Sunday, October 7th, 2012

My Wedding Makeup

I actually didn’t know what I was going to do quite yet for my makeup until I tested out Guerlain Turandot Eyeshadow Palette (which I reviewed last month).  I loved the way it looked on me, and the colors were perfect for autumn.  I knew at once that it was a happy medium that used color and not just neutrals, but it wasn’t too bold or smoky, as our ceremony was being held in the late morning.  I went with a gold eyeliner on the bottom lash line, because it brightened up my eyes, so naturally, Honey was my go-to, as it was one of my all-time favorites.   With the warm-toned eyes, I knew I’d be going with corals, which I tend to like on myself.   I wore the same eyes and cheeks all day long, but for our evening reception, I changed the lips to Chanel Dragon and Bobbi Brown Naked Plum.

I won’t have my photos back for approximately a month, but when I have some to share, I will be sure to share a few. :)  These are the only photos I managed to take in the last few minutes before we had to leave to go to the ceremony location.  I spent a half hour on makeup, even if I used a truck-load of products!


I applied a layer of primer on from lash line to brow bone.  Then, I applied the lighter plum eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid, followed by the darker brown eyeshadow on the outer third of the lid.  I patted the gold eyeshadow directly on the center of the lid and pulled it outwards and inwards to blend with the other two colors.  I used separate MAC 239 eyeshadow brushes for those three colors.  I swept on the darker plum shade into the crease and diffused it upwards using Make Up For Ever’s #17S crease brush.  Next, I took the MAC 239 again with the gold eyeshadow and patted it on the inner tear duct and then pulled it upwards over the inner crease.  I lined the lower lashes with Honey eyeliner.  I filled in brows using Espresso eyeshadow and MAC’s 266 brush, then combed through them with a clean mascara spoolie and set with brow gel.  To finish the look, I heavily applied Eyes to Kill mascara (waterproof, of course) to upper and lower lashes.


I applied the moisturizing primer first, just prior to applying my eye makeup, so it would have a chance to sink in.  After fifteen minutes or so, I applied the Mineral Veil primer, and I let that sink in for five to ten minutes.  I used one pump of #02 and half a pump of #03, then mixed them between my fingers, and dotted it all over the face.  I used Hourglass #2 Foundation Brush to blend and diffuse the foundation on the face and down the neck.  I applied two pats of Cle de Peau’s Concealer on my under eye area and blended just over the bridge of my nose.  I then patted OCC’s Concealer over that.  I finished the under eye area by lightly tapping Terracotta Light Touch to brighten.  To add color to cheeks, I tapped Love Lust blush on apples and blended towards temples with MAC’s 116 brush.  I lightly contoured the hollows of my cheeks with MAC Sculpt and MAC’s 168 brush.  I lightly swept on Parure de Nuit as a highlighter on cheek bones with MAC’s 165 brush.  To set everything into place, I used MAC’s 184 brush and Pressed Meteorites.


I applied Gems lipstick onto lips with a lip brush.  I lightly patted Cle de Peau #2 on the center of the lower lips, then pressed lips together.  I finished by applying a full coat of Citrus and lightly pressing my lips together.

See more photos & swatches!

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1,048 thoughts on “My Wedding Makeup

  1. It’s perfect! You look amazing and radiant :)

  2. Lavanya

    omg, congratulations Christine! Can’t believe you’re blogging even when all this is happening, gosh you’re amazing! You look beautiful :)

  3. Shelly

    I am almost in tears. You look so beautiful. I actually started reading your blog right when I met my boyfriend and we just got engaged two months ago. Congratulations and all the best!

  4. Beautiful! Congrats, I cant wait to see them <3

  5. Pamela

    Thanks for sharing! You were a beautiful bride! Did you wear waterproof eye makeup? When was the big day? Most important, what did Mellan wear?

    • I only made sure to make the mascara waterproof :) I cried as soon as the officiant started speaking, LOL!

      Mellan wore a bow-tie collar! We were married yesterday morning!

  6. Sarah

    congratulations!! :)

  7. Congratulations Christine! You look absolutely stunning and every inch the glowing bride! Can’t wait for more pics!

    Wishing you and Shaun a wonderful life ahead!

