Monday, August 19th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Facial Masks!

my answer: The only rant I’d have is if they burn/sting to the point where it’s too much, but in general, I like them and they can be very relaxing/pampering.

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16 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Facial Masks

  1. Mostly I love wearing them so I can sneak up on my husband like a zombie.

  2. I’ve gone through periods of using them and not. Now I pretty much don’t. I have sensitive skin and I’ve tried to revamp my skincare routine to be as simple as possible and use as few products as possible. So far it’s working pretty well so I’m going to stick with it for the time being.

    I do remember one annoying thing about them being how hard the wash-off ones could be to wash off. Sometimes it seemed impossible to get it all! But every now again I tried ones that seemed to make my face kind of glow, so that was fun.

  3. I like facial masks. I still haven’t found the perfect one, though. The masks that help with congestion are a bit drying, but the moisturizing masks don’t do much to really clear my skin.

  4. I like them for the pampering effect. I’ve been using Yes to Tomatoes [clearing facial mask] and it doesn’t dry out my skin, even if I leave it on for more than the recommended five minutes.

  5. I love using them, but sometimes (depending on the consistency) taking them off can be a pain.

  6. Facial masks always have absurdly extreme claims, and for some reason I always buy into the notion that slapping a thick layer of goop on my face for 10 minutes is going to be more effective than when I use a thin layer of product that sits on my skin all day, but it never works out that way. I’ve tried a lot of face masks, and I’ve never found one that really seemed to give the results claimed.
    The ones I really enjoy using, though, are the peel-off masks. I’m not sure they really do anything, in the long term, but they do make your skin feel wonderfully plumped and hydrated after using.

  7. Kelly

    They feel like a spa treatment at home! Probably my favorite skincare treatment

  8. I don’t like when they’re so hard to remove fully that you almost undo whatever good the mask has achieved by trying to scrub the darned thing off!

  9. I love the way my skin looks and feels after

  10. I have a face mask on right now!! [Origins Charcoal] – I think face masks are so relaxing, it’s my little in-home spa time & I honestly savor it.

    I use masks geared toward oily skin and I def notice a difference after using them. Another two favorites of mine are The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Mask and Juice Beauty’s Rejuvenating Mask.

  11. Aubri

    I love laughing at myself in the mirror and singing “Wild Thing” with the word swamp instead of wild, but it’s so annoying waiting for it to dry so I can wash it off. I love the way my skin feels for a few days after though!

  12. Love! – sisley black rose cream mask. Divine intervention.

  13. Julia

    I love spreading a thin layer of raw honey on my skin to clear it up and moisturize at the same time. Your skin feels so great and looks radiant afterwards!

  14. I like putting one on occasionally. I have one tube with a cooling mask and one tube with a warming mask. I don’t expect any results, aside from maybe a slight bit of drying from the clay in them. But I moisturize afterwards, anyway.

    I treat masks like toner, I use them when I feel like it, because I don’t notice any benefit from use or detrement from lack of the products.

  15. Jojo

    I like facial mask a lot, I have many different types. But still haven’t find a truely perfect one. Some of the common weakness includes burning, irriate my eyes, dries too fast, hard to remove, difficult to put on, too oliy, and stain cloths/counters……etc. Another thing I don’t like is you can’t put them too close to your eyes so my face will feel refreshed after the mask, but not some much my eyes.

    I also like paper mask, they are easier to apply and remove.