Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Over & Under: Most Overrated & Underrated Eyeshadow Primers

There are always products that receive endless raves, but they don’t always live up to our expectations or work out as well as they do for others.  Share your picks for most overrated and underrated EYESHADOW PRIMERS.  Don’t forget to share your whats and whys as to your choices!

  • Most Overrated: [answer]
  • Most Underrated: [answer]

My Picks

  • Most Overrated: Urban Decay Primer Potion — the original formula creases on me, though Eden doesn’t, but the creasing was a major let-down, so it was obviously not the primer for me!
  • Most Underrated: NARS Smudgeproof, I suppose; it’s hard to say, because it’s a primer by a major brand, so it doesn’t seem like an underrated product, but it is a newer entrant to the marketplace, so perhaps it can still fit.

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95 thoughts on “Most Overrated & Underrated Eyeshadow Primers

  1. Most Overrated – Probably UDPP, for the same reason as you Christine. I didn’t like it as well as Too Faced Shadow Insurance.
    Most Underrated – Concrete Minerals primer. It’s indie, virtually unknown, but really nice.

    I do also like NARS primer, I’m currently in the process of reviewing it and comparing it to TFSI, my favorite :)

  2. Abra

    Overrated- Urban Decay Primer Potion. It works, but it’s not so far above and beyond all the others that it deserves the reputation it has. I also prefer Eden to the original.

    Underrated- ELF eyelid primer, because I think people assume that 1 dollar= poor quality.

    • Kafka

      Interesting. Which one do you use? If you’ve tried both, have you seen a difference? I’m trying both now because 1) I figured for $1 and $3 respectively, “what the hell;” and 2) there are such WILDLY polarised comments about them (not only as compared to each other but *also* as compared to UDPP) that it made me really curious. So, I decide I’d approach it as an experiment.

      Thus far, I honestly can’t see any difference between the two Elf primers (contrary to all the comments online) and I certainly see no huge difference from Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

      Of course, the latter may not mean much since I think UDPP is not just over-rated but actually pretty much useless. Even the most basic Sephora *face* primer seemed to achieve the same, adequate result on me. And it dries up quite fast, regardless of how tightly I close the silly tube. So, as compared to UD and its price, ELF does seem a better way to go. That said, I much prefer my NARS.

      • Abra

        I’ve never tried the 3 dollar one but the 1 dollar one is really good! I have zero problems with creasing or anything. I think it’s as good as Urban Decay, which I’ll never buy on its own and will just use should it come with a palette or something.

        I, overall, like Too Faced Shadow Insurance the best of all the primers I’ve ever tried, but I just think the ELF one gets a rough rep because of its price.

  3. Diane

    Most Overrated: Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Most Underrated: BareMinerals Primetime Eyeshadow Base

  4. Overrated: NYX Jumbo Pencils
    Awesome colour range & relatively inexpensive but they crease SO badly, even over another base. Only the non-shimmer ones seem to hold up (Milk, Orange, Yellow etc) over a base for me.

    Underrated: MAC Paints
    I love that even on my obnoxiously oily lids, I can get 12+ hours of wear time. It’s a shame the colour range has been diminished with the introduction of the paint pots. Bamboom is my holy grail primer.

    • Jenna

      Primers and bases aren’t interchangable. NYX JEPS aren’t meant to be creaseless.

    • Miss J

      Hooray for someone else who still likes the Paints!! :)

      • Dana

        Mac Paints for me too! The Paint Pots crease on me after a few hours but I like using them over the Paints as a cream shadow.

        Overrated – UDPP i find it hard to blend other shadows over this.

    • Kate

      MAC Paints are my go to base, too! I don’t buy much from MAC anymore, but Paints are one I keep repurchasing.

    • DevilishDoll

      Weird, I use NYX jumbo pencils a lot and I’ve never had them crease until well after 20 hours of having them on…I’ve never used an actual primer before though.

    • Jessica

      OMG we have the EXACT same answer. Love it!

  5. I totally agree!!! UDPP creases on me as well! I have the oiliest of lids and when i switched to NARS Smudgeproof eye primer, my eyeshadows have been lasting all day without creasing

  6. Char

    Most Overrated: Urban Decay Primer Potion Original.. This stuff creases on me and color fades and slides around after a couple of hours. It also makes my eyelids a bit sore feeling. I do have very oily skin, I wonder if that’s why this does not work. I even try to use a Mac Paint Pot or Paint tube over it to no avail.

