Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: CUTICLE REMOVERS!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about cuticle removers. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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20 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Cuticle Removers

  1. That a big fat NO on my part. I treat my cuticles as much as possible to keep them healthy and they don’t grow out weird when you do that. Leave them be as they have purpose. I trim them at the side if needed but that’s it.

  2. Leenie

    I don’t use them, my cuticles are pretty tamed as far as cuticles go

  3. ixo

    I absolutely need one. My cuticles grow like crazy and at the same time are very, VERY sensitive. :( My holy grail is the Nfu.Oh cuticle remover, but I hate it that I am unable to get it or any other working cuticle remover in the drugstore, all the ones sold in shops here suck, so I have to order. :/

  4. Tiffany

    I feel kinda dumb when I ask this, but what’s the reason for removing cuticles? I thought cuticles were necessary as some kind of protective barrier between the nail and the skin.

    • Jay

      For most people, yeah, removing your cuticles is a bad idea, as they serve to protect the nail and the skin beneath it from irritants and germs in the environment. If they’re overgrown, though, they can become inflamed and painful, as well as look unsightly enough that people either trim them back or chemically remove the excess. Personally, I’ve never had that problem, and have spent enough time in nail salons that I doubt I ever would use a cuticle remover, as there’s a lot of room for things to go wrong! In most cases, trimming them back and using a good moisturizer will suffice; I’m a huge fan of Lush’s Lemony Flutter!

    • Renee

      You technically aren’t supposed to remove them precisely because they are a barrier. A lot of people still do remove them or push them back anyways. I guess it’s a personal thing wether u do or not.

    • I remove mine because it looks neater and – more importantly – if I don’t remove them, I’ll pick at them which looks awful. It’s better to remove them cleanly and neatly then to pick at them!

  5. i don’t care for them. i just feel like they are useless.. all i do for my cuticles is keep them hydrated with lemoney flutter. I don’t feel like they need anything else.

  6. Patty

    I hate my scratchy cuticles! I used to always cut at them but I use Burt’s Bees Miracle Salve daily (while at work) and once a week or so I use the Butter London Melt Away Cuticle remover. I use Butter London Cuticle oil when I am at home. Now I only cut if I have a hangnail.

  7. I like the blue Sally Hansen one – I’d much rather remove my cuticles than pick at them, which is what happens if I don’t remove them.

    I just bought the Sally Hansen cuticle remover + balm. I was hoping it would moisturize plus remove my cuticles with daily use, but it turns out that it’s sticky, not particularly moisturizing, and doesn’t even work! Total product fail.

  8. Jennifer

    I use Sally Hansen cuticle remover every once in a while when my cuticles are looking rough. I think it helps clean up my nails a bit. Other than that I use burts bees cuticle cream.

  9. Catherine

    Love Sally Hansen cuticle remover in the blue gel formula. It doesn’t remove live skin around your nail, only the dead cuticle. I don’t use it too often, as I try to keep up w/ moisturizing and aha treatment. Amlactin creme and CND Cuticle Eraser (aha treatment) are great at maintaining. Love Qtica cuticle balm for night time – really nice and not greasy.

    I only clip a hangnail if protruding from side of nail, nothing around the cuticle on the nail.

    A lot of nail techs will try to cut too much and can’t always be sure how clean their tools are.

  10. Mine grow like kudzu no matter what I’ve tried, so I do push mine back and trim them occasionally.

  11. Dormouse

    I don’t find that they’re necessary. Just use a hand or body lotion containing glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acid.

  12. Kara

    Probably at most once a week I’ll push my cuticles back with some random Nails Inc cuticle remover I bought aaaaages ago. It does the job for me, personally. Makes them look a little neater. Even if I paint my nails neatly, and I see my cuticles aren’t looking that great, I won’t feel confident about my nails, so when that happens, I push them back. Other than that, cuticle oil at least once a day is okay for me. But I am looking for a better one or cuticle cream. And I get rid of hangnails with a slanted nail clipper whenever they start to annoy me.

  13. I use them once a week, it helps to get rid of overgrown cuticle which in my opinion looks horrible. My favourite is Sally Hansen, though Mavala is good too. Otherwise I use lots ofrich cuticle moisturizers (favs here are CND Solar Oil in summers and Burts Bees when it is cold)

  14. Alison

    I NEVER remove my cuticles! I find they only harden if I do!

  15. Lark

    I use Revlons cuticle treatment. Without some grooming they look icky; The big pain is it needs to be done when the cuticle is soaked, meaning post shower and I forget. I like the product though, it removes dead stuff so I can push the live stuff back into place. Have a tool for pushing at one end and a stiff nylon brush at the other for getting the raggedy dead stuff off the nail. It sanitizes in alchohol and helps what I consider a tedious chore. Hate doing cuticles!

  16. i am pretty lucky to have cuticles that doesn’t go all weird at me, in fact i never really bother with them until recently i started using bodyshop’s almond cuticle treatment and gently pushing them back. not a big difference but it does give my hands and toes a bit more of a polished look.

    my toe nails look better now when i give them some TLC by using some cuticle oil and pushing cuticles back in. i will be doing this regularly! it makes my feel a bit prettier even without any nail polish!