Monday, August 20th, 2012

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: High-End Makeup!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about high-end makeup. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

my answer: Relatively cheap way to indulge (hey, have you seen the price of a Chanel or Dior bag?), sometimes they do have really extraordinary textures or nuanced colors. Of course, when they bomb, it’s an even bigger disappointment than if you had paid half as much. High-end used to have better return policies than more budget-friendly brands, but it seems most brands have a good return policy these days.

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51 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: High-End Makeup

  1. What I love with high end in the US is that you can always test it in the store and/or take a sample home, but that’s not true of drugstore brands. Even though drugstores will take a return just because it’s the wrong color or you weren’t impressed, it’s still an extra errand compared to high end.

    If drugstores had testers or samples, I’d probably buy from them more because the quality has shot up in recent years. There’s some very good stuff in drugstores now.

  2. Liz

    Obviousy brands vary, but in general I like how most high end powder products (i.e. blush, eyeshadows, etc.) tend to have good pigmentation. I’ve had especially bad luck with drugstore brand blushes.

    I hate it when a high end product has cheap looking packaging. There is something so cheap looking about Bobbi Brown brand blushes that it’s a real turnoff to me. For $25 I think the company could have done a better job.

  3. Barbie

    i can’t afford it so i don’t buy it..

  4. Megan

    When I bought my first Chanel foundation I thought how ugly the packaging was. But the product itself was amazing.

    I like to buy high end makeup for foundation and blushes. Also eye shadows. But I think high end mascara is a huge waste of money. Drug store mascaras are pretty good these days. The Diorshow Blackout was good but not worth it’s price tag.

  5. Mirian

    i love buying high-end brands. For years i used drugstore brands and i had no idea how makeup was supposed to “perform”. Once i made the switch and gradually eased my way into higher end brands, i couldn’t stop. regardless of the product though, i do still invest time researching the product (reviews, swatches, etc) to make sure it’s worth my money. Every purchase I have made has been well worth the money. all of the products i use from high end brands perform on an exceptional level and I never found that before with bargain brands.

  6. I like the higher degree of consistency about high-end brands. You might find some good or even great products in the drugstore range, but that doesn’t guarantee most things from the brand/line would perform the same way. Especially when there is no tester, it just seems safer to be able to play with the products a bit at a high-end counter. I do agree that after shelling out more money if it’s a disappointment it’s REALLY a disappointment though!

    Also I know this is not the same thing in other countries, but here in Belgium drugstore products are pretty expensive. You could pay 13-17 euros for a drugstore mascara, which makes MAC shadows and so on seem like a bargain!

  7. kg

    I have a love-hate relationship. I am a sucker for cute packaging. I enjoy looking into my traincase and seeing cute things. In terms of quality, I do not feel that Chanel’s talc is any better than Covergirl’s. Wet n Wild eyeshadows are great quality but, the packaging doesn’t feel/look luxurious, so I buy Inglot or Urban Decay. A lot of it is aesthetic, in my case.

  8. LauraR.

    For the most part when it comes to color pigmentation high-end is the way to go. There are a few exceptions, but I find that I can get better color payoff and a smoother texture when I invest more.

    I buy high-end foundation and powder because it’s easier to get the correct color and I find that a lot of store brands break me out or irritate my skin, or simply don’t go on as smoothly. For face powders I’ve never found a store brand that’s smooth enough to look nice. They always seem gritty to me, or patchy.

    One of the most important thing about buying high end products that I like is being able to test before buying. I usually buy makeup only at places I can return or exchange (for drug store or high end products), but I hate wasting time and having to go back to return something. If I can test it and see what I’m getting it saves hassle and I’m more likely to be happy with my purchase. For that reason I don’t end up returning high-end eyeshadows or blushes (with rare exceptions). Liquid products and eyeliners are one of those things you just have to try and see how it wears, but at least for foundations they’ll usually give you a sample to try first.

  9. I prefer my theatrical/Camera ready makeup over any High-End Makeup brand in a heart beat. Really the price usually don’t equate to quality or pigmentation of most high end products over all and they maybe have one or two really good products to there name.

