Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: SKINCARE!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about skincare and all that it entails.

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25 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Skincare

  1. Daria

    I hate it when a superior product is inferiorized by jar packaging! Any stable antioxidents are useless soon after oxygen hits it. Some of the most state-of-the-art moisturizers are downgraded by jar packaging.

  2. Siledhel

    I hate that I need it so much because I’m very lazy.
    It takes so much of my time before going to bed, to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize…aaarg
    But I’m conscious enough to do it anyway.
    No make up is magical enough to replace good skin.

  3. de R

    Love Kiehls Refuel face wash for men. I used to use a more expensive brand and bought this for the hubby. One day I ran out of mine and used his….and his was better! I made the switch!

  4. dolce aria

    I dont know much about it. I was using a light moisturizer and calling it a day up until a few months ago when the same moisturizer randomly caused my eyes to swell shut. Have been too timid to try it again, or get another product. About hte extent of my skin care regimen is using a mild acne scrub and gel with salicylic acid.

    I’ve always had fairly decent skin on its own with no obvious problems, so i get nervous at the idea of upsetting the balance. And i seem to have a LTO of allergic reactions to things. Most moisturizers make my face break out really bad—-or make the skin crackle off. Its SOOO nerve wrecking to pick out new products when i DO find an issue is severe enough to warrant my attention!

  5. Aeman

    I love CE Ferulic serum by Skinceuticals. I get so many compliments on my skin. It really protects from all environmental stressors.

  6. emma

    I hate complicated skin care. Dislike hydrating serums, vitamin serums, etc. The essential for me is a good foaming cleanser and moisturizer for my reactive, clog-prone skin. I usually stick to one eye cream, or use none at all, I use a face cloth to exfoliate. I’m really not into trying out new skincare lines. My mom has used the same product all her life, and wears no sunscreen, and has beautiful skin.

  7. AlyxVeee

    I hate that you pay a ton for something and its only 1 fl oz. -.- I love organic skincare but anything good at Sephora is just toooo much and its gone in 2 months. The Body Shop has better prices for more product. =)

  8. amy

    I believe a good daily skin care regime is the foundation of having good skin in order to have a nice makeup application. I love how hydrated my skin feels when I have the right kind of skin care system for the particular season or time period, such as age in my life. I always use a serum before a moisturizer because I believe it helps my skin absorb the moisturizer better. In addition, during the hot summer months a serum is all I need for moisturizing other than SPF.

  9. There’s a lot of variety out there. It can be difficult to narrow down what will work best.

  10. I love herbal based products their gentle yet very effective and so healthy on my skin. And not all are outrageously expensive.

  11. lesleykat

    i am an all around beauty junkie and that includes skincare products. i love products and i have fairly rock-solid skin so not many things really break me out. so i am always excited to try new things. i recently splurged and bought a clarisonic which i am totally gaga over! i’ve been using it for a week and i have already noticed changes in texture and clarity. LOVE!

    but what I HATE about skincare is all of the false advertising. example, garnier’s skin roller ball product ad with SJP is totally misleading. we have all seen candid shots of her, she’s aged gracefully, but she’s certainly not line/wrinkle free. advertising totally makes it appear that these products are magic when in fact they’re not really doing much. i thought for years that i had bad skin when in fact i didn’t. so ladies, don’t let advertising/photoshop/soft focus cameras make you think you have inferior skin.

    the worst part about this is that i work in fashion advertising. i’m one of the people retouching out zits, wrinkles, celulite, etc… let me tell you, almost all of the models have these things!
    ok… i’m done. ha!

  12. Andrea

    I hate that there`s sooooo much information out there making it difficult to decide what to buy/use!!!

  13. Christi

    LOVE Olay facial moisturizer. My mom used to use it when I was little and the smell reminds me of my childhood. I have sensitive skin and used to have a huge problem with atopic dermatitis (eczema) on my face and Olay didn’t bother my sensitive skin. I have tried the expensive stuff, but have had lots of allergic reactions. I guess if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

  14. nenebird

    I have pretty much given up that the claims various brands make aren’t true. I am 55, I am not going to look 30 with plastic surgery. I am happy to look well maintained for my age. That comes pretty cheap. Nivea in the jar for my dry skin and baby wipes to remove makeup.

