Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

MAC Black Knight Lipstick + MAC Bling Black Glimmerglass

Pucker Up:  Black as Knight

As I expected, applying MAC’s Black Knight lipstick does yield better results when used with a lip brush than straight outta the tube. (But it’s important to know that distinction–you want to know just how much work you have to put in to get what you want out of a product.)  It took me a solid five minutes to layer the color on, and I felt like I had to use a fair amount of product.  I mean, honestly, not particularly dismaying as this isn’t a shade I’ll be reaching for constantly, so I don’t run a high risk of using it up in the next week.

Black Knight will eventually layer and look opaque enough to satisfy most.  I do want to note that in my bathroom’s light, unevenness and flaws are very, very minimized.  When I stood in the mirror, it looked pretty opaque–even when I shoved my face all up in my mirror’s business.  The camera’s flash does accentuate every little flaw!

Black lips are very, very high maintenance.  The color bleeds, and it is easy for you to smudge and pull at the color and make it uneven.  Just pressing your lips together will create some unevenness, which is a little frustrating!  A drier black lipstick would be easier to work with, to be honest.  I’d probably recommend MAC’s Black Lip Mix over Black Knight lipstick.

Bottom Line: Apply a thin layer of concealer or foundation (or MAC Lip Erase, which serves the same purpose) to lips.  This helps to neutralize your natural lip color and make whatever you’re applying much more pigmented, but it also evens out the surface a little more and adds a dry layer.  Black Knight has a lot of natural glossiness to it, which makes it easy for the color to slip and glide, creating that uneven look.  Use either a very dark or a clear lip liner all around the edges of the lips to help prevent the intense color from bleeding.  Then, apply Black Knight using a lip brush.  Layer until satisfied.  Be cautious when applying gloss, because the gloss tends to shift the color around in a slip-slide fashion.

See progression

MAC Black Knight Lipstick

MAC Black Knight Lipstick + MAC Bling Black Glimmerglass

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26 thoughts on “Pucker Up: Black Lips — Black as Knight

  1. Jessaminex

    I will use it without the lipgloss. =D

  2. Alexis

    ha – this was a whole lot of lip to take on Tuesday morning! Needless to say, you rock it well. If I were 10 yrs younger – I probably could pull this off!

  3. claudia

    yeah, i’m afraid i’m also too old for it.
    wish to see the whole look Christine, not just the lips :)

  4. Jennifer

    I see a pair of lips and I want it painted black. No lip colors anymore, I want them to turn black.

  5. Anitacska

    I just don’t do black lips, so of course don’t like this either.

  6. Ashley

    The product honestly looks like such poor quality..
    I mean, it reminds me of this old NYC black nail polish that goes on with about as much colour as dirty water.

    The idea could probably work, just not with the product in my opinion

  7. Christy

    I know I wont be doing a solid black lip, but this is still something I’d get to layer and add to other lipsticks and lipglosses.

  8. Sarah

    I think Bling Black might look great on a real black lipstick, like Amphigory’s or Urban Decay. Perhaps it would look good over Cyber as well.

  9. amy

    I like this combo better than the Midnight Media+Black Fire because I like how opaque it is and the gold shimmer/iridescence adds dimension. It shows the purpose of the collection.

  10. Hmm, I like this better than Midnight Media + Black Fire – it just seems to me that black lips should be BLACK! I think the gold is really gorgeous. However… I don’t think I’ll be wearing this lol. It’d be really fun for Halloween, but just so high maintenance for not very much opportunity to wear.

  11. Lorna

    i can think of two kinds of food this reminds me of- pig’s blood soup and black bean paste. i appreciate stepping outside the box to create makeup looks but it’s not halloween everyday of the year. thanks for look though. ^_^