    I brand like Hourglass is an exception however for the do have proper products, formulations and amount of product for they price point.

  10. Beth

    I prefer high-end makeup to drugstore makeup! Personally, what makes the difference for me (besides the quality) is the ability to test products out and get recommendations from a MUA or SA. Though some drugstores (RiteAid, Walmart, etc.) accept returns, I always feel dumb returning them, because the cashier or associate usually doesn’t know that I can return it after opening it… and then they look at me like I’m crazy for trying to return a used product. Then the manager has to come and do it for me, and I hold up the line. Sorry for rambling but I’ve gone through too many of those experiences.

    And besides, if a foundation or something doesn’t match my skin, I’m wary to go buy another one and take the chance once again.

    • Liz

      Beth, the same thing happened to me when I went to an unfamiliar Rite Aid. It was kind of embarrassing because the Sales Associate didn’t seem to know about the return policy. Now, I stick to my local Rite Aid where they are very familiar with the policy.

  11. I don’t know what it is about high end makeup but every time I buy something high end I just feel SO fancy, like I walked out with something that I worked hard for and it payed off 😀 I don’t usually buy drugstore/cheap makeup items (unless it’s NYX, which i really really like!) because I find myself not really liking the “ok” quality of it. I used to buy drugstore items A LOT and was never really THAT impressed with makeup overall until a few years ago I found myself discovering what a Sephora is… hehe! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having an expensive hobby personally :) Some people like scrapbooking the most, some people like working on cars the most, I like playing with makeup the most!

    • Beth

      ITA! I love spending money on products that I look forward to using in the morning. The 15 minutes I spend on my every-day morning makeup is probably one of the best parts of my day!

      And for drugstore makeup, it works… but (most) products don’t work WELL. I’d rather pay more and have a product that works and looks beautifully than a product that works alright and has cheap tacky packaging.

  12. Tam

    Love: The widespread ability to sample almost anything before purchasing.

    Hate: Having to purchase a pump separately for liquid foundations. Why not include it? High end foundations are usually pretty pricey anyway. Give us the pump!

  13. Brittany

    The problem I have is that, while some drugstore products are fantastic, they don’t have the durability that high-end products have. For example, the Revlon lip butters were raved about by basically everyone, and at first I loved it. However, after having it for a month, it started melting(?) and the texture changed from creamy to goopy, though I barely took it outside. Yet, my MAC Angel lipstick goes literally everywhere with me. I carry it with my keys, that’s how much I use it. It’s been in my super hot car in 90 degree weather and I’ve never had it change texture of anything like that. And I think while a lot reviews on drugstore products are valid, I doubt many of those “gurus” routinely use those products enough to see how well they last over time.

    • Coco

      I agree. I find my Lip Butters still usable. I used one this week. But they are definitely melty and “oilier”. The durability thing also bothers me in terms of foundation. My high end foundations can sit con my counter for a week or more without being used and the formula holds up perfectly. If I haven’t used a drugstore foundation in a while it will start to get that gross blue separation line on top. Which goes away when I shake it vigorously, but it hasn’t happened with any of my high end foundations, and it puts me off from using DG foundations even more.

  14. Rachel B

    I like when the upgraded packaging helps to make a product more useable or stable, like airless jars for moisturizers or larger palettes. I like being able to test colors and finishes before I purchase. I almost never have a “mistake” purchase the way that I do with drugstore items. My dislikes: when prestige brand items are priced to be absurdly expensive and when the packaging is better than the product itself.

  15. Dominique

    I love high-end products but I also purchase middle end and budget items, it really depends on the brand. French women are accustomed to luxury goods it’s natural for us to go high end even if we can’t afford it all the year around.

  16. Beth

    Another thing I love about high-end makeup is that more brands are cruelty-free, such as UD. I’m also less likely to break out and get irritated from the products.

  17. danza

    We don’t have return policy or testers we can take home in my country (seriously!) so it’s really a lot like Russian Roullette.. but with your hard earned money! It really depends on what you’re looking for.

    For foundation/powder/base – definitely worth it. I am very satisfied with my Lingerie de Peau. MUFE is pretty much a winner. For powder I think MAC offer more than enough selection and they are very finely made. Estee Lauder have great products and not much more expensive than MAC. Lancome is also a very understated brand.

