thanx for the heads up!

    Planning on getting(already added to chart, lol)
    -UD BoS II
    -MUF Mat Velvet +
    -GHD straighter

    So excited, my holiday gift to myself!

  51. Constance

    I save for months to stock up on all my skin care basics, hair stuff, and fragrance. This time I want some Illamasqua too! I have a few items I got in Europe and want more! I tried to wait on the Stilla loves Barbie eyeshadow palette, but I was afraid it would sell out! Christine was right ….its too cute and a great value. Barbie’s eye even winks at ya! Thanks again, Christine! These advance notices are great!

  52. My-Linh

    YES! I can finally get my pink clarisonic mia!!! :) I’ll probably buy a couple of extra brush heads too, but I’m not sure what else. I’ve just been waiting for this so I can get my mia :)

  53. Anna

    I would be sooo ecstatic if this applied to Canada.
    I really want some NARS eyeshadows!!

  54. Kim

    Does it include NARS products?!?!

  55. question

    is for buy online?
    im from Spain but I have friends at Chicago and they can send me all later

  56. Arianna

    will it be all the items in sephora or are there restrictions?

  57. valerie

    will the discount code be applicable to sephora amazon as well? 😀

  58. sana

    I am debating on christian dior argentic …

    Also looking for a primer for pores , any u can suggest Christine .

    Thanks !!

  59. Tracy

    As I recall, the online code didn’t work in Canada. But my Sephora had a Friends and Family Event early on Saturday morning here in Edmonton. I asked if they were doing it again and they said yes.

  60. sana

    thanks for the news christine , whats on yr list ? also i am looking for a face primer oil free for pores on my cheeks and nose . currently using smashbox which is ok but wud like to try others . which one wud you recommend ? thanks !!

  61. I’m excited for this!

    I need to buy:
    – Nars eye shadow (for my bff for x-mas)
    – Dolce & Gabanna’s new fragrance #3
    – Purple nail polish
    – Maybe a new peachy blush as a treat


  62. question

    can i buy all that i want? or is for limits products

  63. I have a reminder posted for me at 9:00 a.m. for October 19th in my phone:)

  64. Chrissy

    Thanks for answering the common questions! I’m sad that it’s U.S. only though…

  65. Genevieve

    I just got a email from the folks at Sephora that for Canada, the sale is in retail location only.

  66. Is there anyone who knows if this information is true? Has anyone talked to a sales associate or anything to confirm it? I’m just skeptical now cause Sephora hasn’t sent an E-mail or anything yet about this huge sale

  67. Cherie

    Hi everyone,

    I emailed the Sephora site today about the sale in Canada and somebody got back to me (within the hour actually, surprised!). They said it will be in Canada but in store only and you have to have a coupon. I replied and asked them to send me a coupon. They said it would come via email and is from an automated system.

    So fingers crossed that I get an email soon about the coupon :)

  68. Julia

    I know wish it was available to Canada it’s sad. oh well hope to let all my US friends know about this great sale :)

  69. o'shea

    OMG my boyfriend will be so excited for this

  70. Diana

    I called Sephora and the lady told me that this wouldn’t apply to Canada. She said to call my Sephora store and ask if they’ll offer this discount instore. I called them and they didn’t even know there was such a discount happening. How disappointing. I hope they change their mind.

  71. Jade

    This is PERFECT!
    Thank you for the heads up!
    but I wonder what products will not valid with this CODE!

  72. yay! Nars blushes are definitely on my list! 😀

  73. winegirl27

    I plan on getting the MUFE set of 25 aqua eyes, spendy but 20% off makes it a bit better. Maybe some eyelashes, more UD primers, some nars blushes too! merry Christmas to me!

  74. Teresa

    I was confused whether or not it was happening for Canada so I contacted Sephora:

    Dear Teresa,

    Thank you for contacting regarding our 2009 Sephora Friends and Family.

    Our Friends and Family promotion is available October 19 ? November 2, 2009. To redeem the discount in store, present your Friends and Family promotional card to the Cast Member at the cash wrap prior to purchase. Valid photo ID is required to redeem in store. These cards are available to Sephora employees only so see your Sephora employee friend or family member for a card.

    Our Friends and Family promotion code is unfortunately not available for online orders in Canada. See your Sephora employee friend or family member for a promotion card to shop with in store.

    We hope you enjoy shopping during our Friends and Family promotion.


    ***** Client Services

  75. Ricquetta

    Hi ladies. Just to let you know you can get this in Canada and use it in stores. A very close MA gave me a card sort of like a postcard that she, herself, was to give to “friends and family” to use for the sale! 😀 So, Canadians rejoice and it can be used in stores!

    • Ricquetta

      BTW it won’t apply online for Canadians but in store yes, if you can grab one from your fellow sephora ma!

  76. Emily

    I’m am absolutely feigning for Benefit’s BADgal World’s Best Mascaras package that comes with plum and original!

  77. JK

    I have confirmed with several customer service agents that this sale is in-store as well. All they told me was that you will get a promotion code in your e-mail and need to print it and bring into the store… happy shopping for all of you!

  78. Jennifer

    This will save basically on shipping and maybe tax, which is good enough for me!

  79. BB

    Sephora keeps doing the same…its like 4 or more years they have the F & F discount and their site is always under maintenance when the sale starts…frustrating!

  80. Amanda

    Do you know if Sephora will be receiving the Guerlain Holiday collection before Friends and Family ends?

  81. Jazzy

    Hello I just placed an order using the code, but I do wonder if you can use the code more than once. I already used it once and I would like to again…can I while its still good.

  82. Dorie

    Thank you for the code! I finally got my check cleared and was able to buy a mountain load of stuff! Some purchases were Christmas gifts, but sad to say, I’m pretty selfish and the majority was for me!

  83. Toni

    FYI ladies, I was able to get the F&F discount in my local Sephora with my Beauty Insider card (20% off)! Made 2 trips already actually…! :)

  84. Constance

    Received my second haul of goodies today! I can’t remember which area or who recommended it, but I got the OPI/Sephora 212 nail polish, because of the recommendation and it is gorgeous! Thanks again to whoever commented on this and a big double thank-you to Christine for keeping me up to date and informed.

  85. strawberry

    Tarte/ Lock & Roll Creaseless Eyeshadow Duo/ Rosegold
    ghd BCA 2009 IV Pink Styler/ Pink Value Kit
    MAKE UP FOR EVER/ Aqua Eyes/ Mat Black 0L
    MAKE UP FOR EVER/ Double Pencil Sharpener/ Double Pencil Sharpener
    Yves Saint Laurent/ ROUGE VOLUPT Lipstick SPF 15/ 13 Peach Passion
    Guerlain/ Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact/ Gemma

    i’m so excited. thanks for posting the coupon code!
    i was also really interested in the guerlain lipstick thanks to your swatches and reviews :]

  86. Samantha

    I went into Sephora and several agents did indeed confirm that I would be recieving an email about it. However, I registered on the site and signed up for the Beauty Insider card the day the sale began, and still have recieved neither card nor email coupon.

    However, if I do manage to get the discount in my local store instead of online, I will definitely be grabbing Tarte’s Treasure Chest and the Sephora 2009 Blockbuster palettes. :)

  87. Jenny

    So.. I’m terrible. I just placed my second order.


    stila smudge pot – black
    nars blush – albatross, luster, amour