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Salux Beauty Skin Cloth
Salux Beauty Skin Cloth

The Tech Guy
Shaun, aka The Tech Guy, aka my boyfriend, is here with another must-read “manly” review. He’s twenty-eight with normal-to-dry skin and suffers from no more acne (much to my envy!).  He has no dedication whatsoever to his writing duties here on Temptalia, given his absence of years (or however long it’s been) but, thankfully, is more attentive to keeping the site alive and well.

Shaun enjoys long walks on the beach, vegging out on the couch watching chick flicks, and cuddling with Mellan. Or maybe not! He handles all the behind-the-scenes action here at Temptalia, from tech support to server woes.

I was recommended the Salux Beauty Skin Cloth after my Pulitzer Prize-winning review of the Bath Pouf. I bought the device on Amazon and received it soon after. The packaging is reminiscent of something you buy in a dollar store, and at a glance, the cloth looks like something you would dry your newly washed car with. I pulled said cloth out of its high quality packaging and felt the rough, stretchy, and plastic material. It felt kind of like the Bath Pouf, but only if the Bath Pouf was created by an evil genius because this material is very coarse.

I asked a friend of mine to tell me what it felt like, he said: “Feels like 20 grit sandpaper!” We promptly high-fived, grunted, and went along drinking beer afterwards. When he left, I looked up “20 grit sandpaper” because I had no idea what it meant. The only time I sand anything is when I’m filing down my nails. Apparently, 20 grit sandpaper is a coarser version of normal sandpaper. Who knew?

I finally got around to using the thing, and I can say one thing: I’m a whole lot smoother than I used to be. If you feel like you have lost some of your aerodynamics this could be a good buy for you, because it shaves down the uneven portions of your body. Sandpaper is a good analogy because this stuff is pretty rough. If you deem your body “supple” then I’d probably avoid this skin cloth.

Now, just because it’s rough doesn’t mean it’s bad. I found that it held lather extremely well as long as you do what the instructions say and keep it out of direct water contact. It does get a bit hard to manage when you are scrubbing the front of your body. It kind of wants to bunch up, which makes it kind of hard to use. The star quality is that this will be the only device you’ll need for your whole body. I used to use a branch with a pine cone on it to scrub my back, but no longer! You just grab the cloth on either side and do the shimmy-shake across your back. You’ll never have to wonder if you missed a spot on your back again!

One of the drawbacks of this cloth is that I have no idea where to put it. There’s no convenient string that hooks it to anything in your shower. So I kind of draped it over the bath tub faucet which feels kind of… Eww, to me. Let me know where you put yours, ladies!


  • Good exfoliator
  • Cleans your back better than any other tool I’ve tried
  • Lathers well
  • Machine washable (claimed on the package, I haven’t tried washing it)
  • Cheap


  • Might be too harsh for daily use
  • No way to store it
  • Binds up when using on the front of your body

Salux Beauty Skin Cloth
Salux Beauty Skin Cloth

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66 thoughts on “Salux Beauty Skin Cloth Review

  1. Karyn

    I love my Salux! What I actually do is hook it on the end of my shower caddy where washcloths are supposed to go. I spread it out over both hooks so it has a chance to dry. You’re supposed to replace it I think once every 6 months or something like that? I tend to just use mine up until it’s not scrubby anymore.

    I actually had never thought of buying one for my boyfriend but now I will so thanks Shaun!

  2. Mocha

    My shower has doors, so I hang mine on the inside rail to dry. It’s too hardcore for me to use daily, but feels good none the less.

  3. I love these things! I always get mine from the Korean stores around here. :) They are great in the shower, especially for your back like you mentioned. Plus with all of the posts out there about dry brushing to stimulate circulation before showering, I figured this is almost the same thing. So it’s good for you and your skins feels amazing afterward. It’s really great during winter when your skin is really dry. It seems to help lotion really sink in for me.

  4. Haha, your reviews never cease to be amazingly entertaining while also being helpful somewhere within it all.

    Have you thought about hole punching a corner? I’ve never had this object in my life, but from the picture it looks like it might work without totally starting to unravel. Then you could use said hole to hang it!

    • Glad you like the reviews! Punching a hole in it isn’t a bad idea, I would just worry that it would start to unravel and void the warranty.

      • Cecilia

        I agree that having a wet cloth draped over anything is a bit gross, particularly when it’s bunched up (I can’t help but think it’s collecting and brewing bacteria like that – EW!).

        Anywho, I would make a loop out of a piece of ribbon and sew it on to a corner of the salux. Do the same thing on the adjacent corner. This way it will dry a lot quicker because it’s opened up.

  5. Rachel

    Omg this made me laugh.

