Monday, November 9th, 2009

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: FLAT IRONS!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about flat irons and all that those entail.

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46 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Flat Irons

  1. Shelly

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my GHD VI styler!!! I will never ever go back to CHI

  2. amy

    I love flat irons and use it almost everyday. Although my hair is naturally straight, sometimes it goes on kinky and flip out in weird directions as my hair is very layered or when it is exposed to water. I would use a flat iron to make it poker straight because that is how I like my hair to be. I also use a flat iron after blow drying or air drying to keep my hair from frizzing. I owned three flat irons in the last 6 years and my favourite is Corioliss Classic Pro.

  3. I hate that i know nothing about them, save that i don’t want to spend the money on another one, since an ancient ex of mine(well over a year ago) stepped on it, and claimed he was too poor of a student to replace it. Sigh. That’s just rude.

    My hair is mostly straight, but when its short, the only way i can control the cowlicks is to flatiron it, particularly around my face. Ugh.

  4. Nadine

    Love love love. I have straight hair, but it just makes my hair so smooth and shiny and straightens any crazy spots than have devoloped overnight.

  5. Eb

    I don’t know how I lived without a flat iron all those years ago. But I do hate that the ends of my hair seem to get caught in it somehow.

  6. They make my hair look too flat most times. I just use good styling products, a ceramic round brush and a blow dryer now. I do find they’re good to use for curling my hair though.

  7. coco72

    My hair is not straight and not wavy. So I need my SCP flat iron to live!

  8. nina

    i always wanted a good flat iron because i have natural curls, but now that i have it, i actually dont straighten my hair that often, maybe once in a month.
    and now that its so misty and rainy it would be useless, my hair gets frizzy and curly if its wet 😉

    i like how the hair shines if you straighten it. its soo soft, and i love if i turn my head or move how my hair moves with me (feels like a disney princess :D).

    but i think a good heat protection is just as important.

    sometimes i also put some oil in the ends, after a shower when the hair is in a towel, but still wet. then i put a few drops in my handbalms (really a few, its also okay if you press your hand on the mouth of the bottle, then flip it so that you get a little oil on your hand, and flip it back).
    then you can rub it into your ends :)

    i hope this is easy to follow and understandable, sorry for my english 😉

  9. Haley

    I love my Chi…However, I am really curious about the GHD…when my Chi dies, I will definitely be checking out the GHD!!! =]

  10. Andrea

    I cannot function without my flat iron :)

  11. Linda

    love my Corioliss =)

  12. Love my GHD!!!

    I will never go back.
    Def worth the price tag!

  13. A flat iron is a necessity for me!

  14. jess

    My hair is fairly straight naturally and I don’t use a flat iron with any regularity (although I do own one). I do like how it looks when my stylist uses it on me, though!

  15. Haylie

    I hate the CHI. It never made my hair perfectly straight. The ends would curl in a few hours and it took forever to straighten. And then it died on me after two years! I’m glad it did because i went to ulta and got the best straightener out there!

    The Sedu is amazing! The two inch is the same price at the CHI one inch. It straightens my hair so quickly and it makes it really smooth. My hair stays straight all day, no curling ends, and it heats up so fast! I love it so much!!

  16. nicole

    I recently purchased a GHD IV styler. It makes SUCH a difference over my old CHI. It is COMPLETELY worth it!!

  17. Nicci

    I have a Chi and love it! I don’t flat iron my hair everyday though, only after I wash my hair and blow dry.

  18. Krysta

    I love my Sedu!

  19. Bridgette

    I love that flat irons make your look all nice and straight. But I hate that you get split ends! I got a question though Does anybody know if the Zoe flat irons from Ulta are good (The flat irons that are $29.99 and they have some irons with cherries and other irons have different colored pink polka dots)?

  20. Ribbons

    I love GHDs, my hair is really thick and curls in a really annoying way so I use it to straighten and get my curls nice and smooth and even. Although I had a major drama on Saturday when I sneezed and stamped on them (yes I’m a big over-the-top sneezer!) & completely snapped them in half! Luckily I was on my way to the hairdressers so ordered myself the new Christmas set which is a lovely straightener with a silver and black pattern, a hairdryer and a bag for £150. A little expensive but definitely worth every penny!!!!

  21. Rose

    Another vote for GHD. I love so many things about it. It heats completely up in 15 seconds and beeps when its ready. It keeps my highlighted hair the healthiest of any flat irons I’ve used over a period of time. It also curls and flips really easily and I love how smooth my hairs looks.


      I love my GHD Pretty in Pink !!! I have long curly hair,and with this flat iron gets it straight, perfect and super shiny !!

  22. I love them, but I got the Japanese straight perm so I don’t use it anymore. I tried all sorts of different brands, and the last one I purchased was the Sedu and I LOVE it!! It doesn’t snag hair, and it leaves my hair so silky smooth and soft! I noticed a HUGE difference between that one and the CHI and other supposedly decent flat irons.

  23. Lily

    Both GHD and CHI are some of the best flat irons. I have them both. They both get very hot.

