Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Are you ready for spring makeup collections? The earlier the better? Too early?
Temptalia's AnswerIt feels like they come earlier and earlier every year! I like mid-January as a good start date for getting into spring color collections.

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37 thoughts on “Are you ready for spring makeup collections?

  1. I was just talking about this with a friend. I’m not ready for Spring 2014 collections before New Year’s Day!
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  2. YES, I AM READY. Although I don’t think they need to start giving us the info when fall just started, hahaha. But I really am just ready for those bright and pastel colours again!
    Rikki Recently Posted: “PERFECT” Red Lip Tutorial – 3 Ways | closed captioned

  3. I’m kinda thankful that Chanel’s is already out. I’m going to try and do a no-buy the first of the year so the new cream blushes for Spring being released in December really helped me out. LOL

  4. Although I love new seasonal makeup collections, I would prefer to wait until after Christmas for the spring collections to show up.

  5. Michelle

    Yes! Bring on the cute pastel MAC collection of the year!

  6. I wish they would come out a little closer to the season they’re actually referring to. It gets a bit silly otherwise! It’s like that whole ‘Christmas in August’ factor…

    Mind you, stuff comes out here later than everywhere else anyway, so we’re not too badly off in that sense!

    I was pretty stunned when I read that you could actually start buying say the new Chanel collection now, though! It almost makes it a bit pointless to even use a season in the title 😛

  7. Way too early. Companies, if you want to release seasonal collection, then please at least release them on the right season. Otherwise, just admit that certain colors and products CAN be worn throughout the year.

  8. umm…. not really. towards end of jan would be perfect :-)
    Vineetha Recently Posted: Top Makeup Value Sets & Palettes – Holiday 2013

  9. Maggie

    I was born mid-January. =)

    Agreed though, I feel like there should be a bit of a rest after New Year’s before getting into spring makeup. Right now, still trying to decide my look for festivities and the last thing I feel like looking at is spring makeup.

  10. Nicole

    It’s too early in my opinion. I haven’t even started wearing frosted winter looks. I guess in Frbruary I start looking for spring colors.

  11. Jan

    In all honesty, I wasn’t overly thrilled with most of the 2013 holiday collections so YES, I’m ready for spring!

    Bring it on!

  12. Ro

    More than ready!! I absolutely love Spring collections because they usually feature wonderful hues of pink, which is my favorite color. The themes also tend to be romantic, flowery, glowy, nude… And those I feel really connected to!. It is true that sometimes they are launched way too early (January!, I just got my whatever Holiday Collection and I’m not even halfway there!) but they’re deifinately my faves!!!

  13. I’m ready for new goodies but not ready for the spending. I agree Christine. Spring collections seem to roll out earlier every year! I’m still excited over the fall and holiday releases lately. I need some time to process all these collections lol
    fancie Recently Posted: Black Box Day!

  14. Missy West

    I’m ready! But my wallet DEFINITELY is not!

  15. Not really. I don’t like that the collections come out so early. I got the very LAST of a fall eye shadow palette in August (and said in my review of that product on MUA that it would really be nice if you could actually purchase these products in the season they were meant for!). February would just about work for me and March would be even better!

  16. grlnxdor

    I’m eager for Spring collections and Spring itself! We are supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow today so I will be hunkered down at home. I’ve seen some previews of Nars Spring and I cannot wait for you to review the collection!

  17. PJ

    Seriously, I am ready for spring makeup collections (and fashions and purses and shoes) ONE DAY AFTER Christmas! (even though winter has been mild thus far) I have already ordered a couple of items from Chanel Spring 2014, and am highly anticipating the Chantecaille “Save the Bees” spring collection. Im crossing my fingers that it will arrive at the beginning of January, not the end of that month!!!

  18. It’s too early for me!!! I would wait until February or late January! Isn’t makeup supposed to go bad? Then why would I want to buy it on December and use it until March?
    Daniel Recently Posted: Photo

  19. Sasha

    I’m on the market for a nice lavender shade this spring. I’ve been lusting after Burberry’s Lavender Blue. Though it’s 90 degrees in Florida right now so lavender seems more fitting than gold with burgundy lips and all these holiday looks I’m seeing everywhere.

  20. Kellie

    No! I’m ready for the Temptalia Awards!

  21. I am! Makeupwise, spring and fall are my favorite makeup collection times, with Spring usually having the prettiest colors!

