Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

NARS Spring 2011 Collection

Trio Eyeshadow ($45.00)

  • Calanque (Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow Duo ($32.00)

  • Bateau Ivre (Limited Edition)
  • Nouveau Monde

Soft Touch Shadow Pencil ($24.00)

  • Celebrate
  • Hollywoodland

Lip Gloss ($24.00)

  • Angelika (Repromote)
  • Nana (Limited Edition)
  • Superorgasm (Repromote)

Lipstick ($24.00)

  • Tzigane (Limited Edition)

Pure Matte Lipstick ($25.00)

  • Madere

Nail Polish ($16.00)

  • Desperado (Limited Edition)

Availability:  Mid-to-late January 2011

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50 thoughts on “NARS Spring 2011 Collection

  1. Michelle

    Need to have Calanque, Nouveau Monde, Celebrate, Hollywoodland and Tzigane for sure.

  2. Valerie Brower

    Calanque looks gorgeous!! I’m definitely getting it!!

  3. Susan

    the lipstick!!! I want it!

  4. Patty

    Nana! Come to Mama!

  5. Lorna

    for some reason this is so not what i expected for NARS Spring 2011. i am curious about the finish of the e/s duos as well as the opacity of the lip gloss nana. tzigane has some potential although i’d like to see how pigmented it is.

    i am a bit surprised that they are re-promoting the angelika and the super orgasm lip gloss. perhaps the intention is to make those colors available outside of sephora as i think they were released exclusively through sephora and the NARS site. (at least i can’t recall any other retailers having them). i hope this is not a move into having NARS become more like MAC. i like NARS’s thoughtful, seasonal releases.

    i’ve got to say from this picture i am not liking the e/s trio. it looks very “blah” in my opinion. can’t wait for swatches and product photos. i got okinawa even though it is so expensive and i like the colors but this one is meh.

    • Lorna

      i just realized that the e/s duo on the left looks a lot like NARS demon lover duo. i wonder how it is different…

    • Mollie

      You’re right on the money… Super Orgasm and Angelika are only being featured because they are being released to all counters and not just Sephora.

  6. Rosanna

    I’m not sold on the collection as I was about their fall and holiday collection. The colours are kinda blah to me….
    I kinda was hoping for a bright fuchsia blush to appear because NARS has never released one yet! Not to mention they’ve been releasing some boring shades so far. Maybe summer….

  7. Shirry

    I am wondering which duo is LE? The blue/grey one or the Purple/Brown one?

  8. Abby

    I love Nars, i’m so excited!!

  9. i heard that all collections from nars will be added to the permanent range. is that true?

  10. Marie

    I’m interested in Nouveau Monde eyeshadow duo, Calanque eyeshadow trio, and Nana lipgloss. But I’ll wait for swatches. :)

    Apparently, the Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizers (which I’m *really* looking forward to) will be available later..

  11. Virginia

    Seems like NARS is releasing their tinted moisturizer after the spring collection. I’m really excited for it since I love Sheer Glow.I just hope it has SPF. Would be so comfy for summer.

  12. Naz

    Disappointed. Nothing stands out for me. Cam we at least get a bold new lipstick please? For Springs sake :-/

  13. Karo

    I can’t say I’m as excited about this as the previous two collections. Nouveau monde shows some promise and Tzigane is probably very wearable. Calanque is nice, but you can just pick up Madrague to do similar looks. The holiday and fall collections from 2010 had such great, great offerings though, this seems pretty disappointing by comparison.

  14. Definately wanting the nouveau monde duo! Still on the fence of the green stick and the eyeshadow trio!!

  15. chibu74

    I so wanna get both the e/s duos…Love this collection

  16. kinella

    love NARS’ products….
    too bad they are so expensive :'(

  17. serene

    Why no blush?!

  18. Ariel

    The trio looks promising. Where is the tinted moisturizer?

  19. the trio looks cool/// I m a sucker for neutrals!

  20. Nana look promising — purple? Black? Antsy for swatches! :3

  21. Ooh so loving this collection! Sephora needs to get it in stock at their stores quick! LOL

  22. Z

    thats a gorg trio!

  23. Sarah

    Hmm, I just watched a terrible movie named Nana last night! I wonder if it’s the one that Nars named the gloss after… Either way I should probably get it, right? 😉 Tzigane is gorgeous, too, I saw it in a few of the “celebrity fan” shots on NARS’ facebook page. Mmm! So Excited!

    • Marie

      Several products from this collection have french names, and I think Nana is part of them.

      “Nana” basically translates into “chick”, or “girl”.
      Une calanque is a term originating from the south of france used to define a deep bay surrounded by steep rock formations.
      “Le Bateau Ivre” (The Drunken Boat) is Arthur Rimbaud’s most famous poem.
      “Nouveau Monde” means New World.


  24. Macaddict

    Love NARS products in general but this collection has too many pastels and neutrals for my liking. I definitely prefer NARS fall and holiday collections in general (from NARS or any other brand) as the colors are usually more vibrant, darker, and there’s lots of purples and reds!
    The only thing I’m interested in, so far, is the NANA lipgloss.
    Yeah, more hot pinks, fuschias, corals would have been very spring and very fun and girly!

  25. coco72

    ¿no multiple? bad thing!

  26. Lucie

    I dunno how I feel about this collection-will have to see actual product photos to decide. NARS is easily my most beloved brand, and none of these things completely blow me out of the water…I wish they’d do a unique LE blush or Multiple! Maybe in a violet shade?

    As it is, I think I’ll def. get the Nana lipgloss, gold and silver eye duo, and maybe the Hollywoodland shadow pencil.

  27. Yuck, why two repromotes?

    This whole collection is very blah, especially that eye trio. Which is fine by me, since I already spent most of my money on Chanel’s Spring line anyway.

  28. Kensey

    Totally getting Calanque.

  29. Amanda Enn

    The eyeshadow trio looks very interesting. (:

  30. that nail polish! i need it!

  31. niner

    i am just a lil bit sad that they have no blush in their spring collection :/ I loved the colours of the winter and of the holiday collection, but the spring, hm, dunno, i am a lil bit dissapointed, buuut that doesn’t really matter because i can’t afford the whole collection anyway 😀
    I would love to get the Calanque trio, but it super expensive :/ the colours look nice, nothing special, but i love it that way! 😀

  32. Katie

    Totally disappointing. Of course the only new lip gloss looks totally unwearable.

  33. Sandy

    Just noticed (on another website-dated today) that this collection will be available on January 15th!!

  34. Valerie Brower

    They are selling this collection today but they are not selling Calanque yet :( So bummed bc this and Tzigane was the only things I wanted from this collection!!!

  35. Piarpreet

    where dee swatches at? :(

  36. Navii

    I am actually really excited for this collection! I’m not too keen on the soft touch pencils but I can’t wait to get my hands on the eye shadow duos and madere! Especially Nouveau Monde…