Monday, May 30th, 2011

Rant & Rave

This Week’s Topic: BROW PENCILS!

Your Mission: Tell us what you love, hate, or are otherwise indifferent to about brow pencils.  Must-have product? Never use it?

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61 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Brow Pencils

  1. my MAC spiked for me it’s a MUST HAVE!! ^^

  2. Lizzi

    For the hair on my head I take after my italian father, nice and thick. But for eyebrows, dif got my mothers, very sparse, blonde, and doesn’t look right. I’ve been filling in my eyebrows for several years now, and it’s made a huge improvement in my beauty. I start by filling in some brow with UD Honey Box eyebrow powder. Then I shape and define with MAC Lingering. Doing this makes it appear natural!

  3. I’ve neither owned a brow pencil nor ever used one. It’s just a product that doesn’t appeal to me.

  4. LizaMichelle

    Brow Pencils just don’t work for me. Even if I am naturally blonde, I have quite thick dark, almost black eyebrows. If there are Pencils for ‘blondes’ they are … like my haircolor, and that not fair ;D And every other color is just plain brown, at least the ones I can find around my area.
    I use a really dark brown eyeshadow to fill them in, that’s it.

  5. Joyfalula

    I like eyebrow pencils to be waxy and difficult to rub off as opposed to a lot of “creamy” brow pencils that just seem to get greasy throughout the day. I find that with most eyebrow pencils you actually have to be careful not to touch or rub your eyebrow during the day so’s not to rub it off…..ive yet to find a real stay put pencil.

    • crazedstargazer

      I’ve always had that problem also!! I find sealing the colour helps. I use the MAC skin refined zone to do this. I get a little on the pads of my index finger then pat the the two fingers together to distribute the product and then pat over the brows in the same way you would pat on under eye concealer. It’s the only thing I have found that works.

  6. MJ

    I generally don’t like brow pencils, but I’m currently having a love affair with Chanel soft brown.

  7. helen

    The best brow pencil IMO is the Laura Mercier(?) one but the BEST YBBB (your-brow-but-better) is MUFE brow corrector. This stuff is amazing! Doesn’t fade, stays in place until you remove. Looks natural (once you get the hang of it) and a LiTTle goes a long way. MUFE brow corrector – THE BEST!

  8. Reez

    I always use a brow pencil! My eyebrow hairs are black so I use a dark brown pencil to fill in the gaps, then smudge it to soften the effect.

  9. I don’t use a pencil, i love my matt GOSH brown eyeshadow ^_^

  10. They can make the brows look too heavy, even when I apply lightly.

  11. Elizabeth

    Though I love the concept I can never seem to find one that looks natural. They’re all the wrong color and often have orange undertones. Powder always works better for me; there’s just a better selection.

  12. Love it!!! I use the MAC brow pencil in lingering, I finish one up after 4 months

  13. condesa

    must use otherwise I look naked – have blonde/non evident brows.
    My fave pencil is Clarins retractable brow definer (now d/c) – it’s waterproof and you don’t need to sharpen, a real winner… I really hate they d/c that!!!! – but I also use Guerlain brow liner in chatain.

  14. SA

    They make my brows look too severe

  15. Carrie Ann

    I think brow pencils are great for filling in sparse areas & defining your brows, but they’re probably unnecessary for those with really thick brows. If I had better eye brows, I’d probably just use a clear mascara or my MAC Brow Set. The worst thing about brow pencils is using one that is too dark or not creamy enough. My personal favorite is the liner/brow pencil from Wet ‘n’ Wild. It’s super cheap, but the taupe shade is perfect for my brows, it’s so creamy and easy to blend and lasts all day. I love it.

  16. Maureen

    I don’t do anything to my eyebrows at all. I have a bit of arch, and I think they’re defined and unique if I keep them thick. I do like how eyebrow pencils look, but I almost never use them.

  17. Jan

    Not for me. I don’t need it.

  18. Leticia

    I love my MAC eyebrow pencil in Spiked; it helps me fill my eyebrows quickly and its fine tip allows me to draw natural lines. For me it’s a must have to simplify my daily makeup routine!

  19. I’m 50/50.. If I want super defined brows I go for dark eyeshadow applied with a sharp angle brush, but for lighter brows I prefer brow pencils that don’t transfer much colour. I guess that’s the opposite to how normal people do. Haha.

  20. MAC’s brow pencil in Flign is the ONLY one I will use – I love the texture of it and that you don’t have to sharpen it, and the colour is perfect for me!

  21. Ashley Tatton

    I have naturally black eye brows with dirty strawberry blonde (European mutt is what I “lovingly” call it haha) hair and have always struggled to find something in a mid tone to fill them in without making them stand out too much or look too off from their natural colour. I ordered Mac’s Eye Brow Pencil in Lingering and it’s the perfect colour. It fills them in without looking obvious. Love it. Lasts all day.

