Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Pucker Up: Shimmery Purple Lips

I wanted to use Night Violet mattene, which is an up and coming shade MAC Style Black, slated for release on September 24th. Night Violet has come out previously (which is why/how I have it). I then wanted to see if Violetta lipstick would give it a cool, brighter purple sheen (not really–the camera shows more of this effect than is visible in person, to be certain). Since Violetta didn’t quite kick it up a notch, I added Pink Opal pigment to the center of the lip (just patted on), which gave it a funky iridescence. I’m about a glossy lip, so I couldn’t resist adding Nice Kitty lipglass on top (which is mostly shimmer on me, not a lot of color).

In real life, the lips looked rather solid-colored, no real demarcation between colors, but there was just an extra sheen towards the center of the upper and lower lips and where they met. I liked it, but I’d probably recommend omitting Violetta or Night Violet — either will work great as a base; Violetta for a very bright look, Night Violet for a deeper, darker look (more like this one).

See the progression

Night Violet Mattene

Violetta Lipstick layered on top

Pink Opal pigment layered on the center

Nice Kitty Lipglass layered all over

Night Violet mattene, Violetta lipstick, Pink Opal pigment, Nice Kitty lipglass

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68 thoughts on “Pucker Up: Shimmery Purple Lips

  1. Eunice

    ohmygosh, this is SO gorgeous! pink opal totally kicked it up by a few notches. this seals the deal. i’m getting pink opal. i was kinda on the fence about it as i wasn’t sure what i could do with it but *AHH* what a great way to add iridescence! do you think that night violet can be worn on occasions other than halloween? because i reeeeeally want it but i’m scared that it’d be more unwearable than it looks :( btw, i LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! totally feeding my lip obsession.

  2. Siledhel

    I would really like to see how it works as a look. It kind of works for the lips; but I think that sometimes when you see the whole face using such a dark color, it kind of looks like “too much”, and when you smile it looks “clownish”
    I’m probably not making any sense here =P
    It’s morning, and I should be paying attention to work

    • Thanks, Siledhel! :) I totally know what you mean, but when in doubt, just slick mascara on lashes and add a little liner and you’ll never have too much on the lips!

  3. Gabbie

    I like the 3rd one is the best. Which reminds me, I need to get a backup of Pink Opal soon probably…..best pigment ever.

  4. I love the purple lips! I also love seeing your progression with the colors :)

  5. DazzleGlam

    I’ve never been a real big fan of the Mattene. Last year when MAC launched the Cult of Cherry I bought just about everything, but the Mattenes were too dry on me. I wasn’t very impressed with the way they felt at least on my lips. I do really love this color though for fall. Are there any lip colors that match Night Violet? it;s such a beautiful color. . .


  6. Is Violetta lipstick permanent? I really love the swatch. Might consider getting it if it’s perm. Night Violet is too dark for me, so the whole mix is too dark. But it’s pretty nonetheless.

  7. daphne

    Dang, that is intense! I love it Christine! Were you just playing with this look, or did you do a full face? Would you ever go out with these lips? I’d love to see them on your whole face, but I totally understand if you didn’t take the pictures.

  8. Christy

    I like the shimmer, too bad it doesn’t really show up in real life. I’m not a big fan of super dark lips as much as I did years ago, so Violetta is more up my alley then Night Violet. I still have a tube of Film Noir and Velvet from back then that haven’t turned yet.

  9. Diabla

    It’s a really really beautiful combination. It works wonderfully. Purple looks great. If only I didn’t look horrible with purple lips I’d rock that look!

  10. fiaspice

    cool look I love it, even if I couldn’t pull that off.

  11. DevilishDoll

    I don’t like the way Night Violet looks by itself, but I love Violetta and the look as a whole. Awesome color. I would love to see a full face pic with some eyeshadow and stuff.

  12. sugarcrumb

    Is it me or does night violet look like it doesn’t quite apply evenly?

  13. Love the purple lips!
    I need to dig up my Night Violet and put it to use this fall. Love the looks- so Lavande-garde!

  14. Heather

    The third one rocks the others are eww

  15. Bettina

    The very first one on top is awesome…

  16. amy

    I love the combination, it is strong and vibrant. It reminds me of the Vena Cava’s shows matte violet lips at first glance.

  17. Dusty

    Violetta is probably my all-time favorite lip color from MAC. Love, love, love purple lips! This looks awesome! Great job!

    • What do you pair Violetta with, Dusty?

      • Dusty

        I honestly LOVE Violetta on it’s own! I’ll use MAC’s Magenta lip pencil (my all-time favorite lip pencil) as a base and WOW! It has an opalescent quality when you use it sparingly though; if someone were afraid of too much color but wanted to try it (please do!) I’d recommend dabbing it lightly over any lip color for a touch of pearly purple. You can always wipe it off if you don’t like it.

        My two favorites to add Violetta to are AVEDA lip colors: Black Currant (a deep juicy bing cherry) and Sheer Ivory Nut (my FAVORITE nude lipstick – and I LOVE nudes!). MAC and AVEDA lipsticks both smell tasty together too! :) Vanilla and mint! Yum! LOL!

      • Dusty

        Ooo! One more I forgot to mention! Haha! Violetta is perfect as a soft, feathered-out lip color. Lightly tap it over bare lips (no hard edges!) for a really pretty diffused look (this is also my FAVORITE way to use MAC’s Magenta lip liner – blend the edges instead of lining the lips perfectly – Looks like candy!).

  18. Nicole15

    Gorgeous – such a Risa lip combo. I absolutely love it. The pink opal pigment in the center is beautiful & you probably could’ve even stopped there as it looked perfect, but I too, always like a gloss on top so probably would’ve gone a step further as well. Maybe Funtabulous dazzleglass. Such a fun Tuesday lip!! Thx :)

  19. Lisa

    Wow! This is FIERCE!!!! Love it! Thanks a lot for sharing this great combo :)

  20. Tami

    Nice combo! I may just have to pick up Night Violet when it comes out.
    I already own Pink Opal pigment and Nice Kitty l/g so I’m just going to see how it works without Violetta.

  21. Raven

    Sexy!!! Great idea!! U have great lippies girrrrl!!

  22. Night Violet is MINEEE. Btw I love your lips! I love it with Violette layred on top, and right there its fine.

  23. Taj

    I love the final hybrid ! Wish there was one lipstick that could do the trick !

  24. Bettina

    I cant see myself pulling off a color like that…. but Id love to try it on all the same.

  25. Christine,
    Would Pink Pearl do as a substitute for Pink Opal. I do not have it in my collection.


  26. love

    How Could I get the Pro lipstick to recreate this look…?

    Also, would you wear this color look to match or with a black outfit, or colors in the same color family, like red, blue(navy) etc

  27. Karla

    Does anyone know if pink opal pigment is perm? I got violetta a long time ago and love it with just winged out liner and mascara. I also wear it with Oversexed plushglass on top it makes it deeper berryred/purple. Hard to explain… love it tho. Or violetta with funtablous dazzleglass. I can’t wait to get the night violet mattene!! I’m so excited!

  28. joe

    Oh my, that’s quite gorgeous !
    What would you wear as eyeshadow with a deep plum color like that though ?
    I really have to know! going out tonight but I’ve got no idea what to wear as eyeshadow !