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Spring’s Hottest Ticket event gives VIB Rouges, VIBs, and Beauty Insiders 15% off.   Sephora VIB Rouges can get 15% off their orders with code ROUGETICKET, 3/30 through 4/11.  Sephora VIBs get 15% off their orders with code VIBTICKET, 4/3 through 4/11).  Sephora BIs get 15% off their orders with code TICKET, beginning 4/4 through 4/10.

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84 thoughts on “Sephora 15% Off Coupon Code for Spring’s Hottest Ticket

  1. Jaclyn Lilli

    Christine, can you take a guess as to what lipstick that is on the flier? I like it a lot!

  2. I almost forgot about chic week! Time to check my list and make a plan of action lol
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  3. I was just in Sephora yesterday, casing the joint to swatch items and revise my list. It’s on!

  4. It figures that this would arrive just after I dropped about $150 at Sephora in the last week! I’m almost “Sephora’d out” though I’m fairly sure I can find something to purchase….

  5. Carrie

    Yay! I’m looking forward to the VIB Sale. I want to get my hands on Electric, but have been waiting for a sale to come along :)

  6. Too bad I just made a pretty big order :/
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  7. beck

    isn’t it usually 20% for chic week? or am i forgetting
    something here? hmm

  8. Linsey W

    Is the spring sale only for VIB Rouge members or will there be one later for VIB?

  9. Linsey W

    Oh poo just read the fine print, there will be a sale later for VIB’s…

  10. I hope the still do Chic Week for the rest of us in April get a good discount.
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  11. Karla

    Yesss, i was waiting for this since i have a wishlist over 100 dls

  12. Joy

    Hey, I’m a VIB Rouge member and I didn’t get this notification! Hmmmph!!!

    • Nikita

      From the FAQs:

      “VIB Rouge members will receive an email on 3/24 inviting them to the Spring Social event. If you are a VIB Rouge and have not received the email please alert a moderation in the VIB Rouge section on BeautyTalk, on or after 3/24/2014.”

      I hope this helps!

  13. Jazzy Jeff

    Perfect timing! I was eyeing a few new products from Nars. I’m excited!

    • xamyx

      I’m planning to take advantage to complete my NARS list! Well, at least it will be complete until Summer goodies are released…

  14. Chelsea

    Can’t wait to find out what the dates are for VIBs! I have a couple items I’ve been eyeing.

  15. jp

    Rouge members should get 20% off or extra points or SOMETHING EXTRA! Early access is the least of my concern, if I can get the same discount I don’t mind the wait at all.

    I am still not understanding why they spent this much effort to create another type of membership that offers nothing more special than existing VIB membership.

    • Zamantha

      VIB Rouge members DO get something extra. The cosmetic bag is only for VIB Rouge members, but it’s only if you go to the in-store event.

      • jp

        I don’t see the bag as an extra at all…..and the in store event ends at 11am, no one wakes up before 12pm on weekends……and come on…..anyone who is already a rouge member probably already own way too many makeup bags since we buy so many beauty product and make up bag seems to be a staple as free gifts…..
        In terms of real benefits, points or discount wise, I am not seeing a whole lot / major differences between rouge and vib.
        Not trying to complain since they really dint need to do anything and beauty junkies like ourselves will still shop anyways……but you know, if you put it out there, make it good.

        • ariasjn

          No one wakes up before 12pm on weekends? I’m guessing you have never worked in retail or know anyone who has/does…

          • Jen

            Actually the cosmetics bag is available for the VIB’s also, not just Rouge.

          • Hannah

            So true! I work retail and then get up at 7:30 on sunday for church

            • ariasjn

              And I’m not currently working but have a baby that wakes me up at 8am every day! Lol so yeah, there are people that wake up early on weekends

          • jp

            If people are working they won’t be able to make the event would they? I obviously meant people who are not working would be sleeping in……I work on weekends often, I wake up early when I have to work, not when I am off……..


      • Grace

        Not sure if Rouge members get a different makeup bag, but I’m not a Rouge member, just a VIB, and was able to pick up a makeup bag this past Thursday.. if it is the same bag, I think Rouge members should at least have something inside the bag as the bonus!

        • KaseyCannuck

          I went to the store today and didn’t even get the customary samples they throw in at checkout!!

    • stelly

      One benefit of early/extra promo day access is you getting something before it sells out! Ie. Laura Mercier Artist Palette from this past holiday! :)

      • jp

        It is just me, none of the early access stuff I have been seeing were of my interest.
        And you gotta admit, discount and points are way better means of rewards.

  16. sandy

    Does anyone here know when Ulta will be mailing out the 20% coupon that DOESN’T exclude Prestige cosmetics? I remember in the past, they usually coincide with the Sephora discounts…TIA

    • sandy

      Nevermind I just received my 20% Ulta coupon in the mail today…I knew it was around the same time lol

      • Janelle

        I never ever get anything from ulta in the mail. I gave called many times. They are so iniconsistent with their mailers!

        • Ann

          Try signing up for it via email instead. I always get the email ones. Gave up on the snail mail since I never know if it was lost in the mail and what not.

      • Got mine too so I’m skipping Sephora :)

  17. I haven’t gotten my email yet (I’m a VIB) and I am getting sooo anxious about it. I WANT 15% OFF THE ELECTRIC PALETTE, MAN!

