Monday, May 24th, 2010

In compliance with a digital takedown notice sent from OPI Products and their lawyer, all OPI images and information have been removed in order to avoid legal action taken against and its owner by OPI Products.

We will not “fight” this as a legal battle, as we have no desire to further promote nor give our time to a brand who uses their legal team on bloggers as their first line of defense. A simple Google search will turn up dozens of different websites and blogs with the same information we had previously posted.  Our apologies for being unable to serve our readers better.

We have been asked several times regarding this, but OPI did not issue any apology to  I’m happy to hear that hopefully some bloggers received apologies, but we did not. We aren’t hiding anything, and why would we?  We have always supported OPI in the past.

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58 thoughts on “OPI Burlesque Collection for Holiday 2010

  1. Love the glitter, I want them all!

  2. Annika

    oh wow ! the glitter ones look nice

  3. Ashley

    oooh, pretty! Glitter isn’t quite me because it’s such a pain to remove, but I love the colors and names! I kind of want “Extra-va-ganza” just for the name! I can’t wait to see swatches of these!

  4. Laura


  5. Q

    Since I got Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure flaky topcoat (which is really awesome – way better than I expected), I want ALL the non-glitter ones so I can flakify them!

  6. Dawn

    I love the look of these. Pity they don’t sell OPI near me

  7. Tanya

    all six shades of glitter are a must for me….the shimmers are a pass unless the swatches are to die for fab! which I kinda sorta doubt they will be. BUT sooooo glad to get some new glitters!!!

  8. Heather

    Holiday! I can’t wait that long!

  9. rachel

    hmm I wonder if these will be microglitter

  10. Virginia

    Oooh! The glitters look great!

  11. Megatron

    OMG I NEED!!

  12. Ok, ANYTHING with Burlesque in it has my attention!

  13. Natalie

    I love the glitter soo much!

  14. Carolanne

    the shimmers? ehhh….
    the glitters? OMG i want! I NEED!!! =] =] =] ::drools::

  15. Parris

    Omg…I want them all!!!

  16. They are probably capitalizing on the success of Mad Hatter, which is fine by me as long as they will be that good. I have had past glitter polishes from OPI’s holiday collections and they are either a hit or miss.

  17. Wendy M.

    Bring on the Bling looks gorg! 😀

  18. Milessa

    Do they have the mini’s to these collections??? Sephora OPI does that now when they bring out collections.

  19. Traci

    I had nothing but trouble with the Alice glitter polish so I will probably skip these :(

  20. I want all the glitter ones but will skip the shimmer ones

  21. Madelynn

    I love the green glitter!

  22. AnGeLwInGz

    I want all of ’em!

  23. Amy

    oh no! I just put myself on a “no nailpolish” ban, because I have been spending way to much money :( Why did you have to show me this! haha

  24. ezzie

    glitter crazee!
    i’ve gotta have sparkle-icious!! 😀

  25. GG

    Oh man, I seriously groaned a little when I saw the glitters. I want them so bad! It breaks my heart that (a) they’ll probably never come out in Australia, and (b) I can’t buy them online any more! The only way I could get the OPIs I wanted was through e-tailers and now OPI has alienated their most devoted fan base by pulling them. I guess I’ll take my chances on Ebay for those glitters when they come out.

  26. Jula

    Looks promising, I can’t wait to see swatches

  27. Wendy K

    omg they are so perfect, can’t wait!

  28. Sari

    I love when OPI makes glitters , they ‘re always gorgeous !
    Definetly can ‘t wait for this one .

  29. Oana

    I love OPI.. but WHAT the HECK??? How DARE they!

  30. Jodi L

    Wow, I can’t believe they would require that you take down images that essentially give their products free advertising. Sounds like a certain company has a pretty stupid legal team.

  31. Sabrina

    What the hell OPI, they’re making themselves go way downhill, their info is on SO many sites all over the net and across the world, they won’t be able to take down all of it.. And why wouldn’t they want free advertising? How lame… Kinda stupid if you ask me! Not sure what they’re trying to get out of this!

  32. Yanna

    OPI is so retarded for even coming at you like that. They don’t deserve a review or preview, or any good comments about it.

  33. Aggie

    But why did you have to remove the info about the new collection? As far as I remember you only posted the pics of the polishes in bottles, the same ones that are everywhere in the website…

    • They don’t want images posted yet – they didn’t state any real specifics other than they were not to be published.

      • Erin K

        Hmm they must find pictures some sort of “spoiler” …… too bad it gets us all hyped for upcoming collections!