    Most Underrated: Lime Crime Candy Eyed Waterproof Eyeshadow Helper.. This is the ONLY eyelid primer that works for me. Even with the cheaper drug store eyeshadows, this holds the color on much richer and lasts ALL DAY. It’s a little hard to spread on the eye, but it’s worth that tiny annoyance. I can apply Mac Paint Pots over it if I want, but this step is not a necessity. Love this primer, I do not want to try another, I have found mine!

  7. Overrated: UDPP – I don’t like the way it feels on my lids (too thin, liquidy – I prefer thicker primers/bases), which may lead to the creasing I had

    Underrated: Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. Yes it’s a major brand but I NEVER hear anyone mention this primer. I absolutely love it. Absolutely no creasing whatsoever.

  8. Em

    Most Overrated: Not sure. I’ve never tried the original UDPP, but I own Eden and it works great for me.

    Most Underrated: Benefit Creaseless Shadows: while these may not be technically primers, they are creamier and last longer than paint pots or any other cream product I’ve used, and you do not need to use these with a separate eyeshadow primer–they last all day and then some.

    • Sharlie Gugel

      I Love Eden, it has a slight stickiness to it which works best for me because I use lots of loose minerals, and it holds on to them beautifully!!

  9. Overrated – Urban Decay Original Primer Potion, it just doesn’t live up to the hype , it creases and I think it inhibits a good blend.

    Underated – Lancome Aquatique, doesn’t crease and I don’t have problems blending.

  10. Rachel

    Agree with you
    Most Overrated – Urban Decay Primer Potion. Shadows creased over it in couple hours.
    Most Underrated – Nars Smudgeproof. The absolute best I have used.

  11. amy

    Overrated: MAC Paint Pots-Although not a primer, exactly, I don’t think they have much impact on the intensity of the color of my shadow, which is the main reason I wear a primer. I don’t have oily lids, so I never worry about creasing.

    Underrated: Kat Von D-On the “stickier” side, meaning shadows really stick to it, even glittery ones, making the colors really intense. Also, makeup stays put until I take it off.

    I also use Maybelline concealer stick in white, since I don’t need the anti-creasing capability.

  12. Genevieve Sobel

    Most overrated: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
    Most Underrated: Bobbi Brown long wearing cream eyeshadows- I know these are not technically an eye primer, but they work amazingly well in that capacity.

  13. Miss J

    Most Overrated: Too Faced Shadow Insurance – I don’t doubt this a great product for some, but for me it didn’t live up to the praises. I tried it back when UDPP was only available with the old bottle/wand packaging. TFSI creased on me super quick (2 hours), and in application I felt as if I had to add more product than normal because my colors seemed dulled out. I wanted to love it because the packaging was better than UDPP at the time and because I heard it was stickier, but it just didn’t work for me. I have been considering giving it another go.

    Most underrated – While considered a base more than a primer, I think MAC’s Paints are underrated. Once MAC started phasing them out and coming out with new products, people stopped talking about them as much. I have super oily lids in addition to an eye shape and folds in lids that just create creasing at some point no matter what, and Paints hold up on me just as much as UDPP holds up on me.

    I still need to try NARS’ primer, but to date, UDPP and MAC Paints work the best on me at 6-8 hours usually. I can get around 4 hours with Paint Pots from MAC, which isn’t too shabby if I’ll only be wearing the look for a short amount of time.

    • Miss J

      Also, wear time with Paint Pots greatly depends on how much I apply. If too much gets applied it cakes up and causes shadows to drag and not apply as vividly, and it will also crease quicker, but if I get a thin, even layer blended out quickly then it works fairly well.

  14. Malia

    I think TFSI is overrated, it doesnt last as long as UD for me anyway,
    and my tube got all watery and gross after only 4-5 weeks. Underrated for me is Kat von D because I love the thicker texture, I absolutely love the grey “smokey” one, and she has one similar to TFSI Candlelight but it is even better imo. they dont crease on me ever!

  15. Jennifer

    Most Overrated: Urban Decay Primer Potion – It didn’t perform as well as I would like it to.
    Most Underrated: Lorac Behind the Scenes primer – Works well and goes on smooth and blends well. It’s also better at preventing creases than the udpp. I love this.

