Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… BRONZER!

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24 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Bronzer

  1. Wilcoa

    Love bronzer for giving my skin a natural glow and contouring. Sadly, though, I’m having a horrible time trying to find the perfect bronzer for my light skintone that still gives me a nice natural, but bronzed look that is, not a light, barely there bronze).

    • Kiki

      have you tried Nars Laguna. I have very light skin and this goes on perfectly if I want to look really bronzed I just apply more.

    • Sam

      you could also try too faced snow bunny bronzer
      it was designed for people with light skin to give you a nice glow

  2. Lo

    I find that being extremely fair, even subtle bronzers tend to make my skin look dirty rather than glowy and sunkissed, I prefer to use a peachy coloured matte blush, and then a little of the gold part of Redhead MSF or Refined MSF as a highlight on my nose, chin and tops of my cheekbones, I think this gives me a nice summery glow, without looking too much.

  3. i love hoola from benefit and nars laguna <3

  4. Gwynedd

    RANT: Sometimes, bronzer can make your face look dirty. The right color to choose entirely depends on your complexion. A good bronzer, on the margins of the face and over the nose, can look sunny and tanned. The wrong one is too shimmery, too gray, too tanned, too orange. It’s hard to find the right one.

  5. Angela

    I’m nc43 so I don’t care to wear or need a bronzer. If I feel the need for one, I can head outdoors to sit by the pool for 10 minutes and get even more bronzey looking.

  6. Miss_M

    I have a love/hate relationship with bronzer. I love bronzer and really need it to look less pale but it’s a nightmare to find one for my NW15 skin that isn’t too shimmery, dark, muddy or orange. I tried a million brands over the years and the only ones that look good on my skin are EDM Soft Bronzer and Guerlain Terracota Light in Blonde.

  7. love

    Guerlain Terracotta, hands down!
    My shade is Africa Rhythm, so gorgeous!

  8. Love it!
    After a full face of foundation, it just adds that needed depth to the face. If people complain that foundation looks like a “mask”, they have definitely not learned the art of bronzer!

  9. Bron

    Ive never been into bronzer before as the most of them were very shimmery and i tend to get an oily zone. Im an NW25 can any one suggest a good bronzer?

    • Nic15

      I’m the same coloring and I like to use MAC’s bronzer in Golden during winter & Refined Golden during summer. I also like Smashbox’s bronzer in Suntan Matte. It’s a nice matte bronzer that doesn’t make you look muddy & it’s also great for contouring. The MAC bronzer are not shimmery by any means, but they aren’t matte either. Just give you a nice glow without looking orange or dirty. Good luck!

  10. lexi

    i use usually only bronzer and no blush. i like to try new bronzers – but usally end up back at MAC Golden!

  11. Chanel’s Bronze Universel :) <33333333333333333333333 looks amazing in the sun :)

  12. milaxx

    My personal fave is gold deposit msf. gives a nice just go back from the islands glow without looking to glittery. (I’m an NC50 BTW) my other trick is to ix a tiny bit of strobe cream with sculpt & sculpture for an all over glow.
    biggest rant is when people over do and look too glittery or orange

  13. Michelle

    I don’t use bronzer — I just don’t like the way it looks on me. I just use a blush like “Peaches” by MAC on my cheekbones and it instantly warms up my complexion and gives me a peachy glow.

  14. Sam

    my favorite bonzer for my skin tone is cargos bronzer
    it doesnt have a specific name (at least i dont think so)
    it comes in a tin and gives my skin a perfect glow

  15. Luda

    I love love love my bronzer. Don’t leave home without it. I love NARZ my favorite is NARZ duo bronzer and blush in laguna/ orgazm. The combination of those two make my skin the perfect color.

  16. MC

    Christine, can you do a rant & rave about colored mascara?

  17. Rio

    I do like bronzers occasionally, but it’s fairly hard to find one light enough for me. Once I get a little tan in the summer, which I try to avoid, I can use it easier. Bronzer, unfortunately, looks too obvious on my skin, and tends to look horrible when I apply it over my freckles, which are right where I should apply it, of course.

  18. I love bronzer! I think it looks much more natural in the summertime to have a bit of a sunkissed glow, so I start adding bronzer daily ~ mid June.

    I used BE Warmth for the LONGEST time, and absolutely LOVED it, before figuring out that it was causing the little red blemishes on my cheeks. =/ I’ve been on the hunt for a nice, subtle bronzer since and I think I may have finally found it!

    I am not sure what my shade is (guessing NC35-45ish), but my MAC match for undereye concealer is NC30 – which makes me not dark, per se, but certainly not pale either. MAC’s Golden Nectar Highlight Powder looks gorgeous on me! It definitely shows up as a bronzer on my skin, but it’s so subtle and does double-duty in giving me an absolutely gorgeous glow to my skin. Love it! Wearing it here: FOTD – Summery Gold & Green + MAC Golden Nectar

    I did try MAC Golden too, but found that one looked more obvious, needed more blending, and didn’t have that fantastic sheen that Golden Nectar gives.

  19. Peyton

    I’m already very tan so I don’t use bronzer unless its winter and i get lighter. BUT my sister loves MAC refined golden bronzing powder and guerlain bronzing brush

  20. amanda

    I like bronzer, I feel it adds more dimension to my face. only rant I have is that it usually makes my face pinker, I actually think orangish bronzr look better on me. I have some yellow undertones, Stila Sun 1 is nice but the Estee Lauder bronze goddess is making me too pink. Of course i have a ton of the EL one (it’s huge!) and I’m out of my Stila one. Does anyone know of any other orange like bronzers like Stila Sun 1?