Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Lip Balm!

my answer: I wish they were more that had higher SPF ratings! I love lip balms that last at least a few hours on lips, because so many just disappear SO quickly that you feel like you’re always re-applying.

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26 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Lip Balm

  1. patsyann

    I have yet to find a lip balm that works really well for me. They usually just end up drying out my lips and wearing off too quickly. I have tried quite a few but not the Jack Black ones yet and I have heard that they are really good ones. I use the Lansinoh lanolin in the purple tube. It is probably too thick and sticky for most people but it works for me. Of course, there is no spf in it. I usually put a good layer of it on and then blot most of it off before I put on lipstick. I am never without this stuff as I have very dry lips. I will mention one lip balm that I use as a top layer on the Lansinoh when I feel I need some sun protection. It is the Coola Sport lip balm with spy of 30. Not bad, but can be drying if I put it on bare lips.

  2. JudiC

    My holy grail product – I could do without everything else, except lip balm.

  3. patsyann

    Ok, that was supposed to be spf….auto correct strikes again

  4. Luka

    I discovered this one via Birchbox and it’s become a favorite. I put it on every night and wake up with the softest lips. Jouer lip enhancer:

  5. Alix

    Too many are scented and slippery in texture — I like a more waxy balm. Thought right now I’m using Aquaphor in a desperate attempt to calm my irritated lips.

  6. I actually dont like the EOS balms. Don t hate me! lol i feel like its just waxy and doesnt stay on.

    • Amy Amethyst

      I actually don’t like the eos balms either. They are waxy and I feel like I hardly have anything on my lips. They don’t do anything for me, but so many people seem to love them.

  7. I just wish Jack Black was more locally available. My JCPSephora had the lip balm when it first opened, but not anymore. :(
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  8. My name is Sylirael, and I am hopelessly addicted to lip balms.

    I stash them everywhere, use them constantly, and try every new one I can get my hands on! Don’t let me start raving about them, or we’ll be here all day…

    Rant: I do hate how some with otherwise nice formulae add peppermint oil though – what is that? I’m sure they want to seel the ‘plumping’ thing, but it’s lip*balm* and peppermint oil is an *irritant*. It’s like the opposite effec from what you want. Same with the sunscreens some brands use, too. They’re irritating and you can taste them quite strongly *blech!*.
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  9. Irene

    I wish more lip balms used mineral SPF (like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide), rather than chemical SPF (like avobenzone or oxybenzone). Even a number of the more “natural” brands use the chemical sunscreens in their products. I don’t like the idea of the chemical sunscreens actually changing the molecular structure of my cells, and less so the idea of ingesting them through the lip balm. I prefer the mineral ones because they form more of a barrier to block UV rays, even though they tend to be heavier and pastier.

  10. I’d like to find one that was a little more matte and tacky, that worked as a lipstick base and a balm in one. My be-all, end-all of balms is Nuxe Reve de Miel, but it’s heavy enough that it only really works at night. I like the Dior Creme de Rose balm and EOS, but those are very slippery, so while I can use them during the day, they’re a bit tricky to use under lipstick. Ideally, I want something that functions as a BB product for lips- something that’s multi-functional.
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  11. I have to rant about NYX dropping their NYX Color lip balm line–the one whose shade names all meant “thank you” in different languages. As balms alone, they weren’t ideal, but as lip color they were fantastic. They gave me color without making me look clownish, which is really something, considering how fair I am. They looked neither shiny nor matte, and they moisturized my lips all day. For those who still want them, Cherry Culture is selling them (for $3). I bought 5 of my favorite shade, Obrigado.

  12. Stephanie

    I hate that I keep losing them, buying more and finding the originals. Lucas’ paw paw ointment is good but has petroleum jelly in it which some people don’t like. I also have a natural paw paw lip butter I picked up from some shop. It is really nice! I have about 10 different lip balms lying lying around the house and in hand bags, including Carmex, jack black, blistex and I can’t remember the last time I finished one.
    I also don’t like that most of them are in pots, I’d prefer them in tubes so I don’t have to use my fingers.

  13. Barbie

    the indie ones that I have tried are my favorites! not too greasy or heavy.

