Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… STICKY LIPGLOSS!

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35 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Sticky Lipgloss

  1. I know sticky lip gloss is a big deal for a lot of people, but I don’t really mind it. It adds a feeling to my lips that’s interesting. Since I don’t have very long hair, I don’t need to worry about it getting stuck there.

  2. Lauren

    This is definitely high up on the list of things I hate. It’s just such a gross feeling. First off it gets stuck to your hair, then it makes you pucker when you try to move your lips around. I feel like it also will just trap little particles of everything in the air in it. Plus…kissing someone with that stuff on..not good.
    P.S. Are the Dior glosses sticky?

    • Sally

      The Dior (ultra gloss reflect) glosses are smooth as, not sticky at all. The Dior gloss I have I love to bits.


  3. Hey Cristine,

    I like them a lot actually.I do have long hairs and they do stick sometimes there but glass in itself stays for long if its sticky.


  4. Julia

    I used to hate it… I got over it. Yeah, your hair can get stuck in it (and it does) but when it comes to MAC, being afraid of stickiness limits you too much! I still prefer no stick, but I definitely don’t take that into consideration when I’m choosing my colour for the day!

  5. gracee

    I agree with Julia. For MAC I do buy the lipglasses sometimes for packaging (heatherette. fafi) and because they give me effects lipstick alone cant give me.
    I hateeee the hair in lipgloss thing so I wouldnt wear them @ an outdoor event.

  6. HeavenLeiBlu

    I’m indifferent. I’m more concerned about the color and whther or not it lasts. I had short hair like, forever, and I still prefer it. My hair is longer now, and I almost never wear it down or close to my face, so it doesn’t bother me.

  7. Shefali

    I’m indifferent. It’s the price I pay for beauty :)

  8. I have long hair, and yes, when the wind is blowing, it can get interesting…however, I love the long wear of the heavier lipglosses. Plus, since I have been wearing them so long, when I wear a lipgloss that is NOT sticky, it feels weird! Plus MAC has the best colors, so I am not willing to give up that great color over some stickiness! :)

  9. Ashley H

    I actually prefer sticky lipglosses. They generally last much longer, and give a cool feeling to your lips, almost like they’re plumped up. Since it’s sticky I’m less likely to lick my lips also. I know with thinner glosses I tend to smack my lips a lot, which makes me need to re-apply very often. As far as MAC goes, I don’t really consider the lipglasses “sticky”, just good quality and long lasting. I can see how many people think the new dazzleglass are very sticky, but i love them !! =]

  10. claudia m.

    I love lip glosses, and the thicker the longer it wears (on me at least), but my hubby hates them. So when I’m with him, I don’t wear gloss in case of an impromptu make out session 😉
    I have long hair and sometimes it gets stuck, but if I’m going outside, I just pull my hair into a ponytail or wear a headband. Like most of my fellow addicts, I choose sticky lipgloss over hair. =)

  11. Milan

    If I adore the color, I don’t really mind the stickiness.

  12. Laudry

    Sticky lipgloss is one of the BIG reasons I rarely wear the stuff; I have long, fine, “floaty” hair, and sticky lipgloss lasts about 30 seconds on me before mounting its mission to trap as much of my hair as possible. Oh, yeah – now THERE’s a good look!

    Plus, I guess it’s a matter of personal preference, but kissing with sticky lipgloss on is just too much like being slimed! I don’t like it, my husband HATES it, and so did most of the guys I dated before I got married.

    Don’t get me wrong – I love shiny, glossy lips & have a small number of non-sticky L/Gs just for that effect! I just don’t come across that many of them.

  13. I don’t mind sticky.. Either is fine. I think I’m just used to sticky lipgloss, and it does stay on for ages!

  14. lala

    I don’t mind I guess..I apply my rosebud before the L/G it helps w/ the sticky lol.

  15. nikki

    i actually used to love lipgloss until i got a boyfriend. i still wear it sometimes when i’m mad at him.

  16. Vee

    If my hair is up – love it.

    If my hair is down – hate it. Especially if I’m wearing glasses.

  17. Nell

    I actually prefer sticky, because of the lasting power and I feel my lips are better “protected” from drying out.

  18. claudine

    i love macs lipglasses i dont care if theyre sticky and i got long hair extensions haha
    i think stickier glosses are moisturizing and last longer on my lips
    i tried a chanel glossimer which is not sticky and i didnt like it back to macs lipglasses

  19. cloudburst

    Sticky is fine if my hair is pulled back…but if there’s any chance of a breeze I’ll have half my head of hair stuck to my lips!

  20. esther

    I hate sticky gloss! the sensation tricks me into thinking my lips are dry and i can’t move my lips or else they’ll stick to each other.
    but Ashley H’s comment gave me a good idea! i’m trying to break a habit of smaking my lips at work. i may use sticky gloss as a training device :)

    p.s. I adore non-sticky Shiseido l/s.

  21. Minnie

    I hate sticly lipglosses i feel like I’ve been eating fried chicken!

  22. Definitely gets annoying sometime when it’s windy out and my hair gets stuck onto my lips lol. And also, if it’s too sticky, it’s harder to eat things that are a little crumbly cause then the crumbs get stuck to my lips and even worse, if they’re too little that I can’t even feel them, they just stick there and I don’t even know it!

  23. Tonee

    I hate sticky lip gloss – I always buy products which are light or creamy instead. I don’t wear l/g much, and use it over matte lipsticks to reduce dryness most of the time.

  24. 27

    I love sticky, for it’s hi-shine and staying power. I feel my lips are so much soft after wearing it all day. Yes, my hair definitely gets attached to the lips, but I really don’t mind at all.

  25. Vickiee

    I hate sticky lip gloss. Whenever you open your mouth you get gooey strands between your lips. Smooth, sheer lip glosses are better, they look nicer and feel better on your lips

  26. gabby

    i love ’em cause they last a lot, but if i have to eat, that’s when i have problems, sticky glosses are hard to get rid of

  27. BabyDollB

    I hate the feeling of sticky glosses,but I find putting on either Vaseline or like a Blistex Lipsplash first and then applying the gloss takes away some of the stickiness- but that’s just me :)

  28. I don’t mind it but I prefer non-sticky glosses :)

  29. Julia

    juicy tubes and estee lauder

  30. Julia

    oh my god I’m only phone and this touch screen is messing me up.

    stickiest lip glosses I’ve ever tried: juicy tubes and estee lauder high gloss