Friday, November 29th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What recent makeup trend do you really love? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerBigger/more natural brows!

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39 thoughts on “What recent makeup trend do you really love?

  1. JC

    I agree with the fuller brows. :) I also like the natural/minimal makeup look.

  2. Def gotta be the more velvety matte lipstick finishes, like MAC’s Retro Mattes, Topshop’s Velvet Lip Plush, Bite’s Cashmere Lip Creme, etc. I love those types of lips soooo much.

  3. Gina

    I absolutely agree about the brows!

  4. vicky C

    Cat eyes!!!!

  5. I honestly don’t even know what makeup trends are around oops
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  6. Moisturizing lipsticks!
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  7. zainab

    I agree with the brows (because mine are thick and then some) and I’ve liked the bold matte lip trends of late, as well as the fact that a lot of different looks seem to be ‘in’ rather than in the past where -everyone- wore a tonne of bronzer, or -everyone- wore brown lipstick.

  8. I would have to agree, bold yet still natural brows, followed by a close second, plum/berry lips.

  9. Katie

    Orange-red lips!

  10. Fuller brows, for sure! I’ve always had super bushy, dark eyebrows so I’m ecstatic that they’re finally in trend!
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  11. I’ve been loving the dark, bolder lip look :) Looks classy and surprisingly not that hard to pull off.

  12. Marie

    I am liking the further integration of make-up and skincare (BB creams, foundation, SPF in everything)
    Also, not a trend, but I love the return of mattes (lips, eyes). I find that frosty glittery stuff very unforgiving to ageing skin.

  13. Is the return to a more colourful lip a new/recent trend? If so, THAT’S the one I love. I didn’t like the nude lip look at all and didn’t feel it truly flattered anyone who wore it.

  14. Georgina

    Nude lips!!!

  15. I love the sculpted cheekbone. Not the over the top is that dirt on your face type, but definitely happy to see a more contoured cheek back in action.

  16. I am sooooo loving Burgundy lips and honestly waiting for your “FIVE WAYS” , also asked on FB some days back …
    although i know it would be bad for my pocket but i want to see your picks for burgundy lips 😀
    and i want to killll myself , why i missed/skipped picking up OCC BLACK DAHLIA :(
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  17. I agree with you, Christine! Even before I read your answer, I knew that mine was going to be bold brows! I just wish that I would see more everyday women sporting this trend. Most people above the age of 25 I come across in everyday life still seem to wear their brows circa 1995.

  18. I like the semi-matte to matte dark lipsticks – maybe I’m influenced by being a teenager in the 90s? :-)

  19. AS

    This is not a makeup trend, more like a skin care trend: I tried sheet paper masks by Kaunis for the first time and loved them. Made my face glow. Awesome.

  20. Lizzi

    I’m loving the moisturizing lipsticks and I feel like there’s less emphasis on being tan from tanning beds (more safe tanning products have been released in the past few years). One thing I HATE that’s become a thing with palettes lately is the overhead sheet on top of certain palettes. Quite a few recent palettes have done that. I’ve been cutting them off.

  21. I like fuller brows as well (as long as they’re not overly drawn-on or too sharply arched). One trend that disturbs me personally is rhinoplasty.

  22. Eileen

    I think all of us with fuller brows are loving the full, natural trend. Mind you that doesn’t mean not grooming them. I’ve seen such lovely brows on women lately. I also love the light-diffusing “real skin” glow that the new matte powders provide. There’s nothing chalky, flat, or dry looking about the new powders and they make a nice change from the pearly, all-over luminizing effect that was prevalent for so long.

    • Jess

      I couldn’t agree with you more about the powder! ‘Couldn’t have said it better. The newest milling technologies for powder are just amazing. Besides the finish, they’re so much gentler and less drying on the skin, too.

  23. Leila

    Less emphasis on being tan definitely! I think everyone looks best within a couple of shades of their own skin tone, I don’t like how makeup from even a few years ago focused on warming up your face, no matter your skin tone. Also the return of lipstick after so many years of neglect.

  24. Aelita

    am I the only one who doesn’t like the full brow trend? :(

    I mean I ADORE natural brow, but with this trend many girls I see overdraw their brows to make them look fuller, so brows look like unnatural drawn on thick stripes…. not my cup of tea… soft natural and definitely NOT over plucked brow trend is great, but not too thick and full and manly-boyish (like seen on many runways…)

    my fave trend is goldeny eye with berry lipstick, not a new trend, but this autumn I started noticing more of it and I love it:)

    I started noticing that more simple make up trend is coming from runway to real life, by simple I mean less extravagant, less complex makeup less heavy makeup. Big eye look with many powder eyeshadows blended together look heavy and unnatural and I like that it is begin replaced by elegant and chic makeups that are easier and simpler and more modern and light:) I like the freshness of modern makeup trends with lighter creamier textures:)
    overall I’m really happy with modern trends(was surprised with chanel multicoloured eye makeup though, makes me wonder if we gonna embrace crazy uber bright eyeshadows in the near future)

  25. Monica

    Dark, vampy lipsticks! I’m loving the deep berry, burgundy and purple shades!

  26. If you can count the classic winged liner with red lipstick look as recent, then that one (Love it especially with natural-looking brows). Otherwise, coral everything. 😉

  27. Oh, and natural, glowy skin! I feel this is relatively recent, considering how obsessed people were with the flawless matte look until the 90s.

  28. Alison

    Ditto on the eyebrows: I love a natural brow!

    As for makeup, I always gravitate towards vampy colors, wine reds, etc, so I’m always pleased when they come around as a trend and there are lots of new vamps and reds to try out! Other than that, I love smoky colors. I’m a taupe fiend, and I love deep teals, dark plum, rich chocolates, antiqued golds, dark bronzes, etc!

  29. PianoGirl1985

    Cranberry eyes and nude lips and mauve/gray matte smokey eyes with burgundy or berry lips. Such sophisticated looks.

  30. Karen

    Fuller brows are at the top of the list but I’m also loving cat eyes, the return of mattes & vampy lips.

  31. KaseyCannuck

    I love the look of smokey eyes.

    I also love that my bushy brows are now trendy :)

  32. Xero

    More orange-y lip colors!

  33. doroffee

    Natural brows, bold lips with simple eye-makeup (and lots of mascara), textured and colorful nail polish (I don’t really like too bright nail polishes, but I like that there are more options than pearl, baby pink and blood red… and for finishes, I really like liquid sand, finely milled shimmer and matte glitter)… colorful eyeliner with a neutral colored eye on the waterline, juicy lip with wet shine (the lip butter trend).