Thursday, October 10th, 2013

OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit
OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit

Lip Tar: All-Star Mini x 4 ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Memento Pink/plum neutral
  • NSFW True, balanced red
  • Anime Vibrant neon pink
  • Black Dahlia Blackened red
  • #010S Precision Lip Brush

Lip Tar: All-Star Mini x 12 ($58.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Pris Pallid metallic neutral
  • Clear To sheer + prime
  • Lovecraft Pink/lilac metallic
  • Yaoi True fuchsia metallic
  • Divine True pink flamingo
  • Clockwork Burnished orange creme
  • Super NSFW Gold laced red
  • Psycho True blood red
  • Electric Grandma Classic coral frost
  • Stalker Pin-up blue based red
  • Authentic Bronzed copper frost
  • Strumpet Deep red-burgundy
  • #010S Precision Lip Brush

Availability: Now @ Sephora (12 x Mini Set will be available October 22nd)

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OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit
OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit

OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit
OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit

OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit
OCC Mini Lip Tar Kit

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51 thoughts on “Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Mini Kits for Holiday 2013

  1. C

    THEY’RE SO CUTE. Oh my word.

  2. helene

    Nice! I have always wanted to try the lip tars but never dared. So 4 mini colors for $20. I am so there!

  3. Rose

    Now *that’s* what I’m talking about. With the various Holiday teasers floating around, this is the first one that actually caught my attention.

  4. Lizzi

    I’m trilled they are doing this! The full sized ones I own are never even going to have a dent in them. A little of these go a very long way. Great marketing idea from them. I’ll def be buying the $58 set for myself.

    • Lizzi

      Thanks Christine for giving us the heads up about these!!! I couldn’t wait, I just had to order the $20 set and I’ll be waiting, credit card in hand, for the $58 set. I would love it if OCC started making mini’s of their most popular colors and sold them individually. I would sure order more from them. I had to buy Nylon when you reviewed it, mainly because it was close to Candy Yum Yum before it was made permanent, but I’m never ever going to use much of that color. Mini’s would be great! It’s a great product and I would rather have more colors than more of one color.

  5. Michelle

    Brilliant way to introduce people to the brand and a perfect gift for the holidays. I love OCC because they really do listen to their customers. I hope mini tubes become available for all colors!


    When will these be available on Sephora or the OCC website?

  7. oh thank god, I’ll probably try to get a 4 tube set, as it’s 20 bucks vs 18 for a full-size tube. I can’t order from Sephora though..

  8. OMG!!!! I’m so sold. Both are going to be mine. lol I only own Stalker and I think Divine of the shades in both sets so this is great.

  9. MUST. GET. THESE. (OMG inner squeeeeaaaaallll) :)

  10. Lisa C.

    I SO want to try these. Electric Grandma might be the best shade name I’ve ever heard!

  11. Okay, now this seems like an amazing value! I am considering the set of four, because all of them seem like colors I would get a lot of use from.

  12. Ivett

    So these mini ones will only last half a lifetime each lol 😀

  13. The x4 set is a terrific idea. This is what I’ve been waiting for to try OCC lip tars! Great price and great variety. I didn’t want to commit to a larger size and the other kits were too pricey. This is perfect.

  14. Emily

    Definitely picking these up! I never use up the lip tars so to have minis of them would be PERFECT!

  15. Ohhh , I need the set of 4 . I’ve been wanting to try Anime , NSFW & Black Dahlia for awhile now so this set is perfect . Wasn’t really interested in Memento , but it looks like a good everyday color .

    I’m hoping they repromote Belladonna in the future , even for just a limited time .

    Thanks for the heads up , Christine . :)

    • Lizzi

      I agree with Belladonna! That color sells for $100+ on eBay… I want it but not enough to be scalped like that.

  16. This is awesome! I only have one and I’m no where near close to done with it! :) This is a great deal!!!

  17. Shanna

    aw I wish the set of 4 came in different colors. crossing my fingers that if these little kits sell well they’ll come out with more variety

  18. Oh my gosh, what a perfect way to finally try the lip tars. I absolutely NEED to pick up the 4 piece set

  19. Committing to one color for the high price of $18 with a formula I’ve never worked with always stopped me from buying one, and the full sized sets they had before always had like two color I didn’t like. but this set of four for $20? I am so buying that! This was a great idea from OCC; i heard the full tubes last forever so i’m sure these small ones will last a while.

  20. cilla

    Got all happy until I looked at the site and they ship to us only :( was so excited to try them out finally too :(

  21. Judy

    Awww I was hoping that Femme, Banjee/Beta made the list! Still a great idea.

  22. I’m really excited about these sets!! They’re an excellent value and great for mua kits!

  23. Celeree

    Do you know how long the smaller set will be available for? I want to wait to purchase it but I’m afraid it’ll be sold out.

  24. I am tempted.. they look so prettyy in these tiny tubes 😀 😀

  25. dia

    *throws money at computer screen*
    Seriously, my heart started racing when I saw this post. Good job, OCC.

  26. Aelita

    big set for myself for sure! gotta love the lip tars:)

  27. At only $4-5 each they NEEEEEED to sell these individually. I have some lip tar SAMPLES and haven’t made a dent in them. I can’t even imagine having the full size. I have so many other lip products that I only wear my lips tars once a month IF THAT! And you only need about the size of a pin head so….. these are GREAT!!

  28. Gladys Lam

    This is a true bargain. I just hope they offered this last year when I bought the full sized version.

  29. Corliss

    This is going to sooo up my lip tar game!!! YES!!!

  30. LVS

    I’m sorta jealous of the people that don’t have most of these shades already, b/c it’s totally a good buy and intro to OCC liptars!

    Totally an awesome value holiday buy, Ladies &( Gentlemen too)!

  31. OMG. YAY. Not that I needed to buy myself another holiday makeup set (thanks urban decay…) but I have to get the 12 set–like other commenters I love their colors but really can’t justify the larger tubes.

  32. Olivia

    Are these kits coming to Europe? I love them!!

  33. Courtney K


    Take my monies. Please!

  34. Kate

    Is there any way we can get these in the UK? Would so love both sets or at least the 12 set.

  35. kiwikeely

    waiting anxiously for the 12 color kit hehe

  36. These are sold out online & never were available at my sephora. Does anyone know if they are restocking this set or were they truly that limited? Sooooo unimaginably sad if they won’t have any more :-(

  37. Katie

    the only bad thing is (and idk if it’s even really a bad thing or just slightly misleading) the tubes are only about 1/2 full. they look completely full, but upon first use, you have to squeeze the tube almost flat to get the product to come out. i’m sure it’s the amount it says it is, but it’s not really the amount it LOOKS like you’re getting. The full size tubes are completely full, but these are like potato chip bags.