    Lips – pass. I am not so willing to spend on lip stuffs. I have been hankering for Guerlain Liu but I cannot justify $30 for a lipstick. I take advantage of brands like NYX and Revlon. They’ve served me well.

    Cheek stuff – pass. I would probably splurge on bronzers, but Benefit Hoola matches me very well and gives me such great color I don’t feel the need to go looking for fancier ones. For blush, there are great ones from Sleek to La Femme to Bourjouis.

    Eye stuffs – definitely worth splurging, because I am not a fan of fallout and poor wear. Plus I am oily as hell and you can’t fake a good gel liner or cream shadow. I would try Maybelline and Loreal’s but sadly the cream shadows are not sold here. So I am stuck with MUFE cream shadows, which are amazing.

    Other random but somewhat related points:
    1. I refuse to buy Chanel makeup. The whole US/Asian& Europe eyeshadow version thing puts me off so much. I think the line is expensive for what it is.
    2. I’ve bought Urban Decay in the past but quite underwhelmed. UDPP doesn’t work on me, 24/7 liner and shadow disappears in a few hours, and their powder eyeshadow does not show up well on my skin. Then the China thing happened, and with the increase in prices I am staying well away from it.

  18. xamyx

    There have been HE brands that have seriously disappointed, however, there have been DS brands that have been very impressive.

    For mascara & liquid liner, I stay true to L’Oreal. The price is fair, and the quality works for me. Eyebrow pencils are WnW.

    For lipstick, I tend to stick with DS, as well, since it’s not a product I really find differs across brands. If I see a stand-out shade in a HE brand, or I can get a GWP/PWP, then I’ll splurge on it, but apart from that, I’m happy with DS. Also, the few negative experiences I’ve had with lipstick have been with HE brands. I have a tendency to lose or misplace lip products, as well, so it’s easier to deal with the loss if it’s a $7 product vs a $25+ product (especially if it’s LE). Glosses are pretty much the same deal.

    As I have no major skin issues or needs, foundation is another product I can skimp on and go with DS. Again, I’ve found no “miracle” foundation that justifies the extra cost. I’m currently using Garnier BB Cream, and I really like it, or I just use a TM. Powders are basically merely talc, and since I’m so light, I pretty much just use baby powder. I don’t use blush on a regular basis, so again, the cost isn’t usually justified, and my HG blush is a L’Oreal blush, as the color & finish are perfect for me.

    Eyeshadows are my weakness, but I’m very picky with what I look for. I want something that is highly pigmented, and I want stand-out shades. I have a mix of everything from WnW to Chanel. Honestly, I find WnW to be far superior to some of the higher end products I have. The products I’m happiest with, though, are mid-range, like NARS, UD, & Kat Von D.

    • Lauren

      I think you’re very lucky! I have a light-medium warm complexion, which makes it VERY difficult to find a DS match for foundation. My skin is very oily too (and I’m oil sensitive), limiting me further. I would love to try the Garnier BB cream, but it is too greasy for me. As for blushes, they disappear on my oily skin. I have a lovely ELF blush – but it lasts for an 1.5 on me, even if it’s pigmented. And with my skin tone (light-medium), a lot of blush barely shows up on my skin. So for darker skinned girls, there aren’t a lot of DS options.

  19. becca

    My first beauty items were high end and i’ve stuck to high end since i began wearing makeup. I love the HE textures, the longwear, packaging, having testers for products, and the variety of shades for all tastes and skin tones. I have tried drug store items now and then but the only thing i buy from DS is lip products and mascara. The DS makeup that i have tried has caused breakouts, allergies, and doesn’t last on my skin. I just have very sensitive skin so i’m ok spending extra money on HE makeup. when i find something that works with my skin i stick to it even if it’s ridiculously priced. What does upset me about spending so much is when i get something that’s $5 quality when i paid $50! I have to be careful and research things before i buy them so i know they’re worth it.

