Friday, April 9th, 2010

NARS Belle du Jour Collection for Summer 2010

The NARS Summer 2010 Campaign was created and photographed by NARS Founder and Creative Director François Nars. Once again, François turned to his dear friend Amber Valletta and transformed her, drawing inspiration from longtime muse Catherine Deneuve’s portrayal of Sèverine in the movie Belle de Jour.

François began by applying NARS Makeup Primer to Amber’s face, followed by NARS Fiji Sheer Matte Foundation. For a fresh finish he set it with NARS Eden Loose Powder. NARS Orgasm Illuminator was applied to her cheeks, forehead and center of the chin to give her skin a subtle radiance.

For a natural flush, François started with NARS Enchanted Cream Blush on the cheeks, followed with NARS Orgasm Blush blended toward the temples to further highlight the complexion.

On her eyes, he applied the iridescent ocean-blue shade of NARS Burn It Blue Duo Cream Eyeshadow to the eyelid, blending upwards toward the base of the brow bone. Next, François swept the left side of NARS Pandora Duo Eyeshadow across the lid, and brushed the rich teal shade of NARS Cleo Duo Eyeshadow into the crease. Eyebrows were defined with NARS Blondie Single Eyeshadow, using the NARS Brow Shader.

He lined the eyes with NARS Mambo Eyeliner Pencil followed by NARS Nuits Blanches Eyeliner Stylo creating a full lash line. NARS Larger Than Life Lengthening Mascara finished the look.

Lastly, he prepared the lips with NARS Angélique Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment and topped them off with NARS Love Devotion Lipstick.

Cream Blush ($26.00)

  • Enchanted Soft-peach

Cream Eyeshadow Duo ($32.00)

  • Burn It Blue Iridescent ocean blue / turquoise

Cream Eyeshadow ($22.00)

  • Cayenne Spicy, deep brown

Lipstick ($24.00)

  • Love Devotion Sheer guava

Lipgloss ($24.00)

  • Coup de Coeur Sheer apple-brandy

Multiple ($38.00)

  • Lamu Fresh, glazed apricot

Nail Lacquer ($16.00)

  • Versailles Opalescent, champagne-gold

Availability: May 2010

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60 thoughts on “NARS Summer 2010 Collection (Belle du Jour)

  1. Oh my goodness, Amber Valleta looks stunning! I love cream blushes for women in my age group–no cakey look. I’m always a sucker for anything coral so must see the lipstick. I also like the fact that the eyeshadow is not so typical of what we see for summer! Looks like a winner to me!

  2. Kathryn

    For some reason I really don’t like the way NARS styles their models. In the Spring collection (the one with Easy Lover and Ophelia lipgloss and Cruising lipstick)the model looked so terribly stuck in the 80’s that it made me much less inclined to purchase the products! Its funny how something like that can really affect your consumption of products. Again, I don’t like the way the model is styled in this Summer collection, even though some of the products sound nice.

    • I SO agree with you Kathryn!! I normally do not like the way the models are styled and frankly I have NOT been liking ANYTHING NARS has done lately. With a few things as the exception I have been disappointed on the whole with NARS. Including the 15×15 project book. Everything looked dated and already done. Especially the picture of Marc Jacobs. To me there was nothing artistic about it. It looked like what a first year photographer would chose as a look for one of his models. A few of the pics look good but I was sorely disappointed. That opinion is pretty much carried over into what I have seen from Francois’s work during Fashion Week as well. Would like to add I am a HUGE fan of older NARS and have every duo put out until 2007(except for show girl and one other that I forget the name).
      I think he is surrounded by too many Yes men and need more people to be straight forward with him. Just my thoughts.

    • Alexis

      I hear what you’re saying but I would have to say it’s more of a throwback to the 60’s and NARS was influenced by Catherine Deneuve and the film, La Chamade…

      • claudia

        Yeah, Alexis, when I look at Amber on those pics, I can only think of Ms.Deneuve !

      • Jessi

        Actually, Catharine Deneuve starred in Belle du Jour too and was made up just like the way Amber is styled. It’s a pretty trippy movie about a bored politician’s wife who spends the afternoons selling herself in a fancy brothel, then gets found out by one of her husband’s rich friends. O_O

    • Lorna

      i love NARS but i have not been interested in any of the 2010 collections so far. i guess that’s good for my wallet because i loved the fall/winter 2009 collections.

      i am not particularly liking amber valleta as a model. she seems too stiff and wooden.

      • Julia

        Totally agree. The way Amber looks makes me not want to buy anything from the collection! Her makeup is sooo fake and dated…. and I normally LOVE nars….

  3. Ryan

    hey christine

    Are nars creams eyeshadows the cream to powder type of thing? If so I prbobly wont buy them. Thankyou!

    • They are supposed to be cream-to-powder as far as I know! I find I definitely can’t wear ’em on their own without using powders on top.

  4. I can’t wait for swatches… the cream blusher looks beautiful 😉

  5. Sally

    Amber Valleta looks dead on for Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour! Nars is a fantastic photographer!

  6. Kathie

    Beautiful collection.

  7. The creme blush and nail polish are all that is striking my fancy. The duo will most likely be prettier in person I am sure so that might be a must have as I do love the creme shadows in the duos and find them to be different than the singles. I have about 30 or more singles and NONE Of them are as nice as the cremes in the duos. Go figure.

  8. happybadfish

    This looks so amazing! Can’t wait….

  9. i burn i pine i perish! Versailles!!! i can’t WAIT!!!

