Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

What makes you feel beautiful? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerConfidence in myself makes me feel very, very beautiful. Confidence can come from many sources – it can be something as simple as having a good hair day, a pretty lipstick – or it can come from somewhere deeper, like feeling lucky and appreciating the opportunities I’ve had or how many amazing people I have in my life.

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36 thoughts on “What makes you feel beautiful?

  1. ShannaB

    Good Eyeliner makes me feel beautiful. So does a great fragrance. And confidence of course. Confidence gives us the will to apply that gorgeous eyeliner and spritz the entrancing perfumes.

  2. Soren

    the right conditioner 0_0
    I know it sounds crazy but if my hair doesnt feel right, I feel gross and ugly. hair plays a big part in my self-esteem for some reason… it doesn’t even matter what it looks like; if it’s soft, silky and had a fresh blowdry then I feel fabulous – but if it’s feeling like brittle greasy straw then I get really down :/

  3. renu

    Caring for animals and nature, and being nice and generous to other people.

  4. Confidence, great skin, and a dark red lipstick. :)

  5. Kristen

    Honestly, age. I use to be scared of aging but the more into my 30’s I get, I realize I’m beautiful even without all my make up. And that’s because I know who I am and what I want and that makes me feel stronger and more beautiful.

    • Astrogherkin

      Yes, me too! I love ageing; every white hair and every year makes me so happy! And my makeup preferences are related to that. There is a mature actress named Rekha in India, and when I was a child, I used to be entranced by photos of her in the magazines – she has this signature dark lip. I always associated that with age – with being a mature, confident, strong woman. And I feel mature, confident and strong – very powerful – when I wear a dark lip. I never wear makeup to look younger. And with my favourite rosy-brown blush, I feel like a woman, (and all the tremendous power that comes with that); not a girl.

  6. Daniel

    Clear skin. For a long time I’ve had severe acne issues, and finally it has started to clear up. It has really boosted my self-esteem :)

  7. I feel most beautiful when I have a full face of makeup on. I can use the colors and shapes to express my mood that day, and create an armor for myself if that is what I want. I can paint a welcoming smile or a ‘leave me alone’ mask. No matter if it is the ‘hi’ smile or the ‘bye’ mask, though, it makes me feel beautiful.

  8. zainab

    Those rare moments when everything- appearance, occasion, company, mood, falls perfectly into place. When I’m not in a hurry and can be calm when I arrive somewhere. A couple of favourite perfumes and pieces of jewellery. New clothes.

  9. A good night’s sleep. There’s nothing better than eight hours surrounded by Morpheus’ arms to awake one’s inner beauty, confidence and good mood.

  10. Confidence is a must .. u must be happy with ur self and have faith in urself.. trust ur instincts !
    Apart from it I beautiful dress, being loved by family and a good hair day !! :)

  11. HAIR EXTENSIONS and acrylic sparkly long nails and matching toes, tanning, perfume, and as of recently i have been working on my face makeup more and found that i can look damn good when i try jus a lil harder!! I have always been very confidant and push the edge with my look and feeling good about yourself is the catalyst for glamoring up for sure!!! I would be so sad if i couldn’t have all my lil luxury’s i treat myself to, i am ok wit busting my ass for them!! as women our hair is our crowning glory and if you don’t feel good about yours it makes you feel lack luster…. which is where i fall if i don’t enhance mine. Simple solution, if you cant achieve it, then weave it!!!!!

  12. First and foremost …
    My son makes me feel beautiful n the fact that he is symbol of our love ….
    n if we r talking about materialistic thing …. then
    a perfectttttttt pout makes me feel beautiful plus white footwear with gorgeous nail paint :)

  13. Aelita

    1 when I loose weight without trying to :)
    2 when I have no spots, my skin is used to be quite bad, right now its much much better, so everytime I look in the mirror and so no zits I feel beautiful
    3 when I have fresh mani-pedi, freshly washed hair, minimal and natural make-up I feel confident and beautiful

  14. Although feeling put-together plays a part (makeup/clothes), ultimately I find I feel the most beautiful when I’m feeling capable, when I’m helping others learn tools to help themselves, when I’m learning, when I’m at peace, when I’ve been exercising, and most of all, when I’m feeling a quiet joy for all the things I have and the people who I love and love me.