  22. Alice

    No. It’s so annoying to have spring collections before late February. It sucks all the joy out of celebrating the end of winter. And before the holidays?! Ugh. I’m not even tired of holiday colors yet. The foundation of the excitement for the seasonal shift is exhaustion of the previous. Early collections suck the motivation away. I’m not buying something to not use for 4 months.

    • smfrances

      I feel the same way plus unless you buy items when they come out, if they are LE, they are gone by the time you would actually want them. So I am always in a quandary. Do I buy something now thinking something I like better won’t come along and wait months to use it or do I take my chances that when it is Spring there will actually still be Spring collections? I an usually ready to start thinking about Spring around the end of February because I am sick of winter by then.

  23. No way! I have barely transitioned from fall to winter mood.

  24. Xero

    I’m always ready for Spring! It’s my favorite! :3c Fall and Winter collections don’t really appeal to me so I always like it when the lighter, brighter colors roll around. My wallet not as much though…

  25. Jennifer

    I for one, am ready to rebel. What is the point of seasonal colors when they are sold year round, with special variations sold months before your supposed to wear them? How about we just admit we are suckers for marketing, buy what we like, wear what we want when we want, and quit feeding multi billion dollar companies pockets with money for stuff we don’t need, and probably only will wear a handful of times.

    • Well said. These companies are always ready to bring out new collections because they’re always ready to make unimaginable, enormous products. It’s a manipulative marketing strategy and we should educate ourselves so we don’t get sucked in and waste our money on it. I’m on a project to reduce my makeup collection and grind my makeup purchases down to near-zero because I have all the colours I could possibly need for any season and I don’t need any more!
      Plurabelle Recently Posted: Spending less on makeup

  26. Jaye

    Yes and no nice that I can treat myself to them with money or gift cards I get for Christmas but you can’t really wear the brighter Spring colors till Spring anyways so it’s like you have to look at all the beautiful products and hope winter hurries up.

  27. Linda

    I’m always ready for makeup. :)

  28. I really don’t like companies harping on about new seasons before they’ve begun, like with christmas you dont want to start it too early or you’ll get sick of it! Although am looking forward to seeing Dior’s collection as 2013’s was so amazing xo

  29. collarjean

    I am excited about the Spring 2014 makeup collections. I have ordered the Chanel nail polish and three of the Zoya Naturel. I also ordered two of the Burberry nail polishes which I think will work for spring. I can’t wait to see the Dior and Nars collections!

  30. kellly

    Oh yeah! I’ve already bought a few of those new Maybelline “The Buffs” lipsticks, which are all very natural but better colors on me. I didn’t see the new Chanel colors yet. I’m curious to see one of the new nail colors. I saw the new Clinique natural nail colors and the eye pallette and my Rite Aid has a bunch of new L’oreal skin care items and new Garnier skin care and hair stuff out already. Bring it! I’m ready!

  31. xamyx

    I don’t base my makeup on what season it is, so I really don’t care when seasonal collections are released. Besides, it seems anything goes lately, regardless of season, so what does it matter? It used to be that pinks & pastels were the norm for Spring, and brights & corals for Summer, but it seems we see those shades throughout the year. I don’t go for “traditional” Spring/Summer shades, so I took the opportunity to either re-stock the basics, or catch up on permanent items, but I can’t really do that as much now…

  32. indiekicks

    No! Way, WAY too early. I don’t want to see Spring collections pop up any sooner than mid-February (which would still be a little early for me). I hate when retailers jump the gun on things. I’ve seen some places start putting up Christmas stuff around Halloween – ridiculous.

  33. shelley

    We haven’t even hit the New Year and some collections were releasing Spring 2014 back in early November. No, I’m not ready but my wallet is quick to come out everytime I see a new release.

  34. I just hate seasonal / limited edition collections in general, so it’s always too early for me. I always dread the release of collections because everyone loses their mind and whips themselves into a shopping frenzy. And a month later (if that), they do it again, as if they’ve forgotten what happened a month ago. I blame the makeup companies and their marketing strategies more than the poor suckers they’ve manipulated though… MAC seems to be the worst offender.
    Plurabelle Recently Posted: Spending less on makeup

  35. Karen

    Not ready at all! I’m in NYC where we have very distinct seasons in terms of weather so despite a current 65 degree heatwave we’re just heading into our true winter weather. No point in purchasing colors that won’t be used until late March or April. Besides, it cuts down on use time because you’re letting it sit for a few months before wearing it.