  16. divinem (Melissa)

    Overrated: Urban Decay Primer Potion
    Underrated: NARS eye primer. This stuff is like glue for eyeshadow, and it doesn’t “add” to the lid the way UDPP and TFSI do. Biggest plus is I have no allergic reaction to NARS — a miracle!!

  17. Most Overrated: UDPP, I love it but there are better ones. Also heard great things about Stila’s Primer Pots, but they crease my eyeshadow to death! Glad I got a big sample of it, wouldn’t want to waste so much money on it.

    Most Underrated: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base, it’s more liquidy than most eyeshadow primers I’ve used and works pretty great on eyeshadows with a lot of fall out and loose pigments! Definitely worth it for the price as well.

  18. Amy

    Overrated: UDPP Original. I can’t say much about the other versions as I’ve never used them but I have noticed that its harder to blend with the Original formula so I have to brush a bit of translucent powder over my kids after words. I haven’t noticed creasing with eyeshadows (Creams such as Nyx’s JEP does crease a bit) even with my naturally hooded eyes, but my kids aren’t oily. I do like the consistency though.

    Underrated: I haven’t tries any actual primers besides UDPP since I don’t wear makeup much, but I thought I’d throw in Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows since they don’t crease even without a base as long as you layer it. MAC Paint Pots and Maybelline Color Tattoos are good too, though I wish some are more opaque an I don’t consider them underrated.

  19. Krystal

    i totally agree with your picks!!! the UDPP doesn’t work for me. and i love the Nars smudgeproof, but not many people know about it.

  20. Haley Borneman

    overrated-the shimmery nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils, mac shadesticks.

    underrated-mac paints!!! love those things

  21. Quinctia

    It’s interesting to see the answers, because this is measuring up to be about as personal of an answer as “what’s the best mascara?”

    I don’t have a big pool to pick from, but here’s my opinion:

    Most Overrated: Of ones I’ve tried and own, Nyx’s. And I mean the actual shadow primer in the pot. I’d personally have better luck slapping powder shadow over a Nyx Jumbo pencil, which seems counterintuitive, but hey.

    Most Underrated: The shimmery Urban Decay primers! I’m especially fond of what happens when you layer different finishes like matte and satins on top of Greed. The original works lovely on me, I really don’t see a difference in finish or wear time with Eden, but the shimmery ones can add so much to a look.

    • Carissa

      I agree on the NYX primer in the jar, that stuff creased on me so bad whereas UDPP original has yet to fail me.

      • Quinctia

        Nyx’s was better than nothing, but just barely. My liquid concealer worked better as a primer!

    • Miss J

      I love UDPP Greed! It’s fun to use for layering, but I also love it as an eye shadow all on its own!

  22. Amy

    Of course UDPP is going to be picked as the most overrated. It’s arguably the most well known eye shadow primer, ever. It works perfectly fine for me. It creases if I apply shadow RIGHT after applying it, but if I do something else while I let the primer set, it doesn’t crease all day.

    I can’t think of any underrated ones because all of the other ones don’t keep my eye shadow from creasing.

  23. Xia

    Overrated- TSFI. The oily quality only makes it worse and it doesn’t prevent your shadows from creasing. Also, MAC paint pots aren’t great for those who are looking for longer-lasting shadow that doesn’t crease.

    Underrated-MAC paints. They’re tremendous.

  24. Anita

    udpp is also overrated for me! i dont really like it.

  25. Amanda

    I haven’t tried any primers. They’re either way too expensive (like double US prices) or not available in Australia. I make my own and it works pretty well. I mix my liquid foundation with a bit of eye cream and some cornflour. It keeps my eyeshadow creaseless all day. Without it, I get creases in about 10 minutes.

  26. Heather

    Overrated: All eye primers. I haven’t found one that is thin enough to work as an actual primer. They always seem cakey so I’ll opt for putting a little bit of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat on my lids as a primer.

    Underrated: I always wear UDPP in Sin as an eyeshadow. It’s underrated as an eyeshadow—perhaps overrated as an actual primer.

