Monday, June 10th, 2013

Rant & Rave

Share: Tell us what you love and hate about Duochrome Nail Polish!

my answer: I don’t like them when they’re really subtle, because I think they end up looking cooler in the bottle than on. I want it to be strong and noticeable no matter the lighting!

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18 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Duochrome Nail Polish

  1. I love the effect, but feel like there are so few originals. “oh look, another copy of Chanel’s Peridot” Give me some unusual duochromes, makeup manufacturers!

  2. I agree with you. If it dosnt look as cool on as it does in the bottle thats a deal breaker. I just got a fabulous polish by Ninja Polish called Mystic Glacier and it is to die for. It is a bit on the sheer side but it builds well and depending on the light it’s pink/red, golden olive, or even a gorgeous teal in a blue base. This is what I want in a duoChrome, bold dramatic colorchanges anyone can spot. If I have to work to see it its not worth the time.

  3. Like you, if the effect is visible enough, I like ’em!

  4. I love drastic colour shifts in duochromes. What I don’t like about these polishes is that they are often very frosty.

  5. xamyx

    Perhaps it’s my age (I’ll be 40 next month), but there are times I prefer a more subtle effect. I’ve also had jobs where I was subjected to a very conservative dresscode, including “flashy” nail polish. You’d be surprised at how often that occurs even in restaurants. That said, my personal preference is a stronger effect, so I just use them over a base color.

  6. Duochromes are my absolute FAAAAAVORITES. I’ve been disappointed with recent collections, though. The China Glaze collection and recent drugstore ones have all been super boring on. I wish Nubar was still putting out regular collections.

    That said: Ninja Polish’s Mystic Glacier is a new acquisition that makes me clap like a happy seal.

  7. KaseyCannuck

    Nothing but raves here! I just LOVE them!!! I bought every one of the Color Club holos after a couple of them were reviewed here. They look monochromatic when I’m indoors on an overcast day, but as soon as I step outside…KAPOW!!! Blinding rainbows of color coming off my nails!! They’re just breathtaking!
    I also have an affinity for duochrome eyeshadows. At my age (over 40) I probably shouldn’t but I don’t care! Life is short and makeup is fun (for me) and I have no shortage of neutrals for when the occasion calls for them.

  8. Charlotte

    Oh, they’re my favourites C! But so often they need a good 3/4 coats to achieve opacity. Other than that… bring ’em! x

  9. Rimmel has a couple of excellent cheap duochromes – Rimmel london metal rush in Royal Blue is a blue/green/purple duochrome that’s quite strong. Pearly Queen is great for layering – over a lavender polish, I think it looks like a dupe of Zoya’s Adina.

  10. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT DUOCHROMES!!!! Multichromes are even better!

  11. Xero

    Yes please!!

  12. VickyM

    I love duochromes whether the effect is strong or subtle, it doesn´t matter 😀 .

  13. Felis

    Give me multichromes or give me… well, probably linear holos. I love color changing anything, and multichrome nail polish gives me the most flash for my buck. I don’t like the subtle ones much, I prefer strong shift.

    I still miss the Liquid Euphoria duochrome glitters from Hot Topic back in 2002 or so. Had I known how hard they would be to come by I’d have bought two in every color.

  14. Jay

    I love the effects – they’re gorgeous, tend to dry fast, and I’ve found a few (especially by Color Club) that only take two coats to be opaque! I find it’s hard to make them last for more than a day or two without chipping or starting to wear at the tips, though, so if I’m going out or know I’ll be too busy to redo my nails I tend to skip them over in favour of something that will be more durable.

  15. Marilyn

    The only problem have are “fauxchromes,” which appear to be a duochrome in the bottle and end up a single color on the nail. If I have to stand outside and use a mirror and a magnifying glass to find the other color, it’s not a duochrome.

  16. I only like them when they’re strong, or show up really well when layered. i hate it when they’re subtle.

  17. I am the biggest sucker for duo/multichromes! The recent Revlon Chroma Chameleon’s were mostly underwhelming but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ozotic’s 505 and 915.