  8. pixie


  9. SunshineAZ

    Wow Christine! You look perfectly flawless and absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see pictures of your wedding! Mine is next spring so I’m all about wedding stuff right now!

    • Good luck with the planning! What have you planned so far?

      • SunshineAz

        As far was makeup and hair I have no idea. Since its in March and the weather in Phoenix will be beautiful, I want to do a soft romantic look. Im still playing around with it but I’m thinking pinks and corals. For my hair I know I want my hair down and curled but I’m still not sure of the style. I hope your wedding was all you dreamed of!

      • SunshineAz

        For the actual wedding we have finalized the guest list, sent out save the dates, booked the venue, found my dress….and that’s it! We are still deciding and making decisions on every other aspect.

  10. Nesita

    Congratulations to you and Shaun!
    You looked gorgeous, Christine! It looks very you, with the pop of gold on the lower lashline and the Cle de Peau #2 lipgloss =)

  11. Congratulations Christine, you look gorgeous! :)

  12. nazih

    You look stunning! Congratulations to you and your hubby :)

  13. Aida

    You look beautiful, Christine! I love the makeup, it suits you really well :).

  14. jenn

    oh my gosh Christine! I didn’t realize you got married already! Congratulations! You looked beautiful <3

  15. Swathi Narumanchi

    Congratulations Christine !

    This was out of the blue and not a word of it before the d-day. You sure can keep secrets :)

    Have fun and wishing you loads of luck and love.

  16. Bana

    Simply Perfect 😀


  17. Marta González

    Very beautiful and natural. Hope you had a great wedding, congrats :)

  18. blueraccoon

    You look absolutely gorgeous. Mazel tov on the wedding! I can’t wait to see more pictures 😀

  19. Matthias

    Congratulations! You look beautiful. I wish you all the very best for your marriage, I wish you happiness and that all your dreams come true!
    Greetings from Germany!

  20. Gorgeous!
    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your husband!

  21. Sarah Chambless

    Wow, you look so pretty and happy :) I really like that you did something a little more bold rather than totally traditional (I am a bold kind of girl myself!)

    I just want to say how much I respect your work ethic that you managed to post this whole time and most of us didnt even realize you had already gotten married. Congrats and thanks for everything you do :)

    • I am glad to hear it, Sarah! The best compliment I can receive is that you didn’t even notice I was away, LOL!

      I wanted to do more than neutrals, but it WAS day time, and then Turandot came along and solved all my problems!

      Thank you!

  22. Valerie C.

    Congratulations! Just beautiful!! The eye makeup is perfection :)

  23. AnGeLwInGz

    You look drop dead gorgeous! How lovely your pictures will be!

  24. Barbie

    you look amazing! so glowy!

  25. Madeleine

    wow u probably have all the lipsticks in the world! everytime i type a name of a lipstick i see u wearing it on google 😛

  26. Dominique

    Oh Congratulations Christine. You look really lovely !

  27. Reka

    You looked absolutely stunning just as always! CONGRATULATIONS!! :)))

  28. Oh, lovely! Congratulations Christine!

  29. Congratulations Christine! You look absolutely amazing!

  30. Dawn

    Congratulations, Christine, you look stunning! I hope you had an amazing day, and that everything went smoothly. Best wishes for your future together

  31. Sasha

    Gorgeous, congratulations! I see many of the winners I’ve put on the Christmas list in use. When you get a chance you should try Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Fusion Foundation. SA put it on me at NM over the weekend and it’s heavenly.

  32. Bea

    You look so lovely! Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you! 😀

  33. Reema

    You will make a lovely bride!

  34. Nina R

    Christine! You are so beautiful, like a Princess Charming!
    I am so happy for you. I’ve been reading you blog for some three years already, and sometimes I feel like you’re my cousin.
    Lots of happiness and love to you and to the Tech Guy 😉

  35. Wenz

    Aaawww Its all in your eyes!
    Congrats Christine & Shaun! Nothing but love & blessings for you both!

  36. Congratulations Christine! ♥♥♥

    I’m so happy to see Honey here, as it’s my favorite as well. And me, being a dork, squealed a little upon reading you ended up wearing Dragon for the evening.

    Pssst, I almost want to pick up Turandot upon seeing the fairytale quality it brings your look. It just looks SO perfect on you!