  27. Marta

    I honestly never have creasing with UDPP in Original, except a coupleof times in very hot weather when I applied a little too much. Also, Eden is better but it changes the finish of some of my loose eyeshadows. Anyway…
    Most Overrated: any of MAC’s Paint pots, which at least in Spain’s stands, keep trying to sell as eyeshadow base. Great product otherwise.
    Most Underrated: Detrivore’s primer. I know it’s an indie product, but I got it and I honestly can’t tell the difference against UD’s. I won’t tell the price because I felt silly when I thought about how much money I could’ve saved xD

  28. danza

    Overrated : UDPP. With all the reviews and raves it doesn’t hold up my eyeshadow more than 3 hours, makes it almost impossible to blend, and fading is an issue as well. Mind you, this is with all kinds of eyeshadows. I’ve tried NYX on it, Guerlain, and also UD eyeshadows itself (Dangerous palette). None stuck to it. I do have extremely oily lids but other products have actually proved their longevity better than UDPP. Also UDPP Sin is a joke.

    Underrated: MUFE Aqua Creams. Amazing. AMAZING. Stays all day. Apply it sheer to use it as a primer. I hope they’ll release matte shades soon. Also BareMinerals primer shadow, but the price and size is making me rethink to rebuy.

    (P.S: I actually think Urban Decay in general is pretty overrated. 24/7 liners smudge like crazy on me and 24/7 shadows is the same.)

  29. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish

    Most Overrated: Too Faced Shadow Insurance – nothing stays on with it
    Most Underrated: I pretty much only use UDPP, so I guess maybe Pixie Epoxy? I know it’s technically not a primer, but it does help with adhering pigment and glitter to the lid.

  30. LJ

    For anyone in the UK, a really underrated primer is by Soap and Glory, the new Boots makeup out this year. It absolutely doesn’t crease and it costs just £8.

  31. zainab

    So far I’ve tried Shadow Insurance and Greed Primer Potion and not been very impressed with either, my eyelids are oily but I’d expect them to work better than they did regardless. So thus far the whole product category is a bit meh for me.

  32. Mariella

    All the primers I’ve used – UDPP in several forms, Too Faced, Laura Mercier, MAC Paint Pots – have all performed very well for me so I wouldn’t say any of them are over-rated. Just from reading, though, I understand that MAC’s actual eye shadow primer is really not very good. Under-rated? The only thing I can think of – and it’s not purely a primer – is Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadow, and that’s just because very few people seem to have heard of it or use it.

  33. Sarah

    I don’t have an underrated but overrated would definitely be too faced shadow insurance. Just a runny mess with a funky smell.

  34. Kathy S.

    Most overrated: UDPP – creases on me right away.

    Most underrted: TFSI in Lemon Drop – stays all day.

    I’d also like to chime in on the MAC Paints used as a primer/base: they can be used as either. If all you’re using it for is a prep to cut oil on the lid, then you’re using it as a primer. I’ve used them this way and it’s hard to find anything better. You can also use them over an actual primer and that’s fine as well, I guess. I don’t double up on them that way, though, as it’s kind of a waste.

    MAC Paints have stayed on my eyes for 18 hours without creasing and with minimal wear and I have surfably oily lids. I recommend them highly! The Paint Pots are more of a base as the formula is too creamy to absorb much.

  35. fabiola

    Overrated: NYX jumbo pencil in milk, a lot of people use it, and I don’t know why, it creases in less than 2 hours. UDPP, and MAC eyeshadow carbon, there is nothing special about a matte black eyeshadow, it is really easy to dupe.
    Underrated: well I have seen many people that have a love-hate relationship with mac satin taupe, I personally think it is a everyday eyeshadow and I like to use with showstopper matte eyeshadow.

  36. Kris

    * Most Overrated: UDPP. I have very oily lids, and this is not for me. It creases like crazy!
    * Most Underrated: NARS. I have never tried eyeshadows without a primer (because of the creasing) so I can’t speak of its enhacing eyeshadow colours quality, but this is perfect for stopping creasing on oily lids. I have worn it for 24 hours and it remains perfect.

  37. Most Overrated: TFSI – so greasy :( I’m talking about straight out of the tube this stuff is a greasy mess of nasty. I though the longer I had it, it would thicken. Just keeps getting worse, though.
    Most Underrated: Not sure, still haven’t found one I love. I want to get the NARS one because of your love for it, but am scared it won’t work for me (not sure why I think this) and then I’ll be bummed.

