Friday, July 23rd, 2010

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow
NARS Daphne Eyeshadow

Don’t Judge an Eyeshadow by a Swatch?!

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow ($23.00 for 0.07 oz.) is a rich shade of night violet purple. It’s dark and deep and bright. But I have to warn you: don’t judge by a mere swatching on your arm. I’ve often found that matte eyeshadows don’t swatch well on the arm but perform phenomenally when used on the eyes. A truly outstanding matte shade will do both well, but I’ve simply learned that you cannot judge a poor swatched matte without trying it, too.

When swatched with a sponge-tip applicator, I get a patchy mess of violet — it’s more of a red-based purple than blue-based, but it seems to flicker between the two depending on the lighting situation. (Sidenote, photographing this eyeshadow was a pain in the behind–it constantly wanted to photograph BLUE!) My arm wasn’t exactly the most moisturized environment to be sure, but wow! Daphne made it look like a desert. Even when I tried to use my finger to smooth out the color, it didn’t work out well (as reflected in the swatch).

Now, I say all this to show you that I did not get good results when I simply swatched for color. In fact, I had a sneaking suspicious this was going to be an issue. Nevertheless, I trudged on, and I tested it out by wearing it in a look. AND WE HAD LIFT OFF! Daphne looked as vibrant as pictured in the pan, but it applied smoothly, evenly, and it didn’t need much product at all–so it went on quite pigmented.

It’s similar to Make Up For Ever’s #92 Eyeshadow, but #92 is brighter and a little lighter–it’s not quite the darkened violet that Daphne is. #92 is also more pigmented and thicker/smoother, though they perform similarly on the eye–with Daphne having less fall out. You can see a couple of looks I did using #92, and you’ll notice it’s definitely not quite as dark.

Initially, they seem very comparable, but in use, they’re really not. Daphne is a several shades darker and not the bold, vibrant shade of violet that #92 is. They’re both nice shades to own that don’t dupe each other. I do, of course, wish Daphne was a little smoother, so it would swatch well even on skin.

P.S. — The first mini lipgloss set ran out, but NARS set y’all up with another set featuring Turkish Delight, Greek Holiday, and Gothika — use code TEMPTALIA at checkout, expires 8/15. :)

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NARS Daphne Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches (Fall 2010)

Give it a try in a look before dismissing it purely based on swatching--that is the biggest tip I can give you. If I had only swatched in-store, I would never have thought about picking it up, but after using it in a look, I'm much more inclined to recommend it.











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See more photos & swatches!

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow
NARS Daphne Eyeshadow

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow
NARS Daphne Eyeshadow

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow
NARS Eyeshadow: Coconut Grove, Daphne

NARS Daphne Eyeshadow
See? Rich, lush, and smooth color.

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80 thoughts on “NARS Daphne Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches (Fall 2010)

  1. Haha that’s an unpleasant looking swatch but I’m glad it applies amazingly ! Looks great with your eye makeup 😉

    How DO you actually photograph purples? My camera always makes it blue :( Do you have a setting you recommend?

  2. I got this one in the mail yesterday, with Douceur and Rajasthan, I am so excited about this collection! I don’t own any true purple so that’s a great addition to my collection. Indeed the swatch on my arm wasn’t great but since I had just seen your look on here, I wasn’t worried :)

  3. It looks like an amazing eyeshadow, I love the look you’ve done with it.

  4. Thanks for the review and swatch!!! That color is gorgeous. Even though I do have #92, I’ll still get this e/s.

    And I totally agree with you in terms of the whole swatching the matte e/s vs. wearing it on your eye.

  5. Jay-Cee

    Hi Christine! Do you think this eyeshadow is worth the money or should i go with MUFE #92?

  6. with a good primer, I can dupe this with the colors from the 88 palette or those matte palettes they sell over on ebay. :) not that NARS is not a good brands but i’m lemming their other colors than this one. :) teehee

  7. Arduinna4

    Oh it looks so amazing in the pan. How does it compare to Violet Trance?

  8. Hilana

    I have to agree with your recommendation fully. The swatch does not look good to me at all. It just looks flat and chalky. Yet, I love the way it looks on your eyes.

  9. That is a crazy difference! By the swatch you’d think it was crappy, but it looks absolutely gorgeous on the eye

  10. Rachael

    thats bizarre how horrible it swatches on your arm but totally transforms when on eyes!

  11. Wow. Those swatches look like two completely different consistencies! Good thing you didn’t give up on Daphne, because it’s absolutely gorgeous in your eye look!

  12. That is such a beautiful color, in the pan. It’s really very rich shade. but looks good in the EOTD too.

  13. DJ

    I love how vibrant it looks in the pan!