  22. I rarely use brow produtcs because there are very few brands that make colors for redheads. The closest i found to match my hair color is the NYX automatic brow pencil in auburn. The formula is ok, so it works for me.

  23. heidi

    I do not like brow pencils! I just don’t think they look natural. I think powder looks much more like hair I love mac brow sets though. They’re like a mascara wand and look very natural. But I have very thick dark brows so I just need something to keep them in place and actually lighten them because I’m blonde. The brow sets are magical!

  24. Meh, I find they’re usually way too hard to do any good. I much prefer just brushing in some powder.

  25. Chrissy

    I absolutely need brow pencils because when I was younger, I was really stupid and nearly plucked out all my brows. They refused to grow back. I chose to get them tattooed and I hated it. The tattoos faded and I used generic Minoxidil. My eyebrows slowly grew back in three months, even the ends which I thought would never grow back, but they’re still not as full as I’d like. There are also sparse areas, so I definitely need to pencil in the areas. My favorite pencils used to be Maybelline pencils in Charcoal Grey, but they discontinued them! I searched and searched and finally found a replacement. Amazingly, they’re also from Maybelline. They’re Maybelline Define-A-Brow pencils in Dark Blonde. I have black hair and this color is identical to the Charcoal Grey. Black brows look very strange and unnatural on me. This color is perfect. Not too dark, not too brown, not too grey. I decided to try them on a whim and glad I did. I almost didn’t try them because they’re called Dark Blonde.

    I’ve tried powder but I just can’t seem to do it right. I can’t live without brow pencils or else I’d look very weird. If I’m in a rush, I always do my brows no matter what. I really envy girls with strong brows. I really regret what I did when I was younger. Back then it was cool to have skinny brows. Now, not so much. If I could go back in time, I’d tell myself to PUT DOWN THE TWEEZERS!!

  26. Love it! As long as it looks natural applied

  27. I don’t like using a pencil on my brows, I much prefer using an eyeshadow, I just think it gives a more natural look.

  28. They work as eyeliners for my lower lashline!
    They’re also great for drawing on really strong, thick, dark brows (Or any brow shape, really) if set with liquid liner… I liked doing that when I shaved off my eyebrows just ’cause I felt like it and I loved the way it looked! Really androgynous and boyish/masculine-ish ~
    Aaaaand then ofc you can just define your eyebrows with them lol. 😛

  29. Aydo

    I love eyebrow pencils since strong, thick eyebrows are essential for me. Although I have naturally thick, brown eyebrows, I always fill the outer parts of my eyebrows and give them a little shape. DIORSHOW BROW STYLER is the best for me because it is automatic and super fine, I don’t have to sharpen it all the time and that’s a big plus for me. There is only one shade called Universal Brown and it looks very natural on my eyebrows.

  30. Lauren

    I have ash blonde eyebrows that appear darker than they are. I have only found one product that matches/works to fill them in (which I require to leave the house, my brows are a bit sparse!) It is the amazing Shu Uemura Hard Formula in Walnut. Which was discontinued! I have tried every gel, powder, and pencil on the market and nothing comes close. I do not know what I will do when my beloved pencil runs out!

  31. John

    I typically use my MAC Spiked pencil to outline the shape of my brows, then I use Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Ash and a MAC 266 (or any angled eyeliner pencil) to fill them in. It looks super duper natural! Everyone thinks I have naturally thick eyebrows. Muahaha *Evil Laugh*

  32. Shi

    I prefer my brow pencils to be hard. I have black hair but I use dark brown to fill in my brows and my problem with a lot of brow pencils in dark brown is that many of them have reddish undertones and don’t look good with my hair. I prefer an ashier color for my brows. At the moment, I’m alternating between Wet n’ Wild’s Arch Envy brow pencil in Medium Ash and Brunette. I use Medium Ash for more natural days, and Brunette for days when I do a smokey eye and need my brows to look a little more dramatic.

  33. I use Anastasia brow powder, not brow pencil. When I run out of it though, I’ll probably look for a cheaper alternative.

  34. Melanie

    I loved MAC brow finisher in blonde, but sadly it’s discontinued!

  35. i’m natural golden blonde with linen brows with a hint of rusty red (also lashes are like this), i’m not joking. I darken them a bit with pencils in order to make them framing better my eyes. In the last year I used MAC Dirty Blonde, which is pretty good, but recently I bought Inglot AMC in 515. It’s only a tad darker than my natural colour, more on golden blonde rather than reddish side (MAC one is darker IMHO), it seems perfectly natural!

  36. Alicia

    I don’t use brow pencils. My hair is naturally dark brown but I color it black, and my eyebrows are so dark they are pretty much black. So I fill in the sparse parts with the leftover gel liner on my brush. Weird, I know. But black eyeshadow looks too severe and I get a lighter fill-in with the leftover liner.

