Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

NARS California Eyeshadow
NARS California Eyeshadow

NARS California Eyeshadow

NARS California Eyeshadow ($23.00 for 0.07 oz.) is described as a “rich copper.” It’s a warm, reddish copper with a frosted finish. The color payoff is good, though the texture seems on the drier side–but luckily, it still comes together with a smooth feel and even color. It seems a touch redder and deeper compared to MAC Mythology but not as red as MAC Coppering.

According to NARS, their eyeshadows are supposed to be long-wearing and crease-resistant. In my experience, they still need to be worn over an eyeshadow base for all-day wear, but alone, they wear seven to eight hours with subtle creasing. They don’t fall apart immediately after application, but an eyeshadow base is recommended for best results.

Oh, and p.s.? It’s available for $8 at  Talk about perfect timing! :)

The Glossover



It's a lovely shade for autumn; burnt around the edges, fiery without being aflame, and rich in color. It won't wear all day without some noticeable wear, but over a primer, it's quite nice..











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NARS California Eyeshadow
NARS California Eyeshadow

NARS California Eyeshadow
NARS California Eyeshadow

NARS California Eyeshadow
NARS California Eyeshadow

NARS California Eyeshadow
NARS California Eyeshadow

NARS California Eyeshadow
NARS California Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $23.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

It seems a touch redder and deeper compared to MAC Mythology but not as red as MAC Coppering.

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42 thoughts on “NARS California Eyeshadow Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. ooh fun to get for this price. and made in usa?

  2. Nancy

    too orangey red for my skintone =[, I already have really warm red/pink undertones @.@

  3. Eli

    A very interesting shade, but I think it would only make my droopy eyes droopier and more tired-looking :(

  4. It’s perfect cooper eyeshadow, I can imagine wearing it this autumn with some olive green eyeshadow in crease 😉

  5. Just ordered it yesterday! Loving the new weekly Sephora deals :)

  6. You didn’t give it a grade?
    I can see this work fabulously on darker beauties!

  7. Alicia

    Yes! I just got this from Sephora for $8 along with Night Sun, which is also $8. I love both shades, and they look so good together!

  8. This looks so pretty, but I know I’d never really wear it if I bought it. :)

  9. rowan

    this shade would look amazing on blue eyes!

  10. Anita

    I almost bought this, but I think if I looked hard enough in my elf palletes, I could find a similar shade.

  11. I had picked up both Night Sun and Cali from Sephora last week when I saw them at $8 (I’m a huge Nars fan so I snatched them up asap). I saw the California to be a shade that would suit me well, fingers crossed for Night Sun :)

  12. Karol stefany

    Hello Christine. I wonder what camera do you use for you to take the photographs, they look awesome. I tried to take some pics and was a total mess. Can you help me? Is yours an HD cam? Thanks a lot.

    • I use a Nikon D3s now – I used to use a Nikon D90. I don’t know what camera you’re using, but if it’s a point and shoot, make sure you’re in macro mode if you are taking close-ups.

  13. Jenny

    I just got this from Sephora! It’s a great color for green eyes. :)

    • JCz

      I just got this e/s too, also thinking that it would look good with my green eyes. I made the mistake of using it on my entire lid and it was a little, um, intense – I had to temper it with a cream colored shadow on top. It did make my green eyes look great, but next time I’ll be a bit more judicious with the placement of the color!

  14. Krystal

    i already got this for $8! :) it is pretty nice.. but why didn’t you do the normal grading thing?

  15. Lisa

    Christine, I just bought this yesterday and I *adore* it.

    What a pretty color! I’m so impressed with NARS eyeshadows (but I still probably would never purchase at $23 each)

  16. What lens do you use to take your pictures? xx

  17. From the pan, I was hoping it’d be more red than brown, but that seems to be the other way around.

  18. Emily

    Thanks for warning about the $8 deal! I just picked it up, along with Night Sun, and I’m already picturing the looks I can do with them!

  19. Babs

    I bought both Califoria and Night Sun for $8 at Sephora. I’m not pleased wth either. The California is okay for eight bucks, but no way worth $23. I tried it on my cheeks, ad it is actually nice is applied lightly.

    The Night Sun is a huge glitter bomb. Not even worth $8 as far as I’m concerned.

  20. Shannon

    I just got this and love it! it’s really quite warm though so i can imagine cooler girls would want to stay away…but for that price, the texture and color’s totally worth it!

    the other one (Night Sun?) isn’t quite as good unfortunately…the base gold color isn’t bad, but the large glitter chunks is bothering me. i’m tempted to return it even if it was only $8 >.<

  21. Patricia

    I got mine a while back. Beautiful color and excellent pigmentation but it creased for me a little bit during the day. Even with UD’s primer potion. But besides that, amazing.

  22. April

    A really good duplicate for this shade, I’d say 98% comparable, is BareMinerals “Beautiful Melodie” This shade came in the set called “Women of BE” that contained 20 mini pots, all named after their customers. I love the BE shade because it’s so silky, and is beautiful applied dry, wet, or over a base. I wish I could include a picture, it’s that lovely!

  23. Can’t pull off coppers…nope.

  24. Kaylin Brown

    Can you please PLEASE! do a review on night sun too! i saw that they’re both 8 dollars and i don’t know whether to buy both, i love and trust your reviews so much!

  25. Lori

    I work for a Sephora (JCP) and of course we don’t have this shadow in our stores but when I saw it online at that price I couldn’t resist. It definitely looks good on darker skin but NEEDS an eyeshadow base for that smooth look on the lids. I love it!!!!!!!!

  26. Just picked this up at Sephora and it’s so gorgeous.

  27. Carie

    I’ve been eyeing this shadow (no pun intended!) Colors like this really make my blue eyes pop. You can’t beat $8!

  28. Michelle

    so glad you did this review. i got it for the sale price alone without really knowing what the color payoff was and with no luck on finding any other reviews. now just waiting for it to show up. :)

  29. SHERRY

    Very pretty color for fall. It looks quite similar to Emanuelle by Nars.

    • Shalimar

      Nope, not by a long shot. I have Emmanuelle and it is more red/berry and matte compared to California.

  30. Rozae

    For a minute I thought it was a blush!

  31. whitepepper

    This reminds me a little of the red/copper half of NARS Bladerunner, or a more red/copper version of MAC Glamour Check. I’d get it if Sephora would ship it to me, though. :)

  32. Shalimar

    For eight bucks, heck yeah I am loving it.