Monday, March 11th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Lip Stains!

my answer: I love how long-wearing they can be and how they last through drinking/eating fairly well, but they can be drying and look uneven on!

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17 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Lip Stains

  1. I want to try the MUFE one because most are like shelac on the lips (paint) or a colour tint (stain). The shellac kind as a tendency to flake off my lips as well.

  2. KaseyCannuck

    What I hate:
    No matter how much lip liner I use, they go over, under or through it to bleed in the fine lines outside my mouth…lines you don’t even notice until there is lip stain settling in them!
    They go on unevenly, and wear off equally unevenly.
    They show up even the tiniest dry flake of skin on my lips.

    What I love:
    Frankly, nothing!!

  3. Nina

    I love the one from Bodyshop!

  4. 18thCenturyFox

    I always want something Jane Austen like and end up with flaky, patchy uneven color. I exfoliate and moisturizer and am inevitably dissappointed.

  5. I agree with you Christine… especially about how uneven they can look. I can deal with the drying aspect because I can always add lip balm, but what I can’t stand is the unevenness!

  6. They are the only lip products that last on me, so two thumbs up for that! But I do feel that might not be very healthy for my lips.

  7. I love how long lasting they are, but they always sink into any cracks in my lips and make me look like I’m bleeding profusely. Benefit Beauty’s Benetint is the only stuff I plan on using (just got my first sample today), since it has all of the pros and none of the cons of the other stuff. And it smells great, too!

  8. Daemonswolf

    I adore how long lasting they can be. I like that they don’t transfer much. I actually tend to use them under lipsticks so that my lipstick will appear to last longer.

    Yay for fewer touch ups! 😀

    I agree that I don’t like how drying they are. Or that they tend to clump up at the inside of your lips where there are natural wrinkles. It’s also hard to find a good lipstain.

  9. Dominique

    I love the Kiko ones( semi liquid ) but lip stains are very drying I think. Benetint is very good, esp. if I use it as a base before applying a deep red lipstick. To me Benefit Benetint is a real lip stain ( totally liquid texture ), the other ones are semi-liquid formulas which are long-wearing but not easy to apply in fact.

  10. Veronica

    They’re probably my least favorite kind of lip product, honestly. They require a great deal of precision to keep them straight and even, tend to “hug” the lips rather than smooth out the color, as well as the drying factor you mentioned. To date, the only stain I’ve bothered to keep after buying is L’Oreal’s Caresse stain in Endless Red. I like the way they last through meals (and for the most part, they don’t bleed on me), but the flip side of that is that they can be a pain to remove later.

  11. Jax

    I’ve used several, about 15 years ago I bought one but had real problems, now I’ve found several that work for me.
    Benefit Benetint – I layer the stain with the lip balm to get extra hydration
    Body Shop – I find it the easiest to use and the least drying
    MAC lip stain markers – Limited edition from ‘art supplies’ a few years back.
    (I guess I have reasonably good luck when it comes to stains)

  12. zpeac0ck

    I love lip stains personally! But only if it’s a quality stain. I wasn’t a fan of covergirl’s lip stains, but the Sephora brand lip stain in “Always Red” is my absolute FAVE red lip! It smells amazing when you initially put it on, dries matte, and lasts forever! Can’t say enough good things about it.

  13. i LOVE korean lip stains! they double as cheek stains too, and are my go-to products when i’m in a rush. i just put a few dots on my lips and cheeks, and blend! what i hate about them is you have to work really fast to blend if you don’t want red dots on your lips/cheeks. the body shop’s one is good too but very sheer, compared to the korean ones. i use tony moly’s cherry tint, vibrant color and cheap!

  14. Wendy A.

    The ONLY one that I like is Beaute Cosmetics because it’s a gel and if you mess up you just lick your lips and can take some of it off also works great on cheeks.

  15. Kate

    I quite like the Becca Beach tints which are a bit more of a gel-like consistency. I like that you have a bit more control over how much pigmentation you want than traditional more liquid-y lip stain. I always wear a lip balm over top for a more natural look and they last ages.

  16. Patsy Dseautel

    I absolutely LOVE the Tarte lip stains. The colors are beautiful, the coverage is really great without being too fussy, and they are super hydrating.

    I don’t like the market type pens with felt tips, like NYC lip stains. Just a preference.