  10. tina

    Amber Valetta is such a beautiful woman, but NARS has really made her look dated and much older than she actually is in this promo. The stying isnt very good

    • Sebastien

      She’s supposed to look like Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour. That film was released in the late 60’s and she is a dead ringer for Catherine’s look in the film.

  11. I love how the woman’s makeup is done in this image. I’d love to find a tutorial on recreating that style.

    • Brenda

      look for queen of blending on you tube. I find her tutorials with cut crease examples gave me a really good place to start with makeup similar to this promo pic :)

  12. Nicole

    Meh. Nothing is really appealing to me. I don’t get it. I do love Versailles as a name for that nail polish color though!

  13. Madi

    The price for the bronze multiple is a typo right?

  14. Ahh! The cream eyeshadow duo “Burn It Blue” is GORGEOUS! It’d be a great base for blue, green and teal eyeshadows!

  15. Alexis

    So far I am liking the gloss and the multiple stick – I still want Ophelia lipgloss…

  16. Jennifer

    That eyeshadow color is so freaking gorgeous! I’d so get it, if I knew it would go with my eyes, but of course I had to have green eyes and teal, green, blue do nothing for my eyes…Even though I do own some green and blue shadows. I did get the “Undercurrent” pearlglide , because it was so unique for me and I’ll wear it regardless if it looks great with my eyes or not lol.

  17. shontay

    I need to get my hands on that lipstick. Nars’ lipsticks are awesome.

  18. Mirna

    I love vintage and retro all around so this look reminds me of a beauty ad in a 1960’s TIME magazine! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  19. Dini

    The colors look beautiful! Unfortunately, vintage themed or not, I’m not loving the overall impression from the promo picture. For some reason, it reminds me fo watching “Dynasty” with my aunt back in the day… Of course, I’m sure the colors will look great mixed in with current trends and looks. Trying very very very hard to love NARS. Maybe swatches will wow me.

  20. Michelle

    I’m usually a sucker for all of the NARS seasonal launches but this one isn’t really calling me. Guess I’ll have to check these out in person before I give up totally

  21. Laura

    Wow this is the first NARS collection I haven’t felt compelled to buy! My wallet is happy. I might get the cream blush eventually though after I see swatches.

  22. eeep, their promo pic reminds me of an early 90’s soap opera gal.

  23. alice

    I love it all. Really like that NARS does what he does. I love when he goes all out in ads like this, and doesn’t do the “wearable, real life” thing. What is life but a mix of past and present. consciousness and unconsciousness? I love all colors all year long. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the coral lipstick, just because coral is everywhere. But I think his coral will have an edge. He always has lovely colors with a twist. I love the model’s gloss, or combo of l/s and gloss.

  24. Ferarri

    She looks like a Stepford wife to me. I only like the eyeshadow and the rest are too easy to dupe.

    Seriously I dont like the makeup on the model. It is too aging….add 10 years to her real age!

    • cmferret

      yeah right! at first i was like ” why is nars having a model that looks like shes 45 years old” im like the model looks old ~! i dunno. maybe their going for a style, but i dont get it . it does looks outdated.

  25. Brenda

    I like the collection and I think Amber’s makeup in this photo is perfection! Unfortunately the hair looks, I’m not sure, too airbrushed? Or like a wig?

  26. Brenda

    Oh my goodness, I totally looked up the promo pics from Belle Du Jour the movie, and yep, absolutely does the name same proud (by the styling and makeup I mean). I think it’s context may be lost on a some consumers though only because of the age of the movie….Nice idea though

  27. I read somewhere that Nars had some brighter versions of the multiple coming out with the summer collection? Like a red, hot pink and maybe an orange? Maybe I mis-read. Either way this is a pretty collection, that nail polish looks gorgeous!

    • Lorna

      i read that too but i don’t remember where. i was hoping that would be their summer collection because i was really interested in the red and hot pink multiple.

      doesn’t NARS already have some brown/bronze shade multiples? why release another?

  28. LNU

    The lipgloss is so me! 😀

  29. The blue eyeshadow duo is gorgeous. Love the blue shades!

  30. Kate M.

    how much would i have have to pay for those lashes??  honestly they look so lush and feathery!!


  31. Marcela

    I like their collection, and I think the model’s makeup looks stunning. And for some odd reason I really like the model they chose, she is not drop dead gorgeous, but she has that classic, different type of look, that makes her somewhat interesting to look at…I don’t know I guess I’m weird, I just pay a lot of attention to detail…LOL

  32. Andrea

    The cream duo looks amazing!

  33. I like NARS collections, short and sweet…they make choices easy!!

  34. dallasbrowneeyes

    The lips, cheeks, and skin are gorgeous. The lid and brow color show up as whitish in the photo, which is aging, as is the single-tone hair color.

  35. meghan

    Eyeshadow duo looks fab! But I’ve never had a Nars cream shadow, they make me a little wary in general.

  36. arghhhh, I don’t do well with cream products! I will probably only purchase the np if it isn’t too sheer, which probably will be :(

  37. Sara N.

    The makeup styling and fashions in the film Belle de Jour are amazing, and I can appreciate the homage, but I can’t see any of these items flattering my coloring and complexion, so I’ll pass.

  38. It just doesn’t scream summer to me. I like the products and the model’s makeup, but it’s not what I’m looking for during the summer season.

  39. Linda

    I think I’ll check out the eyeshadow duo as soon as possible :)

  40. victoria

    oh i’m so happy they have a peachy cream blush. i only love penny lane because it’s not shimmery and how i wished they had a peach colored one and now they do. i can’t wait, i love nars cream blushes.

  41. jess

    when does this collection release in stores?