Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Oh, Nordstrom’s, how you tempt me, let me count the ways… Dior Golds 569 quint is calling to me. I am rarely so tempted by high end brands like Chanel, Dior, etc., so when something nearly inspires me to buy, it’s an occasion to mark down! I reviewed and used the Goldfever quint a couple of weeks ago, but boy do I wish I had the Golds quint instead! This one is full of colors that are utterly me (okay, except the white color).  (Hey, anyone want to trade?!) What stopped me from caving? Oh, the fact that just five minutes before I already sealed the deal with some fantastic new high heels (BCBGirls Saraff, $110!) that will kill my feet…

Dior Goldrushicon Summer collection is now available, btw! And of course, BCBGirls Saraff Slingback Sandalsicon. Damn you Nordstrom’s! You get me every visit!

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32 thoughts on “Nordstrom’s – The Bane of my Existence

  1. Vee

    I have never been compelled to even look at the Chanel cosmetics sign until now……

  2. gracee

    love the shoes!! i really like nine west platforms too =)
    thats where I got my bright green prom shoes.

    • Thanks! I adore shoes, lol. I have some pastel green BCBGirls shoes that I LOVE! from a few years ago. I used to have a huge obsession with BCBGirls shoes (and then it was JLO shoes).

  3. kellie

    Christine I have those shoes too!!! Love love love them.

  4. Shefali

    OMG Nordies is the bane of my existence too…it’s so hard for me to walk out of there without buying anything!

  5. Tekoa

    I don’t know if I should be relieved or sad that we don’t have Nordies here in Canada…

  6. plee

    ohhh, i’ve been eyeing those shoes!

  7. Amy

    Oh man this is scaring me… our mall is opening the first Nordstroms in the Pittsburgh area this fall, and I’ve heard so much about their shoe selection already! I hope they have MAC counter, too, so I can reap the benefits of the exclusives haha!

  8. Beautiful shoes, Christine! I am glad you gave them a home.

    • Thanks, Karen! And I was able to walk all over town in them yesterday, too. They’re only a three on the pain scale (and unfortunately, I own a lot of 10s!).

  9. Those golds are bomb.

  10. Sarah

    The quint is delicioussss. I’m not sure if I should shell out that much cash, but these golds are right up my alley. I’m lemming.

  11. Pia

    LOVE the SHOES!!!! on second thought, you could still get a matchy matchy eye look with Dior Golds! OMG! If not for the offwhite shadow which I already own, I surely would grab Dior Golds!

  12. vinna

    i’m waiting for the new Chanel collection to hit the stores here… i really want that gold Glossimer xD

    LOVE the shoes by the way~

  13. Julia

    I’m right there with you, Christine- I am lucky enough to live only a few blocks from Nordstrom, needless to say I go OFTEN!! It’s my favorite dept store.

  14. Nordies gets me EVERY time. I honestly have like 3 makeup people that call me and 2 shoe people that call me on a regular basis when things come in that they think I will like. I go on a bi-weekly basis almost. And Christine, I have a BCBGirls addiction. I have so many of their shoes! They are usually so very very cute and the ones you bought are no expection!

    • Hey Kristie! I know, right?

      At least I don’t sound as bad as YOU!! But OMG, I adore BCBGirls shoes. Like insanely. I used to be addicted to that brand (I have since recovered and keep shoe-buying to a minimum, lol).

  15. cloudburst

    I love the new Dior collection…so much so I’m going to buy both quads! Crazy I know – but I love their eyeshadows, I might also pick up that bronze nailpolish too.

  16. inuchan

    I want that quint (too), period! :)

    lovely shoes btw :)