    • In LOVE with the color combination of Turandot! :)

      Yes, love Dragon completely, but I was like… hmm, probably NOT a great look for Shaun!

      • lol, I get what you mean. I wore red lips for my wedding as well, and well… The spouse wasn’t all that amused with the reddish stain on his lips and cheeks. 😛 (Didn’t really go with his suit)

        However, I think Gems with Cle de Peau #2 are definitely excellent choices too. I recall them being your favorites as well. 😀 You may or may not have enabled me to add B Citrus to my wishlist, though… >>

        • His mouth was totally sparkly, but at least it wasn’t red everywhere, LOL. I could have done a matte red and it wouldn’t have had as much transfer, but why do red if it wasn’t going to be Dragon?

          • I hear you! The whole point of wearing Dragon was because it was your favorite, so any other reds wouldn’t do.

            Hopefully he didn’t mind the sparkle, if he did, just ask him to pretend he just ate a sparklepire? 😛

            • He said he turned into Edward post-ceremony, now that we’re married I can’t object, LOL! 😉

              He’s like, “You had to go with a sparkly gloss…” I don’t think he minded too much!

  37. Gabrielle


  38. Stacy

    WoW, absolutely stunning! Your eyes look amazing! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

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    Wow so beautiful! Congratulations!

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    This makeup look is so beautiful especially with the gold liner. It’s so unique and feminine! Congratulations!

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    Congratulations Christine! You look beautiful!
    Best wishes to you and your husband for the future :)

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    You look so beautiful and radiant in the pictures. I congratulate you and wish you and your new hubby all the best for the future

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    Congratulations, you look beautiful!

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    Congratulations!!!! You look beautiful. God bless both of you!

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    Best wishes from Germany, Christine and Shaun, and Mellan <3 (Mellan's probably happy that his parents do not live in sin anymore lol)
    You look lovely, so excited for the upcoming photos… I also did not realize it was time already!

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    Congratulations Christine!! You look absolutely perfect ♥

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    Gorgeous! I hope you two have a long and happy marriage :)

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    Your wedding makeup is so beautiful Christine. Congratulations to you both. Oh and you have enabled me to get that Honey liner. I’m a sucker for golds I tell ya! : )

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    You look so lovely Christine! And the makeup is stunning! Congratulations!!!

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    Congratulations Christine, you looked every inch a blushing bride!!! I wish you, and your husband, all the luck and happiness in the world!

  53. Very natural looking…but pretty…but you also had alot of practice.

  54. Congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful!!

  55. Jillian

    Absolutely stunning- you’re very talented. Congratulations to the both of you!! 6 years for Temptalia and now newlyweds… 2012 is a big year!!

    It’s incredible how you were even thinking of your readers on your wedding day… I love how attentive and dedicated you are!! I think the info you gave is invaluable for any bride who wants to do her own makeup on her wedding day.

    As a side note, my sister is in love with pearls; she would die for your earrings! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get them?

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    You look GORGEOUS! Congratulations Christine, you will make a beautiful bride.

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    You look absolutely stunning. Congratulations on your wedding!

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    Your eye makeup looks stunning!

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    You look so beautiful Christine! Congratulations and wish you the best in everything! Can’t wait to see more pics of you and your wedding :) So happy for you!

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    Christine, you never looked more beautiful! The makeup is gorgeous and you look absolutely radiant! Congratulations!

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    Huge congratulations to you both! Your makeup is beautiful — of course it helps if you have a lovely canvas to work on, too! Very best wishes for your future together, and I hope you enjoy your celebrations!

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    congrats Christine…you looked ooh soo beautiful….

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    Congratulations! You look stunning! Love the lips. Can’t wait to see pictures of you in your dress :)

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    You look so pretty, Christine! What I like most is that it’s totally you. All the best to you and your husband! I hope you had a wonderful wedding yesterday and I wish you a wonderful life together!

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    Congratulations Christine! You look fresh and radiant. The eye shadow and lip colors are so beautiful!

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    Bonjour Christina,

    Félicitations et tous nos vœux de bonheur de Paris. Vous êtes tout simplement magnifique.
    Vous êtes belle et radieuse.
    Ce soir, en regardant la Tour Eiffel illuminé, je penserai à vous.
    Des bisous, des bisous, des pluies de bisous et un océan d’amour.

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