Monday, December 30th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Glitter Eyeliner!

my answer: It’s hard to find a glitter eyeliner that doesn’t somehow get into the eye, and depending on the size of the glitter, it can be really irritating and cause so much watering that the look is ruined! But I love the sparkling effect of glitter eyeliner.

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23 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Glitter Eyeliner

  1. Have you tried Clio gelpresso eye liner? It has a bit of glitter and doesn’t get into my eyes when I wore them…

  2. I’m not a fan. I do admire glitter liner on other people, but it’s not something I would wear myself.

  3. xamyx

    I’ve only tried 2, and I really like both. I picked them up at Hot Topic, on sale, but they hold up as well as my higher end liners. The glitter is very fine, and I haven’t experienced any “migration”. One is a liquid, the other a pencil (both red with red glitter), and neither irritates my eyes. It could be because I only wear them on the upper lashline, but they’ve worked out great.

  4. Amy

    I only have worn Urban Decay’s glitter liner (though I have one from Stila, also) and haven’t had any issues with it getting in my eyes. I LOVE it. Really love it. It’s sometimes a little tough to get off, and I have to be careful not to open my eyes all the way until it’s dried, but it’s totally worth it.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever even worn glitter eyeliner. I’ve used it on models though, and for shoots I think it’s great :-) It’s literally eye-catching 😉

  6. I’m a big fan of glitter at the moment, probably due to Christmas! It’s more of a special occasion thing, than something for every day where though. I highly recommend Collection 2000’s glitter liners (not sure whether you can get them outside the UK though). They’re packed full of glitter, and I don’t have any fall out during application, or throughout the day.

  7. Lizzi

    I have a love hate relationship with them. They’re great for a special occasion, they really make your eyes pop. But they are sometimes hard to remove. And with me being a contacts wearer, I’m very careful about glitter eyeshadow and liner. I’ve had a glitter particle fallout and get behind a contact, not pretty. The only ones I’ve ever tried that don’t have any fallout are UD’s. But they have a clear base, so I have to use a pencil liner and then layer several coats of the glitter to make it opaque. It’s a hassle, that’s why it’s only done for very special occasions.

  8. Emily

    I tried the NYX Crystal Glitter Liner and it was pretty good. The glitter does fall out a bit but not to the level of irritating my eyes (and I wear contacts)

  9. Deb

    Rave: for some weird reason, I love a fine line of glitter eyeshadow. And I HATE glitter in any other makeup product. I tried one from Stila and it took a couple of times to get the hang of it, but after figuring it out wow! does it make your eyes pop.

    Rant: unless you have the steady hands of a brain surgeon, the glitter gets in your eyelashes. And then the fallout begins….

  10. I love glitter eyeliner. I find it’s only ever a problem if I put a particularly chunky one into the lower waterline. Otherwise I am usually good to go! They do make for some very exotic eye goo sometimes though… 😀
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  11. Always always always – glitter first, then mascara! Otherwise I find that you get glitter in the edges of your mascara so you feel like you have migraine aura.

  12. Rave: I LOVE glitter eyeliners where there is just a shimmer to the color not chunky bits of glitter. Eyeliners that have this can take an eye look from simple to glam with just a stroke of the pencil/brush.

    Rant: I HATE glitter eyeliners that have chunky bits of glitter in the eyeliner. I find them tacky to look at and irritating on the skin.
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  13. Rave: I have tried MAC Pearglide eyeliners, and they are so far my favorites! Designer Purple, Undercurrent and Industrial are staples in my collection. I also would like some UD glitter eyeliners, as I have tried some non-glitter ones (Perversion and Stash) and I love them.

    Rant: Liquid eyeliners with glitter, I CAN’T STAND THEM!! If I tend to get liquid eyeliners in my eye, then with glitter is much worse!!
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  14. LU

    I haven’t found one that’s perfect, but the UD heavy metal glitter liner doesn’t move once dry. The application is annoying because I have to keep going over it to get an opaque line and it takes so long to dry. The weird thing is its easy enough to take off with just water on me.

  15. This is why I love the UD glitter eyeliner. Stays put!

  16. Denise s.

    I love glitter eyeliner, but they irritate my eyes easily. I still use them but not to close to the water line

  17. Courtney K

    I’m not crazy about it. I find that any kind of shiny eyeliner just looks strange to me.

  18. I like glitter or metallic liners like MAC Pearlglides or Pixi pencil liners or Stila Sparkle Waterproof liquid liners. I don’t really have any rants about em that I can think of at the moment..

  19. I love love glitter liners. When it comes to glitter liners i tend to buy them from the high end brands as I’m too scared that it might end up in my eyes!
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  20. I love glitter eye pencils, but liquid/gel glitter liners can be tricky because some brands tend to burn my eyes. I’m not sure what ingredient it is that irritates me, but they burn (NYX and UD in particular).

  21. I love glitter liners from Bourjois and Too Faced, but you’re right, all the others that I’ve tried irritate my eyes no end!
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  22. Quinctia

    Pros: SPARKLY
    Cons: Migrating glitter, many don’t have a good base color or any base color at all, so it only shows up in perfect lighting

    I have one glitter liner I really, really like. I picked up a blue Tokidoki one at some point that was a blue pencil with decent pigmentation, had nice glitter, relatively little fallout. Too bad the line was on clearance when I got it.

    Actually, scratch that, I picked up UD’s 1999 on clearance, too, and it not only stayed put in general, so did the glitter, so that one’s pretty good as well.

  23. Shufen

    I recently bought Sephora Glitter Eyeliner and Mascara (It’s a 2 in 1) – Gold and Blue colour.

    RAVE: The gold eyeliner makes your eyes bright and this is perfect for parties and night outs! I also used the eyeliner to put glitter on the tips of my lashes which makes my eyes popped even more (in the good way). The blue eyeliner is more subtle, which is great for normal occasions 😀 What’s better is that the glitter stayed the whole day (and no smudge, at least for me)!

    RANT: The formula seems fine when I sampled both eyeliners on my eyes. However, the blue eyeliner stings when I applied it on my eyes using the one I purchased (which sucks!) Luckily it didn’t hurt after it’s dry. I have yet tried the gold one, I really hope it doesn’t sting my eyes like the blue one did!