  38. Anna

    Most overrated – Too Face Shadow Insurance. It creases on me in a matter of hours. Btw, I love UDPP, it doesn’t crease on me at all like it apparently does on a lot of people, so I guess they just work very differently for different people.
    Most underrated – Elf mineral primer. Works amazingly, but nobody really talks about it.

  39. K.B.

    Most overrated – I’m torn between MAC’s paint pots and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. Both crease something awful on my eyelids, and the paint pots only last a couple of hours, while the UDPP lasts about twice that.

    Most underrated – I guess the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. Everyone raves about the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and a lot of people like Maybelline’s 24 hour Color Tattoos as primers.

    I’ve gotten into the routine of priming my lids with two primers (3 on days I wear the Color Tattoos): first the Hourglass Mineral Veil and then the TFSI. Does anyone else have to apply two primers? lol

  40. Overratted: I think MAC Paintpots are overrated products. It gets harder to blend on the lids after a couple of months from opening a bnew pot. I hate that it dries up pretty quickly even if I always keep the lid shut. And it doesn’t help with the creasing too event though I only have a regular oily lids.

    Underrated: I’m not yet sure….still on the look out for other products to try.

  41. Janeen

    Most Overrated: UDPP. So glad to see I’m not the only one with the issue that it creases on me. It actually used to NOT crease on me, then it started. I have UDPP in Original and Sin, both crease on me. Saddens me after I dropped $$ on them. My lids are very oily.

    Most Underrated – TFSI. The only primer as of right now that DOESN’T crease on me, except on a long long day of being outside in hot weather.

    I must get the Nars primer and try it since I’ve heard such great reviews. It’s on my shopping list. Just want to use up the many primers I have (I actually layer Stila’s prime pot under TFSI, then always use a UD shadow pencil that has crazy staying power, PLUS layer shadow on that. Yea, my eyelids are that freaking annoying.:)

  42. Vick

    Overrated: UDPP and Mac Paint Pots
    Underrated: Jessies Girl Shadow Primer + Ruby Kisses Eyeshadow Primer

  43. Carrie

    Fully expected the UDPP replies – though I have to say it works fine on me, even if I set it immediately.

    For me, the most overrated is probably Fyrinae’s Pixie Epoxy. I guess it works decently enough as a primer, but I fail to see why people are so ZOMG about it. Throw in the difficulty to get it (It took me months of watching the website) and being a bit put off by the owner “You know, I’ve decided that I absolutely loathe the new packaging, so if you got it, sorry!”(which I did and which is a bit underwhelming) and I’m just meh over the whole thing.

  44. Tessa

    Overrated: UDDP ofcourse. Everyone is raving about it, but it creased on me within a few hours.
    Underrated: Artdeco primer. It only costs about €4 here and people often assume that cheap means bad quality. I hate people who assume that because of a price tag. I love that primer!

  45. NeenaJ

    Most Overrated: NARS Smudgeproof. I’ve tried it and it just wasn’t that great. Also, it’s got the same poor packaging problem that people complained about for ages when UDPP had it. But, no one seems to be giving NARS any beef. UDPP continues to be most used primer.

    Most Underrated: ArtDeco primer. This stuff is amazing and reasonably priced. I read about it on Pink Sith. The only drawback is its strong fragrance.

  46. Carissa

    MOST OVERRATED- UDPP. It used to work for me, but it doesn’t anymore for some reason. It makes my eyeshadow hard to blend and certainly does not help with creasing.

    MOST UNDERRATED- LORAC eyeshadow primer. I got this during Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty as a ‘beauty steal of the month’ for $10! I put this on at 9AM, worked for 9 hours, came home, went out again, fell asleep in my makeup and when I woke up at 9AM the next morning my eyeshadow hadn’t creased a single bit! I’ve been using it for the past few months and it’s been tried and tested as the only primer that truly helps my eyeshadows from creasing. I love it so much I purchased a backup while it was still on sale, normally $21.

  47. Iliana

    Most Overrated: Urban Decay Primer Potion. Did not impress me at all. It extended my eye mu wear for an average of 3 hours approximately but that’s about it.

    Most Underrated: Guerlain Ombre Eclat eye primer. My eye mu simply does.not.move with this. For reference, i have very oily lids and i do expect my eye mu to last all day!

  48. Lauren

    Overrated: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (original) – too greasy and the formula separates. I also don’t get as good pigmentation compared to when I use UDPP.

