Monday, October 14th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Stick Lip Balm!

my answer: It’s always easy to tell when you’re almost out! Though, I feel like I go through this type faster as they tend to glide on so easily that I’m probably more than I really need.

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26 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Stick Lip Balm

  1. Aida

    I only use stick lip balms and there’s nothing I don’t like about them 😉

  2. Aubri

    A lot of them melt really easily with just your body heat when you have them in your pocket, which is where I like to leave one as I don’t often bother carrying a purse. (Fresh balms are a huge offender for me.) But I like how simple and effortless they are. They FEEL low maintenance!

  3. My only rant is this: How Do I Get The Remaining Bits Out Of The Bottom Of The Tube It Won’t Twist Up Anymore Gosh Darn It Where’s The Q-Tip

  4. Eileen

    Sticks are convenient and easy to use, they can be tucked into a pocket when not carrying a purse, they can be applied without getting anything on your fingers, and they come in some lovely tints and different finishes from satin to gloss. Just don’t leave them in the car on a hot summer day!

  5. I love that I don’t need to get it on my fingers.
    I hate when it comes with a slanted lipstick style tip as it tends to be more fragile in hot weather.

  6. t_violet

    Like Chapstick? I use them at night or for sports (with a spf). There’s not much exciting about them but I feel like the waxy ones do a better job at sealing in moisture than the vasoline type ones.

  7. Is there anything to rant about? I honestly can’t think of a single thing! I love my stick lip balms.

  8. B.

    I only use stick lip balms too because it’s just easy to get it out and swipe on my lips. I also go through them quite easily but I never had so much problem with that because I always seem to be buying them when I’m browsing through the stores!

  9. Stick lip balm is definitely my preference. I just find it more convenient to use.

  10. Alex

    RANT:They’re addictive! I don’t think I need to own every single shade of pink/red/plum that was ever created, and yet this seems to be the case…not to mention the clear versions!
    RAVE:I love these! Especially the Chubby Sticks by Clinique. Tinted, so gives a perfect “pick me up” wash of colour, moisturising, can be applied without a mirror and they’re also practical because they’re compact and therefore portable :) What’s not to like?

  11. They are the best kind! I don’t over-apply/squeeze out too much like often do with a tube and I don’t get gunk under my nails like I always do with a pot.

  12. I prefer stick balms, so I don’t need to wipe my finger when I’m on the go. Besides, I find there is less wastage of product, and, best of all, it won’t get between my fingernails (ick).

  13. Rave: the ease of use, of course! They’re great for using on the go — no need to dip your dirty fingers into anything (bleh).

  14. You can pry my Burt’s Bees out of my cold dead hands. And I will come back and fight you.

  15. doroffee

    I like them overall more than pot ones. They are easier and more hygienic to carry around in my purse to apply it throughout the day it’s needed, the product doesn’t get under my fingernails, the packaging looks more chic and sleek…

  16. Stick lip balms are great overall but some of them tend to melt easily when you keep them in you pockets-

  17. Ellie

    They’re so convenient! I tried a couple of those that come in little pans, but I hate them. You can use them straight from the pan only for a bit and then you have no choice but to use your fingers. I often apply lip balm when I’m on the go and don’t have a chance to wash my hands. Also, I have long nails, which means that I’m always left with a ton of product underneath.
    No, no…. stick balm all the way. 😉
    P.S. in case you’re interested, my favorites at the moment are the Hurraw balms.

  18. I get sucked in by their appearance, but I’ve honestly never found one that really works. Eos are decent, but nothing like the moisturizing effect I get from potted balms. Hygiene be damned!

  19. Katie F

    Stick lip balm is fine, but I have a slight preference for balm in a pot. I feel like I can control how much I put on more, and I can also put it on more easily without messing up lipstick.

  20. They’re so easy to lose! I’d rather carry a moisturizing lipstick or gloss. I care much more if I lose one of those. But I can never leave the 99 cent store without a new stick of Blistex. oh well.

  21. This is the only lip balm I will use as the thought of sticking my fingers in the same pot over and over creeps me out…can u tell I have issues with germs :)

  22. anne

    i have stick lip balm in my bag, in the glove compartment of both our cars, in the drawer with my make-up and next to my bed. my current fave is blistex 5-star, which has a sort-of-vanilla scent. i couldn’t go to sleep without lip balm and lotion on hands, feet and elbows. i don’t wear much lipstick, because nothing lasts on me, but i am totally uncomfortable without some moisture on my lips at all times. love it!

  23. Carlie Ray

    I love sticks and my fave is Buddha Balm. There is nothing I don’t like about it and I just keep buying more.

  24. Alisha Badillo

    I prefer them in stick form because I don’t like anything that I have to use my fingers to apply. It’s more hygienic in a stick…..

  25. Rebecca

    I typically use potted balm at night and find them to be most moisturizing but I cannot keep them with me on the go because of how gross my fingers feel after applying them. I actually find Stick balms like blistex and chapstick to be most hydrating compared to fancier ones like eos or some burts bees. I only recently started using the cheaper of stick balms again (dont think ive used them since I was in grade school lol) and I have to always have at least one in my purse at all times for days where I need some serious moisture. Besides those types of days I am fine with my semi drying eos. My down side for the stick balms is when they warm and slightly push up into the cap and become a mess..