  20. Amanda

    My post in particular is about HE lipsticks and glosses as compared to those at the DS. I feel that DS lipstick for me causes flaking. I used to buy Wet ‘n Wild lipstick and it made my lips so dehydrated. For the glosses, I feel like after a shorter time, they start to smell funky. Like overly fruity. I feel like why waste my money on something that I have to throw away after a few months when I can buy something that will last a year and not cause my lips to dry out. I tried MAC’s Lipstick and NEVER had the dry lip problem with there lipsticks. Same with Urban Decay. So for me HE is where it’s at. I won’t touch DS makeup anymore.

  21. Mariella

    For me, the rant would be, simply, the high price itself. For what I spend on one Chanel shadow, I can get 2 or 3 MAC ones or the entire collection of WnW shadows! Now, I am willing to pay for Chanel IF the quality is there but a high price is no guarantee of quality. Ditto MAC and UD and similar companies which are mid to high-mid range. I will happily pay for a unique product that delivers (wear, pigmentation, moisturizing…whatever) but get really angry when a pricier product doesn’t deliver. Mind you, I don’t like wasting money so I get annoyed even if a 5 dollar shadow doesn’t deliver. I would rather save the 5 dollars or spend it on a latte!

    My rave would be that it is a nice indulgence and when I wear a high end foundation or shadow that I know works well and looks good, I just feel like I’m doing something a bit special for myself, giving myself a treat that I sort of do deserve.

  22. KaseyCannuck

    I think that with the money that the high end companies are bringing in from their products, that they should have the resources to come up with new and innovative products that perform 100%. Some of them do, although given enough time, the drugstore brands will come out with a similar product. Plus, the high end and drugstore brands are owned by the same parent companies in a lot of cases. There are a lot of products from the high end companies that don’t perform well, and I don’t think there’s any excuse for that!

    If I can get a good drug store product for one-third the price of a high end and it does exactly what it claims it should, then I will buy cheap every time. Think MUFE Aqua Creams vs. Maybelline Eye Tattoos. Now, if I wanted a bright yellow cream eyeshadow, I’d have to shell out for MUFE!! Just an example of where high end has something to offer that the drugstore doesn’t.

  23. Maggie

    What I dislike:

    -when they disappoint or don’t perform well–bc higher end also means higher expectations

    -outrageous claims like anti-aging: no matter the ingredients, anti-aging in cosmetics is not nearly as effective as proper skincare. I will still buy makeup with these claims bc they tend to perform well (like Hourglass or Korres) but I will never expect anti-aging benefits from these products.

    -fragrance: I shy away from Lancome and Guerlain bc I’ll never end up reaching for the product due to the scent no matter how much I love it otherwise.

    -gaudy, heavy, glossy, rubbery or bulky packaging. I would be embarrassed to pull out some of those YSL lippies but that’s a matter of personal taste. My bags definitely don’t need to be heavier though. Slimmer packaging is much easier to store. Glossy packaging = fingerprints; rubbery packaging (NARS) = clingy to dust. I was impressed with Revlon’s quilted Colorburst packaging for this reason–no fingerprints.

    What I LOVE:
    -high-end textures are usually soooo lovely. There is no equal in low-end especially when it comes to foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, and lipsticks.
    -more innovative formulas and colors
    -performance (ease of application, longevity, etc.)
    -larger variety/selection of colors–esp for eyeshadow, foundations, and concealers.

    I return whatever doesn’t work–doesn’t matter if it’s low or high-end. All makeup to me is a fun indulgence no matter the price–but I tend to “trust” high-end makeup more to not irritate my skin, break me out, be easier to apply, look great, and to wear longer.

    I always seek quality in what I use. I don’t see the point of buying high-end if I can find something just as great for a lower price. I LOVE it though when I find a drugstore product that outperforms a similar high-end product (like Milani Shadow Eyez–aside from the ridiculous name and the sharpening–no complaints!)

