Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… BRIGHT LIPSTICK!

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49 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Bright Lipstick

  1. I like it on me because I’ve got high contrast (super pale skin, either dark brown hair so dark it looks black or I’m dyeing it an intense red, and blue-green eyes). However, I think anyone can pull it off if they’ve got the right attitude about it :)

    • Jessie

      I agree with you Phyrra. I’m pale with dark red hair & I’ve always worn bright lipstick- I love reds & hot pinks =)
      I do think that anyone can pull them off but I understand how some people can feel uncomfortable with it because I still can’t do bright/colorful eyeshadow.

  2. claudia

    I agree with Phyrra, I like it because I have pale skin and dark hair and it’s a nice contrast. The brighter the better !

  3. I love it. I think it’s a great thing to own. It looks great on everyone, when paired with the right hair/eyeshadow/accessories/etc. Plus it can be toned down if needed, by mixing with a different color, diluting with gloss or just applying sparingly with a lip brush.

  4. I tend to stick with a MLBB approach to lip colors. Bright lipsticks kind of scare me. But then, so do bright e/s colors. And I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone in both areas, so…any suggestions for really wearable bright lipsticks/glosses/stains?

    I’ve already ordered Fyrinnae’s Type A lipstain, so I will be trying that out when it gets in…

    • MC

      Pink Poodle lipgloss looks wayyyy hothothotpink in the tube but applies a lot less *bam!* on me. It’s pretty, not too bright, and can be applied over a variety of different l/s shades for different looks.

    • hi

      OMG! I’ve been thinking about ordering it but don’t know the quality of anything of Fyrinnae’s. Give me a review when you’ve tried it, pretty please 😀

  5. MC

    I love it! I wear it almost daily. Mainly hot pinks and reds, not too many purple-y shades. I tend to go for brown-ish eye shadow shades so lip stick is a way to keep my look vibrant!

  6. shontay

    I LOVE bright lipstick. I don’t wear lip liner, though so I make sure to check up on it after a while. But, I really don’t have feathering problems, thankfully. I have full lips and an olive skin tone and bright lips are just hot.

  7. tremorviolet

    I love bright lipsticks but you have to pay attention, when they start to wear off, they can look kinda clownish. Plus, there’s the whole making sure the eye shadow is neutral so you don’t looks overly made up. But I still love them and will wear bright pinks to the office (on Friday!).

  8. i love bright lipsticks. i just love ’em because of how bright they are. i know they ain’t wearable and if they are, it would take guts. the brightest lipstick that i have so far is make up for ever’s lacquered lipstick in 203 (orange fluo pink). it’s so pretty and it instantly makes a dull face glow. and the hot pink color is exactly what i’m looking for. the only bright lipstick that I always wear so far is MAC’s Russian Red l/s. My HG for red lipsticks.

  9. hi

    I LOVE bright lipstick, as long as it’s not glossy. Anything glossier than a satin finish looks weird on me for some strange reason! I find if I’m lazy, I can just smudge on some black liner, mascara, maybe a sheer cheek tint if I’m looking pale, and let the lips have it with a layer of a bright lippie. 😀

  10. I love bright lipsticks, just got Trimming Talk and it’s gorgeous! My only problem is I usually wear bright colour eyeshadows, so I can’t wear bright lipstick as well, so I have to remember I need to tone down the eyes and that doesn’t happen too often. :)

  11. I love how the color pops out :)

  12. badfish

    Lipstick is such a pain. Needs a mirrow to re-apply. It’s the only makeup that I can live without. Lipgloss is so much easier. I try and try to use lipstick, but I just can’t be bothered.

  13. Tattoo Girl

    Love ’em! Except on little old women. Somehow that always looks funny to me.

  14. Brenda

    I appreciate how bright lipstick brightens the whole face, and makes eye-makeup less complicated to apply, but it does feel a bit intimidating. I somehow feel like i’m playing with my mother’s makeup again!! LOL!

  15. Lisa

    It looks great on some people, but Im not one of them.

  16. Roslyn

    I love everything about bright lipstick on my lips just as long as it works with the rest of what I’m wearing to make a nice composition as a whole.

  17. Ruth

    I think it all depends on coloring and complexion. I have extremely pale skin, blue eyes and brunette hair. Because of this I can pull off some brights, as long as they suit my warm, very pale complexion. I love to wear corals, coral reds, orange reds, bright chestnut hues and some bright warm pinks.

  18. Meagan

    I love bright lipsticks! I think anybody can pull off a bright lipstick look as long as they get a color that’s right for them. I find that warmer tones work with my skin color. I love to pair them with a nude, perfectly lined eye and a good lengthening/thickening mascara.

  19. Faith

    I love it when other people are so bold, but I’ve never had as much fun playing with lip stuff as I do with eyeshadow. Comes off too easily, too diffcult to find good colors, etc. I’m also a big fan of heavy eyeshadow, so pairing that with bold lips would just be overkill.