  18. beck

    so there isn’t going to be a 20% off sale coming up just this 15% off sale?

    • I only know of the 15%. They usually do 15% in spring, and 20% is only in the fall/holiday.

    • I recall the 20% one being closer to Christmas. I do a lot of my Christmas shopping there – for my daughter, my nieces, my best friend’s daughter, daughter in law and soon to be (we hope) daughter in law. That’s part of how I bump up to VIB Rouge every year!

  19. I just got in from the special event here and I was totally blown away. The store manager wasn’t happy with the items being given to the VIB members – her feeling was that those people should be rewarded with more than a makeup bag and a few ditzy little items so she and her staff have been stocking up for months on items to add. I was blown away – I got a full sized Ready Blush in the colour Tease from BM, a bottle of Phyto spray shine stuff for hair and several other items. I had a great time and bought some stuff and the coffee was GOOOOD!

    • Wow, your store manager deserves some gold stars!

    • Janelle

      That’s awesome! I was kind of let down by the event I went to. I usually donate freebies and will be donating the bag and samples I got. The cookies and coffee were good and the demos neat but as a Rouge I would of been more impressed by no event and just a full size lipstick or whatever. Also, some of the customers were insane making mad dashes for things. Overall I don’t think I will be getting up at 7 ( I live far from Sephora now) on a Weekend for this. Please don’t get me wrong I am grateful for the bag and know it will be well received as a donation

  20. Cat

    I got my card / coupon thing in the mail yesterday and for me being just a VIB member, the sale starts April 3rd.

      • Linsey

        Thank you so much. I am a VIB and have been for over a year, but for some reason I don’t receive emails regarding VIB sales or anything in the mail for the sale but I receive all other emails from Sephora. This happened during the Christmas sale too. I’ve tried emailing Sephora customer service and they sent me a link to print out and use but I don’t want to keep doing great this to access every sale. :c I just sent them another email about this…

  21. furandlace

    I continue to be underwhelmed by Sephora’s reward program. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t NEED to have a program so I’m not speaking from entitlement or anything. But if you are going to have a reward program, then I’m going to critique it lol. I think the 15% and 20% sales they have are wonderful. But the whole BI, VIB and Rouge set-up is not too compelling. So far from what I can tell…the perks of Rouge are free shipping on ANY order, early access to the sale and a free makeup bag with samples?! Let’s just say I’m not busting my chops trying to stay Rouge. Their reward program pales in comparison to the Shoppers Optimum points program where your points essentially translate to dollars and you can get any product they carry for free. And sometimes they have spend your points events where they give you more $ for your points so you make out like a bandit. I’d love to see Sephora attempt something like this instead of the useless point redemption system they have now.

  22. wwwooohooooooooooooo 😀 😀 placed the first set of order hahahha in 3 slots :) so excited for this 😀 😀
    want more dollarssss … GODddddd
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  23. Placed my order when I woke up. lol I was conservative though as the 15% off really take the out the 13% sales tax I pay and I know I’ll be buying from the MAC Proenza Schouler (April 24, 2014) and the Alluring Aquatic Collection (May 22, 2014) collections later on.

    The VIB code starts now and I think they will have a separate code for BI’s latter one.
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  24. Will this be available in stores as well?

  25. Do these only apply to online orders, or can I also get the discount if I go in-store?

  26. Add a banner sweetie :) on left / right hand side or anywhere .. till 11th :) no harm na ?
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  27. CKG

    Oh! I thought I’d try Taj Mahal but it seems that they don’t carry TM, Gilda and Gina? Maybe I will have to skip it.

  28. I got myself Bite Beauty lipstick in Tannin. I still have my ticket so I will go back and pick up a couple more things.

  29. What are your suggestions for things to pick up during the sale? I’ve been wanting to try something (anything) new lately just for the heck of it.
    Audrey Recently Posted: Just For Fun: If I only had $100 to start over my makeup collection

    • Hmm, any category (like lipstick, eyeshadow, etc.) for a rec? Price point/range?

      I picked up some more products from Bite Beauty, the new neon Sephora lipsticks, new Sephora eyeliner set.

  30. Jules

    Not at all impressed by the VIB program. The “big spring event” is a measly 15% off…but when you factor in your state’s sales tax, that could equate in reality to barely anything off the retail price of an item. Say you live in San Francisco, where Sephora is based. Sales tax there is 9.5%. So if you go there with your 15% off voucher and buy $100 worth of makeup, your discount will bring the total down to…$93.08. Calculated ($85+(.095*$85)). That’s the great big reward for customers who already spend hundreds of dollars there each year? Seven bucks off one hundred? That’s what they call spring’s hottest ticket?

    And their 100/500-point rewards are pretty dinky, too. Haven’t been impressed by those. I remember they had Clinique chubby stick samples as a 100-point reward at the same time that you could get one free at a Clinique counter, LOL.

    • Co sign with you Jules. In NYC, our sales tax is 8.375%. It’s not much of a sale.

    • Carebear

      I agree! In Toronto we pay 13% sales tax so a measly 15% off items isn’t anything to go crazy for. Buying items from Shoppers Drug Mart is a much better option. We get Optimum points where we can actually exchange for products…instead of measly samples! Being a VIB or VIB Rouge isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be either. Canadians are better off spending their money at Shoppers Drug Mart where their business is more appreciated and we are supporting a Canadian company.