  24. I agree with you–I think it’s a great, affordable way to pamper yourself with Dior and Chanel and Burberry 😀

  25. Lauren

    I prefer high end. If I spend more, then my expectations are higher, so I’m annoyed if the product isn’t amazing. BUT, I have been disappointed more times with drugstore products than high end. That’s not to say that there aren’t great low end products (I love Neutrogena skin care, Revlon lip butters, Revlon Colorstay foundation is great if you can find a color match, Color Tattoo eyeshadow is great), but I think the products OVERALL are better when you go high end. And most drugstore products aren’t THAT cheap. So spending $13 on a bad foundation isn’t a great deal. Much better to go to the high end cosmetics counter. You may be spending double or triple or even quadruple, but you know that the color is going to match and you’ll be able to test it out for a week with samples before you commit. There may be some good drugstore eyeshadow, but I’ve found mostly misses. Even my least favorite high end eyeshadow (Smashbox) has better pigmentation and blendability than any of the drug store shadows I’ve found (except for the Color Tattoo cream shadow).

    Also, with high end stuff, they often have great promotions. I gave in and impulse bought a Lancome trio for contouring (LOVE LOVE LOVE this) and I got a nice bag of Lancome products with my purchase. Many of those products (in a cute makeup bag) are things I’d want try anyway – like eye cream, lipstick and mascara.

    The one area I feel ok skimping? Mascara. I haven’t found any high end mascara that’s SO amazing that it’s worth double the price of many drugstore mascaras. However, I almost never buy mascara (though I did buy UD Big Fatty mascara for $5 during the recent sale). I usually have samples of high end mascara lying around.

  26. Danielle

    I find that I don’t usually buy drugstore items because you cannot test or swatch them in the store, which is something I like about HE products. And I usually buy HE makeup because I don’t have an interest in clothing trends, so makeup is where I tend to dish out the money since it means more to me. But that being said, not all high end products are amazing.

  27. Kris

    I gravitate towards mid-range (UD and MAC) and HE makeup (mostly Burberry). I tend to do a lot of research about products anyways but I will be particularly attentive to HE, mostly because I get very very annoyed when they don’t perform. If I am shelling out 30 GBP or more it damn well should hold up properly!

    One brand I have been consistently disappointed with is Chanel: I tried two foundations which were not any good (Vitalumiere and Vitalumiere compact), their eyeshadows (European version, which are not pigmented AT ALL) and their nail lacquers (worst wear ever). I’ve also been disappointed with Dior (one foundation) and YSL (two nail lacquers).

    Guerlain, on the other hand, is a solid performer (I tried their bronzers and two of their foundations), and so is Burberry (I use both their eyeshadows and foundation).

    Here, DS is pretty good: Sleek is a little powdery but definitely pigmented (both in terms of eyeshadows and bronzers), and Bourjois (which owns Chanel!) makes very good foundations, IMO (oh, the irony).

    For me, it’s really about space: can I store more makeup? 😀

    • Nicoco Chanel

      So many of our DS brands have been excellent, especially recently. MUA is amazing for the price point, Fashionista’s eyeshadows and blushes feel amazing to use, Accessorize and MeMeMe do well, Models Own has some excellent stuff – I love their smokey eye palettes, Barry M has great range and quality – especially with their loose shadows and polish. 17 and Collection have been bringing out good stuff, Soap & Glory…

      … I didn’t realise how many DS brands I rate now.

  28. AnGeLwInGz

    When I worked in the cosmetics department I was fortunate enough to be able to experiment with many high-end products at my leisure. Some were great, some not so impressive. Ultimately I learned that when it comes to purchasing cosmetics to keep an open mind. Don’t feel like there’s something wrong with you if that $70 eyeshadow palette doesn’t meet your expectations – it really might be a poorly executed product, regardless of the luxury brand name and pretty packaging. Remember that each product is an individual item and you can’t assume everything is going to be top notch simply because of the brand who makes it.

  29. I have a combination of high end and low end products. For the most part I think high end eye shadows are better than low end but I have yet to find a high end foundation I’m happy with it. For the $40-$50 price point I’ve been very disappointed in all the foundations I’ve bought. So I stick to Cover Girl’s Nature Luxe which I think is fabulous. I’ll spend my money on HE eye shadows instead.