  15. Charlie

    Skincare can be frightening and overwhelming! There are so many products, lots of information as well as misleading information, and we are led to believe that the most expensive stuff = the best stuff. Whenever I go into Sephora for skin care advice, they always send me to Kinerase. I’m sure their products are great! I haven’t been blessed with the money to use their products, but why are they so much more expensive than anything else in Sephora? Is it made with diamonds or something!?

    But, I have to say that the BEST skin care investment I have made so far is the Clarisonic! My skin has felt like a baby’s butt since day 1! I have sensitive, acne prone skin. I still use a good eye cream though (Clinique’s all about eyes rich), but Nivea Soft Cream for moisturizer and Neutrogena spf 45 with helioplex. I barely use any foundation (Bare Minerals) anymore, just a dab of concealer (Pop Beauty) for those pesky blemishes and mineral veil (BE). The Clarisonic has helped to cut down my foundation/concealer routine by 75%. This means I get more time to play with my eye shadows and less time to fret covering everything up!

  16. Jadetive

    I hate it when a company uses models to an unfair advantage. Like using a young model to advertise an anti-aging product.

    I find that my skin responds best to simple, gentle skincare. When I used harsh scrubs and AHA-based exfoliants, to try to get rid of acne ASAP, my skin went haywire. The acne did not heal and I had flaky skin, brown marks etc. Now I use gentle items like jojoba oil, very basic Olay moisturizers, oil cleansers and non-irritating physical sunblock. And my skin responds so much better. I do still get acne but I just let the acne run its course and the marks disappear soon after.

  17. I have totally madly deeply fallen in love with the Shu Uemera cleansing oil! I was one of the dubious folx who questioned cleansing your face with oil, but it has totally won me over as my winter cleaning go-to! I even raved about it on my skincare/beauty blog,

  18. I hate how expensive it can be and how hard it is to tell if it’s really working. If I’m using a product designed to slow down the signs of aging how do I know if it worked or how well? I feel attimes like I’m being scammed out of tons of money.

  19. Nicci

    There always seems to be something new coming out. It is hard to keep up! I want to try new items but don’t want to confuse my poor skin though. Sometimes I feel we put so much on our faces, it would be nice to put maybe 1-2 items. Unfortunately, I am not that lucky. Right now, I am on the hunt for a good hydrating serum.

  20. I love Purpose because it’s gentle and doesn’t smell gross, Lush Grease Lightning and H20 Anti-Acne Clarifying Cleanser for acne. I always use moisturizers with SPF…right now I’m using H20 Face Oasis Plus Hydrating Fluid. I buy my skincare products at Target and TJ Maxx because I be po’…the Lush stuff was a gift.

  21. penny

    I really like the Clinique 3 Step system!
    I HATE taking the time to do it though even if it only takes 3 minutes tops. im so lazy but it really does work well

  22. taj

    This is such an overwhelming topic. I have tried many brands. But I am really impressed with Fresh products. In particular Fresh Soy Cleanser, Anise Day Serum and the Mamaku Night Serum.

    Excellent and well worth the money…it is rather pricey.

  23. Alison

    i hate that its mainly a way to con money out of women (and men) by promising them the impossible.
    If you keep your skin clean, hydrated and reasonably exfoliated, and wear heaps and heaps of sunscreen every single day, you wont need that $200 face cream with rare snake blood in it or whatever…

  24. I donot like to use products which mar my skin. At times its difficult to choose a product as facial skin differs from body skin. Thanks to who have been giving me unbiased advice on products suitable for people just like me. You can also receive alerts on joining You can view Else, you may use invite code ‘youngskin’ to join

  25. i hate drug store brands that carry products with such harsh ingredients that only cause more harm to our skin. When I was a teen, i knew nothing about the right way to take care of my skin so i looked to these brands to tell me what to do. I bought pretty much anything that had a pretty label and claimed to get rid of acne and blackheads. I never knew pore strips could cause broken capillaries until i got them after 2 uses. Never knew benzoyl peroxide was damaging to my skin until after my first use of clean and clear’s 10% bp face wash, my face and eyes were puffy and red for a week. I also never knew certain face scrubs had jagged exfoliants that weren’t ideal for me, even though they would claim to be for my type of sensitive skin. I’m glad I finally learned though so that I could teach my niece and future daughter about the proper way to use skincare products.