Monday, October 24th, 2011

Rant & Rave


Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about flavored lip products. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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33 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Flavored Lip Products

  1. They remind me of my teen years, when I was crazy obsessed with Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. I collected as many as I could! My granny used to tell me I should grow a second pair of lips so I could use more of my Lip Smackers. 😛

    At this point, I wouldn’t use them again, because I want to preserve those nice memories.

  2. Marieke

    No no no! I’ve tried one.. and I got sick to my stomach. Stupid fruit flavoured stuff! Stop it!

  3. I really struggle with lip-balms because I hate the flavour of vanilla (in a balm.. seem to manage fine if it’s in a cupcake!). It’s hard to find balms that don’t have some kind of vanilla – or peppermint which I don’t like either. And usually lip gloss and even lipsticks have some kind of flavouring – nightmare!

  4. The only flavored lip balms I like are the EOS balms or anything vanilla mint.

  5. Joanne

    I do not like flavored lip products because the flavor usually comes with a scent that is less than tolerable.

  6. I don’t mind of they’re subtle like MAC’s vanilla or Jack Black lip balms.

    What i reallt hate is that chemical/soap flavors you get with about half the lipstick out there (otherwise I would get Urban Decay, NYX or Revlon >_<)

  7. kaydi

    philosophy glosses smell so yummy! Which is probably why I don’t wear the 2 I have very often (vanilla birthday cake & caramel apple)… I really don’t want to lick the gloss right off my lips, but I can’t help it!

  8. Michelle

    It definitely depends on the flavor for me. Korres cherry lipgloss tastes great to me because it’s a natural cherry flavor. I’m not really into synthetic fruit flavors with cosmetics.

  9. Jasmijn

    Khiels mango lipbalm lover!!!!!

  10. Love Mac Vanilla scents. Hate, hate, hate Esteé Lauder Scents.

  11. jenni

    hate mint flavour is anything other than lipbalm, i’m not sure why but mint lippy just drives me mad!

  12. Mandy

    I love Stila Lip Glaze but I hate some of the flavors! I love their color Watermelon, but I hate the taste.

  13. Gillian (AKA Munchy)

    I prefer not to own flavored glosses because i subconsciously lick my lips a great deal more than if I used non-flavored products. Licking your lips dries them out and then you are licking off the product which is a. probably not great for you to consume to a degree and b. makes you use way more product that normal. All in all I pass if I know that it is flavored. Scented lip products don’t give me such a hard time though. Yay MAC!

  14. rachel

    Scented is fine as long as it’s not sickly sweet.. Flavored, no thanks! I’m not 7 I’m not gonna eat it! I’d definitely take a scented product over a chemically smelling product..

  15. Rainy

    I’ve always been addicted to them! From Lip Smackers to Urban Decay’s Lipgunks to Apple Cinder lip gloss I’ve had way too many over the years. Oily and chemical smells (depending on how strong) can actually make me nauseous.

    I will say though, while nothing is better to me than flavored products, nothing is worst than when a company tries to do a fun flavor and it comes out terribly. I bought a strawberry gloss from Bath & Body that smelled like rotten baby oil…never again.

  16. Faye

    I love them! When I like the scent, anyway. I don’t much see the point though when you’re supposed to be wearing, not eating them. Taking liquid Ketamine for a medica condition realllllly put me off my new £15 Urban Decay Lip Junkie gloss, as the Ket solution was supposed to be flavoured mint but was predictably disgusting, when I bought the gloss it had the exact same smell and made me remember taking Ket and feeling nauseous and ill so I can’t stand to wear it again!

  17. i love em! unless they are sticky or grossly flavored…

  18. Marian

    I love mint flavored lip products

  19. Emma RZ

    I have no probs with them in general but I do hate Cherry flavour – anything actually. I am lemming the Lip Smackers Coke set atm.

  20. AnGeLwInGz

    I’m more concerned with the product’s performance than whether it’s flavored. Of course if it smells/tastes bad it’s a deal breaker.

  21. I prefer unflavored (or minimal flavor that’s just to cover up the chemical taste), but I can tolerate flavors that aren’t medicinal, chemical or overpowering.

  22. Saffy

    I don’t mind flavoured lip products when they’re made from natural, non-toxic ingredients (like Jack Black lip balms), but otherwise I just feel like flavoured products are unnecessary and chemically.

  23. Kate

    Well, my favorite gloss is UD’s Lip Junkie, and I love the vanilla-mint scent and flavor. But a lot of other times, if I hear things are flavored, I get wary and prefer to try before buying. Too many times I’ve tried a new product and found the smell/taste way too chemical. Blech.

  24. Becca

    lip balms I’m fine with if it’s like smackers or something, but not in coloured glosses (I’m fine with the bath and body works ones) and I hae this gloss from bonnebell that’s like mocha flavoured and it literally made me throw up. so gross >:(

  25. JCz

    I don’t mind fruity or sweet scents/flavor, but I hate anything floral. For some reason I find Lancome glosses and lipsticks particularly heinous.

  26. Swimsalot

    I hate flavored lip products. I may tolerate mint if it has no sweetness. Vanilla or maple literally make me wretch. Even the vanilla scent of MAC is intolerable. Too bad cause I love the colors.

    My pet peeve is that most products don’t say whether they are flavored or not

  27. Growing up, I had a Dr. Pepper flavored lip balm that I had FOREVER. Loved it! Now, I am so addicted to Bath & Bodyworks flavored lip balms. Salted caramel, cotton candy and PB&J are my current faves! I just wish the flavor lasted longer and actually made my lips feel better. Would love to see them in a lip tin as a solid as well.

    I also love their Rose balm (which is a solid) and Badger Balm’s Tangerine lip balm. That scent is to die for!!

  28. Liz

    yuck, no thanks! I want my cosmetics to taste and smell neutral! I can live with a slight scent that won’t linger past application, but flavor is so kiddy-ish… That’s actually a common reason for me to not buy an item I may have otherwise considered.

  29. Michelle Brown

    Unless it’s a flavor I dislike, I love flavored lip products because it’s nice to have something with good fragrance and flavor on my lips.

  30. I generally like sweet flavoured lip products, and minty is great too. I really don’t like cherry though. Reminds me of cough syrup.

  31. Absolutely not! When I was younger, I loved it. Now that I am older, I absolutely hate it. I have a cute Philiosopy pink kiss me lipbalm and the taste drives me crazy. It tastes like a diet strawberry drink. Urban Decay pocket rocket has a mocha, caramel, or butterscotch ( I cant pin point it) taste to it that I hate.

  32. juliyaa

    i like TONS of lip products as long as they dont smell like citrus or coconut aside from mac,revlon, nars, covergirl, and other talked-a-lot-about brands, i LOVE avon ultra color rich lipsticks, aha i hav like backups of my all time top three favorites, pout, sheer naturale, and sparkling nude aha i hav two backups of pout and sheer naturale:D

  33. Misty

    I guess it’s best for lip products to be scented, but some of the scents are just awful! I personally hate MAC’s scent… It smells just like my vitamins and makes me almost hurl whenever I put it on… So unfortunate. My favorite one, is, actually, another vanilla scent: Revlon colourburst lipglosses. It smells like actual vanilla and I love it! I also like the ones that smell like rice krispies. :)