  30. Rave- design, packaging, testers, someone there to assist you, quality

    Rant- cost, paying for the price of design and being first on the market, not always what it claims,

  31. Nicoco Chanel

    My favourite thing about high end make up is that you can test and try on everything properly. I’ve had really sensitive skin for the last few months, so I need to be able to wear a new product for a good hour or so. There’s also the fact that I don’t have to faff trying to match myself to a shade of foundation… mostly. That’s nice.

    I hate the fact that all of the high end brands in my city are in shops filled with artificial light and no nearby windows. When I was at uni, I didn’t have this problem – I could try out something and just walk to the window to check things in natural light because all the shops that carried high end makeup also had nearby windows – so coming back to not having that advantage means that I can’t tell immediately if a foundation shade is right for me, which means I’ve walked out with some badly applied/matched shades before!

    The other thing I hate – and I know this is all foundation related, but it’s my usual HE search, since I always want a better foundation – is that a lot of HE foundations are scented. The scent doesn’t irritate my skin, but the smell just lingers in my nose and drives me nuts.

  32. blueraccoon

    I have more luck with HE products, and my favorite lines (Burberry, Guerlain, Chanel) are high-end. In part that’s due to the packaging–I’m a total sucker for classy packaging, and Burberry’s is the best IMO. But the quality has to be there, and IMO it is. Burberry lipsticks are among my most comfortable to wear and I love the shades, Chanel’s foundation makes me look fantastic, etc.

    I’m not thrilled with the way so much stuff seems to be scented, but I will say it’s better than drugstore products with scents. Usually drugstore scents (I’m looking at you, Maybelline) make me gag and stop using a product. I haven’t had that issue with high end products. Also I like being able to try things on in store, swatch them and so on; if I’m spending $30 on a lipstick, I want to know for certain that I like it before I buy it!

    It’s not to say that I won’t buy drugstore, but I feel more comfortable buying high-end.

  33. Ana

    I only buy from HE brands if I’m looking for really unique colors or certain foundations/products, they are awesome but being a college student I can’t afford all of their selection, the good thing is that you can try it and see if it works or not in your skintone before purchasing.

  34. Linda

    I think they both have there pros and cons but must admit i tend to go mostly highend when i can. I usually save up for a month or two then go on a little slurge.

    I love the experience of buying highend, going to the counter, getting to try things on, chatting to the MA’s, sometimes they even have champange and strawberries lol makes me feel really special. (although every so often you have a bad experince but i kind of know treats me well now and how doesn’t). I use alot of Estee Lauder skin care so when it comes to buying from them I always wait until gift time, that way i get to try new things while stocking up on staples like mascara (i haven’t had to buy a full sized mascara in years).

    Things like foundations and eyeshadows I do tend to always go highend but with lipsticks and glosses DS are usually just as good, unless i want to treat myself to some fancy packaging and a nice smell (i love givenchy scent).

  35. CMC

    I honestly think every brand (whether is high end or drugstore) has its ups and downs. I buy a little it of both. Yes, high end products do have more of a fancy packaging, but what I care about the most is the product itself. That’s why I love Revlon, NYX, Wet & Wild, NYC and sometimes Loreal. Not to mention that Revlon probably has more lipsticks than MAC (I am a lipstick junkie btw). What I hate about purchasing high end products is that sometimes the sale associates can be a little mean or simply ignore me or just chase me around thinking that I might steal something. And like most of you, I do my research before buying something, whether is high end or drugstore. But honestly there are a lot of drugstore products that are worth it and for half the price.

  36. Belgium is awful with its return policies. A while ago I wanted to return a Shiseido foundation. Went back after three days and still had the receipt. The foundation was unopened, with the plastic wrapping around the box and all. Couldn’t return it. “Hygienic reasons”. WTF. That drives me crazy. When I buy a high-end (expensive!) product, I expect decent service. I’m not gonna return my 2-euro Essence eyeshadow because it’s not the right color. But I if want to return my 40-euro foundation because I decide I need a darker shade, then please let me do that.

  37. chris

    I worked for Borghese many years ago. I loved their Fango mud, mascara, eye liners and lipsticks. I loved the quality of their products and the ingredients were great for my skin. I also worked for IMAN b4 she went into Target/Walmart. MAC is my go-to first but I do have favorites in NYC (blush, waterproof eyeliners), Revlon (Colorstay Line and lipsticks). I think you can find what you are looking for across the board.