  15. Alizée

    When my boyfriend tells me I’m gorgeous after waking up with bed hair and no makeup :)

    When I’m feeling down, a good deep conditioner, a bit of blush and mascara and perfume makes me feel so much better.

    In case of emergency, wear bright red lipstick and be fabulous.

  16. Grazielle Ikeda

    Waterproof mascaras 😉

  17. C

    Sounds odd, but when I feel my makeup and clothing matches the image I am trying to project of myself and I’m in possession of the demeanour I want.

  18. Christina San

    Clear skin makes me feel beautiful. When my bare skin is fresh and blemish free, I find that I’m able to feel beautiful with or without makeup.

    In this day and age, it’s hard to get enough rest, eat properly, drink enough water and truly take care of your skin properly (hellooooo, lazily using make-up wipes when I should be cleansing my face properly!) so when my skin is clear and beautiful… I count my blessings and consider my self lucky.

    • omg i know. i drink tons of water and sleep enough lately and eat well, BUT….. Im so guilty of the makeup wipes and i do notice that my skin breaks out more as it shouldnt be a face washing substitute i guess ugh…… im gonna go wash my face now

  19. Confidence is definitely a big one. But overall, I just feel better if my nails are done and my skin is looking clear.

  20. Clio

    My instinct is to recoil at the notion that my sense of beauty comes from a product, but the reality is much more complex than that. As someone whose behaviour was tightly policed by family and peer groups for a long time, the process of taking my appearance into my own hands was when I finally started seeing myself as “beautiful.” I feel most beautiful when I look in the mirror and can think “Yes! The girl I see is EXACTLY who I want to be!”

    Thick, well-trimmed bangs, my giant glasses, bold lipstick, and gorgeous high heels make me feel like ME. And I am beautiful :)

  21. keG

    Living a clean life helps me feel beautiful. I don’t drink, smoke, use drugs and try not to do anything that would compromise my well being. Ok- I eat too much sugar, but otherwise I try to make the most with what I was given. The results of a clean life show up in later years through good skin, bright eyes and a healthy smile. I think this makes a person look beautiful.

  22. Katelyn

    When I wear a little eyeliner, mascara, and a little bit of lip stain, but not much else. Basically minimal makeup Also when I wear an outfit I like.

    I pretty much feel beautiful when I LOOK how I want to FEEL.

  23. CatG

    Being around supportive people and having a sense of purpose. Also, a full night’s sleep!

  24. Sarah Piccirillo

    I always feel beautiful when I put on a pretty dress and definitely Nars multiple in orgasm it gives you a nice healthy glow. Also a nice warm smile always makes me feel beautiful! Love your blog Christine!!!

  25. CeeBee

    So many things!

    A totally killer pair of gorgeous high heels, perfectly applied lipstick, flawlessly glowy skin, a plain black top with a kickass necklace, my husband, an amazing handbag, immaculate winged eyeliner, a compliment from a stranger, a hug from my mum, really sexy perfume or a genuine smile.

    Any (or all) of these!

  26. Irene

    Clear skin, definitely. Great red lipstick and perfume are bonuses! All make me feel more confident, and therefore, beautiful.

  27. When I feel really healthy; Not just eating right, but no pain in my body and just taking things one day at a time.

  28. What I need to feel beautiful: makeup (especially with red lips), hairdo, nice clothes and accessories, heels, fragrance, nice nailpolish, good mood and a compliment from a man!
    All this combined makes me feel a princess

  29. clean hair+clear (no visible outbreaks) skin+less visible dark circles….if these three is together when i wake up i feel very beautiful…and if i also happened to have my mani&pedicure that week, i feel supeeer beautiful..

  30. Astrogherkin

    Being in love makes me feel beautiful, whether that’s being in love with another person or being in love with myself (the latter is necessary for the former). Listening to a beautiful song or reading a beautiful book makes me feel beautiful. Being with my family or with a good friend or by myself in nature makes me feel beautiful. Writing and playing with language makes me feel beautiful. Finally, *not needing to be beautiful* makes me feel beautiful – that is, just existing makes me feel beautiful, feeling like there is meaning in the world and God created me makes me feel beautiful. I felt the most beautiful when I was a child, when I wasn’t aware of “beauty” in the sense it is often used by adults.

    I’m using “beautiful” in a very broad sense, meaning to recognise the beauty and goodness of the universe and to feel like you are part of that. :)