  24. NuNu

    I like that I can use my flat iron to straighten and to curl, but I honestly don’t use it enough to justify spending hundreds on ones like CHI and GHD. I have an el cheapo Remington T Studio Tourmaline, it cost le boyfriend under CAN$50 and it serves my purposes fine. Granted I’ve never tried CHI and GHD so who am I to judge?

  25. Christi

    I love what my flatiron does for my hair, but I hate that I always forget to turn it off and there isn’t an auto off function, so I’m always afraid I’ll burn down my house.

  26. Karley

    GHD for sure! i had the HAI? i think its called, that was good too but the GHD is alot better!

  27. Saira

    SEDU is the one 4 everybody!! no matter from the finest hair 2 the most kinky(which is where I fall) that thing is a miracle worker.

  28. sheryl

    I use Fekkai’s Straightening Balm, then use the flat iron for touchup area. The balm gets me 80% of the way without the damage.
    if i flat iron too much, my hair is like straw

  29. I just bought my GHD, can’t wait to use it! I have to wait for Xmas though…. ahhh! can’t wait

  30. Liz W

    I love my Sedu flat iron.

  31. Star

    I love flat irons, because there is so much heat released during use and it gets my relaxed hair really straight. On the negative side, flat irons really damage my hair because it is so much heat generated.

  32. Liz

    i love them, use it everyday… i am currently using CHI right now and i ‘am loving it. I have used FHI before, i don’t think it make my hair straight enough and takes too long. I will be checking the GHD out though…

  33. Ashley

    One word: Damage.
    While I love flat irons because I can curl, straighten and de-poof my hair with one, they are much too damaging for regular use, even with using it on a very low setting and using a thermal protectant.

    I’m also really lazy now. So I don’t really use mine haha.

  34. Ziya

    ITA with PBI…damage is insane..I use a cheapo ds one called “Solutions” I won’t knock it because it works amazingly, was relatively cheap and has lasted me looong tme despite several accidental falls!
    I have color treated hair and I’ve been straightening every few days for almost a year now and I went from never knowing what a split end was to omg I need a trim so bad right now but I’m too broke and too vain to sacrifice my length..
    I reallly want a GHD but I hear damage is a huge concern with that one too..My main reason is, I need longer lasting straightness and CURLING ablities! my current straightener does not curl due to textured outside and slightly too large plates..I have straight hair that refuses to hold a I’m harsh lemming a GHD
    Second gripe is PRICE! These things are so ridiculously expensive…arghh!

  35. Madeleine

    I see a lot of good review on CHI and GHD. Anyone know anything about Babyliss Pro??

  36. Rachel

    I’m a big fan of the HAI irons.

  37. Amelia

    I love my flat iron, I rarely use it to straighten my hair, but I use it all the time to curl
    flat irons makes the best hair curler, who would have thought ? hehe

  38. Meghann

    I LOVE my flat iron. I have had my CHI for years, at least 5. And it does a great job. I noticed most of all, for best results, you would need to find the right product when it comes to Shampoo/Conditioner (E’tae’s Carmelux Shampoo and Joico Conditioner for me) and the best blow dryer (T3 for me). Without those two being right, your flat iron results may not be at it’s best. I get salon results w/o going to the salon. =)

  39. claudia

    I can’t live without it! I use it everyday but I agree we need a special care when using it on such a regular base. Also, I will get another one that turns off automatically, because I’m also afraid to burn down the house!

  40. For the life of me I could not figure out why anyone would want flat hair for years. Mine’s so freaking flat it sticks to my head like Mortica Addams’. Then, I saw a demo of one and how it could give body and lift to your hair. I started looking at them. WHAT? HOW MUCH!!!!

    I went to Target and got my Conair. It heats like a dream, was price perfect (I still want my 150 dollar CHi, but this will do) and it perfect for my hair. It looks incredibly shiny and bouncy. Something I’ve never enjoyed before. I pull it out over a curling iron many days. I never blow dry AND flat iron in the same day. I also always, ALWAYS use a heart protectant. I like Joico’s and Got2B. They have a heat protectanct for blow drying, curling irons and flat irons. Yea, I thought it was a stupid gimmick too, but the ingrediants are different and I tried curling after the straightening one, and got a strange looking head of hair.

    I won’t ever give it up. No matter the hair trends. It’s my baby and you can have it when you pry it out of my cold, dead fingers. LOL!

  41. Alison

    my ghd is the only thing i use for my hair, and even then, i only curl the bits around my face and leave the rest naturally curly.

    i used to straighten my hair completely flat with it, but curly suits me much better and its so much easier this way.

  42. Loisa

    I love love love my RUSK straightner. I can decide how hot I need it. I don’t know how I lived without it, now I can’t stand when my ends flip out

  43. Brian Kelly

    I have been straightening my hair every day now for the past 5 years and I have extremely dry, rough and poofy hair. It almost has an African texture to it, it’s so bad but I use a 2″ Conair Infiniti flat iron and Paul Mitchel’s super skinny serum and it makes it silky smooth every day.

  44. Vesper

    I love love love my GHD IV Styler! My hair is fairly long, kind of wavy/frizzy (especially at the crown), and I have a lot of it, and this flat iron gets it completely straight, smooth, and shiny in 15-20 minutes. I don’t have to use any product, and it’s not damaging.

  45. Amanda

    I have a croc and I love it.