  38. Geneva

    I love my Chanel Lumiere foundation, it’s one of two foundations that I own that doesn’t require me to mix two colors, MAC Studio Fix powder is the other one. I purchase high end and drug store brands. Milani’s new liquid liner is the BEST I’ve found so far. I love that I’m able to try out HE make up prior to purchasing. I find that drug store mascara is the best and with the exception of Revlon’s Colorstay, I prefer HE foundation. I prefer HE blushes also, love NARS cream blushes and haven’t found any drug store brands I’ve liked. I believe that both types have their uses, but I it really irritates me when I’ve spent a lot of money on something and end up hating it, like UD Naked Palette (hated it)!

  39. lily

    All of my makeup is high end, except for ONE Loreal lip gloss. The reason I tend to go for high end is because high end places have testers that I can disinfect and use on my face to see whether or not I like the item. With drugstore products, you cant do that. I dont mind paying whatever price for makeup so long as I completely love the product and will use it up. I used to have a drawerful of drugstore makeup that ended up in the trash because I didnt like the pigment/smell/taste etc. Thats hundreds of dollars that I wasted right there. So I would rather pay a little more and use it than trash my money. Not every single high end brand is good, but thats what testers are for. I have been super disappointed by so many mascaras….and I have YET to find the perfect one. Its downright heartbreaking when a 30+ dollar mascara does nothing but color my lashes black.

    • Tina

      I completely agree with you. If drugstores had testers, I would probably buy more drugstore makeup. Instead, I like to try first and know that I can return it if it breaks me out or doesn’t work for me.

      • Emily King

        In the UK there are always testers for drugstore products, but they tend to be really gross because of how many people have used them, and they’re often left to dry out. It really doesn’t help. I’d prefer it if we had the US policy of being able to return makeup.

  40. Rachel

    Make up in general is incredibly overpriced here in Australia, so it’s sometimes a struggle to afford even mid range brands like Revlon and L’Oreal (heading towards $40 a foundation!). Most stores are pretty good as far as having testers available, etc. so I’m normally alright to walk in and start trying colours. For blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner particularly, I’m completely happy to go low-end (Essence for eye products or Aussie brands Models Prefer, Australis and Face of Australia).

    Having said that, being as pale as I am (just lighter than MAC NC15 from memory), it’s a lot easier to find a good foundation match in higher priced brands. I’m currently trying to justify spending $55 on an Illamasqua foundation which is just a phenomenal match. For high end spending to be reasonable for me, there has to be something in the brand itself that I’m happy to support. In this case, it’s Illamasqua’s image (their stands are just a visual feast), the fantastic sales staff and their lack of animal testing.

  41. zainab

    Given how expensive the products are here in Australia I’d like to believe I’m paying for quality and not just the label, so I’m pretty disappointed when that’s not the case. I don’t think I’ve yet had a bad experience with high-end perfumes, so that’s one thing where I like to pay more. The fact that higher end brands have counters with staff who can help you select things might be a big selling point for some people but as I rarely have enough money to just buy their suggestions on a whim it isn’t such a big thing for me.

  42. kathi

    I have a love -hate relationship with high end make-up. I think it’s beautiful, and I’m a sucker for nice packaging. I hate having to spend a fortune for three or four products. I think some companies are absolutely ridiculous to charge $50+ for a lipstick!!! I still find myself lured in by Chanel’s luxe colors and YSL’s creamy rich products.

  43. gurlypowa

    i love high end beauty products!! it makes me look forward to getting ready in the morning! i feel like a million bucks even though i’ve woken up at 6:30am. yea, its expensive, but im one of those girls who stick with only a couple different shades of lipsticks, one blusher, and a couple of eyeshadow compacts. i find that the quality of high end makeup is much better, wear better, don’t make me break out, more resistant to humidity etc. right now im using these brands :Alterna Science of 10 shampoo, La Prairie, Sisley, History of Whoo, By terry. some people say they can’t tell the difference between high end and low end in terms of quality. i definately can.