Saturday, April 19th, 2008

Rant & Rave

Tell us why/what you love, hate, or are indifferent about… BLUE EYESHADOW!

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59 thoughts on “Rant & Rave: Blue Eyeshadow

  1. ayat

    I love blue shadow with all it’s shades,I’m NC 40 but I think it compliments all skin tones.I don’t own any MAC blue shadows except for the one that came with Fafi eyes 2 quad and MAC piggies, I would love to own Bang on Blue or a color similar to it, that’s why I can’t wait for Naugthy Nauticals :)

  2. MEG

    the only blue I have is Deep truth.
    I love using it for a smokey eye.

    I am always very careful with blue becuase I
    don’t want someone to think I am stuck in the 80’s! : )

  3. Jenny

    I own way too many blue eyeshadows and I haven’t used them in months. I have a tendency of buying colors because they look so darn cute in the pot!! I like doing a blue smoky look when I go out at night, but that hardly ever happens now because of school.

    I’m an NC40 in SFF, does anyone have any suggestions to make blue colors work for a daytime look?

    • LOL, I know what you mean. Bright colors do look ever so lovely in their pots. I like blue as a crease color, keeping everything else plain, or else as a liner for the day time.

  4. Julia

    I LOVE blue eyeshadow! The trick is finding the shade that works for you. Not everyone call pull off bright blue, so trying darker or tealer colors can help. My favorite blue is naval blue pigment, which is dark enough for most people to easily pull off.

  5. Natasha

    thumbs up for blue e/s. i even prefer a blue smokey eye to a grey or brown smokey eye. it just makes the white of my eye appear whiter.

    my blue MAC e/s include moons reflection, moon flower, freshwater, flashtrack, contrast and waft (from the smoke signals quad) and at some angles, even knight divine looks blue.

  6. Christina

    I’m an NC25 with brown eyes but I love blue eyeshadow and I wish I could pull off any shade of blue. I love smoldering, smokey blue eyeshadow.. preferably in rich sapphire or cobalt blue tones. Those shades really make my brown eyes look golden. :)

  7. ana

    I love blue eyeshadow! I’m an NC30 brown hair, brown eyes and I wear blue eyeshadow almost daily. I own contrast, night owl, surreal, deep truth, tilt, steel blue and naval blue pigments.

  8. lala

    I use to hate it, because thought “who can wear such a color”…but I love it…now…not for everyday..I wore a blue look yesterday.

  9. hmmm i only have 2 blue shadows — freshwater and knight divine (which is more gray than blue really), but on me any “true” blue shade makes me look, well, awful. freshwater is nice in the summer to line my lower lashline with, but i find that when i put it on my lid it just looks off. so i steer clear of blues, although Deep Truth has caught my attention lately……..and Naughty Nauticals looks purty, too!

  10. Jenna

    It complements most skin tones, it’s a great alternative to a black smoky eye (a dark blue smoky eye, anybody?) for people who can’t quite accomplish it without looking like they got beat up, and there’s a shade of blue for everyone and for every occasion! I have 5 shades of blue and another one on the way (I’m an NC30 with brown eyes and brown-black hair).

    I wish I can wear blue e/s more often, but if I wear it to work, my CEO will rag on me for not looking “professional”.

  11. Sandy

    I love all my blue e/s, I have four of them: Tilt, Freshwater and Deep Truth by MAC and I have this bright blue by Hard Candy. I just can’t wear them to work coz I think blue is a little too much for my workplace. I wear them on the weekends and at night though :)

  12. AmyLou

    A nice smokey navy look can be really awesome. Dark liners or bright ones that really pop are cool for going out.

    However, as for an everyday blue look, I’m not really sold on it. A bit too 80s-ish for me. But if you can rock it, more power to you!

    • I definitely feel like a bright blue look during the day can be hard to rock, but if you’re the right person, you can definitely do it (aka you have the confidence!).

  13. Davina

    i have very pale blue eyes & have a hard time pulling of a true blue look without using greens in there too. i have electric eel and am about to swap it away, i think it’s a little too blue for me. i like freshwater & deep truth in combo with other colors though.

  14. There is a woman at my work, who is definitely a “cool”, wears no foundation or anything, and then just wears this blue/teal color with no black liner or anything- just the same color on the lid and rimming the eyes. How can I tell her she looks like a zombie!?

  15. I love blue shadow! If you do it right, you won’t look like a diner waitress or Mimi from Drew Carey. It can be gorgeous! If anyone ever needed proof, you just have to look up all Temptalia’s blue Looks!