  6. Kelly C.

    Like Karyn, I hook mine over my shower caddy to dry. Had this particular one for 3+ months now and I hasn’t started to smell funky yet at all. To keep it from getting all bunched up I actually fold mine up to make a square, and only unfold it to its full length for my back.

    I was definitely not able to use this every day when I first bought it. My body was not used to such vigorous exfoliation, and felt a bit tender. However, after about a week of use the cloth softened up, and I toughened up, and now I use it daily! It might be my imagination, but I do feel like the cloth has helped smooth out the cellulite/bumpy parts of my legs, too. If nothing else, I feel very sleek now, haha.

    Thanks for reviewing it!

  7. Heh heh heh :) Your writing is one of the best things about this blog. It’s like a neighbor’s cat that occasionally comes by for a scratch between the ears, but you don’t have to deal with its litterbox. YOU ROCK!

  8. AS

    Hilarious! As for hanging it, you can buy little hooks on suction cups to stick on the shower wall. They remove and reattach easily when you need to clean the shower.

  9. sarah

    lol i love your reviews! i need to get one too

  10. Cute! This is my first The Tech Guy review and I really loved reading it! Thanks Shaun =)

  11. thepaigest

    LOL maybe I’ll get this for my Tech (I call computery) Hubby!! He steps out of the shower and it looks like he has been in a cat fight! Luckily I see him before he goes in :) Thanks for the review.

    • What does he use in the shower that makes him look like he’s been in a cat fight?! I do like this thing for my dry elbows which are caused by them resting on my computer chair all day. This sedentary lifestyle really does a number on the body!

  12. Ashley Sarah

    I love your reviews and am always looking forward to the next one you write! I have never heard of this before, but I definitely understand how people could love this; especially in the winter! Got to get rid of that dry skin!

  13. these always make me laugh so hard. :)

  14. I would just like to say that Shaun is a National Treasure. Thank you!

  15. Dia

    I fold mine up like Kelly does when washing everything but my back. I hang the Salux on a hook on my bath caddy when I’m in the shower, and I air dry it on the towel rod afterwards. I run it through the washing machine (in a lingerie bag) when I run my towels through. It’s pretty low maintenance. Plus it takes up less space than a pouf when you travel!

    My husband also made the sandpaper analogy. I have seen 300 and 100 strength in these at the Korean store, but only 300 at Grand Asia Market. I’m guessing the 100 would be even stronger and scratchier than 300, which may not be a good thing! When I first started using the Salux, I scratched myself from scrubbing too hard. But it has thankfully gotten softer with use.

    The branch with a pine cone bit for scrubbing your back actually made me LOL. :)

    • I came up with that analogy in the shower, come to think about it I think all of my reviews start from me zoning out in the shower. Then I have to finish up real quick and jump on the computer to write them out!

  16. Christine

    I hang mine off a hook attached to a suction cup.

    If there are any japanese or korean variety stores near you, they sell other brands of skin cloths made with other textures or from other materials so you can find something that’s just right. I think the Salux is made from nylon? I’ve seen some others made from nylon or cloth or something hemp-like.

  17. Elle

    Love this review. I have one too and I hang it on the handle of my sliding door shower. But you’re right – waaay too harsh for everyday use, and you gotta remember to NOT use it the day after shaving any body part…

    • Shannon

      i use it before i shave, and it’s pretty much what gets the soap/body wash on me so i CAN shave lol.

  18. Chrissy

    I have a bar inside the shower/bath stall and I always hang it on the bar to air dry. It dries pretty quickly, too. These are great for exfoliating my face. I used to get flakes on my face and I no longer have them after buying this.

  19. Devi

    Hooray for the return on Shaun the Tech Guy! ^_^ The second paragraph of this review had me in stitches. xD

    Thanks for another “manly” review!

  20. darae

    I’ve been using this ever since I could remember. (it might be an asian thing.. not too sure)

    I just hang mine on my shower head!

  21. S

    I recently started using one of these and I love it. It is rough at first, but you get used to it quickly and it is so invigorating!! I wash mine at least every other day. I just put it in a mesh laundry bag and it comes out fine. I’m still struggling with where to hang it. Right now it drape it over the shower head, but it’s not ideal.

  22. Mango the mango

    Hooray, a Shaun the Tech Guy post! These always make my day!

    Is the girl in the directions…crying…? Perhaps because of the 20 grit sandpapery-ness?

  23. kaleonani

    I LOVE my Salux! What you could do for storage is buy one of those suction cups with a hook and hang it up in the shower stall, which works for me. And also there might be a different brand that makes the same type of scrubber that’s not so stiff, but after MANY uses it will get soft :) and you could always throw it in the washer if you feel its “unsanitary” after several uses.

