Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Philosophy Purity Made Simple Review

Philosophy Purity Made Simple ($20.00 to $40.00) is a cult favorite when it comes to finding a gentle, one-stop cleanser. The original is a creamy formula with no real lathering/foaming properties. They recently launched a version that is high-foaming, which is not a creamy formula, and instead pumps out as a foam and then lathers up a bit more while applied. Purity Made Simple is a 2008 Sephora Beauty Award Winner, as well as an Allure Award winner in 2007 selected by readers. It is an “emulsifying cleanser” that gently cleanses while removing dirt and makeup. The original version was actually designed not to foam!

How does it pan out? Foaming or emulsifying? Let me tell you!

THE ORIGINAL: Purity Made Simple (funnily enough, abbreviates to PMS…) is a great option for those who want truly clean skin, but at the same time, need something gentle enough for sensitive skin. I always test a cleanser’s gentleness by how much it burns my eyes. Now, I don’t intentionally rub it in my eyes, but after a few weeks of using it, I’m bound to have gotten a bit in my eyes here and there. This doesn’t burn them, which is always a good sign.

Secondly, much of what Purity Made Simple feels and does, reminds me of Cetaphil I would say Philosophy is almost like a step up from it. Cetaphil doesn’t remove my makeup that well–at least not well enough to avoid using a makeup remover or a makeup remover wipe afterward. Philosophy does a better job in that aspect, and I often only reach for a wipe when I’ve worn heavy eye makeup (think last week’s all-blue eye), lip products, or something long-wearing (e.g., Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liners).

To apply, simply squeeze out a pea-sized amount of product onto your hand, add a touch of water, and then massage into skin for about a minute. I usually splash my face with water, then massage the product in it–I just find this technique to be easier for me. As far as price goes, I consider it worth it, and it has a good value. You can get an 8 oz. for $20.00, 16 oz. for $32.00, and 24 oz. for $40.00. I’m currently using the 16 oz. bottle, and I’ve hardly seen it go down after using it nightly for about three weeks.

THE FOAMING: Many with oilier skin, or acne-prone skin, opt for gel and foaming cleansers, because they find it gives them a better clean. Well, Philosophy has your number, ladies, because this version definitely lives up to its high-foaming description. Neither the original formula or the foaming one gives you tight-feeling skin afterward, but your skin feels refreshed and clean. One drawback from the foaming version is that it’s hard to travel with it–you need the foaming pump in order to foam out the product. Then again, it comes in 6 ounces, which you can still pack away in your check-in luggage. It’s not a big deal, but it is worth pointing out. I find I need about one or two pumps to get my cleanse on completely, and like the original, you need to massage it in for about a minute, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Price is a little higher, with 6 oz. available for $21.50 and 12 oz. available for $34.50.

WHICH ONE WINS? Both. I think it is about your preferences–both worked just as well on me. I found the foaming one isn’t quite as nice to my eyes, but it doesn’t leave me blind for minutes after (just the slightest burning sensation for a few seconds). Nonetheless, sometimes I like a nice lather, which makes the foaming version a good option to have around the house. The foaming version is pricier by the ounce, but it’s hard to tell whether you’ll use it any faster/slower than the original.

Have you tried Purity Made Simple? Which version? What was your verdict?

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36 thoughts on “Philosophy Purity Made Simple Lives Up to the Hype

  1. Nicemeka

    I absolutly love this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes all my makeup off my skin and it doesn leave you skin dry or anything and you know your skin will be soooooo clean. I use the nonfoaming one.

  2. Rabi

    I love this product as well, and I actually use both. I keep the smallest size of the nonfoaming version in the shower for mornings, and I use the foaming version at night to clean off my makeup. After about 4 pumps, all of my makeup, including mascara and liner, is gone, and I don’t feel like someone threw gravel in my eyes….These are definitely products I would recommend as great for the price!

  3. Michelle

    i got the original Purity during Nordie’s Anniversary sale. I’m so glad I took the plunge I got the super 32oz size. I am in LOVE! This stuff is great, my skin feels super clean without being tight or overly dry.

    Also if you use it to take off your makeup I’ve found that it works better on eye makeup if you don’t splash with water first. Just pump and rub on directly, this cleanser alone works better than most removers I’ve tried!!

  4. Heather

    I love the regular Purity Made Simple. It’s awesome!

  5. Natalie

    This is my favorite face cleanser hands down!!! It gently removes all my face and eye makeup, and never leaves my skin super dry after washing it. I find that I just need to wipe my eyes with a makeup removing pad to get the longer wearing makeup off (like waterproof eyeliner).

    My only gripe about the product is the packaging. I use the original, and it ALWAYS spills when I travel…I usually have to put it in a ziplock bag to keep it from leaking. Otherwise it’s all LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

    • Glosslizard

      Hi Natalie!