  14. WOW… I am not a “color” eyeshadow girl but that color is amazing. If reminds me of one that MAC had that I missed out on. I may have to get this.

  15. Amber

    Wow what a gorgeous shade! I have never tried a NARS shadow (hides) but your recent swatches of Mangrove and Daphne are making me think twice! Thank you!

  16. You’re right. It looked a lot better in your look than swatched. I’m surprised a color that looks so bright, saturated and pigmented would swatch like that. At least it turned out alright.

  17. Annie S

    I tried using your promotion code… but it didn’t work =[… it said its expired

    You have entered an expired promotion code.
    Please try again.

  18. Alexis

    I’m on the fence with this one. I’ll need to do my own swatch. I think I’m passing on Mangrove.

  19. Kat

    That’s an absolutely gorgeous purple colour, although I’m going to pass – I don’t usually wear dark mattes!

    Maybe if it were a top…=)

  20. Michelle

    I’m not a fan of NARS matte eye shadows but this one looks good on you Christine.

    Do you know how similar this is to MUFE’s #92 e/s?

  21. I LOVE IT! I think you rock it too. But whats the shadow Coconut grove in the picture? It has me mesmerized! Lol….I will be buying so much of NARS Fall (and Burberry beaute..) because of you!

  22. Tiffany

    Are there any mac dupes for this color? Or that maybe come close?

  23. Dini

    Thanks for the swatch and review. I was wondering how this compared to MUFE #92, so this info is perfect. What a rich color. I love it!

  24. Rae

    Ooh, Daphne is just gorgeous! I have 92, but this does seem like a moodier violet (exactly what I wish MUFE 92 was…)


  25. Kerry


    Is this color similar to Mac Violet Trance?

  26. Vanessa

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the pictures and the review. I HAVE TO BUY IT NOW!!! IT WILL BE MINE!!!

  27. Ginnia

    How does this compare to MAC Grape pigment?

  28. Vanessa

    Oh, and one question: How does this compare to MAC’s Violet Trance?

  29. Gisele

    Gorgeous color on you, Christine! The arm-swatch method is really tricky. I’ve got NW20-25 skin but my t-zone is goldish-yellow. Chanel’s Enigma was awful on the hand/forearm/wherever but incredibly lush and beautiful when I used it, really brought out my blue eyes. Sometimes ya gotta wear it to know. I do think Daphne is best for paler gals than myself.

  30. Maeve

    My first response when I saw it in the pan was “WOAH!” Looks like it wears well though.

  31. Jazz

    I dont like mattes. I was really looking forward to this eyeshadow too

  32. This is beautiful on! This seems like it’s everything I wanted Violet Trance from MAC to be..

  33. mayra

    Hi christine

    How does this purple compare to sugarpill’s purple???

  34. shontay

    I might give this a shot. I’ve also noticed that mattes swatch horribly. How would you compare this to Mac’s Violet Trance? I actually love that one and unlike most, I have no problems with application, but how do they compare in color?

  35. Madelynn

    You’re so right with your description haha. I looked at your swatch and said “…ick.” Then I looked at it on the eye and went “Oooohh!!” It’s lovely deep shade like you said, but so bright!

  36. Alexis

    The shadow reminds me of MAC Atlantic Blue because in the pot/pan it looks so bright and vivid and the swatch is unappealing, but once you use it its fine.

  37. Kelli

    I would just get MUFE #92 eyeshadow. It’s a few dollars cheaper.

  38. Shannon

    hmmm you’re totally right, i swatched it instore and it made me want to cry because i ordered it online first w/o swatching. but your post is giving me hope! i’m glad at least it’s not going to be a complete waste of money.

  39. Deborah

    UAU!!! I never thought that eyeshadow would look that gorgeous with yellow-gold and brown!!!!Definetly I will never dimiss products based on swatch ever again!!! I will try to see with a whole look first! Thanks for the tip! xo

  40. Natalia

    wow, i love that look, what others products/colors did you use to create it?

  41. ok daphne really reminds me of mac’s climate blue is it close?

  42. Nina

    Hey! I just wanted to know if this is or will be a permanent color(:

  43. molly

    I love the look but not the swatch. I always dismiss shades based on theil initial swatch I do.. I don’t know how to avoid that seeing as though forerunner impressions are so,impactful. Only reason I got mangrove and daphne were because of your reviews/swatches.

  44. Sarah A.

    I love this eyeshadow! It does swatch horribly, but I’ve never had trouble with it on the eye… I love using it wet as an eyeliner, too, it’s dark and matte enough that it doesn’t look too juvenile, but it’s still noticeably purple.

  45. Elizabeth

    I wish you brought Daphne more towards the inner corner or at least put a lighter shade of purple to break it up.