Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Makeup You Wanna Eat: Pinks & Purple

This look reminded me of cupcakes or maybe ice cream. Either way, I was like, “Mmm, I want some food!” (Preferrably something sweet, much to the dismay of my thighs…) For those who follow me on Twitter, *this* was the look I just wasn’t lovin’. Encouragement from my girl Pursebuzz made me OK enough to post this anyway :)  Though I totally meant to post this early this morning, but between studying for my final tonight and writing a final paper… it all kind of got lost in the mix!

By the by, I also tried out wearing MAC Blooming Lovely Lipstick + English Accents Lipglass, and I can see it working much better on someone with cooler undertones or even a paler complexion. I don’t always post looks that are most suitable to me, because I know not everyone who reads the blog is warm-toned and may prefer to see some cooler looks that may look better on them than I :)

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Soft Ochre paint pot as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. With the 239 and water-based mixing medium (or water), apply Fuchsia pigment all over the lid area. Using the 239, apply Give Me Liberty of London eyeshadow on the inner third of the eyelid. Next, apply Free to Be eyeshadow on the middle third of the eyelid and lightly blend with the inner corner. Darken the outer third of the lid with Dame’s Desire eyeshadow with the 239, gently brushing it into the lower crease. Lightly blend Dame’s Desire eyeshadow, with the 239, on the outer corner and lid. To finish the eyeshadow look, sweep Femme-fi eyeshadow as a highlighter on the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Lust eyeliner on the lower lash line and Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow lightly patted below the lower lash line with the 219 brush. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Prim & Proper blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.  With the 165, gently tap Shell Pearl beauty powder on the cheek bones to highlight.

For lips, apply Petals & Peacocks lipstick first, and then layer English Accents lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

See, MAC Blooming Lovely + English Accents… better on paler/cooler skin (and I’d also pair it with a rosier cheek).

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108 thoughts on “Makeup You Wanna Eat: Pinks & Purple

  1. you look beautiful :).

  2. Monica

    i actually really think it looks pretty

  3. Ava Dahl

    It DOES look like a sweetly-frosted cupcake! Delish.

  4. abby

    Wow Christine i love this look and oh no! now i am going to have to get petal and peacocks and free to be lol. Blooming lovely looks good too but in my opinion you look more beautiful with bright lipsticks. But you are naturally pretty so you ALWAYS look good :)

  5. Lizzette

    what a great look!

  6. Frances

    Whaa? What’s not to like? Honestly Christine, this looks lovely. I like the warmer lips better, though.

  7. Pinky D

    Christine, you’re crazy! I actually really love this look on you (especially the cheeks).

  8. Nene

    I love the cheeks. I’m thinking about getting Prim & Proper Blush and Shell Pearl. Do you think they will suit paler skin?

  9. Elizabeth

    LOVE IT!!

  10. MirandaRae

    You know thats why disneyland has everything done in pastels? So that you want to go buy food from them.

    on the other note, that is super pretty. I love bright pink/purple eyes but I cant pull off the bright lips.

  11. Blooming Lovely looks a heck of a lot better on you than me. It made me look like a corpse, bleh bleh bleh.

  12. Vanessa

    I love this look with Petals & Peacocks! How do you like Prim & Proper blush?? I’ve been going back and forth about it.. I believe we’re about the same coloring, I’m NC30.

  13. I don’t know why you were hesitant to post it. I really like this look on you, especially with the first lip combo. :)

  14. I think it’s pretty, especially with the bright pink lips! I did something similar to this (but with turquoise) the other day, not sure if you got my e-mail about it with pictures, but I’ve posted the pictures onto my blog now anyway, please feel free to take a look.

  15. Yambok

    Hi! Love ur new make-up tutorial. It looks really refreshing. *thumbs up*

  16. shontay


  17. I looooooove it so much! I’m SO partial to purple/pink, haha.
    & I’m glad you did another look with things from Liberty Of London :]

  18. aradhana

    both lip combos look great! i’m glad you posted them both…that first shot of the coral colour made me want to pull out my sugarsweet stuff from last year…

    • Thank you! :) I think the combo definitely works, but it’s so pale/cool, it requires a lil’ more work (and more specific planning, not just swapping!).

  19. Mary007

    I’m not sure if it’s your foundation but you look tan…I think you look lovely!!

  20. Pretty! I love the lipsticks from this collection… I got all of them! Petals & Peacocks looks lovely on you. :)

  21. Morgan

    The lip is absolutely gorgeous!

