Monday, June 20th, 2011

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: LIP SCRUBS!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about lip scrubs.  Worth paying for?  Prefer to make your own?

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48 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Lip Scrubs

  1. Laurel

    I’ve had two-Lush and Laura Gellar, and they both went bad before I could use them up. I find them messy and unnecessary and I much prefer to use a warm washcloth.

  2. Karyn

    I’m really interested in people’s homemade versions of these, is there a specific ratio of sugar to oil they use? Specific sugar and/or oil? Or is it just trial and error? I’m broke and can’t afford Sara Happ anymore lol

    • AnGeLwInGz

      I pour a little oil (any oil will work but the olive oil is closest to the cabinet door so I grab that one) on my fingertip and pour sugar on top of that. Enough for a one time use. I do it twice a week.

    • stephanie

      no, i think you just have to determine the consistency you like. i like more brown sugar than oil, but i like the lubrication of the oil so i don’t scratch my lips off, lol its really up to you.

    • Dorna

      I make my own and it works great! 1 tsp sugar, 2 tbs honey, and a generous drop of vaseline (about 1/4tsp?). Slather it on and leave for five minutes, and then rub rub rub with your finger or a toothbrush to get the sugary chunks to slough off all the dead skin. I’ve used brown and regular sugar, but I found brown sugar to give the scrub a grittier texture which was good for when my lips were SUPER chapped and peeley. You can adjust the amount of sugar to get the grittiness that you want… be careful to not overdo it, you don’t want raw skin! This is my go-to lip scrub… no matter how chapped my lips get in this insane Florida weather, it’s an immediate transformation! I highly recommend it. I can’t compare it to any store-bought lip scrubs because I never felt the need to spend the money on one.

  3. The Lush bubblegum lipscrub and the lush lip dip lipscrub are amazing! ^^

  4. Juicy

    The lip scrub I use is by Market America. It is really gentle and I love it!!! It only takes off the top layer of skin that needs to come off and it doesn’t leave my lips sore and red. It is also good for getting the stain of red and dark pink lipstick off. I love it!!!

  5. JCz

    I’ve tried Lush’s version, and although it tastes great, I’m not convinced these are really necessary. I think you can just use whatever you’re using to exfoliate your face (washcloth, buffing grains, face scrub, mask, etc.) to exfoliate your lips at the same time. It may not taste as good, but…
    Lip scrub can be made with enough sugar and either honey or olive oil to make a thick paste. I’d imagine it needs to be made and used pretty much right away because oil will eventually go rancid.
    Bliss just released their version of a sugar lip scrub. It’s sold alone and part of a 4-piece kit meant to replicate their spa lip softening treatment. It even has a foaming lip cleanser…which I think is even more unnecessary than the expensive lip scrubs.

  6. Stephanie M

    I use nice warm wash cloth in the shower every day!

  7. Andrea

    LUSH!!! mint julips its so tasty too!

  8. I just use a wash cloth or soft toothbrush most of the time, but sometimes I kick it up by using sugar and extra virgin coconut oil. Just mix in enough oil to get the sugar pastey. Smells so good, reminds me of the beach :)

  9. AnGeLwInGz

    I make my own with sugar and olive oil. Works just fine.

  10. Indigo

    I purchased Mary Kay Satin Lips ($20), complete waste of money. Next night I used St. Eves and that worked better. Don’t waste your money, just like Laurel stated a warm washcloth will do.

  11. I find them harsh, and I prefer scrubbing of dead skin by rubbing a soft towel or brush with soft bristles. I am interested in using lip scrubs though.

  12. Alisa

    I have never purchased one before I just make my own with some sugar, olive oil and tiny bit of honey..I suppose the honey is not even really needed I don’t even know why I throw it in there I guess I just kind of thought it would help hold it together doesnt really hurt anything and it tastes good, plus it leaves my lips feeling super smooth and actually hydrated after..its nice then I just rinse and grab some lip balm and call it a night! I think next time I do it I will leave out the honey and see how it goes..

  13. Jill

    I have Philosophy’s Kiss Me, it’s alright. I’d like to try another brand, I like the oils and smells that go with them. Otherwise a washcloth or even my toothbrush will do.

  14. Rebekka

    I would never pay money to buy a lip scrub, I prefer to either mix sugar and some kind of oil to exfoliate, or I use my electric tooth brush, a washcloth, or a q-tip with a little cream.

  15. Ages ago I bought a Body Shop lip scrub but I feel like it’s an unnecessary product. After I take a shower I scrub my lips with my towel as I’m drying my face and that seems to work just fine.

  16. Yasmin

    My one & only lip scrup is by Sara Happ in Vanilla Bean. I love love this product, as well as the Lip Slip. I have used these two products nearly everyday since I purchased them in January — 6 months later & I still have about 3/4 remaining of each. A little goes a long way!

  17. Dana

    i just use a damp towel or my toothbrush. Sorry, but I think this whole product category is a total scam.

  18. I make a sugar and Vaseline scrub and prefer it to any store bought ones.

  19. Steph

    I actually use a little bit of creamy lip balm, let it set for about an hour, and then mix some sugar over it.

  20. ive had a couple and they were ok but just very messy to use.

  21. Natasha

    I’ve used the LUSH ones, they smell lovely but it’s a bit silly in my opinion to pay 5 quid for some sugar that does the same as my toothbrush or a flannel.

