Monday, August 20th, 2012

OCC Lip Tars to Launch at Sephora

Beginning September 17th, OCC Lip Tars will be available at Select stores (see below) will also be launching the Lip Tar range:

  • New York, NY 76TH & BROADWAY
  • San Francisco, CA POWELL STREET
  • Santa Monica, CA SANTA MONICA
  • Las Vegas, NV VENETIAN
  • Toronto, ON EATON CENTRE (November)
  • New York, NY MEATPACKING DISTRICT (November)

September 6th through November 3rd, you’ll be able to find Anime and NSFW at Sephora locations nationwide as part of a long-wearing lip products promotion. Beginning October 4th, OCC Anime, Hush, Memento, NSFW, and Strumpet will be featured in Sephora Hot Now in all stores until November 3rd, and at that point, those shades will become part of the Beauty-To-Go indefinitely.  OCC will be added to additional Sephora locations in the future!  Nylon, an exclusive shade to Sephora, will launch online on August 21st.

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43 thoughts on “OCC Lip Tars to Launch at Sephora

  1. Meep

    I thought you said they were launching tomorrow?

  2. Meep

    You wrote on your OCC Nylon review “Quick note: this launches tomorrow on Sephora, so you won’t see it up ’til then.” But now you’re saying it’s next MONTH? How did that happen?

  3. This is great! OCC is really starting to get big–good for them

  4. Joanne


    I was seriously considering buying a ticket to IMATS just to see the lip tars in person before buying. Haha! I’m so excited about this.

  5. I’m obsessed with OCC! I love the fact that you can mix any lip tar you like and create your own shade! it’s awesome, thank you Christine

  6. Ellie

    Of course no Sephora even remotely close to where I live is included… :/

  7. Gina

    ONLY the lip tars?! That’s so disappointing. I *hate* lip tars. But I love their loose color concentrates, and was hoping I’d be able to grab their wonderful new concealer through Sephora. Oh well, hopefully the full line will roll out at Sephora soon.

  8. Brandy Alexander

    Is nylon LE or permanent?

  9. Stephanie

    Jeez, Sephora is making this launch a little difficult lol

  10. Anne

    Wonderful news! I hope their OCC collection will expand to include the foundations. I’d love to try them.

  11. Jocelyn Beckett

    Too bad not the Vancouver or Kelowna location :S

  12. Cel

    I hope they bring the concealers to Sephora too 😀

  13. Oooooh, I am planning a trip for my sister’s 21st in Vegas in October…I might as well stop by and finally get Memento for myself! 😀

  14. Karen

    Will Nylon be available in store or is it only available online?

  15. lulee

    good thing 2 out of the 11 sephora stores are in NYC… where there is already an OCC store… brilliant.

  16. 18thCenturyFox

    I adore OCC- that was pretty much UD back in the day- original, unapologetic colors and seriously opaque formula. They make colors that are so unique and drool worthy I am ready to sign over my first born ( I’m OK with you judging me) . Unfortunately the formula doesn’t last long on me ( I chalk that up to my chemistry) and it dries my lips out terribly but that doesn’t keep me from ordering morel especially with ACW discontinued packaging price. So glad that Sephora is going to give them greater exposure and success, although I sincerely hope they don’t change any of the formulas!

  17. Allie

    I’m so happy that it is launching at my local Sephora… right when I’m leaving for school! Oh well. I already have a few and I’m quite happy with them. I was in the OCC store in NYC and the woman I was talking to said that they will be adding pigments to Sephora in the spring. I’m very excited to order Nylon! So gorgeous.

  18. Veronica

    Pfft, I didn’t even have to look at that list to know my local one had a chance in hell of getting them, but I’m glad to hear they’ll be available online. It’s okay, though. The Internet has gifted us Temptalia to help with all of our swatching needs. 😀

  19. Whoo, they’re launching in my city! I do hate ordering online.

  20. Mimi

    I love being near SF! I have access to so much great makeup now!

  21. Yay!!!! This is such awesome news, can’t wait to go pick up Anime!

  22. yay im excited i work at sephora and i had to order my liptars online before. at least in the near future i can try out the shades first!!

  23. Miss J

    I just bought this! HOORAY! 😀

  24. morena

    Man! Why isn’t Orlando on the list

  25. This is fantastic news! I have always wanted to try OCC lip tars (NSFW specifically) to see if they are worth all of the online rave reviews.

  26. Kafka

    I knew my city wouldn’t be on the list. :( I don’t suppose you have any idea as to whether the full OCC line will be available either in the stores (eventually) or online? I would so love to try out the stuff in person from the eyeshadows to the concealer. I was thrilled when I heard that OCC would be coming to Sephora in September but it sounds like it will be an extremely limited offering.

  27. Courtney


  28. Amanda Finlaw

    I’m pretty upset they’re not launching them at the King of Prussia Mall Sephora. I mean it’s the second biggest mall in the country, so I was kind of banking on them being there :( I really wanted to test them before buying online!

  29. Hopefully they will be sold at Sephoras in Europe, especially The Netherlands, soon too.

  30. I LOVE OCC Liptars. I have some I got from and I use them as a blush, a lip color, mix them to create my own colors, add shimmer powder etc, I think they are so versatile and you only need a tiny bit so they go a long way. I ordered the new color from Sephora. Really happy to see them carry this brand. I hope they start selling their brushes there too because they are the best quality brushes I own and they are cruelty free!

  31. BlueJayGal


  32. For any Toronto ladies: even though Christine has put “November” beside the Eaton Centre location, they have three shades there already. I picked up Anime today. One other was Grandma. I regret not paying attention to what the third shade is! But they have them at any rate, packaged with the lip brush, for $19.99 CAD.

  33. kathi

    This color is so pretty (and pigmented) for summer…and beyond