  22. Aramis

    pshhhh christine you can definately pull off both! love it!

  23. Sara

    you look absolutely stunning in this!!
    i DEFFINITELY couldn’t pull this off nearly as well with my EXTREMELY pale skin

  24. Ivette

    your skin looks so flawless and pretty here!

  25. teha83

    How could you not think this was pretty? I love it! Good job, you look beautiful!

  26. Diana

    You look amazing in these colors. I like the first set of lips better.

  27. Christina

    i couldn’t get over how gorgeous you look :) and, you’re right, the blooming lovely combo is better for cooler skintones

  28. Cassie

    How do you apply lipgloss over lipstick? With the applicator or with a lip brush? Do you apply it all over the lip or just on the bottom center?

  29. Kaila

    wow, this made me hungry lol looks good!

  30. Casey

    I absolutely LOVE this look! I will have to see if I can still find Blooming Lovely at my local MAC. Now I’m kicking myself for not buying it last week.

  31. ellie

    Christine you look lovely … i like you with petals and peacocks lipstick better … i’m not a fan of blooming lovely or any lipstick with that kind of shade it just doesn’t look healthy. By the way, how similar is girl about town to petals and peacocks?

    • Thanks a lot, Ellie! :)

      Girl About Town is a darker pink, but they are similar.

      • ellie

        Thanks. I’m still waiting for my girl about town that i ordered through a local online seller and still waiting for the give me liberty of london to arrive here in Manila. Then i’ll decide if i need to have them both. But i need to have show orchid first:) don’t know when is riveting coming here and viva glam lady gaga still on my list …. oh mac you’re making my wallet broke!

  32. Love the eyes! especially the pop of blue eyeliner.

  33. It is so soft and pretty. I LOVE it with the first lip :)

  34. Jen

    I totally love this look! It takes me right back to 1986… the good ol’ days! :-)

  35. ling

    Hey temptalia! Greetings from malaysia :) I love your blog. We don’t have the liberty of london collection yet. Mac forecast 1 2 3 4 just arrived last week. I wanna purchase girl about town lipstick. Do u think petals and peacocks is better or are they EXACTLY similar in terms of colour? Do advice :)

    • No, I don’t think they’re exactly the same. Girl About Town is creamier and darker, has less of a sheen. To me, they’re different, but to most, they’re probably similar enough to merit just one.

  36. i think you pull off cool toned make up REALLY well for a warmer tone complection to be honest. (excuse my spelling!)

    im lucky and can wear cool tones OR warm tones – i think youre the same IMO! these cool colours really do look great :)

  37. Jessica

    Stunning! :)

  38. virgg

    Cristine what’s ur fave liquid foundation?

  39. Hilana

    Strange that you say you don’t really like this look because I honestly think it looks very good on you. Especially paired with the light purple lipstick. Nice! :)

  40. I prefer the 1st lip combo, pink is so great with those eye colors!
    And also, I’m lately into fuchsia lipstick so that’s also one reason why I prefer the first lip color 😀

  41. I actually really love this look! I’d maybe try a pinker cheek as opposed to the peach, but I love the eye and lip combo on you.

  42. Sarah M

    Gorgeousness! Lol. :-)

  43. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    I like this look too!!! In fact I am copying it and headed down to “Nordy” for the look they are having triple points if you have a Nordstrom Card.. Hopefully it looks as good on me as it does on you Christine. Have a great day!

  44. Kate B

    Love, love, love the Petals & Peacocks color – it looks fab on you!

  45. I have been wearing the first lip combo everyday since I got the petals and peacocks l/s it is one of the hottest colors I think.

  46. Vness_12

    Absolutely LOVE the last look girl!!! Very nice.

  47. Ellie

    how do you apply your liner to the bottom lash line? i can never get mine to look like yours!

    this is a beautiful look by the way!

  48. Shannon

    So pretty, Christine!!!!! :)

  49. rashmi

    hello christine
    u r looking so beautiful as always i think now u r use to all these compliments let me discover new words to praise u :)

    i was busy with shifitng to my flat thats why commenting so late ….
    now m in my own den yeapeeeee earlier i was staying with in-laws :)
    i love gilrl abt town but i think this isnt very close to that???
    the lip color is adorable
    i think even i can try this look i know i will not be able to carry it off as u do but atleast i can try hahahhaha
    love u and temptalia

  50. ilmy

    Whoaaaaaa you do a good job with all this shadows. The petals and peacocks lipstick is lovely, do you think looks good on a darker skin? i mean like medium dark skin? thanks you like beautiful!!