  34. I’m glad you won’t “promote” OPI anymore. I really do not like what this brand is doing now…

  35. kasiaj85

    Gosh as much as I love OPI for their polishes, I do not get their point on this case, seriously…
    You provide people with mouthwatering pics, we all just can’t wait till all those collections appear… but now, seriously, I just don’t get them. They should praise you for the advertising you perform and not threaten you this way…

  36. I came here looking for swatches for the OPI Burlesque collection so I could campare them to the China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection. I simply wanted to look at them both again and compare with my current collection to see which ones I really wanted to purchase.

    HOWEVER, since OPI has really done nothing aside from show it’s butt to anyone attempting to sell their products for awhile now, on top of doing the most backwards version of PR I’ve ever witnessed, I’ve made my decision.

    I’m completely going with the Vintage Vixen collection by China Glaze.

    OPI can eat it.

  37. Gollum

    That’s a shame. Your website is fantastic and I would think that most companies would want their products viewed by customers as well as a great person as yourself Christine.

  38. Bronwen

    Wow. I just purchased two items from their Swiss collection after reading your reviews. This is a bad move on their part. Your photos are infinitely better than the stock photos I see everywhere else. What a shame.

  39. Christina


    I just saw the link to this on the Clinique holiday page and got all excited to see a new OPI collection here I had not heard about.. OPI is one of my absolute favorite nail polish brands, but this DISAPPOINTS me. Why are they taking legal action against you who reaches such a vast audience??? I am one of many who’s proof you were making free advertisment for them for a collection I had not heard about before!

    If the info is not ready to be published, they could AT LEAST have approached you in a more appropriate manner of the type “we appreciate your support, and want to give information to your readers, however this really is not ready for publication, please respect that, we will confirm with you when the info can be released”. Approaching you with lawyer threats is disgusting, really.

    So disappointed in OPI.

  40. LustreBonBon

    Their loss! Trust me. And they were getting so much love because of your website. I’m sorry their little black rain cloud ruined what was an awesome post for you.

  41. God, OPI are such…I don’t even wanna say it. Most of us knew about this collection months ago anyway, or at least I did even before the Swiss Collection came out. I want to boycott them, but I just can’t. =(

    • EDIT: Seriously, what harm would it do if people saw this “too early”? All it will do is give OPI’s dumb asses free advertising and allow more people to know about their new collection.

      I’ve heard that MaaH and AA chipped on some women the first day. I don’t know if I’ll be springing for any of the glitters.

      • Hey Arrianne,

        Sometimes brands promise exclusive coverage to a magazine or publication, so that publication doesn’t want to lose that exclusive because images are all over the internet, you know? It’s just fine if they want to keep it under wraps, but they should work on stopping the leaks from happening. (I don’t work with OPI, so I have no way of knowing if images are supposed to be out or not!)

  42. Well, I’m boycotting OPI…they are ridiculous. They need to work on their PR. I’m switching to Essie.

  43. Courtney

    When I read all about the legal action and stuff I got pissed because I rely on swatches to make my decision on which colours to buy. So I just made a comment on OPI’s facebook page and OPI claims to have apologized to all the bloggers, ha! I really do not want to buy from them anymore because if they’re going to treat you guys this way that’s not cool with me. Not only is that a slap in the face to you guys but to us customers also. If anyone is interested in reading the thread, here it is:

    • It’s great if they did apologize to bloggers! (Though they did not apologize or send anything to me. The only communication I’ve had with OPI has been with their lawyer.) That’s really all I wanted – an apology, “Oops!” I mean, I very easily buy that it’s a case of the left hand not talking to the right hand or whatever the saying is, lol.

      I don’t care if a brand doesn’t want photos out before a certain date – that’s fine – tell me, ask me to remove, and I’ll do it. I don’t work with or for you, so if I see the images on 10 other blogs, there’s no way for me to know that it’s too early. Even more surprising when that’s been the case for a couple of years – images 2-3 months in advance, posted and reposted on hundreds of blogs without any intervention.

      But it’s really more the idea that instead of a simple request to remove images that legal letters are drafted and sent off to bloggers – many of whom blog out of passion and make very little money through their blogs – is really at odds with what blogging is about and who bloggers are and how can a brand not understand that? (I’d also like to know why they wasted a lawyer’s time on it – 2 sentences written and emailed via PR would have achieved highly successful results – and more over, they could have said, “We appreciate your support, but blah blah blah, and we will follow-up with you when you CAN post!”

      • KatieM

        I’ve been on the fence with OPI for sometime even going as far as liquidating my collection for other ‘friendlier’ brands. I did pick up MaaH & Shrek and started feeling OPI again but this is ridiculous. I suspect I’ll be able to find some fun holiday glitters somewhere else without any problem.

  44. KatieM

    p.s. did you know it’s already for sale on some sites?

  45. that’s rather unfortunate that the company would choose to threaten people who only want to freely promote the product.
    really makes me think twice about purchasing.
    rather petty of them. in this day and age so long as someone is promoting the product, it doesn’t seem right for a company/brand to get their legal panties in a knot.