Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm ($15.95) is a lightweight balm to help smooth stray hairs and strands that is humidity resistant. It is meant to work in conjuction with your blow dryer, so be sure to apply this to towel-dried hair (e.g. damp hair), and then blow dry to finish smoothing. The scent of the Super Skinny Relaxing Balm is a subtle green apple, which ends up drying down virtually scentless (that’s probably a good thing!). This is very much a uni-tasking product, and since my hair is low maintenance, I don’t personally have a need that this product fills. However, I do get stray flyaways from time to time, and this does reduce the amount I get, so that is helpful!

Find a salon near you that carries Paul Mitchell products at www.paulmitchell.com.

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26 thoughts on “Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing Balm Review

  1. Amy

    My salon gave us all samples of this when it first came out. I didn’t try it at all at first because the last thing my hair needs is products weighing it down, but now I’m addicted to it. It definitely helps with the frizz!

  2. Sanayhs

    I’m a fan of this. I bought it after my hairdresser used it a couple of times to help smooth out my curly hair (big, loose curls) when blowdrying it straight. It helps to smooth out frizz and keep my hair from going nuts. :)

  3. Thanks for reviewing this Christine! I love the green apple scent of the Super Skinny products but I, too, think they would probably be too much if they didn’t fade after drying… I would most likely get nauseous with all that apple on my head!

  4. loli

    I like this stuff too. It’s really good. However, I found something better. If I can look up the link to the vid of how it works, I will place it here. It’s called Sabino Moisture Block, and it completely blocks out all frizz even in the rain. It’s my fave. I believe it can be purchased at http://www.gotfrizz.com but I will look and see if I can find the info for the free sample. Because you can email them and request one.

  5. loli

    Found it! You’re going to be amazed.

    Also here’s a link to how to get the sabino for free.

  6. Megan

    I used this product and I liek it so far. Is it safe to use with a hair straightener??

  7. Keila

    I just bought this after my stylist recommened it. I haven’t tried it yet on towel dried hair but she said it is amazing. She said is already has a heat protectant and leave in conditioner made into it. She said is straightens for you while you blow dry. Sounds pretty good to me. A lot of people are comparing this to the Super Skinny Serum, although they are completely different products. The serum goes on dry hair just to keep frizzies away. This balm goes on wet hair then blow dried.

  8. emily

    kk so should i ask for this for christmas cuz i really want stuff to keep my hair straight but i dont want 2 get something that doesnt work
    i have kinda curly hair its got like 3 locks of curls
    plz tell me if i should buy it

  9. emily

    well i have thin hair so my mom doesnt always like me flat ironing my hair
    can u use this product after u shower 2 help keep ur hair straight??
    if anyone who has this and curly hair can u please try it for me like wen u get out of the shower put it in and see if it helps reduse the puff and curls!!!!
    thank you soo much

  10. emily

    OMG thank u soo much christine
    yea theres tooo many choices lol
    ill also call my hair stylist
    do u have curly hair if so wat do u use???
    have u hear of any good products???

    • I have pretty straight hair, which is why I’m not much help, LOL! I know the ladies at naturallycurly.com are ALL about the curl, though, so I figured maybe they could help :)

  11. emily

    tnks this helps soo much christine
    im decidin btween Redkin Outshine Anti Frizz Polishing Milk
    Silk result straight smoother
    Paul Mitchell Super skinny relaxing Balm!!!!

  12. emily

    tnks i might try that

    • heather

      does this stuff like actually work?!
      cuz i dont wanna waste my $

      • collette

        i no
        i wonder if this stuff actually works or am i just wastin my money
        i buy soo manay hair stuff yall and im sick of it not working yall
        plaze tell may!!!!

      • Patticakes

        This stuff is the best I have ever used. I would not be without it in the humidity I live in…Florida. You will NOT be wasting your money.

        • samiam

          OK….. patticakes…. r u SURE its amazing
          and do u aply it after u straighten ur hair or after u shower???
          how does it work?!?!?
          thanks for helping :)