    Underrated: Smashbox eyeshadow primer – It’s stickier so it really grabs onto the shadows. It like the wand style better than the squeeze tube of the new UDPP and TFSI. Old bottles of UDPP in Eden and Smashbox are my favorites.

  49. Katherine

    Overrated: TSFI…. the stuff is like grease city on my eyes!!

    Underrated: E.L.F. Eyelid Primer. For $1 the stuff works like a dream!!

  50. Lee

    Overrated: Any sort of pencil type base: MAC Shadesticks, etc. They always crease on me but I suspect it’s because I have very, very heavy hooded eyelids.

    Underrated: It’s popular to bash it, but UDPP is one of the best known primers for a reason. It literally changed my life as far as eyeshadow goes and, in combination with a paint pot, my eyeshadow lasts all day (and sometimes even getting wet). I’ve tried others but I always come back to UDPP. (only the original tho’, all the other ones crease on me)

  51. Most Overrated: I wouldn’t say any of the primers are overrated (at least the ones I have tried) because all of these products are made because they work for a mass of people, and not for others. But if I must choose I’d say UDPP is probably the most overrated and over publicized product out there.

    Most Underrated: Lime Crime’s Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper. It’s like an antiperspirant for your eyelids. I use it with and without eyeshadow since I have really oily lids it helps keep me from needing to rub my eyes half way through the day.

  52. Megan

    Most overrated: UDPP. Though, for me, it’s always worked just fine. It’s creased on me maybe a few times, but it depends on more how my skin is behaving since my skin can get crazy.

    Most underrated: Elf primer! Seriously, it works pretty great for me!

    Also, thanks everyone who offered indie brands! Trying a couple of those primers soon!

  53. Mariposa

    Too faced shadow insurance – I can’t stand that the formula separates!!

    LA Splash eyeshadow sealer base – good for pressed shadows, pigments and glitters for only $6.00!! I love UDPP!!

  54. Lauryn

    Overrated: Urban Decay Primer Potion. I’m not a fan for two reasons, one the POOR packaging, but it most certainly does crease!

    Underrated: MAC Paints. I’ve used them forever and continue to do so. The trick is not to glop the product on. Paint Pots are ok, but no where near the same as “Paints”.

  55. Aisha

    Totally agree with you about UDPP… I also like NARS Smudgeproof, but I always find myself reaching for TFSI.

  56. ricky blue

    I guess my eyelids aren’t as oily as some people’s but I find that most primers work well enough on me. I like the feel of NYX’s primer though. I suppose it crease a but if I go out dancing or something, but not in a bad way, I guess.

  57. Nina

    Most Overrated: Urban Decay’s Primer Potion… I’ve diligently used this product for years, thinking it is the best, used the original and eden formula, but my eyeshadow would always crease. I just thought my eyelids were too oily, and this was the best I could get…

    Most Underrated (for me): Too Faced Shadow Insurance… I just started using this (about a month ago), and am amazed… No creasing!! I couldn’t believe it. I always thought UDPP was the “best”, obviously not!

  58. Laura

    Underrated: another vote for MAC Paint! I even like the Paint Pots and find myself reaching for Soft Ochre more often than UDPP.

    • Jessica

      I totally agree! Paint Pots stole the spotlight but I think unless you are using pigment or loose shadow, the Paints are the best way to go!

  59. cyndi

    hmmn udpp never creased on me..i quite like it
    i think paintpots are quite overrated i have a love/hate relationship with them, sometimes the colors are nice, but they dont go on as smoothly they look dry and bumpy sometimes…they crease on me sometimes

    underrated…i dunno i tried this lorac one and it was quite nice

  60. Liz

    Totally agree about the NARS one, I have oily lids & it’s often over 40 degrees celcius & humid where I live and my shadow stays as true at the end of the day as when it was applied first thing.
    I’ve since tried UDPP but it just doesn’t compare
    Yes the NARS one is a lot more money for a lot less product than other brands but it’s definitely the best ever
    Plus it’s clear so it doesn’t muddy you shadows

  61. I’d have to agree with you! UDPP feels a little bit oily on my lids and I don’t think it does anything for enhancing vibrancy, although it doesn’t crease on me. NARS stays put all day long with no fading, and keeps my eyeshadows vibrant. I love it!

