Monday, December 31st, 2012

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: Hair Highlights

Share: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about hair highlights. Have you had them? Do you? Worth the effort?

my answer: I like hair highlights! I love them on others especially. I personally prefer to have my hair color completely natural at this time, though, so I don’t have any and don’t plan to get any at this time!

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12 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Hair Highlights

  1. EvilStepQueen

    I like them on other people, but do not like them on me. I have light olive skin with dark hair and dark eyes. I prefer my hair to be black and redye it as soon as a tiny bit of grey starts to show. I figure when I start to go really grey I should rethink my views on highlights hahaha

  2. melanie

    love highlights. Def worth the effort for me. Brightens the complexion and add dimension to your hair.

  3. xamyx

    I like them, but only if they’re done well, and are properly maintained. Nothing skeeves me out more than when I see someone with naturally dark hair, *lots* of highlights throughout, and several inches of regrowth (really, anything more than 1/2 an inch). Yes, I realize it may be difficult and/or too expensive to properly maintain, but if that’s the case, perhaps it’s not the best choice. It just looks bad, and very cheap, especially if one is otherwise impeccably groomed.

    I saw a woman, years ago, with naturally black hair & fire-engine red highlights, that were very subtle. I actually considered something similar, but because my hair grows way too fast, I decided against it (I’d have to be at the salon every two weeks, or so). For one, I didn’t have the time, and also it would be far too expensive.

  4. rossella

    I have them.
    I like it but they ought to be very similar to my hair colour, half a tone less, no more. Don’t like “striped” hair just….more luminous here and there.
    I’m fussy, I know.

  5. Hazel

    Have lighter highlights in red-brown hair. Necessary when one is trying to disguise graying….

  6. embeast

    I LOVE them!! I have naturally red hair which began to fade into a dull brownish color in my 30s. I have been trying for years to replicate my old natural color without success. Finally my new stylist hit the jackpot a few months ago with a medium-dark auburn all over color, coppery highlights and dark auburn lowlights. It looks completely natural, just like when I was younger!

  7. I like natural highlights on other people, though I prefer bright neon colors. =P My hair is currently black with Little Mermaid red sidebangs, and blonde tips. I do it myself, so I don’t spend tons of money at a salon.

  8. t_zwiggy

    I used to like them, and had them about 10 years ago. Now I’m really tired of that style and prefer a solid color all over on most people. The exception is blond hair, which often look a bit dull without highlights and/or lowlights.

    Very obvious highlights (visible stripes) in the hair, like blonde stripes in dark hair or the other way around look extremely cheap and tacky.

  9. RM

    they can be nice, if they are natural, ie, within a couple shade of natural color and tone, and delicately blended. but mostly i see awful highlights. obvious bizarre platinum and taupey stripes on blondes. orangey ones on dark brown/black hair. straw like blondes. ridiculous ash blonde ones on dark complected women. i rarely see really well done highlights.

  10. Smidgeroo

    Subtle dimension – good. Skunk streaks – bad. :3

  11. My hair naturally has a lot of golden highlights and for a long time I used to also get highlights done, but I go to one of the best hair colorists in my state. If the person isn’t an expert, you can end up with non-natural-looking/stark highlights and I don’t think that’s ever very flattering.

  12. I seem to end up with a look of highlights every time I color my hair. I like it, but I think it looks more naturally than chunky highlights. Different looks work better for different people, though.