Friday, October 26th, 2007


I was jonesing to try out those interesting nails featured in the Antiquitease promotional photos: white base with gold overlay. Now, luckily I didn’t have to really bother with experimentation and delving into my creative mind, because Carleen explained how to do it! I didn’t quite follow it step for step, as I’m absentminded and tend to recreate without remembering to look at what I’m trying to copycat.

So how did I do it? I used two coats of a white (creme finish) polish then put one coat of Gold Veneer polish on top. I would add the gold polish to one nail at a time. You have to add the texture/swirls/crackling before the polish dries, so it’s better to do one or two at a time, crackle, then move on. I personally tried to do two at a time and found the second one ended up already being a bit too dry!

For the crackling, I ripped off a small square of paper towel, maybe four inches on each side. Mine is textured (at least somewhat) as Carleen suggests, but I ended up using the edge of the paper towel to create better variance across each nail. Just pressing the paper towel ended up giving me the pattern on the paper towel, which was very uniform.

Now that I’ve done it once and experienced first hand how easy it is, I’m definitely going to try again to make them resemble the original Antiquitease photo. What do you think of these kinds of nails?  Love ’em, hate ’em? My boyfriend said they look dirty!

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27 thoughts on “Nails – MAC Cosmetics’ Antiquitease White and Gold Crackled Nails

  1. Zsofi

    i think it’s always good to try new things,be the first to wear new trends and be creative. however,men are more into classical beauty,like black smokey eyes with light pink lips,light pink nails and long hair,sexy clothes. i tried many times to make my boyfriend like me wearing new trends,with not much success :-DDD for example the gothic style (makeup and clothes),he did’t like them….
    new trends are for girls only.
    by the way i love your creativity,and i like those nails. a good color combination: gold and white. maybe a new makeup look with this 2 colors?

    • Hey Zsofi! My boyfriend doesn’t mind things out of the box, he just thought these looked all messed up, LOL. He likes to see me do bright stuff from time to time, so I guess I lucked out!

      Thank you!

  2. What a creative idea! I use to do this with crackle craft paint…never thought of it for nails! How cool…& yours look great!

  3. Heather

    I think the look is really cute. Didn’t Cover Girl used to mae a nail polish that created the crackle effect when you put it on? I can’t remember the name of it. Anywayz, I agree with Zsofi – maybe you could do a new makeup look of white & gold?

  4. kia

    great try! i like! i want to try… but i think my nail tech is tired of me coming to her with my different crazy ideas…i know she thinks “can’t you just get a french” lol

  5. My boyfriend didn’t like the look either. He doesn’t tend to care for anything other than standard classic colors. I have dark purple (also MAC) nails right now, and he thought they looked odd. He will probably faint when I do the teal green! 😛

  6. Emily

    I want to get Gold Veneer. I would paint my nails white and with a thin eyeliner or nail brush i would add gold swirls. Im going to try it when i get it. lol

  7. Mary

    I like them, personally I tried it and thought mine came out better (no offense of course). I put on two coats of the white, then when they were dry I did one nail at a time and had my boyfriend use crumpled up plastic wrap. Looks good, but I didn’t quite capture the awesomeness in the Antiquitease ad… working on it though!

  8. Cristina

    They look great!

  9. vinna

    I think im with the boys on this look >_

  10. hannika

    yea my boyfriend glares at my traincase with mac stuff in it. in the end, he always just says: baby, whatever makes you happy lol

    translation: go distract yourself with mac so you dont have to get mad at me all the time


  11. Audrey

    Thanks! I saw this on the MAC ads and was perplexed as to how I’d go about re-creating it. I tried this with white & silver and it looked so cool. It didn’t exactly have an obvious crackle effect, because the silver didn’t contrast very much with the white, but it is still worth a try if you feel like experimenting.

  12. Monkee

    Artistically, those nails are awesome. Anatomically, they look like they belong on an antique corpse. Perhaps a different color combination, something less Louis XIV, more Sesame Street (don’t know if that’s an improvement but Big Bird Yellow with Kermit Green patina sounds interesting).

  13. Fatima

    I really love this color and it’ll be perfect to match my wedding dress…but it’s discontinued. Do you guys know a good alternative? Something MADD close?

  14. Fatima

    The gold.

    Thanks. I’ll go check that out 😀