Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Gorgeous Fast ($8.76) is the latest release from the ever-uplifting Carmindy. Funny enough, I’ve been watching a whole lot of What Not to Wear lately, so it was really fun to be able to interview Carmindy in celebration of her new book!

Crazy Busy Beautiful is a fun and easy read that includes beauty tips and tricks from–yep, you guessed it–Carmindy! The idea behind the book is that women are incredibly busy these days, and they don’t have the time to sort through all of the beauty information out there, so Carmindy’s put her favorite tips and pieces of advice in one place. I just got my copy, but I’m excited to start reading it this weekend–it’s going to be a nice break from legal eagle reading!

Temptalia: How can women feel beautiful every day?

Carmindy: By looking into the mirror in the morning and starting with a good positive mirror mantra. With the right positive attitude any makeup you put on the skin will look more beautiful!

T: If you only have ten minutes in the morning to do your makeup, what should you spend that time doing?

C: My 5 Minute Face technique is the right way to go and you can save the other 5 minutes for sipping tea and taking a moment to visualize the great day ahead. (see below for the order)

T: What order should you apply your makeup in? (e.g. concealer, foundation, primer, powder, blush)

C: This is the order:

  1. Blend on foundation all over face including eye lids with a non-latex sponge
  2. Dab on concealer under eyes
  3. Tap on cream highlighter under the brows, on the inside corners of the eyes and on top of the cheekbones
  4. Sweep a light dusting of powder all over face including eye lids (but avoiding top of the cheekbones and under the browbone)
  5. Apply eyeliner on the upper lash line only
  6. Sweep on mascara on the upper lash line only
  7. Apply powder blush to the apples of the cheeks
  8. Finish with a quick swipe of lip color.

T: What are your tricks and tips for finding the right foundation color?

C: Swipe 3 foundation shades that are as close to your skin tone as possible along the jawline and then go to a window in the daylight and look into a mirror. The color that disappears into your skin is the correct shade for you.

T: Where do you get inspiration for the beauty looks you create?

C: Traveling the world and looking at unique women every day.

Carmindy discusses more about real beauty and how she got her start as a makeup artist in this interview.

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16 thoughts on “Q&A: Interviewing Carmindy, Makeup Artist

  1. Catherine

    I don’t think there’s any chance I could do all those steps in only 5 minutes….

    • Wilcoa

      Haha no kidding, I’d be lucky if I was done in 15 ;P

      • lunamaris

        i agree :) i do on some days the same make-up and it takes me (with powder foundation and without highlighter) longer…

    • Marie

      This actually does work in 5 minutes
      if you do it right
      its actually the minimum you should be wearing already
      any less and you aren’t balances in your face
      I do more than this every single day and it takes 5-10 minutes

  2. katt

    I adore Carmindy! I have both her books, and she was the one that really got me into makeup. With a little bit of practice, the 5 minute face is very doable!

  3. lisa

    I have to get her new book!

  4. K

    Oh, I love Carmindy! Not only does she make others pretty, she’s gorgeous herself.

  5. Ashley

    I have to say… I really HATE Carmindy as a makeup artist. I mean, there are times when I look at the end results and think “Dear God, what did she do to you?!”, either because of a mismatch in foundation shade, the very obvious fact that they have foundation on due to it looking cakey, really terrible mascara use, etc. Basically, if I’m watching What Not To Wear, I either mute her part or change the channel completely lol.

    Oh and, if I applied foundation to my lids, even without eyeshadow over it, I’d end up with massive creasing.

    • Lynniekae

      I generally like her makeovers, but I do agree some of the women just look “too” made up. Sometimes I think it’s just for the benefit of the show bc when the women go home for their reveal, they never look as made up as when she does it.

      Oh, and I think I could only do 2,4,6,7,8 in five minutes lol.

      • Ashley

        I think that’s because the women do their own makeup for the reveal, as opposed to Carmindy doing it. I always HATE seeing episodes/reruns where she’s using Great Lash, because it would give every woman spider lashes. Seriously, come on! I also hated how with most women their skin textures looked exaggerated.
        I dunno, I just find her irritating and do not think that she is very talented as a makeup artist. Maybe as a salon makeup artist for girls going to prom, sure.

    • Marie

      Youre supposed to apply foundation everywhere
      on your lids included
      without it youll look splotchy
      it holds eyeshadow, liner, etc
      if you use the right one it wont crease
      if you arent wearing eyeshadow or liner, which you should with foundation regardless, then it still is necessary because your eyelid skin is very thin and so it shows veins and is generally lighter
      you need foundation to cover that or else youll look aged and uneven

  6. Kathleen

    Mascara and eyeliner take me too long to be able to do all that in five minutes.

    My five minute face would be concealer under eyes, powder, blush and lipcolor, probably. But I usually spend 15-20…heehehehe. I like eyeshadow too much! :)

  7. 5 minutes? I’d rather not do makeup at all if I only had 5 minutes. I like taking my time when doing makeup (as I take a lot of joy in actually doing it, rather than to make myself “look good”) – if it comes out crappy and half-arsed, I feel terrible.

  8. Ann Burgess

    Have you found a remedy for removing Carmindy’s makeup from clothing after the occasional mishap. I have had to throw away three blouses because the foundation squirted out in all directions from the nozzle and nothing I did took the impenetrable stain out. I sent email to – no response. I love the makeup, but I don’t love what it has done to some of my favorite blouses.