Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… PENCIL EYE LINER!

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32 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Pencil Eye Liner

  1. Nicci

    I’ve only used it once I think and never again. I’m afraid of poking my eyes!

  2. Jezi

    I love pencil liners for my waterline, and that’s pretty much it, I prefer gel, cake or eyeshadows as liners with a good synthetic brush for everything else.

    Stila eye kajals are absolutely smooth, pigmented and perfect for my waterline personally. It’s the rich, soft formula that makes it easy for even a beginner to place pencil liner in the waterline with little fear of poking or pulling.

  3. Nicole

    I do find that if u don’t use a good pencil liner it doesn’t last all day long as to were liquid does..thats my down which was do u buy?

  4. Roxanne

    Liquid liners last longer but pencil liners are SO much easier! I tend to use them in the outer corners of my eye (top and bottom), then top off with some black e/s to smoke it out. Never all the way around the eye though, it makes your eyes look so much smaller!

  5. Basak

    My comfort routine involves eyeliner, and I used to use pencil eyeliner. However, I’m brunette with black lashes and brows, and the non-precise lines I get with pencils are not what I want. It looks really really dark and overpowering. I like liquid liners slightly better, but not really because it’s a pain to get it right. Sooo, gel liner with a slanted brush is my holy grail.

  6. AT

    Pencils are really easy to use especially the kohl and gel pencils. I am in love with the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Bourbon. It is waterproof and smudge proof. It is literally 24/7!

  7. Rosie

    I use pencil eye liners more than anything and I do love gel liners but I have a lot of the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils and I love them. I use them for my water line always and sometimes lower lash line and upper lash line. You can even get them on a brush if you want more “precision”. And Urban Decay’s pencils are super easy to smudge or spread, so I love that about them. And they really are budge proof after they dry and with UDPP they last all day. So I’m a pencil lover.

  8. Andrea

    I love pencil liners for the lower lash line. I mainly only use UD’s 24/7 eyeliners and they last a looong time for me! On the upper lash line I don`t like pencil liners. I find it too difficult to apply precisely, so I stick with liquid.

  9. Natalie

    My favorite is gel liner, but I use pencils when I don’t have much time or when I like to layer some colored line on top of black gel liner. I only like UD 24/7 and MUFE aqua liners though as they are the only ones stay through curling, sweat and oily lids.

  10. audrey

    I use a brown pencil eyeliner when I’m going for a softer eye look. I have one dark brown that looks sharper and one smudgeable with a sponge end in a lighter brown. I usually use it on top, but sometimes put some on my lower lashline and smudge to soften the look.

    I nearly never use black pencil, I find that it looks too sharp on me. plus it always tends to smudge so I end up looking like a heroin addict. I prefer black gel liner (on top) instead.

    • Elysia


  11. aradhana

    i don’t like ones that tend to migrate…which is most brands! as others have said previously, ud 24/7 ones are very good, but sometimes i prefer non shimmer/sparkle…i like the mac powerpoint ones as well, but those aren’t good on the waterline i heard. i imagine that mufe aqualiners are matte…are they waterline safe? anyway not available to me in scotland… :(

    anyway, i’ve digressed… love pencil liners.

  12. Sass

    I only like pencil eye liner because it’s less mess than liquid eye liner athough I use both. I always use pencil on my water line because I fear getting liquid into my eyes. It happened once and I lost my mind. Ha!

  13. Melissa

    i love pencil eyeliner :]
    i use it everyyydayy no mattter what on my waterline.
    i love Revlon ColorStay, but i also own Engraved by MAC & i HATE it :/
    i really wanna try MUFE’s though.. i heard really good reviews on it.

  14. Katey

    i love pencils liners.
    i use them all the time for my waterlines

  15. ..amy..

    I don’t like how they tend to build up in my outer corners after a while but other than tht I love them I also use liquid and gel too I love liner all together but can’t smudge it well at all

  16. Kaylabella

    I love pencil liners because they allow me to create softer looks than liquid, plus they’re very versatile; I use them on my waterline always, and also around the outer edges of my eye for non-precision lining. I use them with a brush on occasion for tighter lining, but I generally just like the soft smudgy looks I get with the pencil. Some really good ones with small price tags are by freshminerals, I found mine at Fred Meyer, which I think is Smith’s elsewhere. ;D

  17. AYHM

    Love pencil liners but love other types of liners(gel, liquid, cake, etc.) as well!

  18. I always hated pencil eyeliners, they all seemed too hard or too soft & smudge-y. But I love Loreal’s new liquid pencil liners (their regular ones and the metallic ones from their HIP line). They glide on sooooo smoothly and after letting them set for a minute, they don’t smudge AT ALL. I’ve tried the black, plum, bronze, silver, gold, and electric blue so far.

  19. Janelle

    I love the look of liquid eyeliner, but I love the ease of application that pencil liners give. Unfortunately Im yet to find a pencil liner that I love, and I’ve kind of gone off pencil eyeliner after I grew out of my wannabe-goth-panda-eyes phase 😛

  20. Vicky

    Pencil liners are good for people just starting with makeup since it’s easy to correct mistakes and a great way to practice lining eyes. Pencil liners are also waterline safe so I like to use it to line my waterline. The problem I find with pencil liners is that it doesnt last long compared to liquid or gel liners.

    Overall, i like the texture of pencil liner and I will always have a few in my drawer for waterline but when I want something long lasting, I would go with my Bobbi Brown gel liners.

  21. Hannah

    I have a love/hate relationship with pencil eyeliner lol.
    I love kohls for my water line, but you have to find ones that will stay.
    For the upper lashline i like the gels or liquids for that

  22. Amber

    I’m not a fan. I think that pencil eyeliners are for very gifted people…the kind of person that can draw a straight line with one eye close to being completely closed, which cuts off their depth perception. The kind of person who enjoys sharpening after about five uses and dealing with occasional pain from sharp tips…..the kind of person with patience and a steady hand…the kind of person that I am not.


  23. Love them! Nearly all of mine are from Urban Decay :)

  24. All liners have a place in my heart :)

  25. pia

    I love pencil liners the most because they’re really versatile.

  26. MichelleB

    I bought 2 Aqua Eyes pencil liners by Make Up Forever (from Sephora) yesterday. I am wearing one today and am really impressed by it. I also like the Stile Eye Kajal in Onyx for a smokey eye (it is very blendable, but it is very soft — so I have to sharpen often).
    I actually prefer the look of liquid or gel liners — but I am not very good with them! I keep practicing . . .

  27. Meagan

    I love the ease of use! (Well at least for me. My first eyeliner in High School was MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder). I love that they’re easier to smudge! I like to line my lid (top only) and then smudge it with a similar colored shadow for a smokey liner effect. They’re really good for use on the waterline too!

    Personally, I’m a fan of the MUFE Aqua Eyes liners for their durability and the Stila Kajal liners for their texture!

    What I hate about some pencil liners though is when they don’t last very long, or if I accidentally put too much on and it’s hard to fix because it just smudges everywhere.

    Overall, I’m a fan of pencil eye liners!

  28. lila

    I use pencil liners for my waterline because I find it’s quicker & easier than gel liners / other liners.
    I don’t use pencil liners on my lashline though, because I find it’s too thick most of the time.

  29. I really like pencil eyeliner for my water line. Occasionally for the top lash line, but only if I plan on smudging it. Using it on normal skin, like on the lash line, it doesn’t get as precise of a line as I’d like. I like a clean, strong line usually – which is why pencils or gels are nice. But it works really well on the water line, without me having to worry about it drying or getting in my eye. But I always set with a powder.