  24. DRTVrMoi

    I’ve been using mine for a month now and love it. I cut mine in half to make it a more manageable length. They wash well in lingerie bags and take almost no time to dry. Do be careful around the tender bits; I raked my arm pits and needed to let them heal before using again. FYI, lots of Amazon & E-bay vendors sell counterfeit clothes. They are so inexpensive that it pays to buy them from the official site.

  25. Tiffany Grimes

    I love my Salux! I just fold it and hang it on the wall bar in my shower. It dries in no time.

  26. Marina

    Love your posts Shaun! And I wish you would do them more often!!! Good to know about this cool cloth, but it will probably be too harsh for my skin.

  27. Anna

    hahaha, I’ve been using this type of cloth since I was a child, I never tought that could be a novelty for someone because is a classic for me. ^_^ I hang mine in the soap holder.

    • Viv

      Same here! I grew up with salux cloths since I was in elementary school (I’m 21 now) so I never considered it as rough. Now I don’t feel clean when using a regular poof or washcloth! I hang mine on a regular suction hook in the shower. I bunch it up when showering because it lathers the best that way, and I only unfold it to wash my back. I’ve thrown it in the washing machine many times inside a lingerie bag and it lasts over 6 months.

  28. you’re welcome, shaun! i believe i was the one who posted a comment on your original review and included a link to the Salux! i find that if you use the right amount/kind of lathering soap/body wash, it decreases the roughness of the cloth itself, but there are other brands that aren’t as rough, too. as for drying, i drape it over the shower caddy like the other Salux-users (who doesn’t have a shower caddy these days?). of course, i rinse thoroughly after each use under hot water and toss it in the wash regularly– it machine-washes just fine!

  29. Lyla

    the one from Bodyshop has a convenient string attached! this is a good way to go if you want to regularly exfoliate and not break the bank over buying jars and jars of exfoliator

  30. Meheen

    I’ve been using one of these daily for about 5 years. I LOVE how coarse it is; I have to replace mine every 4 months or so because it wears down a bit and doesn’t offer the same exfoliation.
    When I don’t use it for a week or so, it really shows. I get lots of ingrown hairs from shaving my legs that the Salux usually would have taken care of, and my skin just doesn’t feel as clean. I could never go back to just using a bar of soap!

  31. Lumi

    This is the first tech guy review I’ve read and I just loveeee it! XD

    I haven’t heard of this Salux cloth either, but it sounds good.

    Thanks for the great review, Shaun! ^^

  32. MJ

    I love these. :3

  33. Veronica

    20-grit?! Geez, that’s what I used for sanding my wardrobe before I repainted it. D: I commend your bravery in the attempt, good sir!

  34. John

    Haha I remember mentioning this to you in your last post on the loofa. Isn’t it so much better? And I agree, the drawings on the back are like… Uhhh, okay…

    I just hang it over my towel in the bathroom to dry. I find that works pretty well without getting the floor all wet.

  35. Evelyn

    I have been wondering how I could make myself more aerodynamic — thanks for the recommendation!

  36. OMG I adore this review!!!

  37. Barbara R

    almost fell over laughing, loved the review!
    I’ve had a few of these things but not this particular brand, and I find them so much more useful then most bath accessories (poofs and the like). I agree they’re great for just about everything (especially the back) except the face. I got a great deal on some from The Body Shop once and they were the best, a little softer and they had a ribbon loop from which to hang them with. Thanks again for the entertaining review.

  38. TnTiger

    Hang it on a suction cup hook. You can find them at home goods stores and they are easy to install or remove with no damage to the shower.

    I love my Salux cloth. It’s a wonderful exfoliator and seems to last forever – unlike the old poofs which fall apart.

  39. April


  40. clementine

    The first time I used it, I had a similar reaction, but now I feel grubby if I don’t use it, LOL… It definitely gets softer with use, too, so it doesn’t stay super stiff for long.

  41. Beauty Secrets

    Soooooooo glad to see something like this exists! Light years ago I got one of these (obviously different name) from Victoria’s secret and then all the sudden they didn’t have them anymore and never saw them anywhere again so I just wash mine like I’d wash any washcloth. It has actully held up over time, but I will be buying a few of these! The absolute best ever for a clean smooth back.

  42. Marjolijn

    Hahahahaha I love your reviews!

  43. Melissa

    I love my Salux cloth. I little trick is to throw it in the wash with your white towels with bleach every so often to sanitize it. Works great!

  44. Luisafer

    love the way you described Shaun, aka The Tech Guy… better than the product ;O)

  45. Lors

    Yay! A review from Shaun the Tech Guy! Hoping to see more of your reviews soon…you crack me up! Your reviews are also helpful when thinking of new stuff to buy for my hubby to try.