  37. Renata Bell

    The best eye pencil for me is by a Japanese brand called Suqqu. They have a waterproof liquid eye pencil that just makes the finest and most natural looking line.. Perfect to fill in with little strokes and to extend the ends. It stays put all day even in hot weather and nobody can tell you’re wearing make up. PERFECT!!

  38. Lisa G

    Since I discovered Tarte’s Brow Mousse, I don’t bother with pencils anymore. It’s all I use.

  39. katie

    I love eye brow pencils! Eye brow I use it to extend the brow and make mine a bit more symmetrical. I use Mac Stud and Spike and set with a translucent powder. I always use eyebrow pencils over powder because they give me more precision and control.

  40. Red

    Lorac’s Creamy Brow Pencil in Auburn is my go to brow filler. As a redhead, it’s VERY hard to find a brow product that will work on my eyebrows. This one is easy to use, the spoolie on the opposite end softens any harsh lines and blends and the slightly soft texture of the pencil helps hold hairs in place. I’ve used Smashbox, UD, Dior and Benefit in years past, but this Lorac product will always be in my kit! Now that I’ve said that, it’ll be discontinued…it never fails.

  41. cloudburst

    Brow pencil melt on oily skins. I much prefer powder.

  42. Sunny

    I used Shiseido Natural Brow pencil
    but I always have to use an eyeshadow over the top to define the edges

  43. Shirley

    Shiseido’s Brown Crayon for me! I don’t like waxy finishes so this one is perfect.
    I over-tweezed like an idiot one day and I have very little hair at the ends of my eyebrows–filling them in is a must.

  44. meme

    I don’t use a brow pencil – I opt for Laura Mercier brow gel in the pot. I jumped between 2 shades – lighted and the next one in (blond and a taupe blond). I used to use a brown pencil from M. Kay eons ago called Blond…all the while searching for a better product. I came across Models Prefer (now called YBF- sold on HSN only). Not a fan, but for a non wooden pencil, it gets and OK pass from me if I HAD to use a pencil. Laura M really has made me very happy with her brow gel/mousse pot.

  45. Monique

    Inglot’s brow pen in 531 along with lancome’s clear brow modules is all I need

  46. Becky

    I don’t like pencils… I do love the Tarte Toolbox. I use the wax and color powder. They look natural

  47. Ann C

    I use a retractable brow pencil from Artistry. It’s a bit expensive compared to drugstore brands but its by far the best I hv tried. The tip is very thin which creates more natural look than any other pencils I have tried. I have black eyebrows but I find that using dark brown color looks best on me!

  48. Marie-Josee

    I love using an eye shadow to do my eyebrow and I also love my Lancôme powder pencil. The only downfall with pencils is the color range, to me it does not look as natural as an eye shadow does.

  49. Summerblue

    I use either Styli-style’s 24/7 brow pencil or Shu Uemura’s brow gel as a base (the tails of my brows are gone so I need something long wearing that will put them back) &, then, I follow with Clinique’s brow powder (which I’ve been using for years) or MAC’s Omega e/s. Sometimes I’ll add a light application of SB brow wax. This way, if the powder wears of, the SU & Styli-style are long wearing so at least I retain the whole brow. I still want to check out Tarte’s Brow Mousse & MUFE’s brow gel as I’m always open to gel brow products that carry my color.

  50. yajuwen

    Don’t like it. I found it takes much longer than powder. If I can get perfect brows in 5 seconds, why should I spend another 1 minute? But, have to admit, I do find brow pencils are more travel-friendly.

  51. Natalie

    I adore MAC Spiked! It took me forever to find the perfect shade, but noy is that it! I don’t use it every day, but I definitely do for going out! I love it.

  52. I use Rimmel’s brow pencil in dark brown and it works just fine for me! I’ve used eyeshadows and brow powders but the pencil just works a lot better.

  53. strut eye brow pencil this is the only pencil i have found that works and matches my color hair

  54. Jod-Lynn

    Brow Pencils are like Foundations, it takes forever to find a perfect match. I have so many of both and am still looking for my Holy Grail.

  55. Grace Chin

    Brow pencil is the first thing i make sure i use in case of short of time. My brows are too light! and im in love with ZA brow pencil in grey. bought it second time.

  56. Ladybug

    Brow pencils by Etude House look very natural when applied. I love their brow pencils!

  57. Jfer

    I hate when they are so thin the pencil breaks! I had a Clinique one that seemed so great but even with a gentle hand it broke off all the time. MAC is my fave :)

  58. i love pencils…more control and easier to use than shadow…Maybelline and MAC have great ones

  59. Lee

    I’ve never had to use a brow pencil I actually dislike it but some people really need it.. It does make a big difference when needed.