Monday, September 16th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Lip Pencils!

my answer: They’re great for prolonging wear, but they can be so drying and don’t always apply smoothly!

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22 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Lip Pencils

  1. Love:
    Colors, Perfection (so lipstick will work well), Precision and AMOUNT

    Tugging, Sharpening, Sharpness, Takes FOREVER to fill in lips! 😀

    I still love me some lip pencils!

  2. Sophia

    I especially love the shape – pointed tips allow for easier and more precise application, especially if you don’t use a lip liner. I also love pencils that are twist up so you don’t waste any product, but I hate pencils that need to be sharpened. I want to love NARS’ lip pencils for example but just feel so sad sharpening pricey product away!

  3. Dominique

    I don’t like lip pencils. I do love jumbos ( Nars Satin Lip Pencils ) but not lip pencils except if I need a very long-wearing makeup. I sometimes use one when the lipstick is an intense red, but I generally do without.

  4. Marian

    Rave! At my age they are a must. As we age, our lip line disappears.

  5. Love they can help create a definite structured lip line, particularly for darker and vampier lip colours. Hate how they can look so harsh and unnatural and really detest lip liner applied too far outside of natural lip line…shudder. Hate the look of worn off lipstick leaving lip liner as a remanent around the perimeter. I rarely wear lip liner personally. If I do it is with a darker colours and I tend to lay down product on the entire lip before lip colour. Instead of using lip liner with nude lips, I use highlighter to create more dimension.

  6. I love that they even out my lip line 😀
    I also hate how drying they can be :(

  7. kaide_nj

    My FAV lip pencils hands down are NYX. They are cheap and are saturated in color. I haven’t really found a bad one. They are saturated color and glide on nicely. Granted I use MAC Prep+Prime first but I have had other brand pencils painfully pull.

  8. I love invisible lip liners (if you’re asking about those rather than lipstick pencils) because I like the fact that they’re really effective at preventing bright colours from unsightly bleeding.

    What I HATE is that look women have when their lipstick has worn off but they’ve got a very distinct brown or red lip line because the liner is there and is a very different colour from their lips with the lipstick faded or gone entirely. For this same reason, I love MAC Dervish lip liner because it’s basically the colour of my own lips so if my lipstick vanishes, I’m not left with a bizarre looking lip outline.

  9. Overall I love lip pencils. My rant is with the jumbo pencils – they can get a bit gross when you sharpen them.

    • Aelita

      hate jumbo’s, its impossible to sharpen them properly, however I love Nars jumbos for the textures and colours(dragon girl is the fave), but maaan how I wish they were retractible!
      Nars, please, make your jumbos retractible!!!!

  10. I love the precision, the long wear, and the fact that they hide the newly-developed age lines around the edges of my lips.

    I hate how drying they often are, though I haven’t had any drying issues with my Urban Decay lip pencils. Those things are worth their weight in gold!

  11. My lips are very pigmented so its either lip pencils or on of those lip primers/ foundation/ concealer…..because I love lip colors & they save my face on those shadow-less days I will make the trade off.
    Pros they cancel lip color & make lipstick appear true to pan and they prolong wear BUT CONS the drying factor is an issue. But before bed I run my toothbrush over my lips, add light layer of jojoba oil then slather rosebud salve or jack black, they bounce back by morning.

  12. Queentutt

    I have found that if I use a lip balm and blot it after a few minutes, I can get all day wear from Urban Decay lip pencils. I LOVE THEM! I hate the ones that wear off with your cup of coffee :( I do like the “polished/finished” look they bring to most looks. I hate that there are so many with warm undertones and I have trouble finding ones that go with my extremely cool undertoned lips :(

  13. LMC

    I love the precise application, especially after a fresh sharpen. I hate that I feel like I waste product when I’m sharpening though!

  14. Rave! They are a staple. I’m unfortunately an ex-smoker and while I’m abusing my Clairsonic Opal to help remedy the fine lip lines (which is working, BTW), glosses and wetter/moister lip products feather and bleed on me without lip liners. My favorite is clear but I have them in a slew of shades as well. Rant? Must-have colors that still come in a pencil that needs sharpening rather than a twist-up tube. I’m bad at sharpening makeup pencils and waste a lot of product that way.

  15. I love them for getting a matte lip. It doesn’t take all that long for me to fill in my lips though, weirdly enough.

  16. MsMitty

    Due to my small tiny Irish lips, lip pencils are an absolute necessity when buying ANY new lipstick. Even when wearing a gloss I have to use a pencil. Worst lip pencil I’ve used? Rimmels. The colours are great, the twist up is soo good but the slanted applicator makes it really hard to be precise with my lips. Best? Illamasqu, Chanel and of course MAC. They ARE drying, I would be shocked to find one that isn’t but I’d rather that (even with my chronically dry lips) than to slide everywhere (which the Rimmel one tends to do…). I also hate how when I overline my lips (a necessity again) the rest of it wears off and I’m left with an odd line around my mouth! But…beggars can’t be choosers!

  17. keG

    I love, love love the chubby ones…..and hate the skinny ones-too hard and often stain

  18. Brian McD aka Roulette

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I almost always use a lip pencil on my self and my clients. Yes of course they are drying, but that’s what makes them work and not slide around; Lip liners are totally misunderstood.

  19. abigailod

    I love them for preventing feathering and bleeding! I stick to a lip liner closest to my natural lip color (due mostly for laziness to explore!), so that covers a lot of my lipsticks. I usually reach for them whenever I’m wearing bolder colors, just like most of us here.

    There’s not much I *hate abut it since I don’t use it often and I tend stick to what I know works. So far, I’m pretty content with L’Oreal’s Colour Riche retractable ones – easy breezy. =) But I have to be honest, I’m eyeing a few from other brands.. now it’s just a matter of time.

  20. I do like lip pencils…especially when I am wearing a deep lip colour. But I absolutely hate a lip pencil that pulls and tugs at my lips when I am applying it.

  21. Astrogherkin

    I generally don’t buy the ones you have to sharpen, because I feel they are a waste of product. The only exception is the Barry M red lip liner that is a gorgeous colour, but I had a bit of an accident with that – it was summer time and I’d left it lying on the windowsill, and when I used it, the tip broke off on my lip and I tried to use it as a lipstick by smearing it on my lips, resulting in clownface. :(

    Why do they even make sharpenable lip or eyeliners anymore? I just can’t be bothered; I wish they were all twist-up. Even the jumbo pencils can be made twist-up. The other thing I don’t like about them is that sometimes you don’t want such a too-precise application; it can look a bit harsh and drawn on (especially in the cupid’s bow area), even if you don’t overdraw your lips. In that case, I prefer to use a lip brush to have precise application with my lipstick.

    I like using them to fill in my lips if they are a beautiful colour, and they last much longer than lipsticks, so that is their good point!