      Here’s one of my favorite travel tips (I travel with Purity and other squeeze-bottle products a lot), especially if altitude changes are involved! I unscrew the cap and stick a little piece of saran wrap over the top of the bottle. Screw the cap back on and it’s spill-proof! A bit of a pain, but worth it IMO!

    • Wow! It’s so amazing to hear from other fans of the line!

      I tape the top of bottles like that usually.

  6. Reesa

    I have been using the original Purity for many years and just love the stuff! It’s one of the only cleansers that I’ve been able to use consistently with no problems. It’s a winner! :-)

  7. Mabeth

    I’ve been thinking of trying Purity Made Simple soon, so thank you for this! :) Now i just need to figure out which one to get, haha. Both seem to get good reviews.

  8. Glosslizard

    I love the original Purity because it meets all my cleanser demands! It removes all my makeup (except, as you say, the really heavy-duty stuff), is safe for my eyes, and is an easy one-step in the shower without drying my skin! It just doesn’t get much better than that without getting a whole lot more expensive!

  9. Cat

    Me too Macbeth…I’ve heard so many good things about this cleanser but I think since I have oily skin I will go with the foaming one.

  10. Leigh

    Is this good for acne-prone, sensitive skin? I use Cetaphil quite a bit but it dries out my face :\

  11. MizfitMilly

    I have oily and acne prone skin but i also have dry skin. Would the original Purity be better for my skin than the foaming. I’ve never used a foaming cleanser but i heard that they’re drying to the skin.

  12. details

    The foaming one began to burn my eyes after about 5 weeks of use. It wouldn’t burn when I used it… but when I put on eye cream after using it – my skin felt raw. Otherwise I loved the foaming version – but it is more expensive. I decided to invest in the regular version – it’s cheaper, easier on my eyes, and easier to travel with. Philosophy is rockin my world right now. Especially the Help Me night treatment. oh my it’s awesome.

  13. I adore purity made simple. I’ve been using the little $10 bottle (I think that might be a sephora exclusive? it’s from the beauty to go section) and even THAT is lasting forever. I’ve used it over a month now. This cleanser is so so gentle. Even my dermatologist saw no reason to try and push a different cleanser on me because purity works great.

  14. ashley

    I’ve adored philosophy for their glosses, but I’ve never tried their skin care products. Was turned off by their primer, the one in the blue tube? Didn’t even do anything to help my makeup last longer or keep oilies under control! I have acne and oily/combo skin, but would either of the versions help with reducing/managing acne? That and oil control are my biggest concerns, I don’t even care if my eyes burn or my face starts feeling a bit dry. I really would like to try the original one though, I’ve never used a cleanser like that, it sounds so interesting!

    • You definitely have to give this a shot, though! :)

      They are helpful in managing acne because it gives you a better clean. It’s also all-in-one, so you don’t need a toner.

  15. Kayc

    This is an awesome product! I have never used any other facial cleanser after trying this.. a definite must have. I personally prefer the original one… simply because I’m not a big fan of foaming cleansers. But I found that this product works really well and lives up to its promises :)

  16. I wasn’t impressed by this!
    Bought the 16 oz. and returned it, idk why everyone likes it, i don’t even feel clean after using it, and i don’t want the foam one since i’m dry skin. :\
    idk maybe it’s just me ):

  17. Jakara

    I know I am late with my review but I started using this product back in Marck and I must say that I love it. It gets my face really clean. Afterward my face feels very refresh, clean, smooth and it is not dry. I was trying to find something cheaper but I will stick with this. I have a 4oz travel bottle and it is almost at the half mark. I only use this product at nigh and only 4 nights out of the week. The other 3 nights I use Philosophy microdelivery wash.

  18. nunuiviet

    As i’m used to french, japanese and korean skincare brands, i don’t really try other brand except for make-up , but recently a sales from philosophy asked me to try some of the product and i totally fell in love with the non foaming cleanser! I haven’t tried the foaming one + the microdelivery wash, but i read lots of good reviews about it , and it says it should be used in conjunction to get even better results.I can’t wait to try some more products! The only downfall, it’s that the products here in asia are triple of the price compare to US! very expensive! I wish i had some relatives there to ship me some when i need to!

  19. I had heard lots of good things about this product, but I just tried it for the first time recently. I got 2 samples of it from Sephora & had no excuse not to try it. :) I fell in love instantly!!
    What a great product! I have sensitive eyes that sting from just about anything, and this is very gentle. It does still sting a bit, but not nearly as bad as my old fave the Clinique 3 step.
    And I can’t get over how squeaky clean this leaves my skin!! It’s unreal. There is no residue left behind & my skin doesn’t dry out after I use this. I still put on a moisturizer anyway, but my skin feels very happy & balanced.