Monday, December 26th, 2011

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: CREAM NAIL POLISH!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about cream-finished nail polish. What drives you bananas? What makes them necessary?

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27 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Cream (Finish) Nail Polish

  1. I love cream finish polishes, sometimes a nice, smooth block colour is all I want!

  2. Cécile

    Love them – I’m not a big fan of shimmery polishes, I’m more into creamy ones with quirky colours! Right now I’m wearing a stormy blue-greyish colour, New York by German brand Catrice.

  3. M.

    Glitters are my fave, but I won’t pass up a color just because it’s a crème. I’m actually starting to appreciate crèmes and mattes more, particularly since neons are usually matte.

  4. Heather

    I love the way cream finish looks on others but I can never seem to apply it right. :(

  5. Bertha

    I find that cream finish nail polishes streak more readily than polishes with shimmer in them. I still wear them, but it’s a minor annoyance that I sometimes notice!

    • Maggie

      Oh, I completely agree with you! I get especially annoyed with streaking when a polish takes more than three coats to achieve opacity. I still prefer cream finish polishes above all else.

  6. katherine

    I like all finishes of nail polish. I don’t prefer one over the other. However, there are certain times I want a specific finish or want to layer over a specific finish for an effect that I want to achieve. Cream finish polishes can be a pain to work with at times. Much like metallic finishes they can streak or require more patience and time in applying.

  7. Brittney

    I have been collecting nail polish since I was 13 and the Clueless movie came out. I flocked to the Hard Candy counter and slapped down $13 for a bottle of Sky, a beautiful blue, and it started a love affair. I tend to gravitate more torwards shimmers, duo and multi chromes, and I looove a good jelly with varying glitters in it, but ultimately a cream finish is the one I like the look of the most. It doesn’t look so busy and glitzy with jewelry on and shimmery makeup, it balances things out. I always do an opaque Gelish and put my nail polish over it, that way if I need less glitz on my nails throughout the two weeks, I can use non acetone remover and have my basic finish under it. Creams are LBDs for nails!

  8. creme polishes are a tad boring to me. I have some but I find I rarely wear them. When I do wear them, at times, streaky application irritates me.

  9. K.

    Cream finish nail polishes are my favourite type of polish. They give a beautiful, smooth, shiny finish and can be worn for any occasion, throughout any season.

  10. Marian

    Total rave here. My favorite finish.

  11. Liz

    I love cream finishes – they are probably my favourite type of polish! On the few occasions I want some glitter, I can just layer that on top.

  12. Melissa

    I’ll only wear a cream nail polish if it’s under a glitter one or part of a nail design. They’re lovely but I don’t like to wear them alone.

  13. Sam

    I’m probably the minority here, but cream finishes aren’t my thing. They seem too ordinary to me. I favor metallics, frosts, and glitters!

  14. sarah

    Cream is my favorite nail polish finish! i don’t really care for shimmer or metallic. but sometimes cream tends to need nail polish thinner after a few years. i don’t care for that part. but not a big deal.

  15. sam

    love it- i’m not always up for something fancy

  16. I love using the cream nail polishes that I have, but I always tend to gravitate towards shimmery/glittery/etc polishes. So sometimes I try to buy one shimmery polish that I really want, and a cream finish that would go well with it.

  17. Ashley

    The only complaint is when the formula is too thick and goes on kind of gloopy and uneven. If the polish is too thin it still goes on completely smooth, whereas with glitters, shimmers, and metallics it tends to go on streakier if it’s too thin or too thick. They are easier to remove, and are a nice way to have more toned-down nails even if using bright colours.

  18. Jillian

    I love using cream polishes but it bugs me that I usually wear glittery nail polish (I do nail designs so even if it’s not an all over color, there is still a glitter polish) and there will always be a glitter particle that seems to not want to come off the nail so I go to paint a cream finish polish and there’s a little bump on it. But if my nails are glitter particle free, I get really excited that I get to use a cream polish

  19. Audrey

    Creme finishes are my favourite! I use cremes pretty much exclusively. I really don’t like shimmer/frost/glitter/metallic polishes. I find that even really bright, obnoxious colours are easier to pull off when they have a creme finish.

  20. stephanie

    to me, nothing beats a good cream polish. it just looks so luscious, rich and smooth!

  21. Andrea

    Ugh, rant here. I do love the look of cremes but they are definitely the most difficult to apply for me. There is less leeway for mess-ups with your edge line and they show bubbling more than glitters or shimmers. They are the easiest to remove, however.

  22. I like cream finish polish, but they are so streaky. At least the three I have are streaky.

  23. Rebecca

    I absolutely love cream polishes :) I REALLY love them :) better than any others and I think that many brands make really good ones :) till now I like Essie, China Glaze and OPI the best :)