  62. christine

    overrated – Urban decay
    underrated – BB cream shadow. Makes a great base.

  63. Michelle

    Overrated: UDPP, as everyone has already said.
    Underrated: Detrivore Cosmetics Eyeshadow Primer. Indie brand, but super cheap (like $5?) and sooooo good! Also Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, though it’s only good with sparkly stuff… which I use a lot.

  64. Maddie

    Most Overrated: Definitely the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Waste of money. I have very oily skin and TFSI crease just as bad or worse than if I wore nothing at all. Love my UD Eden primer!
    Most Underrated: NYX HD Eyeshadow Base. Inexpensive and does the job. Comes in matte white, shimmery white and skin tone also.

  65. amanda

    most overrated: UDPP. not thatgreat and feels weird, with the exception of Eden, they’re all very silicony and slippery i think. they’re not bad, they’re decent,but not the best

    underrated: smashbox, definitely. it has kept colour on my lids for days. literally.

  66. Donna

    The best primer I’ve ever used is UDPP. I have oily skin and if I use UDPP I can wear eyeshadow the entire night and sleep in it (I know gross) and it is still in perfect condition when I wake up!

    The only other thing I’ve used as an eyeshadow base is MAC paints and those didn’t work for me.

  67. Jessica

    Most Overrated: NYX Jumbo Pencils. It’s not that I don’t like them–but they just seem to be much more trouble then they’re worth (not literally as they are amazingly cheap), and by the time you blend them out enough to be even and not crease, the color is so diffused.

    Most Underrated: MAC Paints. Especially for oily lids or in the summer. They just leave a great matte surface and you don’t have to wait for drying time. When I use a MAC Paint Pot (which I still love) I need to wait at least a minute or two before applying pressed shadow or it can be blotchy.

  68. Karen

    Overrated? -Urban Decay PP
    Underrated?- NARS Smudge proof. Best primer ever!

  69. Jasmine

    Overrated:Urban Decay Primer Potion I Creased On Me Within 2 Hours And I Don’t Even Have Oily Lids’!
    Underated:Nars Smudgeproof It Has To Be My Go To Primer That And Mac Paint Pots

  70. Megan

    Most Overrated- Urban Decay Primer Potion
    -I personally don’t like it too much. It creases a lot for me.

    Most Underated- Elf Eyeshadow Primer
    -This works fantastic!

    • Nargis

      I only every tried Elf primer and it works perfectly on me, even with cream eyeshadow on top. Its definitely underrrated, I think.
      I also tried creaseless creams by Benefit, they aret bad, but the darker shade fades easily.

  71. darae

    overrated: mac lipsticks (horrible formula, so drying, such a waste of $$)
    underrated: jordana best lash extreme mascara 

  72. Ash

    Overrated: TFSI… creases, the formula separates, and no matter how thin I put it on, it makes blending difficult and turns some of my darker eyeshadows muddy.
    Underrated: NYX Eyeshadow Base in white.  It really makes my bright eyeshadows pop and can stand up to a sweaty night at the club.

  73. Leslie

    Surprisingly, one of my favorite eyeshadow primers is by ELF!  It doesn’t crease on me at all, has no pigmentation when blended into the skin, and is super inexpensive! 
    After feeling like I wasted money on UDPP and TFSI, I was glad to find a much cheaper alternative that works 10x better than either of the more expensive products I tried. 

  74. DanielleWolfe

    Overrated: UDPP…it’s so hard to BLEND my shadows over this base. gross. Underrated: MAC paints. They slimmed down the line quite a bit bu tthey’ve always been hands down my favorite.

  75. Overrated – UDPP original, it creases on me.
    Underrated – Indie primers like Concrete Minerals.
    My favorite is still TFSI.

  76. Tatrina

    Overrated- UDPP its a nice primer but quite overpriced, I got mine as a gift from Hautelook from a friend and if it comes for free with a pallette it will do the trick and nice to travel with but nothing really special about it and I wouldn’t re-purchase.
    Underrated- Tarte 24 Hour Creasless Primer, I got this in a mini set of 3 for $12 from Tarte and I actually went swimming with it on and I didn’t you know, purposely dunk my head in the water as a test but I definatley got splashed on quite abit, tanned in the sun, and my eyeshadow was fine until I took it off maybe 12 hours later? And I do have quite oily lids.