  14. I always have to have lip balm with me, because when I concentrate I always bite my lips and then it becomes very dry throughout the day (and night – I need to keep one on my bedside table!). I have my holy grail product (from an Indian brand). I panicked a while ago because I couldn’t find it online but then I found it in a pharmacy so I don’t think it’s been discontinued. I know I’ll stock up on it every time I go back home, and it always comes in big pots so it doesn’t run out quickly. I got another type of lip balm from the same brand which I didn’t like because it was too thick and kind of waxy, but realised that it’s perfect for under my lipstick, since it’s matte and not too emollient. I don’t like lip balms with a strong scent or waxy texture – the latter doesn’t really hydrate your lips like an emollient buttery one does. And I’ve yet to find a tinted lip balm that I like! :/
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  15. Maggie

    It’s pretty difficult to find a lip balm with all of these together:

    -high mineral spf (that’s not pasty & thick either)
    -no flavor/scent/essential oils
    -not too thin, not too waxy
    -doesn’t travel from lips
    -packaged in a tube or stick form, not a pot
    -nicely hydrating

  16. I am quite happy with Jack Black, but it would be awesome if there were even more scents. I do wish that there were a lip balm my boyfriend would agree to use, even begrudgingly.

  17. Tam

    I like 2 different kinds of lip balms: one for wearing underneath lipstick and the other for wearing alone. I prefer the lip balm that I wear underneath lipstick be comfortably moisturizing, yet matte in appearance so it won’t interfere with the lipstick’s finish. For lip balms that I wear alone, I like for them to be tinted, moisturizing, and a tad waxy to seal in moisture and add a little shine.

  18. Elizabeth F.

    Rant: most of the lip balms with sunscreen do not have Broad Spectrum sun protection. Why do companies keep making SPF lip balms that do not protect against UVA rays? Those are the rays that age your skin with wrinkles and sagging!

  19. I really wish SPF lip balm with adequate sun protection isn’t so hard to come by! More often, the SPF rating is too low for me, or it’s doesn’t actually protect against UVA, or if I found one that has good sun protection (I’m looking at you, Shiseido), the texture is far too waxy and leaves white residue. :/

    My HG lip balm is still Epically Epic’s, and it doesn’t have SPF in it. For indie product it’s understandable, though, because SPF testing is SO expensive that smaller companies can’t possibly afford it. My current SPF lip balm is the $5 one from Natio, which works okay and has UVA filter in its ingredients, but the waxiness means I only wear it under lipsticks and glosses, it’s not very hydrating to wear alone.

  20. Quinctia

    I’m sad when I find one in a pot I really like, because I don’t want to carry that style of one with me. (I’ve bought two of those tiny little vasoline lip therapy ones, because I can’t resist that itty bitty vasoline jar container.)

    At least Jack Black works reasonably well on me, since it’s much more portable. :)

  21. The lip balm I use under non-matte lipstick is Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (sometimes I use it under lip primer and matte lipstick too, it’s just that I have to wait for quite some time before applying the others). I love its minty flavor and how it sort of mimics how the MAC Prep + Prime Lip feels on my lips. On its own it isn’t too satisfactory though, because of its lack of moisturizing and hydrating properties, plus SPF.

    For sunny days, I use Softlips lip balm because of its high SPF (some people say the SPF tastes bad; TBH I can’t notice it though), but it’s not exactly my favorite. I can’t pinpoint what I don’t like about it (maybe because it’s too greasy and the color rolls off if it’s worn under lipstick?).. it’s just that I can’t call it my HG.

    At night or on its own, when I feel like going for a very light makeup look, I use Korres Lip Butter or Korres Lip Butter Glaze (wearing this under excessively matte lip colors makes the lipstick much more bearable to wear, BTW).
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  22. Nikki

    I can’t imagine life without lip balm. I use the Carmex squeeze tubes, and I buy the trio pack so that I can always have a tube in my purse, on my nightstand, and in my car. When I can’t find a tube, I start to panic. Lol I’ll never stop buying look balm.

  23. Rachel B

    My favorite go-to lip balm, after trying a lot of the tinted ones, is Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster. However, they just changed all the colors and now my two favorites are gone. They are sheer enough to put over lipstick but they have enough color to wear alone.

  24. morgane

    i have to rave about the hurraw balms. they are all natural and vegan and made in montana. i love the oval packaging, and the label is so cute. they come in awesome, random flavors like, chai spice and earl grey. my favorite is the moon balm which is blue chamomile and vanilla flavor. it feels so soothing.
    baby lips! i dont understand the fascination. they feel thin and greasy to me and the smells are way too artificial and over powering. none of the colors look right on me either. meh