  22. Martina

    Sugar&Honey <3

  23. Vanessa

    I found this idea online and have been using it ever since-take a chapstick that you are willing to sacrifice, dip it in auger and rub onto your lips. I find that this method allows for a more precise application and the lip balm hydrates my lips at the same time. Once I feel that I have removed all the dry skin, I wipe it off and put moistiorizing lip balm on top.

  24. Riah

    I loved using Tarte’s lip scrub and lip conditioner stick, its a double sided stick that you apply just like lipstick. It comes in a great little package that has a pop up mirror, I left it in my purse and could always scrub my lips or apply lip conditioner no matter where I was. The aplication style lets you apply either product without it getting messy. This product saved my lips this winter. It was about $14 at Sephora.

  25. Cara

    Mary Kay used to make a lip scrub, but since have discontinued it. I believe they make a lip mask for exfoliation now. But, the scrub was the best lip scrub I have used. Worth the money… If anyone has found something similar, please do tell!!!

  26. meme

    I have tried a sample of the scrub by Fresh – did nothing really but smell nice. I had a tube of one that Philosophy had out (I think it’s gone now from the line). It also did not do much. I don’t lick my lips (after long training to keep me from doing this), so that helps keep my lips from really pealing. Also I use tons of really good balms over gloss and lipsticks 99% of the time. However some balms just make your lips dry out more – you have to find what works for you…sadly for me it’s Fresh that works the best – it goes fast and it’s way over priced! Glad to know from the other poster that MK Satin Lips is a waste. I used to really love their Satin Hands process long before they even made it into a kit – it was just a known combo of products to show folks and teat them to – felt good on feet as well too. I agree with those who use a washcloth to scrub the lips. Also, I always go over my lips 2X a day with my Clarisonic. The newest deep pour brush head seems to be a little firmer – not sure yet if it’s really all that different from results I get with the normal brush head.

  27. stephanie

    i just make my own, i use olive oil coconut oil and brown sugar. in my opinion, the retail offerings cost too much… for something you can throw together at home!

  28. lily

    You def do not need a product for this. Just a soft washcloth, wet it, and it works 100%.

  29. I have three different Sara Happ lip scrubs, two of which are limited edition. I know it’s easy to make your own but I’d rather pay someone to do it for me!

  30. I use Spectrum Cosmetics Sugar Kisses Lip Polish in Key Lime and I love it.

  31. Lisa G

    Not worth the price when I can make my own at home.

  32. Angelina

    I find that lip scrubs make my flaky lips even flakier. It doesn’t help at all.

  33. DragonRhia

    I refuse to spend my hard earned money on that when a warm/wet washcloth in the shower works perfectly fine. This way I can spend more on other make up items that I don’t have! ;o)

  34. I just use Lush’s Sweet Lips, I don’t know of many other brands with lip scrubs…

  35. Adelita

    I brush my lips gently with a toothbrush every two or three days after I brush my teeth in the morning. This method is the easiest and most effective (and the cheapest!).
    Also, because I always use Carmex before bed, the content of salicylic acid in it also simplifies the process of releasing dead skin cells on the lips the next morning.

  36. Cindy

    Never used a lip scrub, it’s a completely unnecessary product IMO. I always keep my lips moisturized, and I may use a toothbrush or washcloth every now and then. In my experience lips need more moisture and less exfoliaton. I don’t know how people are letting their lips get so flaky and chapped that they feel like they “need” a scrub. (Medical reasons excepted of course.)

  37. Quinctia

    I use emollient sugar scrubs for my body in the shower, and every once and awhile I’ll use it on my lips if I really think I need it. I don’t eat it AND everything I buy for the shower tends to be gourmand or fruit scented, so I doubt it’d hurt me anyway.

  38. John

    I personally don’t enjoy sugar or salt scrubs, or any type of grainy scrub I suppose. You typically get a tiny pot of sugar with some emollients like shea butter or petroleum, so not only are they pricey but they don’t always work the same every time because it depends on how much you get and how long you scrub. They’re typically rather messy too. I find using my Salux Body Cloth or even a soft toothbrush works wonders. More important is what you put on the your lips to keep them moisturized and not chapped, rather than what lip scrub you use.

  39. Debbie

    I purchased Lush’s Mint Julups months ago, I rarely use it but do like it…when/if I run out, I’m glad I picked up homemade recipes from the comments.

    I lean towards a needless product but it’s fun.

  40. Toni

    Best one is Mary Kay’s Satin Lips

  41. I actually really like lip scrubs. A little messy, but I pretty much fail at anything I DIY, and I’ve tried things with a toothbrush or warm washcloth but they dont work too well for me. I feel like I never really get all the dead skin off. I use a Sarah Happ lip scrub and I do enjoy it. Not a neccessity since it is so expensive, but nice to have.

  42. I love them! Helps with my dry lips. I use Lush

  43. Tanushree

    sara happ is love!

  44. Erica

    I impulse-purchased the Fresh lip scrub in Sephora one day very shortly after I’d gotten into make up. I was so excited that I found it and of course had no idea you could make your own or just use a warm wash cloth or toothbrush. The scrub is nice. It smells and tastes good and does what it’s supposed to, but it’s WAY over priced. I also have the Philosophy brand (Kiss Me, I think) which I like because it was about $8 cheaper than Fresh (but still not cheap) and came in a tube which was convenient. After these products are gone, I probably won’t be purchasing another lip scrub in any brand and just make my own.

  45. courtneyseaa

    The only lip scrub type item i’ve used is the Mary Kay Soft Lips and i LOVE IT!! It’s really the only reason I haven’t tried any other because it works so well for my lips!! My mom however uses LUSH lip scrubs and she loves them, so I might have to give those a try :)