    • I have to tell you, though, it can be pretty damn hard to muster up the confidence to go out there and rock blue eyeshadow, LOL.

      Thank you :)

  16. Hey Cristine,

    I really think it make my eyes POP, yes POP!!I really adore blue eyeshadows,I really love FRESHWATER E/S,Bluer Blue eyeshadow E/S And i really get down with blue colours like which have a deep look like GRAY,I really dont fall for them and i also dont really like BANG ON BLUE.On a whole yea u can say i like bue with a mix of greens in it!!BUT RALLY CANT PULL OFF JUST BLUE!!Its WEIRD.


  17. I would choose my green or golds any day over blue. The reason? Well, even though I own a few blues I feel I have to be extra careful not to go too over the top and look clownish. Being chinese, blue can look scary if not applied in the right way. It’s not the most flattering colour on me for sure.

  18. karen

    i’m afraid to wear it because i don’t want to looke like MiMi from the Drew Carry Show. You know, the one that loves trolls and had that weird wedding dress.

    • lol, Karen, I think we are ALL afraid of that 😉 Trust me, even though I’ve done all the colors under the sun, blue is still one I can waver on!

  19. Sanayhs

    I have so many blues, I love them! Freshwater eyeshadow is absolutely one of my favourites.

  20. Joli

    Well of course I love blue. I’m a Sharks fan, on gamedays I’ve got teal going almost all the way to my eyebrows. LoL!

    • Ohh, you’re in the Bay Area, Joli? I live SUPER close to the HP Pavillion! I go to some of the Saber Cats games :) (My dad always gets free tickets.)

  21. Tonee

    Not my favorite color in the world, but I seem to have a lot of blue eye shadows and gel liners! I like wearing dark blue eye shadow more than the lighter shades, especially as an eye liner. I stay away from light shades because it doesn’t suit my NC35 skin tone. Shades like Flashtrack, Deep Truth and UD’s Adore are fabulous when blended with Black Tied and Knight Divine – add some glossy black mascara and blue red lipstick and you get one of my favorite looks!

    • lol! Isn’t it surprising that even though it isn’t a favorite, we end up with several of it anyway?

      I’d LOVE to see you with that blue smoky eye and red lips…!

      • Tonee

        I don’t have a pic in which I have blue smoky eyes and red lips, but I might just send you a mug shot of myself wearing an absolutely BRIGHT red lipstick one of these days 😉

  22. dee

    I love blue eyeshadow. There’s no other color that instantly draws me toward it. After weeks of playing with the color and saying how CUTE it was I finally bought electric eel yesterday(right in time for my right eye to swell halfway shut…) I’m NC45, but depending on how you use it, I think blue works for everybody. Even as just a liner, it can give a jolt of color(brights) or be less harsh than black(midnight blues)

  23. kat

    it has to be the right blue. but even though, it still reminds me of mimi from the drew carey show…

  24. Carrie

    If it’s dark blue, i love it! My favorites are Prussian powerpoint pencil and Prankster from Fafi 2. I know this sounds ridiculous, but even though I hardly ever use the other 3 colors in the Fafi 2 quad, I’m still glad I bought it just so that I can use Prankster. 😛

    I stay away from lighter blues. I like how light blue looks on models who have had their makeup professionally applied, but on everyday folks, most of the time I think it looks too garish. It’s gorgeous when done nicely, though!

  25. Ziya

    Hey guys,
    I am a NW 25 and I can never seem to pull of blue!! unless its a thin line I always look silly or off with a full look…I cant really pull of a lot green either..I think the warm tones in my skin only suit the pinks,purples,and other sunshiney colors :( I sad… lol

  26. I really like blue eyeshadow, but I’m always worried that when I wear it out people will think I look ridiculous!

  27. hahah Christine you read my mind! I was jsut thinking about blue eye shadows and why i hve about 6 different hues of them and never really used it. i love blue but i guess the different shades of it makes it harder to blend in together, at least for me. but you know *maybe* i will try and play with them more..

  28. taj

    Blue is easy to carry, and I believe everyone can find at least one shade of blue that suits her.

    • I find all-over blue or a predominantly bright blue eye hard to carry, personally :( I have to be in a good “I love me” kind of mood for it!

  29. I love blue. I wear it in the contour on the regular or I just do all blue makeup, with blue eyeliner and blue mascara. LOL I think blue looks beautiful on all women. You just have to be confident to wear it.