Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Paul & Joe Beaute Wild Flowers Collection for Spring 2010

This Spring, Paul & Joe Beaute sure have a lot up their sleeves… Lots of cute packaging and shades, including Alice in Wonderland-themed products!  You can check out Paul & Joe Beaute on their Facebook for more details.  Paul & Joe Beaute have a pretty limited availability in the states, primarily at Bergdorf Goodman and a few select retailers across the country (check for local availability at  I spotted it online at Beautyhabit (not everything’s available, though).  I remember drooling over the ultra cute packaging when I was visiting NYC last February–had to go to Bergdorf’s at least once in my life!

Face & Eye Color

  • Honey Suckle (064) Off white/brown gold
  • Lady’s Slipper (065) Fresh green/fresh pink
  • Purple Clover (066) Light purple/dark purple

Lip Gloss Lacquer

  • Baby’s Breath (001) Clear white/healthy beige
  • Snapdragon (002) Clear orange/vibrant orange
  • Primrose (003) Sweet pink/fuchsia pink

Nail Enamel

  • Tutu Candy pink that glistens with juicy clear colour
  • Mata Haria Enchanting, Oriental-style Mandarin orange
  • Magnolia Milky white flower petals, sweet and decliate, that blossom on your fingertips
  • Sequin Silver glitter with a vintage sparkle
  • Stardust Scintillating gold glitter

Creamy Cheek Powder

Creamy solid cheek colour that’s smooth and delectable

  • Marionette Adorable, pretty rose pink
  • Kitten Baby pink that’s innocent like a young girl
  • Peaches Peach orange that’s moist and sweet
  • Butterfly Vibrant orange that’s healthy and colourful
  • Dusk Chic, sophisticated copper

Self Select Eye Color

01-09 are satin finishes; 10 through 17 are silk; and 18-25 are suede

  • Secret of Gold (01)
  • Torch Song (02)
  • Daisy (03)
  • Pistachio (04)
  • Waterlilies (05)
  • Pussycat (06)
  • Fable (07)
  • Starry Night (08)
  • Sterling (09)
  • Spotlight (10)
  • Nearly Nude (11)
  • Paper Lantern (12)
  • Little Sister (13)
  • Chrysanthemum (14)
  • Belladonna (15)
  • Chateau (16)
  • Museum (17)
  • Tempest (21)
  • Courtyard (22)
  • Leatherbound (24)

Alice in Wonderland Collection

  • Fantasy includes a decorated tin that features blotting paper, one blotting paper refill, and a Lip Treatment Stick.
  • Daydream includes a decorated tin with Alice on it, blotting paper, one blotting paper refill, and a Lip Treatment Stick.

See more photos!

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28 thoughts on “Paul & Joe Beaute Wild Flowers Collection for Spring 2010 (& Alice in Wonderland)

  1. Julia

    Those tins are a cute idea. I love that this uses the Disney Alice… it makes it different from some of the other launches lately.

  2. Crystal

    Wow! It’s all so fab.

  3. Beth Dileonardo

    Where can you buy these?

  4. Siledhel

    Another cute brand to crave and to use all of my savings on!!!

  5. Carrie

    i LOVE paul & joe — I’m wearing one of the winter eye palettes right now actually! One of these days when I have more $$, I’m going to pick up some primer, foundation & concealer…

  6. I love Paul and Joe Beaute!! So happy that you’re featuring their new collection here! I don’t have very much of their stuff, but I do love what I do have! I just recently got a powder blush and lipstick to add to my collection and they are really fabulous! (Though I do have to say their lipsticks run pretty sheer on average.) I actually wasn’t very excited for this season since it didn’t look like they had many makeup products on the lineup, but I didn’t know about the new nail polishes or creme blushes! Thanks so much for the info! 😀

  7. Anna

    the disney collection looks adorable, but the products seem disappointing. they should have come up with some eyeshadows and lipsticks, not just two lip treatment sticks and blotting paper. blah

  8. Alexis

    LOVE P&J – sadly it is unavailable to us here in the Bay Area. But if you are lucky enough to score it in person down in SoCal or at Bergdorf’s in NYC – I highly recommend it! Lip lacquer is my jam – and I am contemplating buying more online. I’m just glad I have seen the colors in person. You can also order online through Primping Parlour.

  9. Michelle

    That packaging is amaaaaaaazing!!

  10. Giselle

    ahhhh this collection is perfect to me !!! the packaging style is so cute !!!!

  11. Kristina

    I tend not to do “cute”, but Paul and Joe accomplished “cute” by being classically vintage, which makes it still elegant. Their polish and foundation bottles are as vanity worthy like a fine parfum.

    Benefit and the like should take a cue. Cute doesn’t have to mean tacky.

  12. Wow love the look of all of it no doubt it won’t bet in the UK though :0(

  13. I really want to get the Alice in Wonderland collection! I love the blotting sheets.

  14. Elizabeth

    Sephora *used* to carry this brand; I have no idea why they stopped. I have quite a few lipsticks still that I’m hoarding, it’s great stuff.

  15. victoria

    i wish i could try this brand but it’s expensive and not easily available like other high end brands so it doesn’t tempt me as much. if they only had it in nordstorms or saks i would surely try their products but i’m always reluctant to buy things online that i haven’t seen in person.

  16. amy

    So cute and nostalgic. It makes me want to host a high tea party with these as goodie bags.

  17. 0037sammie

    How would you use the face and eye colour- I mean, without getting the two mixed up, and it looking like a big mess on the face? The packaging is so pretty, I hope it works in practice!

  18. Luisafer

    OM, this are super cute!!! adorable… have to check this one out…

  19. Jennifer S.

    I adore this set! I called Bergdorf’s in New York and spoke with Caroline who informed me the two sets should be in on Feb. 12th or earlier. She offered to hold one aside and charge send it to my home when it arrives. They are $48.00. She can be reached at 212-872-2759 for anyone else interested in ordering one. The counter is also having a GWP during the launch for $75.00 or more for anyone interesting in adding on to the purchase. She was super nice and I just could not resist the pink one!

  20. civa

    OMG I love the images!…

  21. Eva

    I love this, and I love the name Paul and Joe…reminds me of two of the hottest boys on earth…Paul Marazzi and Joe jonas<3

  22. Nikkie

    Do you know how much the customizable trio will be? I am super excited for them!

  23. Megan

    Love this blog post and I love Paul and Joe. The packaging is so wonderful and vintage and the quality of the product is wonderful. I’ve been using their lightening serum and moisture cream for the past few months and am super-happy with the results. I bought them at a boutique as magical as my P&J products, Flora and Henri (they have shops in Seattle and NYC and online).