  20. Macaddict

    Love bright and dark, vibrant colors (l/s & e/s). However, for obvious reasons, I can only do the one or the other; not both at same time; too clownish.
    I tend to favour vivid and more basic shades of l/s and don’t do the “pinky-beigy kind of neutrals” kind of thing. All my l/s fall into these categories; bright reds, bright orages, bright purples, bright pinks. Ok, I have some neutrals but I keep those for my OTT e/s looks or dark smoky.

  21. I love how it adds a pop if I’m going for a neutral color e/s

  22. Karen

    To me…it depends on the situation (time and place for everything..and every colour for that matter). I find bright lipsticks are fabulous for fun occasions or partying…but not so much for work or for more formal outings. That’s my opinion…not everyone’s!

  23. geri~

    i personally don’t think I can pull off the bright red lipstick! Always stick to pinks, nudes and coral…

  24. Nic

    I love bright lipstick. I don’t wear it very often because I tend to wear low-maintenance lip color most of the time, but it’s fun to put on a bright red or bright pink sometimes.

  25. DevilishDoll

    I don’t really wear bright lipsticks, mostly light pinks or purply ones, I think the brightest lipstick I have right now is Pomposity. So Trimming Talk is gonna be a first for me. I usually just wear bright eyeshadows.

  26. DW

    It seems to bring out the fact that my teeth are yellowish. Yuck. Anybody know of a good whitener? I can’t handle this anymore. LOL. I had sensitivity to the Crest strips when they were first launched.

    • badfish

      Use blue products, like blue mouth wash and blue tooth paste. I had this blue mouth wash that stained my bathroom counter. My boyfriend is a dentist and when I asked him about it he told me it is because blue makes teeth appear whiter. He actually doesn’t like those “whitening” products, the sensitivity problem is due to how they whiten.

  27. I love it! I just wish I had the guts to wear it more often… mostly I just try on colors at MAC.

  28. My first lipstick was a bold bright red – that pretty much says that I love bright colours :)

  29. Yaya

    I love bright colors… but of course, only if they compliment someone. I think bright lipstick, flawless skin, and just mascara on the eyes looks beautiful.

  30. Daisy

    I usually don’t wear bright lipstick, I prefer a more natural tone. But whenever I do wear bright lipstick I get a lot of compliments. I always love seeing people wearing a really bright lipstick! I think the people who wear bright colours are usually quite into make-up already so it’s great to look at.

  31. Jen

    I like bright lipsticks but bleeding is so much more noticeable. Especially when your lips age and the fine lines make it harder to define the edges. I have tried a few primers but find them drying and they end up caking up the lipstick. I have the same problems with darker looks as well.

  32. amy

    I love bright lipsticks because I have full lips and it creates a statement. I think it also works well with my medium dark skin tone and dark eyes.

  33. Andrea

    I really like bright lipsticks, as long as they’re not very dark!

  34. I like bright lipsticks because you can experiment with them and anyone can rock bright lipsticks!

  35. KrisBliss

    I love a bright lip. Just this last Friday I did a bright pink lip (Impassioned) with Love Alert Dazzleglass over it and only did black mascara and liner. I am very fair and I do a little color on the cheeks so I don’t look too washed out, but other than that LoveLoveLove brightness!

  36. Alison

    i love bright red in every shade, wear bright lipstick every day.
    i also love bright pink but its not as easy to wear for me, reds seem to match my skin tone better.
    i’ve been wearing hollywood nights and lickable creamsheen but i have to think carefully about my other makeup.

  37. Sass

    I don’t like lipstick period and bright ones I really despise. They are just tacky. Reds, browns, dull pinks and neutrals are lovely l/s to wear in my opinion.

  38. muffingrl

    i love bold berry lips with classic winged eyeliner!

  39. I LOVE all kinds of bright lipsticks! Adore color and a bright lip is a perfect way to make a makeup interesting!

  40. I love how it looks, but I’m always paranoid that it’s going to end up on my teeth, smeared across my face or on my husband lol. I usually stick to nudes, but will experiment with a bright lippie once in a while.

  41. Christy

    It’s great sometimes, but I’m so tan at the moment, it looks kinda odd. Then my bf complains about lipstick stains on his lips, so I’m trying to stick to glosses or nudes.

  42. Tasha

    i love them. though i’ve tried to get out of my deep, bright, or dramatic lip rut by trying more nude or light colored lips. i can appreciate the lighter lip now but i’m really looking forward to Fall so i can pair them both together.

  43. Rachel

    I have bright fuschia, coral, but no red! I’m just too scared to try it right now.

    • Soraya

      I felt the same way!! till one day i said, well i already wear brigth pink why not!? i gave it a try and LOVED RED LIP! just play with it 😀 have fun!